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Ninja Book Marketing Strategies: How To Sell More Books In 8 Days Using 8 Ninja Marketing Tactics Ninja Book Marketing Strategies: How To Sell More Books In 8 Days Using 8 Ninja Marketing Tactics 4.7 stars / 44 reviews How To Sell More Books On Amazon In Just 8 DaysI Believe Every Author Can Become A Book Marketing Ninja With This SystemYou could be just 8 days away from record book sales. Learn how to:Attract Thousands of Readers With These Free Marketing StrategiesWhether you're a brand new author or have been selling books by the thousands, you've never seen these book marketing strategies anywhere else.Learn The Ninja System For KDP Select Marketing SuccessUsing my list of 43 free marketing resources, my friend launched a simple fitness book... and just in 8 days 14,428 people downloaded the book for free and he made over 400 sales. Not only that, but his book became the #1 Weight Loss book in the Paid Kindle Store and #320 overall in the Kindle Store with over 200 sales a day at $4.99!Dominate Your Niche or Genre By BundlingIf you're a serial author then you've probably already written several books and have hundreds of more ideas in your head. Learn the proven system for bundling your books to provide readers easier access to your work and grow your book sales exponentially with very little extra work. This is the secret strategy that every multiple New York Times bestselling author uses!How To Market A Book Like A ProfessionalThe problem is most authors don't know how to market their books properly. They either don't do any marketing or spend all their time, money and energy on marketing strategies that don't even more! Ninjas understand that writing a bestselling book is more about selling than it is about writing! Writing is the prerequisite for success - but marketing is what makes books sell.How To Get Your New Books Featured As An Amazon Hot New ReleaseLearn the system for getting Amazon to promote your new books for you! Only three books make it into the Hot New Release section for each category - and Amazon promotes them heavily. Find out what it takes to get there and you can dramatically improve your new book launches and sales.How To Use Amazon Listmania To Skyrocket Your SalesLearn how to use a simple Listmania list to sell more books on Amazon fast. No more expensive book marketing strategies or ads are needed!About The AuthorTom Corson-Knowles is the bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and The Kindle Formatting Bible, among others. Tom is an avid entrepreneur and loves helping other authors succeed by marketing effectively directly to readers instead of hoping, wishing and praying for more sales.Learn how to market best selling ebooks on Kindle today with these Ninja Book Marketing secrets. You too can make money with kindle ebooks and live the life of your dreams!If you're not sure how to sell books, it's because you don't understand these simple, free strategies for marketing ebooks that allow you to get book sales on autopilot! It's never been easier to learn how to market ebooks.Learn how to sell more books on Amazon today with Ninja Book Marketing Strategies by Tom Corson-Knowles. Scroll up and grab your copy today. 2013-12-16 100 86716
How to Publish a Book - Amazon Kindle Books Self-Publishing: Write eBooks Using Microsoft Word & Publish Them as Kindle Books - A Step-by-Step Guide with Photos to Help You Make Your Own Kindle Books How to Publish a Book - Amazon Kindle Books Self-Publishing: Write eBooks Using Microsoft Word & Publish Them as Kindle Books - A Step-by-Step Guide with Photos to Help You Make Your Own Kindle Books 4.5 stars / 32 reviews CLICK PHOTOS INSIDE THE BOOK TO ENLARGE THEM - BEST READ ON LARGER VIEWING DEVICES LIKE TABLETS OR LAPTOPS OR PCSDon’t know an HTML or CSS code from Adam’s house cat?Don’t even know what I’m talking about?That’s okay, because you don’t need to know any programming languages or use any confusing third-party conversion tools these days to get your book published in Amazon’s Kindle store.As long as you know how to type words into Microsoft Word and know the basics — a little working knowledge of the word-processing software — you’re good to go.“From Word Document to Kindle Book: A Step-by-Step Guide with Photos Teaching How to Self-Publish Your Own Kindle eBook on Amazon,” walks users through the process of formatting Word documents correctly for publishing on Kindle devices — and includes plenty of instructional photos in the 12 steps from turning that book in your head (or on your laptop) into a reality. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: Real tips from a 5-time Kindle author: Publishing on Kindle might take only 5 minutes, but writing and formatting your book in Microsoft Word takes know-how!Step #1: Find a Kindle Book Title That Sells and Gets Searchers for Free – And Go With Your GutStep #2: Write the Table of Contents (Basically, Your Outline) and Bookmark it as “TOC” for Kindle ReadersStep #3: Stuff You Don’t Need in Your Word Document: No Internal Book Cover Image, No Page Numbers, No Headers and Footers, Forget Too Much Formatting, Ellipses, Drop-Caps, Etc.Step #4: Write the Book in Microsoft Word, Format Chapter Titles and Section Subheads with “Styles” and Insert any PhotosStep #5: Turn the Table of Contents Entries into Active Hyperlinks That Point to Chapters Inside the Word DocumentStep #6: Write Your Copyright, Dedication, and Acknowledgements Pages, If You Want ThemStep #7: Spellcheck, Grammar Check, Link Check and RewriteStep #8: Get Your Kindle Book Cover – Make it free with Amazon’s new Cover Creator, buy it cheap and easy, or get an expensive oneStep #9: Save your Word document and upload to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) the easy wayStep #10: Troubleshooting: If you get errors, try these fixesStep #11: Download your Kindle book, reread, correct mistakes, delete from your Kindle library and upload corrected filesStep #12: Set up your Amazon author page through Amazon Author Central — and use it to promote your best customer reviews in a prominent placeGrab a great book title that acts as free using the three free websites listed in the book to find out the kinds of books customers are seeking to buy....and follow actionable items you can begin using right now to make your own Kindle book.Finally write the book you've been dreaming of and stop stopping yourself......and get in the cutting-edge wave of the folks taking advantage of the Kindle publishing revolution....and be "in the know" about how to check your book for errors, lessening the chance of bad customer reviews....learn how to format the cover text and colors to your liking....find out what's required, and what to leave out of your Microsoft Word document to help your publishing process go faster.Find out how easy Amazon makes it to create your Kindle book cover for free before you publish......and how easy their new module helps you make covers like, from beauty to jogging to editorial to gorgeous backgrounds and beyond.Avoid the mistakes I made as a new Kindle author......and learn how to quickly create a Table of Contents page and link how to bypass eBook conversion tools and publish straight to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing from a Word document file.You don't have to write a long book......and you'll learn the ways authors are creating short essays and stories instead of huge books....but find out how to warn readers about the short length of your essay befo 2014-01-21 344 47351
Guest Blogging Goldmine: How I Got More Than 100,000 Visitors a Month on My Blog in 9 Months Using a Free Marketing Strategy, and Other Ways to Earn Consistent Income from Your Blog Guest Blogging Goldmine: How I Got More Than 100,000 Visitors a Month on My Blog in 9 Months Using a Free Marketing Strategy, and Other Ways to Earn Consistent Income from Your Blog 4.1 stars / 21 reviews I Believe Blogging Should Be Easy, Fun and Very, Very ProfitableLearn the secrets for creating, growing and monetizing your blogWritten by a successful blogger and online marketer, this guide will teach you what to do step-by-step. In this book you will learn:How To Create Your Own Professional Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog For Less Than $50Learn the secret to creating your own professional business blog in less than 30 minutes without spending thousands of dollars on web designers.How To Get 100,000 Targeted Visitors A Month Using Free Traffic MethodsLearn the step-by-step system successful bloggers like me and Leo Babauta, founder of the Zen Habits blog, have used to attract millions of visitors without spending a dime on advertising!How To Monetize Your Blog So You Can Get Paid To Do What You LoveLearn all the insider secrets six-figure bloggers use to earn passive income every single month from their sites. Everything from advertising to affiliate marketing and sponsorships are included with step-by-step instructions.The 11 Best Wordpress Plugins Every Blogger Must HaveIncluded is a list of the 11 best wordpress plugins that will revolutionize your blogging productivity and profits.Bonus! The 5 Daily Blogging Action StepsAlso included is a bonus with the Daily Blogging Action Step Worksheet that breaks down every step of building your blogging business on a daily basis. Use this as your road map to success!About The AuthorI started blogging back in 2008. The problem is I had no idea what I was doing. After struggling for years to get traffic and make money from my blog, I finally figured it out.Then, just to test my strategies, I started a brand new blog in October, 2011. Just 9 months later, that site was getting over 100,000 visitors a month and earning a full-time income. How did I do it?Let this book be your guide to a profitable blog!Blog marketing can be easy, fun and incredibly profitable - if you know what you're doing. It all boils down to getting blog traffic - if you don't have readers and visitors you can't create ad revenue or sales in the first place! This book will teach you everything you need to know to make money blogging starting today.Whether you're blogging for business or personal profit, everything you need to know is included within this book and the free bonus trainings that are included. At the end of the day, blog marketing is all about getting traffic. And this book will show you everything you need to know to start getting traffic and make money from your blog.Chock full of blogging tips, strategies and step-by-step action guides, this is the perfect book to teach you blogging for beginners and experienced bloggers who want to earn more.If you want to start a blog and work from home on your online business, this book will help you achieve your goals and dreams.About The AuthorTom is an avid entrepreneur, blogger and author. He started his first blog in 2008 and now his websites receive hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. Tom is the international bestselling author of The Blog Business Book, Facebook For Business Owners and How To Make Money With Twitter, among others.Tom has taught thousands of technologically challenged people from all over the world how to build and create their own profitable blogs from scratch with his innovative Blog Business School curriculum. Anyone in the world can receive free training and support at BlogBusinessSchool.comLearn how to start a profitable blog in 30 minutes. Scroll up and grab your copy today. 2012-09-27 99 96665
How to Make a Kindle Book Cover: Step-by-Step Instructions to Make High-Impact e-Book Covers with Photoshop Elements 11 How to Make a Kindle Book Cover: Step-by-Step Instructions to Make High-Impact e-Book Covers with Photoshop Elements 11 3.6 stars / 5 reviews *** CLICK ON THE INSTRUCTIONAL PHOTOS CONTAINED IN THE BOOK TO ENLARGE THEM IF NEEDED *** Better Kindle book covers equal more sales, plus more confident readers. Even though the old adage says that you can't judge a book by its cover, plenty of us do anyway. And apparently, so do Amazon Kindle customers as they are scrolling through the Kindle eBooks store trying to figure out what to buy. Find detailed step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to use Photoshop Elements 11 to get professional, compelling covers done -- taught by an author who learned the program and has printed plenty of Kindle books under a plethora of pen names. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION: Better Kindle book covers equal more sales, more confident readers CHAPTER 1: Why make your own Kindle eBook covers? CHAPTER 2: EASY KINDLE BOOK COVER CREATION: How I bought a $128 image and created a simple Kindle eBook cover with it using Photoshop Elements 11 CHAPTER 3: MEDIUM DIFFICULTY KINDLE BOOK COVER CREATION: How I bought a $5 photo and made my own Kindle cover with intermediate ease CHAPTER 4: ADVANCED KINDLE COVER CREATION: How I bought a $9 photo and made my own Kindle cover with advanced Photoshop Elements options like brushes CHAPTER 5: USE YOUR OWN PHOTOS FOR KINDLE BOOK COVER CREATION: Scan old photos or take new pics (even iPad, MacBook and cell phone photos) and use them to create Kindle covers CHAPTER 6: The Kindle cover with no photo and all words CHAPTER 7: CHANGING AND UPDATING YOUR KINDLE BOOK COVERS ON AMAZON: Getting better with Photoshop Elements CHAPTER 8: Where to get visual inspiration to design your own Kindle book covers LABELS: How to make a Kindle cover, Make Kindle cover, ebook cover, ebook cover designer, ebook cover programs, Photoshop Kindle, Photoshop Kindle cover, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Elements 11, Amazon Kindle covers, publish Kindle, publish on Kindle, make a Kindle, make a Kindle book,ebook photo, photo ebook, ebook cover design,ebook cover,ebook cover designer,ebook covers,ebook cover software,ebook cover and design,ebook cover template,how to create ebook covers,ebook cover maker,free ebook cover,ebook book cover templates,research study about displaying ebook covers,professional ebook cover software,scifi and ebook cover illustration,diy sci-fi ebook cover design,ebook cover creator,ebook cover generator,scifi and ebook cover and design,how to make ebook covers,ebook cover designs,ebook covers effect sales,free ebook covers,ebook cover designers 2014-01-16 115 108654
Free Kindle Book Cover Design - 111 Photos to Teach and Inspire You to Make a Kindle Book Cover Using Amazon's Cover Creator Free Kindle Book Cover Design - 111 Photos to Teach and Inspire You to Make a Kindle Book Cover Using Amazon's Cover Creator 0 stars / 0 reviews You asked for it, you got it!"Free Kindle Book Cover Design - 111 Photos to Teach and Inspire You to Make a Kindle Book Cover Using Amazon's Cover Creator" is a new illustrative guide that walks you through creating your own free Kindle book cover using's Cover Creator module in the Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard.Chock-full of 101 images, this guide will teach you the basics and the advanced functions of using the module -- as well as provide a plethora of photos (some of the best in the Cover Creator module) to help inspire you to create your own Kindle book cover.If you're unsure whether to hire an expensive Kindle book cover designer, or whether to grab someone to create one on Fiverr for five bucks, or are toying with the notion of creating your own, invest in this photo tutorial to help make a great and informed decision.The stunning images Amazon provides Kindle authors -- plus the fact that they are free and legal to use (royalty-free and free of charge -- a win-win!) -- might sway you in the direction of the Cover Creator.Find out more about what I've learned by using the Cover Creator module to create many book covers, and join the Kindle revolution right now. 2014-01-16 180153
How to Self Publish a Book and Get It Sold! How to Self Publish a Book and Get It Sold! 0 stars / 0 reviews Do you dream of becoming a published author? Have you written a book, or want to write a book and aren't sure what to do next? Not everyone can become a success story and make millions on their first novel, but you can earn a good income writing your own fiction or nonfiction books. We all know there are very successful authors that come out of nowhere and get published, but there are several talented writers out there that never get published. How To Self-Publish Your Book and Get It Sold! Provides the necessary information on writing: PRinting, publishing and selling your book. Whether you would like to publish a book, booklet, ebook, newsletter or magazine, this book covers it all. How do you decide if you should self-publish your book or not? Here are a few questions you may need to ask yourself first. Do you consider yourself a businessperson as well as a writer? Writing is a quiet occupation, while business demands proficient communication skills. Are you motivated to start your writing business? You will need to see your book through from beginning to end, and this can be a lengthy process. Are you willing to take a risk? Don't be afraid to take the plunge - you have to believe in yourself! Other very important things that you will learn about are writing and designing your manuscript, conducting the proper research, and keeping your information organized and easily accessible. How To Self-Publish includes interviews with the Mompreneurs Ellan Parlapiano and Patricia Cobe plus an interview ebook/Self-Publisher publisher Angela Hoy. Today's writers have a world of opportunity available to them and self-publishing could be the way to go for some. Annette is an expert in her field having sold her books through bookstores and on the Internet through eBay, Amazon, and other sites. She has been featured in books, on Web site interviews, and in Woman's World Weekly, Child Magazine, The New York Times, and others. "How To Self-Publish Your Book And Get It Sold" is filled with detailed advice and resources on how to get started publishing your material. 2010-04-23 147 931120
Facebook Security and Privacy Facebook Security and Privacy 0 stars / 0 reviews Security and Privacy threats on Facebook are real. These threats have gone beyond the Internet and computer systems, and have become real life threats. The looming danger generated by a simple mouse click cannot be underestimated; it goes a long way to impact lives. Anyone can become a social media victim of some sort, such as a victim of identity theft, cyber-bully, or sexual abuse, which can occur because hackers got into your electronic system and collected valuable information, or because you gave out such information without realizing the level risks involved. Teenagers can easily become a victim to the pedophile that tricked them into giving out their e-mail address and mobile phone number. As Facebook is growing in popularity, attracting over 900 million audiences worldwide, more and more users are now becoming conscious of these online threats. Unfortunately, only few people know how to protect themselves and their personal information.This book offers step-by-step illustrations on how to customize and enhance your Facebook security and privacy settings, and goes further to provide safety tips to the teenager, the parent, and the teacher. 2013-11-22 28 534602
The Five Minute Guide To HTML 5.0: The New Fifth Core Element Architecture of the World Wide Web The Five Minute Guide To HTML 5.0: The New Fifth Core Element Architecture of the World Wide Web 0 stars / 0 reviews How the World Wide Web you know is going to be changing for every web user, business, government, institution and organization.HTML 5.0 is the new fifth core element benchmark framework of the World Wide Web and the new technology features will reach every part of your life on the move using Smart Mobile Phones, Laptops, Notebooks, at work or at home on a Desktop Computer, Tablet PC and even your Smart TV.Yes the world of technology is changing and at break neck speed!"The Five Minute Guide to HTML 5.0" is for every web user, business owner, organization, government and institution, well in fact for every person using the World Wide Web in some form. This book consists of Ten Chapters taking you through each of the new stunning features of advancement and how your World will change for the better!At this time of human advancement in the world and age of information technology being in the know in your lifestyle or career is critical. The HTML 5.0 guide gives you the insight to be ahead of the game as they say and where this new technology standard can be understood and used to your advantage.There is an old saying "The Early Bird Catches the Worm", not in this instance. It is more the case of "The Smart People Always Look Ahead and Invest in the Future Where it Benefits Them!" This book does exactly that, bringing you up to speed literally regarding the new world of HTML 5.0 for the 21st Century!The Book is available in paperback for all lovers of tangible items, something to get your hands on! Or available on Digital for every device where you can now download Free "Kindle Software Free" to buy this digital version and other digital books to use on any device be it PC, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet PC or Smart Mobile Phone!You Download the Free Kindle App Software and Programs Now from here:- PC's, Tablet PC's, Laptops, Notebooks, Smart Phones, Android, iPhones, Samsung, Windows and More....Written by Alastair Agutter Best Seller Author andSenior WWW DeveloperAUTHOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: A current Member of Microsoft Partner Research Panel. Noted in Phillips: - Who's Who Directory 2001 Acknowledged in 1999:- by Hudson Institute, for Advancing Computer Science Internationally. Acknowledged in 2008:- by the American Autobiographical Society for the advancement of Computer Sciences to Humanity. A Former Partner Member of Microsoft WebTVA Former Founding Member of Netscape DevEdge Team UKA Former Member of the BBC Backstage 2014-05-25 43 966390
Quantum Computing, Multi-Level Bits and Temperature Control (AzEngineering Book 4) Quantum Computing, Multi-Level Bits and Temperature Control (AzEngineering Book 4) 0 stars / 0 reviews "Quantum Computing, Multi-Level Bits and Temperature Control" presents a futuristic concept for the electronic signals inside digital systems. Some day, computers and other species of equipment that use digital circuits, will use multi-level bits instead of the binary bits used presently. This eBook presents two temperature controllers that use multi-level bits for generation of the map of reference temperatures. Firstly, a small demonstrator shows how a simple feedback control system controls temperature using multi-level bit technology. Secondly, the outline of a larger temperature controller, presented in blocks, shows how to use multi-level bits in a more complex system. A Glossary of Terms is included. The Sections throughout the eBook are: 4.1- ABSTRACT 4.2- BASIS OF MULTI-LEVEL BITS 4.2.1- SEVERAL LOGIC LEVELS 4.2.2- WRITING WITH MULTI-LEVEL BITS 4.3- WORKING WITH MULTI-LEVEL BITS 4.3.1- VOLTAGES INSIDE THE MEMORY CELL 4.3.2- ELECTRONIC VOLTMETER 4.4- THE DEMONSTRATOR TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER 4.4.1- MEMORY CELL RESISTOR LADDER FEEDBACK RESISTOR 4.4.2- COUNTER STARTING THE COUNTER DELAY OSCILLATOR COUNTER SEQUENCE INCREASING ONE LEVEL AT A TIME 4.4.3- TEMPERATURE CONTROL TEMPERATURE SENSING ERROR AMPLIFIER HEATER CONTROL HEATING CYCLE 4.4.4- PARTS LIST FOR THE DEMONSTRATOR CONTROLLER RESISTORS POTENTIOMETERS CAPACITORS SEMICONDUCTORS THERMOCOUPLE 4.5- THE OUTLINE OF A LARGER CONTROLLER 4.5.1- BYTES WITH SEVEN MULTI-LEVEL BITS 4.5.2- THERMAL CYCLE 4.5.3- COUNTERS 4.5.4- THREE-STEP CYCLE 4.5.5- AUTOMATIC SEQUENCE OF TEMPERATURES QUANTUM COMPUTING VOLTAGES FED TO THE ERROR AMPLIFIER 4.5.6- HEATING THE FURNACE CHAMBER 4.5.7- ENERGY CONVERSION 4.6- REFERENCES 4.7- OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THIS AUTHOR TO THE TECHNOLOGY OF FEEDBACK CONTROL SYSTEMS AND OPTICAL SENSING 4.8- GLOSSARY OF TERMS 4.9- eBooks of the AzEngineeringTM Series Enter AzEngineering on the search engine to find more eBooks of the series, including a Catalog that presents brief descriptions and the tables of contents of the eBooks of the AzEngineering Series. 2013-03-16 48 345281
One Simple Way to boost your website traffic and online business in short time: Most Suitable For Small/Medium/Micro Business, Amazing and Cost-Effective One Simple Way to boost your website traffic and online business in short time: Most Suitable For Small/Medium/Micro Business, Amazing and Cost-Effective 0 stars / 0 reviews This e-book is a complete guide for small or micro business owners who want to benefit from online business world. This shows a simply way to bring visitors from all over the world to their websites or blogs at a low and reasonable cost. By following the instructions on this book, all small business owners will have the opportunity to gain huge profits in short time. 2014-05-28 17 1011109
7 Easy & Quick Steps That Will Give You The Maximum CPC On Your Adsense Clicks 7 Easy & Quick Steps That Will Give You The Maximum CPC On Your Adsense Clicks 0 stars / 0 reviews Most adsense information either sucks or is outdated. Some is even downright illegal and will get your adsense account banned. I'm going to let you in on a bombshell secret. If you are using Adsense to monetize your website, you're being robbed of your earnings by thieves. You can do something about it! It's about time you discovered a new and proven system that will bring Adsense Results like you've never experienced before. I'm going to reveal to you a Shocking secret that is only used by Exclusive Adsense publishers. With my method you will change all that in only 3 minutes, if you know how to click with a mouse this will be a big gamechanger for your online income. Even if your adsense earnings per day are $5,000 YOU need this book! 2013-02-20 21 1161019

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