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The Life and Prayers of Saint Augustine The Life and Prayers of Saint Augustine 4.6 stars / 32 reviews The Church has numerous fathers who have influenced its dogma in substantial ways. Although none of them can be singled out as the most pivotal theologian of Church history, it can certainly be said that Saint Augustine of Hippo has long been a central figure to Christian thought, informing both on the nature of God and the nature of Christian morality. He has been quoted throughout the ages by important Christian writers, such as Saint Thomas Aquinas, and has been listed as a strong influence by Pope Benedict XVI. Through his central place in the history of Christianity, some historians have appointed Saint Augustine particularly great importance in European and World history. They have called him the last man of the Classical Age, and the first medieval man. 2013-08-31 82 74811
Ride the White Horse:  A Checkered Jockey's Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption Ride the White Horse: A Checkered Jockey's Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption 4.7 stars / 23 reviews “I’ve experienced racing from the hooves up, rage from the inside out and redemption from heaven down,” says author Eddie Donnally, an ordained minister, endorsed chaplain and the only former jockey to win an Eclipse Award for Outstanding Newspaper Writing. An electric jockey with a juice machine, he rode on racing’s undercard, lived inside its underbelly and became a part of its underworld. From constant bulimia, broken bones and betrayal of Boston’s infamous Winter Hill Gang, he depicts an unseen side of Thoroughbred racing. Yet the five tons of his sweat that disappeared down “hot box” drains was nothing compared to his struggles with sibling sexual trauma, same-sex promiscuity and an addiction to crack cocaine that in seven months took him from sports writing and TV show hosting to grooming horses on a track’s backstretch. “I still dream of having a racehorse between my knees and love the people in horse racing.” he says. “But it was time to tell my truth about it. Seconds after a race fixing gangster slugged me, a pro hit man told me that he planned to kill me and put my naked body on Boston’s Suffolk Downs backstretch as a warning to other jockeys.” Starting in 1962, he rode for 19-years in some 10,000 races, winning over 1,000. Arrested for Sports Bribery in 1979 for a fixed race he won in 1974, he was forced to fend off the FBI who pressured him to collaborate their star witness’s testimony, as well as Boston's Winter Hill Gang members who would kill him if he did. Still, in 1980 he became a track publicity director and for seven years wrote horse racing for the Dallas Morning News. But a suicide attempt, a bipolar diagnosis and stays in two psyche wards were brief stops on a journey of self destruction that eventually landed him in jail. After God’s Shekinah Glory lit up his holding cell in 1996, he moved to the Los Angeles Dream Center, the former Queen of Angels Hospital turned city of refugee for the homeless and hopeless. Less than five years after leaving jail, he became a licensed Foursquare Minister and then Development Director for Race Track Chaplaincy of America, which places chaplains at horse tracks. In 2009 he returned to seminary, earned a Doctorate of Ministry and after a 16-month hospital residency works as a chaplain at a hospice and two hospitals near Clearwater, FL where he lives with his wife Sandi. “As a jockey, I used highly illegal, hand-held electrical prods on horses in races. I threw up ten times a day to make weight, sweated off tons and broke 13 bones. I acted out as a bisexual, manic depressive, crack cocaine addicted sportswriter. Even today when I read what I wrote about the literally insane life I lived, the same old shivers ripple up my spine. Only though a series of God’s miracles am I’m still alive to tell it at all." "I rode Revelation’s pale horse from hell and one day I’ll ride across heaven following Jesus on Revelation’s other white horse.” In conjunction with the book, he is writing a blog, "Recovery in Racing," which profiles horse racing's best known members of its recovering community. Check out the book's website, Contact him at Ridethewhitehorse1@gmail. com 2013-12-09 340 36213
Everyone Said I Should Write Another Book: More Travels and Adventures of A Sailor and Explorer (Everyone Said...) Everyone Said I Should Write Another Book: More Travels and Adventures of A Sailor and Explorer (Everyone Said...) 4.6 stars / 22 reviews Following the success and acclaim of his first book, Jon is back with more true life adventures of a well-lived, vivid and sometimes precarious life."Jon's stories are wonderful. I would liken them to Jack Kerouac's, in that his stories make me want to seek adventure, damn the danger!" one reviewer wrote.Venture with him (and his wife) as he runs from angry, wild monkeys on an island off Panama. Get locked up in jail in Iran! Experience the magic of carnival in Brazil and an encounter with Jimmy Buffett in the Caribbean. Defend yourself from a deranged crewman with a knife aboard a sailboat delivery hundreds of miles out in the ocean...These real life adventures and more will keep you captivated and turning the thousands have done with his first book. 2013-05-21 212 346432
Michael Jackson: The Truth Behind the King of Pop's Adventurous Life Journey (Famous Biographies) Michael Jackson: The Truth Behind the King of Pop's Adventurous Life Journey (Famous Biographies) 4.4 stars / 17 reviews The King of Pop is Back in Action! Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to discover priceless information about the life of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop! He received that prestigious title because of the incredible artist he was and the success that he achieved during his adventurous life. This book takes you on a breath-taking journey through the life of Michael Jackson and how exactly he became the legend people know him as today. Many do not see Michael in the proper light and therefore have a negative view of him. This book proves that he was indeed a great person who cared about the well-being of the entire world! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Grieving His Death Beginning His Adventurous Journey Coming into His Own Negative Media Attention The King's Legacy Ending His Adventurous Journey Much, much more! The information provided in this book is easily worth $4.99. Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! Download your copy today! Tags: michael, jackson, michael jackson, michael biography, jackson biography, biography, jackson 5, janet jackson, truth, king of pop, musician, dancer, dance, artist, thriller, bad, this is it, dangerous, smooth criminal, music, musician, star. 2013-09-10 21 71503
One Small Sacrifice: A Memoir (Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects) One Small Sacrifice: A Memoir (Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects) 4.8 stars / 14 reviews Award-winning Native American journalist Trace A. DeMeyer has published her updated memoir One Small Sacrifice: A Memoir (Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects), an expos on generations of American Indian children adopted by non-Indian families. Known for her exceptional print interviews with famous Native Americans such as Leonard Peltier, John Trudell and Floyd Red Crow Westerman, DeMeyer started research on adoptees in 2004, which lead to this fact-filled biography that includes congressional testimony, evidence of Indian Adoption Projects and how the Indian Child Welfare Act came to exist. Her long journey to find and meet her father and other relatives offers the reader a glimpse into the struggle of an adoptee and how to never give up hope. 2013-11-25 284 49880
Crime Scene: True Stories of Crime and Detection Crime Scene: True Stories of Crime and Detection 3.9 stars / 17 reviews Bizarre, compelling, terrifying and authentic true crime stories of murder and mayhem. In these pages you will find a story about a tormented serial killer and how he resorted to cannibalism, a celebrity's fan with an obsession to murder her, torture murders, crimes of passion, among many others—chilling crimes that could only be perpetrated by the twisted minds and gruesome obsessions of coldblooded killers, the stuff that horror movies and novels are made of, brought to you from the vault of bestselling true crime author and serial killer expert Gary C. King. There are 15 terrifying, heart-pounding true crime stories in all, guaranteed to keep you awake and your doors locked! 2013-06-25 305 29863
SUNRISE FROM AN ICY HEART: A MEMOIR SUNRISE FROM AN ICY HEART: A MEMOIR 4.2 stars / 12 reviews Do you want to overcome betrayal, grief, and/or manage a chronic health condition, and find fulfilling love? SUNRISE FROM AN ICY HEART: A MEMOIR will take you on a discovery of the human need to find a special kind of love, raise loving sons and rise above the strangling odds that face immigrants. Alexander chronicles her transformational journey into womanhood from age 22 to 59. Her first love left her alone and pregnant. She searched for love but encountered stormy weather until her heart grew as frigid as the North American winters. It would take a special man to crack through her icy heart. After four failed relationships and two sons: Terence, as charming as a sunrise and Kriston, her sunshiny star, she struck gold with Malcolm whiles battling chronic kidney failure. A story of survival and determination, from St. Lucia to Canada through a midst of rejections, abandonment and the power to smash through the fence of fear and fly. A sensual, amusing, and fun read that will stimulate your senses, make you laugh, cry and learn some essential life lessons. This book is intended for mature readers. ˃˃˃ . .Scroll up and grab a copy today. 2014-01-05 271 1058203
Valor's Measure: Based on the heroic Civil War career of Joshua L. Chamberlain Valor's Measure: Based on the heroic Civil War career of Joshua L. Chamberlain 4.5 stars / 11 reviews This is the story of one of America's truest heroes. From his legendary bayonet charge down the slopes of Little Round Top hill during the Battle of Gettysburg, to the startling calling of Union troops to salute as the defeated Confederate Army surrendered to him at Appomattox, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain redefined the scale of greatness in this country. Wounded six times in battle, twice assumed to be a fatality, the volunteer officer from Maine continued to lead gallantly until the final shot was fired during the Civil War. Valor's Measure tells the death-defying tale of this Medal of Honor hero and captures his spirit as no autobiography can. 2014-02-15 224 101920
Diamonds and Devils Diamonds and Devils 4.3 stars / 11 reviews "Who did you come here to redeem?" ____ Roger Holt is an eight year old boy traveling through 1950's Texas in an old Chevy. He has whooping cough. Everything the family owns is in a one-wheeled trailer behind the car. Their gospel tent is destroyed, but redemption is safely housed in the resilience of a child. ______ Diamonds and Devils is a story of the life of Roger Holt who grew up as a gay boy with an Evangelical pastor father. When the elderly father shows up with Dementia at his grown son’s doorstep, there are shattering revelations. Will they create the final breach in the family, bring ultimate healing, or are some things never resolved? This book is essential for anyone who has had a troubling childhood, is gay or has gay friends or relatives, or is struggling with coming out. It is also a must read for anyone wanting to understand the implications of the Gay experience in America. Told with humor, sensitivity, and candor, it is a most intriguing story of human relationships and forgiveness. This may be the most compelling, heart warming story you will read about coming of age as Gay in America. 2012-05-26 170 1186584
Mark Cuban: The Maverick Billionaire Mark Cuban: The Maverick Billionaire 4.2 stars / 11 reviews Mark Cuban sits in one of the most high-profile chairs in entertainment. He’s comfortable. Exactly where he wants to be. A few hundred people in the room have their eyes affixed on him. Several cameras record his five minute interview, which will later be beamed to millions of TV viewers. On either side of him sit two A-list celebrities paying him their undivided attention.This is Mark Cuban, the energetic, passionate technology genius who turned two companies into billions of dollars of personal wealth before he became a household name when he acquired the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.===================================================Entrepreneur, media mogul, celebrity and the ultimate sports fan... Mark Cuban is one of the most colorful and controversial billionaires of our time. A self-made man who has inspired millions to follow their own dreams."Mark Cuban: The Maverick Billionaire" is the first in the Modern Moguls series of biographical profiles, spotlighting the men and women who shape our modern business landscape. 2013-09-19 134 10663
Steve Jobs: A Juicy Look inside the Core of an Empire (Steve Jobs Biography) (Famous Biographies Book 2) Steve Jobs: A Juicy Look inside the Core of an Empire (Steve Jobs Biography) (Famous Biographies Book 2) 3.7 stars / 10 reviews Learn Valuable Life Lessons from the Master of Innovation, Steve Jobs*Newly Updated*Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.Steve Jobs: A Juicy Look inside the Core of an Empire serves to provide you with a cutting-edge overview of the life and legacy of Steve Jobs. You will learn valuable lessons from the master of innovation himself.Steve Jobs was a human being who had incredible belief in his vision to change the world. Even though his style of leadership may have been a bit off in some respects, he left a mark in history that can never be forgotten. Jobs' incredible drive took him down a path of greatness leading to multiple successes in the electronics and computing industry. His life is truly an inspiration to the masses and will always be remembered as wildly remarkable. *This version of the book is newly updated with a chapter on Jobs' famous quotes as well as an excerpt from the president at the end of the last chapter. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...The Early Days of Steve Jobs How He Rose to Prominence as the Co-founder and Main Driving Force Behind Apple His Venture Outside Apple and How He Reclaimed the Company that was Once His His Secrets in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Life Much more!Steve Jobs: A Juicy Look inside the Core of an Empire is everything that its title implies: a juicy look inside the life of a revolutionary mind. All you need to know about Jobs and why his life is a model for others is right here. Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99!Tags: Steve, Jobs, Steve Jobs, Apple, Microsoft, Steve Jobs Biography 2013-11-29 30 26870
MANUELA MANUELA 4.6 stars / 8 reviews MANUELA is a story of bravery, romance, patriotism, revolution, and intrigue based on the true life of a fascinating and powerful woman who has been compared to Evita Peron. In no other period did the world change so much as in the early 1800's. Not only was Europe engaged in the Napoleonic wars, but the South American people were fighting for independence from Spain. One of the most important statesmen and military heroes history has ever known emerged out of this period. Simn Bolvar, hailed as The Liberator, emancipated the countries now known as Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Per, and Bolivia. While Bolvar was conquering an area almost five times that of Napoleon's conquests, a woman was by his side whom history has nearly forgotten. Manuela Senz was a member of Bolvar's staff, a colonel in his army during a period when women were frowned on for doing anything other than looking pretty. She faced his greatest challenges with him, and even saved his life. Because she was a soul of intense integrity, she accumulated political enemies who made sure she was written out of the annals of the countries she helped to emancipate. In the many accounts of Bolvar's life, Manuela Senz is sometimes mentioned, but only in passing and then often inaccurately. This is the story of a brave woman, born in scandal, who rose to the heights of political power and who learned to love in a world torn apart by war. This is the love story of Simn Bolvar and Manuela Senz. 2000-11-01 184141
Masturbation Myths: Addiction to Chronic Masturbation and How to End the Excessive, Unhealthy Bad Game Masturbation Myths: Addiction to Chronic Masturbation and How to End the Excessive, Unhealthy Bad Game 4.6 stars / 7 reviews Masturbation is one of the hottest topics around, but not a lot of people out there are willing to admit that they do it - other than the guys and dolls on Reddit who taught the author what the word "fapping" means. But in this year, in these modern times, where are we as a culture with the state of masturbation as compared to prior years? Is it wrong or right to masturbate? Is it a simple stress reliever or something more sinister? Is it a healthy alternative to adultery or other types of sex outside of marriage? Where does the Christian church stand on the topic at large? More importantly, what does God think of masturbation? These are the questions that this tome will attempt to answer, and hopefully you'll find a friend within these pages that will help many souls along the journey. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: My History of Masturbation Chapter 2: Public Masturbation Snafus, UTIs, Bats and Other Evil Visions Chapter 3: The Taboo Topic of Masturbation and the Christian Church Chapter 4: Is Masturbation Celibacy? Chapter 5: Orgasms in Sleep vs. Spiritual Orgasms Chapter 6: Masturbation in the Movies, TV and Other Media Chapter 7: Teaching Children a Healthier Path Chapter 8: When Masturbation Turns Deadly Chapter 9: How Do I Stop Masturbating? Ending the Masturbation Addiction... LABELS: adult,masturbation, sex toys,adult videos,adult stories,adult games, adult video,adult comics,adult friend finder,adult movies,adult tube,adult flash games,adult toys,mutual masturbation,public masturbation,male masturbation,homemade sex toys,masturbation stories,adult sex toys,male sex toys,masturbation techniques,female masturbation videos,sex toy,kandi toys,kandi coated, kandi coated nights,voyeur masturbation,hidden masturbation,pocket rocket,sex toys for men,female masturbation video,masturbation encouragement,homemade sex toys for men,amateur masturbation,male masturbation videos,free female masturbation videos,masturbation instruction,female masturbation techniques,advanced masturbation 2014-01-19 110 262213
Memories of World War II Memories of World War II 3.8 stars / 8 reviews Memories of World War, II is about war brides and heroes. It tells true stories of life on the home front interwoven with what was happening on the war front. Gasoline, sugar, coffee and shoes were rationed along with over 200 types of food. Automobiles, washing machines, refrigerators, irons, sheets and many other items were not produced until after the war. People gladly accepted rationing and shortages that helped the war effort. Most families had a loved one serving in the military, so they did everything they could to bring an end to the war. There are stories of boys in the air force and the navy, but the book follows the Texas 36th Division throughout the war in Europe. They were the first troops to land on enemy soil--Salerno, Italy. During the first week of battle, 3,497 were killed or wounded. When the war was over May 6, 1945, there were few Texans left in the Texas Division, but there were thousands of boys who went in as replacements that were proud to be adopted Texans. Forty years after the war was over, one adopted Texan from Indiana requested that “Beautiful Texas” be sung at his funeral. Colonel Vincent Lockhart was the Texas 36th Division historian. He checked Memories of World War II for historical accuracy. 2012-04-03 246 760296
The Five Sons of Charlie Gisby: A Family Saga The Five Sons of Charlie Gisby: A Family Saga 3.6 stars / 5 reviews In the third week of June 1859, Charles George Gisby was coaxed, squalling, into this world in the prosperous Victorian seaside resort of Margate. But young Charlie was not born into that prosperity. His birthplace was a house up a narrow lane called Alkali Row, which was then (and still is today) no more than an insignificant gap between the grand facades of the buildings on King Street sweeping down to the harbour. In a lifetime spanning nearly eighty years, Charlie would rise above his humble origins. He would become a fisherman, a shopkeeper and a businessman. He would serve in the defence of his country during the Great War. He would meet and marry two striking women, and suffer the dramatic loss of one of them. And he would father four fine sons, one not so fine and a daughter. His story and the story of his five sons are narrated in this family saga. It is a saga rich in colour and drama. Wars are fought in the course of it. There’s a memorable patriarch. There are untimely, mysterious and tragic deaths. There’s a plane crash and an accidental suicide. And there’s a larger-than-life cad and bounder. Charlie and his sons may have been “ordinary people”. But this is no ordinary saga. 2011-10-29 112 657162
Michael Jackson: Innocent 28 February 2005 Michael Jackson: Innocent 28 February 2005 5.0 stars / 2 reviews #1 in Books Biographies & Memoirs ( J ) > Jackson, MichaelAmazon USA 28, 29 May, 23 June + 2, 7 July 2013 (also an International Bestseller on Amazon)Hailed as the criminal trial of the century. Two years of speculation in the media. Wall to wall media coverage from 2003 to 2005, 2000+ accredited journalists, yet the defence case was invisible. The public were bombarded with salacious prosecution focused media commentary. On 13 June 2005 Michael Jackson was acquitted of 10 felony charges and 4 misdemeanours. Those disgruntled in the media, labelled the acquittal celebrity justice. If you want to find out the truth, start reading this book.This is a unique book looking at the trial testimony. It provides an indepth look at the trial from the first day. It offers the reader an insight into the case that was not provided by the media coverage in 2005. This mini series shines a light on the defence case, and the trial testimony.28 February 2005 was the first trial day. Sample of book contents:Volume: 28 February 2005IntroductionPurpose of this BookDisclaimerStructure of this BookPreliminaryNames Mentioned in Opening StatementsThe Verdict – 13 June 2005ChronologiesThe Prosecution’s ChronologyThe Defence’s ChronologyDocumentaries MentionedVenues Mentioned in the Opening StatementsStatements / Press releases6 February 20036 February 200312 February 200318 November 200318 December 200319 August 200413 January 200530 January 2005Department of Children & Family ServicesThe Felony ComplaintImportant Differences between the Felony Complaint and the IndictmentDates of Alleged MolestationHow Many Times?Abduction, False Imprisonment and ExtortionIntoxicationFBI Files Released 2009Files ReleasedWho are the FBI?SummaryMain Day One – 28 February 2005Chapter 1: The IndictmentChapter 2: Judge’s Directions to the JuryChapter 3: The Prosecution’s Opening StatementMother in LA / Children at NeverlandThe Bizarre EventBashir Documentary: DialogueArvizo FamilyGavin’s RecoveryHow Gavin Met Michael JacksonArvizos at NeverlandMichael Jackson Slept on the FloorTiming of the AllegationsPublic and Private LifeNeverland RanchSneddon’s ExplanationTwo-Storey Bedroom SuiteMagazinesFingerprintsAlcohol AllegationsStar ArvizoProsecution Case – Star ArvizoDr Stanley KatzMr FeldmanProsecution Case – Gavin ArvizoTiming RevisitedCount 1Marc SchaffelRonald Konitzer and Dieter WeiznerFrank Cascio / TysonVinnie Amen / BlackBashir DocumentaryMiami, FloridaChartered FlightBack at NeverlandProsecution Case – Janet ArvizoArvizos Leave NeverlandJanet Arvizo Leaves NeverlandRebuttal Video – 19/20 February 2003Department of Children & Family Services Interview – 20 February 2003At the Calabasas Inn, Preparations for the Brazil Trip – 25 February to 2 March 2003Back at Neverland – 2 March 2003Janet Arvizo Leaves Neverland – 10 March 2003The Arvizo Children Leave Neverland – 12 March 2003Chapter 4: Author’s Comments Was This a Joke?ConspiracyImprisonmentExtortionAlleged Co-conspiratorsTimingDepartment of Children & Family Services Interview – 20 February 2003How Many Incidents?What Star SawMissing Allegations or DetailsJanet Arvizo’s AbsencesFailure to Seek HelpFinancial IssueFather FigureWhy Neverland?Toy RoomsThe Size of the Arvizo BoysLayout: Michael Jackson’s Two-Storey Bedroom SuiteEvidence of EmployeesDr KatzThe Mother’s CredibilityWatching the Bashir DocumentarySexually Explicit MagazinesThe Urine Test – 10 February 2003MisinformationTiming of Search and Arrest WarrantsProsecution Case: Unbiased Investigation or Assumption?Chapter 5: Part 1 – The Defence’s Opening StatementInnocenceBehaviourOrganised FormatWho is Michael Jackson?Neverland RanchHow Michael Jackson Met the Arvizo FamilyMichael Jackson’s PersonalityHow Michael Ja 2013-05-05 251 147667
Blood,Sweat and Teabags Blood,Sweat and Teabags 4.0 stars / 1 reviews Take an exhilarating Ambulance ride through the 1970’s Streets of LiverpoolThis is a memoir of my time as an Ambulance man in Liverpool, which spans the years of 1969 to 1979.From my nervous and apprehensive beginning, to becoming a seasoned and experienced Ambulance person, I attempt to let you, the reader, take that journey with me.No two calls are ever the same; each has its own unique scenario and characters.It’s not just about ‘blood and guts’ Its about little old ladies, pompous doctors, violent drunks, sinister characters, tea and biscuits, impromptu parties, extra marital affairs, sudden death, spooky experiences, laughing, sadness and of course, those things that happen behind the scenes of a public Ambulance service.. Over those ten years I also had the personal experiences of my mother’s death, getting married to a child hood sweetheart, then finding the marriage on a slippery slope that would end in divorce. 2014-03-24 384 1506050
Red Light Murder Red Light Murder 4.0 stars / 1 reviews Miami Beach-based private investigator Ric Rivera looks into the murder of a Florida man on a sex tour of Thailand. Rivera uses his brains, his fists and his knowledge of English and Spanish to conduct a far-reaching investigation. Chief among his suspects are the shady tour director and the other sex-starved travelers on the Thailand jaunt - including an accused dope dealer, a swinging married couple and an ex-nun. The young detective is assisted in his probe by his high-spirited Cuban girlfriend and his aging grandfather, an ex-bootlegger who went straight after Prohibition. Thwarted at every turn and facing an unwanted trip to Asia, Rivera finally collars the killer in a surprise conclusion. 2011-09-16 260 429984
Masters of Mystery: A Collection of Interviews Masters of Mystery: A Collection of Interviews 3.0 stars / 1 reviews * "a.k.a. Evan Hunter, a.k.a. Ed McBain" - the prolific author discusses writing the screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and, as Ed McBain, the 87th Precinct mystery series... * "Building A Better 'Mousetrap'" - Agatha Christie's theatrical producer, Sir Peter Saunders, explains why the world's longest running play is "timeless"... * "Mortimer of the Bailey" - John Mortimer, creator of "Rumpole the Bailey," discusses his most popular character, the crusty barrister Horace Rumpole... * PLUS: "Double Occupancy," Dale Andrew White's short story of macabre humor from his collection "Moe Howard Died For Our Sins" 2011-01-24 31 1042617
Kings (Brown Jesus) Kings (Brown Jesus) 0 stars / 0 reviews Melchisedech, Moses, David and Solomon. We think of themas the famous kings of Canaan; powerful and mighty. Butwhat if they were just common men, called to a veryuncommon task? And what if they were the same man, doing the same job? Let them speak to you; in their own words, and reveal their amazing untold stories. 2013-12-18 285 976498
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Quotes & Facts Franklin D. Roosevelt: Quotes & Facts 0 stars / 0 reviews This book is an anthology of 83 quotes from Franklin D. Roosevelt and 82 selected by Blago Kirov facts about Franklin D. Roosevelt. It grants Roosevelt's reflections on subjects ranging Nation and Courage to Freedom and Prosperity; in addition, the book shows the personality of Franklin D. Roosevelt into more human light:Among Roosevelt's favorite dishes were scrambled eggs, fish chowder, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, and fruitcake.Franklin D. Roosevelt loved genealogy, and he claimed he could trace his family lines back to eleven Presidents of the United States, directly and indirectly.Franklin D. Roosevelt never appeared in public in his wheelchair. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a 32nd degree Mason, a member of Holland Lodge No. 8, New York City.Roosevelt's favorite song was Home on the Range.Stamp collecting was one of Roosevelt's lifelong hobbies.The Tulip Poplar was Roosevelt's favorite tree.“A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward.”“I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” “Organized money hates me - and I welcome their hatred!”“The only thing we have to fear is fear its self” “To reach a port we must set sail.”“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” “You are only an extra in everyone else's play.” 2014-02-24 24 1446483
1966: A Boomer's Diary 1966: A Boomer's Diary 0 stars / 0 reviews These are the actual entries from Lucille Bohannon's diary when she was an eighth grader living on a farm in 1966. The entries chroncle daily activities reflecting the innocence of the time. Her preoccupation with boys is a typical teenage girl's pasttime. Rant against parents and teachers are humorous in their mildness compared to the language of today's youth. Bohannon's cataloging of grades borders on obsession, but this too typifies the emphasis on achievement by the adults in her life. Sprinkled in occasionally are some eye-openers which also characterize the atmosphere of the '60s. 2014-03-16 77
Unsettling Life Unsettling Life 0 stars / 0 reviews Frequently funny.Sometimes scary.Often oddball.Never dull.What a journey!What a life!What next? 2014-03-12 274 346658
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Quotes & Facts Dwight D. Eisenhower: Quotes & Facts 0 stars / 0 reviews This book is an anthology of 75 quotes from Dwight D. Eisenhower and 95 selected by Blago Kirov facts about Dwight D. Eisenhower. It grants his reflections on subjects ranging from Leadership and Security to Freedom and Statesmanship; in addition, the book shows the personality of Eisenhower into a different, more human light:Dwight D. Eisenhower was 5' 10" tall and weighed 180 pounds.Dwight D. Eisenhower smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day until 1949.Dwight D. Eisenhower and his parents belonged to the Church of the Brethren in Christ, which opposed war and any kind of violence.Dwight D. Eisenhower seldom wore a suit more than twice.Eisenhower's last words were "I want to go; God take me." “Never waste a minute thinking about people you don't like.” “If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom. ” “I never saw a pessimistic general win a battle.”“Person that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”“When you appeal to force, there's one thing you must never do - lose.” 2014-02-26 21 1335878
D & C Days: My Abortion Experiences as a Teen Undergoing the Procedure D & C Days: My Abortion Experiences as a Teen Undergoing the Procedure 0 stars / 0 reviews Some call their college era "salad days" -- yet this writer delves into her "D & C days" with less aplomb and a boat-load of Holy Spirit-haunting honesty. Enter the raw and real college days of Seneca Calabasas, as the author takes an unflinchingly honest look at her wanton past in this powerful, compelling book of approximately 70 pages. Throughout relatable present-tense passages, Calabasas braves memories of what happens after the "Fifty Shades of Grey" adventures end -- including the kinds of scenes most romance novels leave out. Join her journey through segments like... Freshman Year - Fall Semester Girl Gone Wild Frankenstranger A Florida State University Semen Hole Alcoholics Queue the Dogs Freshman Year - Spring Semester A Smooth Criminal Nasty Boy Freshman Year - Summer Semester I'll take Your Man Sophomore Year - Fall Semester With Friends like Me... Sophomore Year - Spring Semester Sophomore Year - Summer Semester Disarmed Junior Year - Fall Semester Junior Year - Spring Semester Saddle Sore Whore Fish and Visitors Fatherless Figure Sisterly Hate Third Time, No Charm The Latin Lesson Junior Year - Summer Semester Easy Rider? Don't Go Breaking my Heart Senior Year - Fall Semester Let the Games Begin A Fly Guy Senior Year - Spring Semester Spilled Seed Senior Year - Summer Semester Out of All the Fellas in the World The Wanderer Turnabout Fifth Year - Fall Semester Four on the Floor Fifth Year - Spring Semester 2013-06-03 70 1195527
Cary Grant: Quotes & Facts Cary Grant: Quotes & Facts 0 stars / 0 reviews This book is an anthology of 60 quotes from Cary Grant and 101 selected by Blago Kirov facts about Cary Grant. It grants his reflections on subjects ranging from Glory and Hollywood to Love and Marriage; in addition, the book shows the personality of Cary Grant into a different from film legend, more human light:Cary Grant never weighing above 180 pounds.Cary Grant and his fifth wife Barbara Harris renewed their wedding vows on 11 April 1986, the fifth anniversary of their marriage.Cary Grant gained as an acrobat when he was young. Cary Grant fell madly in love with Sophia Loren while filming The Pride and the Passion (1957) when he was 53 and she was 22.Cary Grant never played a bad character.According to Grant's will, his ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean.I think making love is the best form of exercise.I have no plans to write an autobiography, I will leave that to others. I'm sure they will turn me into a homosexual or a Nazi spy or something else.I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. Or he became me.My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.Ah, beware of snobbery; it is the unwelcome recognition of one's own past failings.Everybody wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant. 2014-02-27 21 1682786
Killing the Cobra  and other heirlooms (Threads Book 9) Killing the Cobra and other heirlooms (Threads Book 9) 0 stars / 0 reviews The author writes with affection and humour of some “family heirlooms” – Great Grandad Albert’s 1874 mantel-clock; a Mexican lady with swelling, child-rearing breasts; the delicately constructed suicide chair; the table of spoons; a hand-written account of lost rowlocks; a grimacing Indian trying to behead a cobra; some Australian serviette rings and a rusting LEC fridge, circa 1958, still used for chilling the beer. The author’s following of readers (well, Dave and Alan anyway) will be surprised to learn that there are just a couple of mild cuss words here so that, most unusually, this book carries NO FILTH WARNING. Sorry to disappoint. 2013-12-28 101
GABRIEL'S SILENT CARESSES AND THE MELODY OF ANGELIC WHISPERS GABRIEL'S SILENT CARESSES AND THE MELODY OF ANGELIC WHISPERS 0 stars / 0 reviews Through my life, I have always been aware and been around angels. With regret, I have hidden this side from most people, from family to friends. I came to realize that through our lives, everyone hides one thing or another from parents, friends, spouses, children, and society. To deny or hide the whole of you, even if it is just a small little item or detail, you stop living the life you were given. When you do not express or share all of you, you do not help or give to others the true gift from your heart. Nor do you feel fulfilled with your life. I finally found the strength and confronted my fear of showing all of who I am to the world. I hope my story, my tale, my journey will help you be who you are, whatever it may be, the whole you. Mostly I hope it does not take you 47 years to find your voice, your strength, your happiness. Enjoy Gabriel's Silent Caresses, and the melody of angelic whispers, and may your soul shine brighter then the North Star. Copyright 2013 - All Rights Reserved. 2013-03-17 89 1299845
DIESEL THE WONDER DOG DIESEL THE WONDER DOG 0 stars / 0 reviews It is an Adaption of a real life heart –warming True StoryOne day, two Siberian Huskies called Diesel and Nastassja, conspire to escape from their home in Cape Town, to go and have fun by the sea. But after their adventure is over, things go wrong and only one of them can find their way home. Diesel and Nastassja’s owners become frantic and with the assistance of an unexpected helper they begin the daunting task of searching for their beloved missing husky. 2014-05-15 52
Execution Day Journal Execution Day Journal 0 stars / 0 reviews This journal represents my recollection of events that I experienced, and then subsequently documented nearly 24 years ago. This is the story of the execution of Jesse Joseph Tafero in the Florida Electric Chair on May 4, 1990. 2014-03-11 36 1179181
Letting Go Letting Go 0 stars / 0 reviews This is a compendium of three books, all interlinked and written from Polly Fielding's own experiences:- 'And This Is My Adopted Daughter' gives a unique and moving insight into the innocent mind and spontaneous feelings of a child who seeks only to be loved and accepted by her adopted family. Later, as a young adult she begins a desperate search to find her natural mother... In 'A Mind To Be free' the reader is drawn compellingly into Polly's daily struggle with relationships, work, bringing up a family ... until she can no longer fight the pain of her past experiences without expert help. Despite severe self loathing and several suicide attempts, she finally weaves a path through the maze of the mental health system to reach her goal. 'Crossing the Borderline' tells how Polly finds the courage to slowly and painfully let go of the past and learns to cope in constructive ways with her powerful negative emotions, her sense of rejection and feelings of worthlessness. Polly expresses herself throughout in the present tense, which gives a striking immediacy to her writing.Reviews of the individual books:"I was emotionally drained reading Polly's story. I was there with her every step. It's cruel that anyone would treat a human being in this way, especially a child. It's a miracle that she did survive." Helen Robinson, former Chief Executive, Lincoln MIND, on 'And This Is My Adopted Daughter'“A Mind To Be Free highlights how extremely hard it is for a person whose complex difficulties do not fit into simple categories of mental illness to find effective treatment. The author has had to struggle not only with her own problems but also with the weaknesses of mental health care.” Rai Turton, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, on 'A Mind To Be Free'“A balanced account of the lived experience of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. This should be read by clinicians and service users alike. The first book to bring Dialectical Behaviour Therapy to life, this is a must-read for anybody who has an interest in this novel treatment.” Paul Barrett, Nurse Specialist (Community Personality Disorders Service), Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust on 'Crossing The Borderline' 2013-11-19 312 1346653
His Name Was Amy Mable His Name Was Amy Mable 0 stars / 0 reviews Take a trip down memory lane and revel in the adventures of "little Raz", a child of the depression. For the young reader it is a chance to live history through the eyes of a child struggling with little Raz as he gets into and out of "situations".It imparts knowledge of living in a world without electricity. The teen-ager will react to the frustrations and emotions of a young boy living poor, working hard and forced to accept the responsibilities of adulthood at an early age.. The older reader will recall with nostalgia, a gentler world of yesteryear. Do you recall memories of walking down a country road with the smell of new mown hay and honeysuckle wafting on the breezes? It recalls the privations and hardships of a great depression and a world at war. It recalls the window flags with their white stars representing young Americans away from home on foreign battlefields, while their country was reeling under the burdens of wartime rationiong. Every incident in "Amy Mable" is true. It was experiencded by the author in a long and exciting life. Treat yourself to a cup of nostalgia. 2011-05-22 295 1926511
Poor Mrs. Godwin and Other Unfortunates Poor Mrs. Godwin and Other Unfortunates 0 stars / 0 reviews Poor Mrs. Godwin and Other Unfortunates is a compilation of true stories of crime, tragedy, accidents, suicides, natural disasters and the unexplained experienced by 19th Century Americans. These stories are accurately recreated directly from the pages of vintage original newspapers from the author's own vast collection of newspapers ranging from the early 1800's to the turn of the new century. Events unfold as seen by the intrepid reporters of the day in their own words. Poor Mrs. Godwin provides a mirror into the lives of ordinary citizens of the time. This book is perfect for history and crime buffs. Perfect easy reading for that long flight or train ride. 2011-04-28 156 257797

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