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Book Title Reviews/Rating Description Release Date Pages Sales Rank
In The Forest Of The Night In The Forest Of The Night 4.5 stars / 13 reviews A story of violence and corruption in the coalfields of southern West Virginia. A State Trooper is dispatched to a rural, mining county to solve the murder of a local UMWA operative. He meets a woman who says she wants to help and a local policeman who apparently wants to sabotage his investigation. 2014-05-20 203 315201
Razor Wire: Continued Razor Wire: Continued 3.7 stars / 14 reviews The Continued Version of Razor Wire is an inside look at an adult male, maximum security prison. It is portrayed by a former female corrections officer. A work of fiction based on actual events, it reveals relationships that develop in a world with its own culture. A world that demands survival skills on the part of officers as well as inmates. Corruption is practiced on all levels of administration. Officers live in the nucleus where dragons can approach from either side. They are often faced with moral decisions that compromise their safety. Officer Lane is comfortable and challenged in the environment that forces her to develop and maintain a bizarre balance. It is an environment that is dominated by males with their own agendas. 2012-12-23 213 232319
Trout Fishing For Bodies (Book 2) (Bob Roosevelt Mystery Series Book 2) Trout Fishing For Bodies (Book 2) (Bob Roosevelt Mystery Series Book 2) 4.8 stars / 8 reviews BOOK 2TROUT FISHING FOR BODIESpoor little trout fish – bring on the butter and skillet, but please, developers, leave the river alone.“Roosevelt, please,” my Guardian Angel pleaded, putting his hands together like he was praying. “Let me warn you one more time. I don’t feel good about this. I have no doubt trout fishing is going to cause you nothing but grief.”For a brief moment I hesitated, my Guardian Angel pleading was completely out of character, but warning or no warning I am going trout fishing.My Guardian Angel followed behind me shaking his head and muttering. The only words I could pick out were ‘stupid’ and ‘brain dead’.At the head of the trail that runs beside the stream I stopped. Beside the trail were four freshly cut pine boughs stacked on top of each other – each about three feet long. Seeing them puzzled me and for an instant made me feel paranoid.“It is really getting bad when tree branches start bothering you,” my Guardian Angel said. “You old hippies didn’t inhale pine needles did you?”I have had paranoid attacks in my life, but this one is ridiculous.I came around a small bend in the river and there was a pool over ten feet wide and twenty feet long. The water was so deep I couldn’t see the bottom of the stream. A thick stand of red alders grew on the far side of the pool. There was no way there wasn’t a trout waiting anxiously for my wooly worm in the deep swirling water. A skittish water spider darted away from me as I cast my wooly worm. My Guardian Angel leaned back against a tree with a worried look on his face – either that or he had an attack of gas.Cast after cast invaded the pool with no trout. I decided to add weight to my line to sink the wooly worm deeper into the water. I attached two small lead split shot to the leader and plunked the wooly worm back into the water. It hadn’t drifted more than two feet when suddenly my line stopped. I pulled back with enough force I could have set the hook in a shark’s jaw. The rod bowed fiercely, but there was no thrashing on the end of the line, disappointedly, only the steady pull of a snag. I don’t think fried snag would taste good unless I was a vegetarian and into soggy tree bark. Although, in some places, soggy tree bark might cost $18.95 for a lunch special – especially if the soggy tree bark was soaked in high mountain, sparkling, stream water, and served by a girl who didn’t shave her legs or under her armpits.“Cut the line and let’s get out of here,” my Guardian Angel yelled and took several quick steps back toward camp.For some reason, the cheap fly that had been made in India was important to me, and instead of breaking the line, I put my hand around the snag and pulled with all my might. If I could get the snag up and out of the water, I could see what I would have to do to get my fly. The first thing I saw coming out of the gloom of the water sent shivers down my spine. It was not a tree limb, but a hand, a woman’s hand, with long slim fingers, painted red nails, a diamond ring, and a gold and diamond tennis bracelet. The naked body bobbed inches below the surface as I held onto the arm, my wooly worm was embedded in the crook of her left elbow. The face, opened eyed, gazed vacantly at me in bewilderment, as the long blond hair curled around her head like golden seaweed. I know the lady did not drown. There was a small hole in her temple – the type caused by a bullet.“Oh Roosevelt,” my Guardian Angel moaned, burying his face in his hands. “I tried to warn you. But no, will you ever listen to me, what am I, just another pretty face?” 2012-01-03 201 97907
DIRTY (A Dave Stewart Mystery) DIRTY (A Dave Stewart Mystery) 4.8 stars / 4 reviews Product DescriptionDIRTY COPS DIRTY LAWYERS DIRTY DEEDSProbationary Constable Dave Stewart knew that William Bailey was guilty of murder. All he had to do to convict him was change one line in his statement.Detective Chief Superintendent John McCauley loves dirt.He collects it in secret files to use against his enemies and since Stewart slept with the beautiful Detective Sergeant Anne Wallace. He is the enemy.Stewart hatches a plan to destroy the evidence against him, but what he finds inside those files, is evidence of a vile paedophile ring operating under McCauley’s nose.Now three people are dead and Dave Stewart is the prime suspect.Set in 1980’s England, ‘Dirty’ is a dark and disturbing murder mystery that pulls no punches. 2013-01-30 458 102679
THE FIX (A Rick Fuller Thriller) THE FIX (A Rick Fuller Thriller) 5.0 stars / 3 reviews ANTI-HEROES ARE ALIVE AND WELLIn the winter of 1996, on the orders of the British Government, the SAS stole the contents of a safe belonging to the Provisional IRA.Rick Fuller headed that team.Days later Fuller’s wife was brutally murdered at his home.Convinced he was betrayed from within, Fuller begins a relentless search for her murderers and the men who gave the order.Ten years on Fuller is a Manchester gangland enforcer, a lone and bitter figure.Fuller recruits an old colleague to help him recover a consignment of cocaine from Amsterdam. In the search, doors open on the past and Fuller can finally take his revenge on the men who betrayed him. 2013-01-08 427 76790
Feeding The Beast Feeding The Beast 4.7 stars / 3 reviews In 1951 Denver, Colorado, the investigation into the murders of young teenage girls by Denver Homicide Detective, Dan Morgan brings back suppressed memories of the murder of his identical twin brother thirty-one years ago. He and his partner, Jack Brolin are getting nowhere in their investigation, when the killer calls Detective Morgan at Police Headquarters. As the investigation continues, Dan talks to a psychologist, and slowly discovers why the killer has been calling him. 2014-03-26 423 695875
SLICKS SLICKS 5.0 stars / 2 reviews Framed for a crime he didn't commit, Rich Etienne assembles a crew of Slicks-- criminals who are the very best at what they do.Along with Jerel Mack, Kerri Dowridge, Brandon Pitcher, Aisha King, Brandon Mack, and Dante Williams, Rich plans to break into the city's most secure vault while dodging the NYPD (Jonathan Bishop), a spiteful gangster (Tyler Barnett), a vengeful robber (Daniel Randall), and a dangerous spy (Kenyetta Babb)-- all while looking incredibly stylish and moving elusively smooth.Jazz. Liquor. Shades. Danger.What else are friends for? 2014-02-01 99 177607
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice 5.0 stars / 1 reviews When New Jersey drug lord-turned informant Vic Banister disappears under FBI surveillance, special agent John Antonini becomes obsessed with finding him. As Antonini's search begins to untangle a vast web of deception linking both sides of the law, he discovers a sophisticated, yet ruthless, criminal organization engaged in kidnapping, unlawful incarceration, and murder--a large and powerful organization that has no qualms about killing an FBI agent in order to protect its shocking secret. 2012-06-24 256 283621
Down Fall (The Mike Jensen Mysteries) Down Fall (The Mike Jensen Mysteries) 2.0 stars / 1 reviews The murder of a client of private detective Mike Jensen drags Police detective Daniel Holder into the world of time travel and the secret service. As they work together to solve the mystery, travelling through time and uncover strange secrets along the way. The burning question will be: Is this Mike's Final case? 2013-10-20 84 1707374
Hiding in the Shadow of Heaven Hiding in the Shadow of Heaven 2.0 stars / 1 reviews Reverend Will Jefferson is in line at the bank holding a nice chunk of God’s change in his right hand. He unbuttons the lower part of his shirt and slides the bank bag against his stomach. The cool vinyl gives his gut the paunch that many young men his age sport from beer and lack of exercise. He buttons his shirt back up, confident that he can pull off the ruse and spare the hard-earned Company cash. The man in the plaid CPO jacket, work jeans and steel-toed boots turns; at the end of his sleeve a black automatic enforces the command to hit the ground. When a phone rings, the automatic is leveled in Will’s direction. Will crawls over and pulls himself up to the substantial mahogany desktop in a pose reminiscent of intercession at the altar. “This is Reverend William Jefferson…he’s about six feet, one hundred-eighty.” The robber sweeps across the lobby grabbing the phone and sending Will sprawling with a smack upside his head. “The Padre is indisposed at the moment.” Officer Steve Cleveland, whom Will has come to consider a surrogate for his late father, arrives on scene and focuses on attaining the upper hand. In the Stockholm-style standoff the robber uses his leverage with Will to circumvent Steve’s efforts. Will struggles with his conflicted allegiance as the three charge toward an inevitable fatal ending. Hiding in the Shadow of Heaven reads like a story ripped from today’s headlines as Will discovers that often justice and fairness don’t look each other in the eye. It’s the perfect read for a professional on a quick business trip or for a relaxing long weekend. 2011-07-31 276 1644528
The Pact The Pact 0 stars / 0 reviews The point of the knife presses into soft skin ...Inspector Grace McKenzie investigates the trafficking of women into Ireland and is drawn under cover into that sinister world. She is deeply affected by the suffering of one particular woman and her quest for justice re-awakens an unspeakable trauma in her own life...can she ever escape from its influence? 2013-11-14 345 1115256
Eleven That Went up to Heaven: A DCI Webb Mystery Eleven That Went up to Heaven: A DCI Webb Mystery 0 stars / 0 reviews When Richard Vine, a wealthy businessman and the proprietor of Beckworth Grange, organises a publicity event at which twenty of his guests share his name, he little imagines that a few hours later five of them would be dead. A fatal road accident leaves Detective Chief Inspector David Webb with a bewildering array of 'Richard Vines' to be traced, accounted for and investigated. By the following day what appeared to be an accident has developed more sinister implications…Among the victims was the minibus driver, John Bainbridge, a man apparently revered and loved by all that knew him. Finding it hard to believe that this man could be as saintly as portrayed DCI Webb and Sergeant Jackson start to dig for the truth behind his immaculate image. Meanwhile, an amateur writing school opens at Beckworth Grange, and its army of would-be sleuths and eccentrics all start doing their best to help, or in some cases hinder police inquiries. Could the killer have been after the host Richard Vine? If so, could he still be the target for murder?‘Eleven That Went up to Heaven’ is a gripping crime novel featuring Anthea Fraser's popular detective David Webb. Praise for Anthea Fraser: “A superbly crafted, riveting, page-turner of a read" - Booklist “Ms Fraser is her dependable elegant, guileful self withholding the killer's identity till a dying fall" - Sunday Times 'A well-mannered, well-plotted and well-told story' - Birmingham Post 'Sympathetic, well-executed book, in which full attention is paid to human feelings and failings' - Yorkshire Post ANTHEA FRASER has written all her life but did not begin to take it seriously until after marriage, when she found herself at home with two small daughters and embarked on a correspondence course with the London School of Journalism. She wrote short stories before turning to novels of the supernatural, and then to crime. Her other books include ‘The Ten Commandments’, ‘The Seven Stars’ and ‘One is One and All Alone’. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books. 2014-05-28 211 34258
Riverside Retribution Riverside Retribution 0 stars / 0 reviews Samantha Riverside takes up crime fighting as a hobby not expecting to use her skills in redress against a personal loss. In so doing, however, she sets off a chain of undesirable and frightening events. 2013-05-19 286
The Shadow Centurions: The Gift The Shadow Centurions: The Gift 0 stars / 0 reviews They were just a bunch of old retired cops.People pass them on the street without ever giving them a second look.Society treated them like they were mere shadows.They would use that to their advantage. 2014-05-14 21
one down one to go (siennas story): biker's revenge. (bikers revenge) one down one to go (siennas story): biker's revenge. (bikers revenge) 0 stars / 0 reviews siennas home seeking revenge, her feelings for travis is growing stronger each passing day travis knows nothing, except she is keeping something from him. he thinks she is cassy renolds. only rick knows the truth,will travis be able to stop sienna before its too late.will sienna seek the revenge she has been waiting for. please read you will be surprised. 2014-05-29 24 169829

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