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FAITH AND COURAGE:A Novel Of Colonial America (Tapestry of Love Series Book 2) FAITH AND COURAGE:A Novel Of Colonial America (Tapestry of Love Series Book 2) 4.6 stars / 10 reviews After witnessing the execution of King Charles II, George Willson is forced to leave the woman he loves, flee to Virginia on a perilous voyage to live with his sister Mary and her new husband Ambrose Dixon. To avoid starvation, George must make a painful decisions for his survival while Mary tries to make a new life with a man she does not love. Ridden with guilt, George and Mary's life is further complicated when one they love is accused of witchcraft. Tormented by his past, George seeks to find purpose in his life when he, along with his sister Mary's family, becomes involved in the Quaker religion and suffer persecution for their beliefs. Based on actual court records and documents from 17th century Eastern Shore Virginia, previously unknown historical facts about America's founding fathers are revealed in this historical fiction novel. The author takes real people, facts, dates and places and creates a story about life as it might have happened on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Some of the characters based on actual residents of the Eastern Shore include Ambrose and Mary Dixon, Edmund Scarburgh, Stephen Horsey, the Custis family, Col. Norwood, Gov. Berkeley, Argoll Yeardley, Elizabeth Harris,Thomas Cottingham. the Assateague Indians and many other citizens of the Eastern Shore, Virginia. A helpful Appendix is included at the end of this well-researched novel to delineate fact from fiction. "Faith and Courage is written with the reader in mind........getting your attention and keeping it. A REAL page-turner and unpredictable love story." G. Farris"I learned many unknown facts about America's history from this should be required reading." C. Davidson "Beautiful, heart warming and unforgetable book. Knowing that 90% of the historic events are true makes this book even more enjoyable. " J. Shugart"A well structured story with many twists and turns...a gem of a book." J. ReynoldsAbout The AuthorDonna R. Causey, native of Alabama, was a teacher in the public school system for twenty years. After she retired, Donna found time to focus on her lifetime passion for historical writing with her website She has also authored numerous genealogy books. Ribbon of love is the first in her historical fiction series, Tapestry of Love, set in colonial Virginia. Faith and Courage is the second in the series. Type Donna R. Causey in the search box above to see all her books 2013-11-19 356 123762
MANUELA MANUELA 4.6 stars / 8 reviews MANUELA is a story of bravery, romance, patriotism, revolution, and intrigue based on the true life of a fascinating and powerful woman who has been compared to Evita Peron. In no other period did the world change so much as in the early 1800's. Not only was Europe engaged in the Napoleonic wars, but the South American people were fighting for independence from Spain. One of the most important statesmen and military heroes history has ever known emerged out of this period. Simn Bolvar, hailed as The Liberator, emancipated the countries now known as Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Per, and Bolivia. While Bolvar was conquering an area almost five times that of Napoleon's conquests, a woman was by his side whom history has nearly forgotten. Manuela Senz was a member of Bolvar's staff, a colonel in his army during a period when women were frowned on for doing anything other than looking pretty. She faced his greatest challenges with him, and even saved his life. Because she was a soul of intense integrity, she accumulated political enemies who made sure she was written out of the annals of the countries she helped to emancipate. In the many accounts of Bolvar's life, Manuela Senz is sometimes mentioned, but only in passing and then often inaccurately. This is the story of a brave woman, born in scandal, who rose to the heights of political power and who learned to love in a world torn apart by war. This is the love story of Simn Bolvar and Manuela Senz. 2000-11-01 184141
Memories of World War II Memories of World War II 3.8 stars / 8 reviews Memories of World War, II is about war brides and heroes. It tells true stories of life on the home front interwoven with what was happening on the war front. Gasoline, sugar, coffee and shoes were rationed along with over 200 types of food. Automobiles, washing machines, refrigerators, irons, sheets and many other items were not produced until after the war. People gladly accepted rationing and shortages that helped the war effort. Most families had a loved one serving in the military, so they did everything they could to bring an end to the war. There are stories of boys in the air force and the navy, but the book follows the Texas 36th Division throughout the war in Europe. They were the first troops to land on enemy soil--Salerno, Italy. During the first week of battle, 3,497 were killed or wounded. When the war was over May 6, 1945, there were few Texans left in the Texas Division, but there were thousands of boys who went in as replacements that were proud to be adopted Texans. Forty years after the war was over, one adopted Texan from Indiana requested that “Beautiful Texas” be sung at his funeral. Colonel Vincent Lockhart was the Texas 36th Division historian. He checked Memories of World War II for historical accuracy. 2012-04-03 246 760296
The Five Sons of Charlie Gisby: A Family Saga The Five Sons of Charlie Gisby: A Family Saga 3.6 stars / 5 reviews In the third week of June 1859, Charles George Gisby was coaxed, squalling, into this world in the prosperous Victorian seaside resort of Margate. But young Charlie was not born into that prosperity. His birthplace was a house up a narrow lane called Alkali Row, which was then (and still is today) no more than an insignificant gap between the grand facades of the buildings on King Street sweeping down to the harbour. In a lifetime spanning nearly eighty years, Charlie would rise above his humble origins. He would become a fisherman, a shopkeeper and a businessman. He would serve in the defence of his country during the Great War. He would meet and marry two striking women, and suffer the dramatic loss of one of them. And he would father four fine sons, one not so fine and a daughter. His story and the story of his five sons are narrated in this family saga. It is a saga rich in colour and drama. Wars are fought in the course of it. There’s a memorable patriarch. There are untimely, mysterious and tragic deaths. There’s a plane crash and an accidental suicide. And there’s a larger-than-life cad and bounder. Charlie and his sons may have been “ordinary people”. But this is no ordinary saga. 2011-10-29 112 657162
The 1848 Boston Cultivator The 1848 Boston Cultivator 5.0 stars / 3 reviews The bustling port of Boston had much news of interest, from social occasions to fires, crime and shipping. Rampant were diseases such as consumption, cholera, typhoid fever and rabies. Social issues included equal rights for women, prison reform, education, and drug and alcohol abuse. The vital records of births, deaths and marriages are a wonderful resource for family historians. 2013-01-26 654 2139899
Mesa Verde Thunder Mesa Verde Thunder 5.0 stars / 2 reviews THE RAVEN CLAN…450 A.D. Animus Valley, Northwestern New Mexico…in a time of starvation The People set out upon a perilous journey to find a mystical mesa where hope can be reborn but also where death and deep snows lay silent in waiting. ECHATA…a bold and desperate Anasazi leader, sees a vision of RAVEN and must take his starving people north knowing that they can never return to a brother that has sworn to kill him. LI-TIA…a fierce Chacoan medicine woman risks everything to save a banished mother and deformed infant from a terrible stoning…but by so doing, is forever branded as an enemy and a…witch. LISA CANNADAY…married to a dreamer and archaeologist who must race to the fabulous new Mesa Verde discovery and unlock its treasures before it is plundered and its secrets are forever lost. But it is she who is destined to ignite the world with her fabulous stories of the Ancient Ones based on one magnificent petroglyph. STORYTELLER …who only wanted to be a prosperous jeweler and trader of silver, gold and turquoise but who is forced to become the one who writes the story of his Ancient People with his blood and tears in stone. From sacred Chaco Canyon to Cliff Palace to a sprawling National Park...from a prehistoric people to the mystics and builders of Mesa Verde and finally to those that would plunder its ancient artifacts for fabulous wealth…comes an epic tale of love, hope, sacrifice and courage told in MESA VERDE THUNDER. Multiple award-winning author, Gary McCarthy has now written perhaps his most unforgettable saga of a never to be forgotten people...the Anasazi. 2011-03-31 296 346210
Banana Republic - The Rape of Central America Banana Republic - The Rape of Central America 2.7 stars / 3 reviews The story of Central America is a little known story of plunder and pillage by many nations of the world. It is a story of CIA and gunboat diplomacy as practicved by the United States. It is a story of a part of the world which never has known stability and peace. The mixture of Blacks, Spanish and Indian combined with the influences of the Catholic Church have created a strange mixture of creeds, beliefs and emotions. The location has always created a center of interest for the World's commerce. This is the story of what has happened and what is happening in a volatile part of the world. This is the one you must read. 2012-01-07 284 701552
Entre la espada y la cruz: Reyes y sacerdotes, romanos y zelotes en la vida y muerte de Jesús el Nazareno (Misterios del primer cristianismo nº 1) (Spanish Edition) Entre la espada y la cruz: Reyes y sacerdotes, romanos y zelotes en la vida y muerte de Jesús el Nazareno (Misterios del primer cristianismo nº 1) (Spanish Edition) 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Ya conoces a Jess, el Salvador. En este libro conocers al Jess hombre que junto con sus contemporneos vivi y sufri dominacin y explotacin de los romanos y las autoridades del Templo de Jerusaln, las intrigas de los herederos de las dinastas que algunas vez gobernaron Judea, y la creciente rebelda de aquellos judos que no aceptaban otro gobierno que el de Dios.*** Cul es la razn por la que Jos y Mara aceptan trasladarse a Beln a pesar del riesgo por su avanzado embarazo?*** Por qu hubo personas dispuestas a seguir a un profeta itinerante abandonando familia y propiedades?*** Por qu se requiri que Judas delatara a un predicador conocido por todos?*** Cmo pudieron sobrevivir los apstoles a la persecucin de autoridades romanas y judas luego de la muerte de Jess?Las investigaciones arquelgicas e histricas de los ltimos 25 aos responden a las mayores interrogantes sobre la vida de Jess. Un pacfico predicador se encuentra en la vorgine de la ambicin y codicia de aspirantes al trono, sacerdotes y ocupantes extranjeros, al tiempo que contiene los afanes violentos de la resistencia juda.Y tendr que elegir partido.Nueva luz sobre Jess el Nazareno arroja el cotejo de los evangelios con la historia de su poca y los descubrimientos de historiadores y estudiosos de los principios del cristianismo. Y as queda claro que es la ruta del dinero la que esclarece la vida y la muerte de Jess.El libro ofrece un anlisis histrico que considera a Jess como un personaje que interacta con el convulsionado entorno de su tiempo. Ello permite desvelar algunos misterios que todava perduran en la historia oficial y obtener conclusiones sorprendentes sobre la vida del fundador de la religin con mayor nmero de seguidores.En el libro se demuestra cmo una casta codiciosa, un grupo de rebeldes mesinicos y unos protectores poderosos e impensados sellaron el destino de Jess. 2014-03-04 268 1026753
Resurrecting Common Sense in America: Bi-partisan Politics for Dummies Resurrecting Common Sense in America: Bi-partisan Politics for Dummies 4.0 stars / 1 reviews Resurrecting Common Sense in America is a fast paced fictional examination regarding many of the most pressing concerns in today's society from Health Care to the National Debt to Environmental Concerns. This short storied series takes the reader on a journey where they meet historical characters who express their Common Sense viewpoints and solutions to today's problems. 2010-05-21 113 850430
A Forgotten Royal Family: The Kings and Queens of Hawaii A Forgotten Royal Family: The Kings and Queens of Hawaii 3.0 stars / 1 reviews The Kingdom of Hawaii unified during the period when European colonial powers were nearing their height, and the United States of America was a recently formed power. Trying to create an Independent nation at this point in History was difficult enough, but for Hawaii it was even more of a spectacular feat given that they were one of the world's few non-white nation states. A number of intrigues and tragedies led to the early collapse of the Kingdom which would later become a state of the United States. But at her height the Kingdom of Hawaii had foreign relations with many great powers, in particular with Britain. These links allowed for the formation of the Church of Hawaii, an Anglican Church based on the Church of England. This was later disestablished and now forms a diocese of the Episcopal Church of America. This book seeks to tell the story of the Kingdom of Hawaii through her forgotten Royal Family. Each of her Kings and Queens lives are filled with pathos, and humanity. It is the tale of a Kingdom which was doomed to fall, despite it's myriad achievements. 2013-09-25 25 160624
The Silent Mutiny at Gettysburg The Silent Mutiny at Gettysburg 2.0 stars / 1 reviews The Blue Ridge and the Valley, therefore, were the keys to Lee’s strategy. Once the Confederates crossed the Potomac the Great Valley beckoned, a fertile region that contained a vast quantity of supplies of all kinds. First, everything in the valley had to be cleared up to Chambersburg. Hence, Lee assigned this task to Ewell and his Second Corps. The beauty of General Lee’s invasion plan lay in its deception, its success predicated on the notion that the AOP would not follow the Army of Northern Virginia swiftly into Pennsylvania thus allowing time for the depleted ANV to forage and replenishing itself on the bountiful Pennsylvania farmland. Lee also surmised that if on the other hand, should the AOP follow the ANV into Pennsylvania, the ANV would have enough time to regroup and fight them on a battlefield of its own choosing. Ultimately, he wanted to hit the forward units of the Union army first and have them fall back on the rest of the army causing a rout and a general retreat back to Washington. In the years following the war, 1866 to 1868, the maneuvering north of the ANV and the subsequent failure to deceive the Union army into staying south of the Potomac River in June 1863, never was an issue in Lee’s mind. Unfortunately, Lee expired soon after the war and he never had the time to make an educated evaluation and explain all the mysterious facts surrounding the campaign. In defense of Lee’s apologists, it is important to understand the strength of “Lee’s mystique”, in regards to the General’s pronouncements on literature that critiqued his decisions. Lee’s mystique is defined perfectly by Alan T. Nolan, “Almost all of those who have written about Lee have accepted him entirely on his own terms; whatever he said about events or about himself, his actions and his reasons, is taken as fact. The battle at Gettysburg should not have been fought aggressively by the ANV and offensively based on what Lee's original plans and objectives were for the 1863 invasion and it was by no means a "chance meeting of the two armies". In fact there was no need at all to engage the AOP at Gettysburg. The outcome of which held no strategic consequence or in furthering the Confederacy aims and ambitions, but once the battle was engaged it was not fought effectively by ANV for a myriad of reasons none being too mysterious other than very bad personal decisions made by General Lee and a silent mutiny led by his subordinate Generals who thwarted much of his strategic commands. After the war, Robert E. Lee's long silence was implicit in covering up the mistakes that he made and the dysfunctional command staff he had promoted and brought up north with him that summer of 1863. 2013-09-24 566 54997
Biographies of Notable and Not-so-Notable Alabama Pioneers Volume II Biographies of Notable and Not-so-Notable Alabama Pioneers Volume II 1.0 stars / 1 reviews Revised with direct links to many sources and burial sites! This book includes the genealogy of and biography of William Barrett Travis of Alamo fame and Elisha Cottingham, the Alabama descendants from the Tapestry of Love, Historical Fiction Series by Donna R. Causey. The current books in the series include:Ribbon of Love – Book OneFaith and Courage – Book TwoFreeHearts – Book ThreeREV. ANDREW BARNWELL MILEY (1818-1896)JOHN LEONARD (1782 -aft. 1850)JOEL C. LOWERY (1790 - 1881)JOEL BARTON LOWERY (1834-1909)HOPKINS LEE (1765-1834)ANTHONY P. HUTCHINS (ca. 1725 - 1804)THOMAS HUTCHINS (1730 - 1789)JOHN A. GOODSON (1790 - 1873)BAYLISS EARLE GRACE (1808 - 1887)JOHN ARCHER ELMORE (1762 - 1834)ROBERT BROADNAX (1792 - 1877)THOMAS MILES BRAGG (1793 - 1882)WILLIAM WYATT BIBB (1776-1820)JOHN DANDRIDGE BIBB (1788 – 1848)OLIVER STURGIS BEERS (1819 - 1882)SAMUEL WRIGHT MARDIS (1800 – 1836) JOHN GRAHAM (1792 - 1864)WILEY GALLAWAY, ESQ. (1792 - 1864)JOHN BURRUSS SALE (1818 - 1876)CALEB OWEN (1759 - 1842)PETER W. TAYLOR (1794 - 1836)RUEL MARSHALL EARP (1828 - 1908)JAMES HIRAM EARP, M.D. (1863 – aft. 1910)DANIEL W. WRIGHT (1759 - 1838)JOHN GREGG (1800 - 1850)WILLIAM RENEAU (1788 - 1852)HANCE MCWHORTER CUNNINGHAM (ca. 1790 – ca. 1828)CAPTAIN JOHN WILLIAM TOBIN (1827 – aft. 1914)WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BOWLES 91763 - 1805)CHARLES LITTLETON (1743 - 1848)STANLEY HUBERT DENT, JR (1869 – aft. 1938)Prior to 1800, many colonists loyal to the throne of Britain immigrated to north and south Alabama to escape involvement in the Revolutionary War but with the defeat of the Creek Indians, land in Alabama became open to new settlers seeking an opportunity. Settlers came from Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina to Alabama The book is the second in a series of biographies of some of these early settlers. Pioneers included in this book are:REV. ANDREW BARNWELL MILEYJOHN LEONARDJOEL C. LOWERYJOEL BARTON LOWERYHOPKINS LEEANTHONY P. HUTCHINSTHOMAS HUTCHINSJOHN A. GOODSONBAYLISS EARLE GRACEJOHN ARCHER ELMORE ROBERT BROADNAXTHOMAS MILES BRAGGWILLIAM WYATT BIBBJOHN DANDRIDGE BIBBOLIVER STURGIS BEERSSAMUEL WRIGHT MARDISJOHN GRAHAMWILEY GALLAWAY, ESQ.JOHN BURRUSS SALECALEB OWENPETER W. TAYLORRUEL MARSHALL EARPJAMES HIRAM EARP, M.D.CAPTAIN DANIEL W. WRIGHTJOHN GREGGWILLIAM RENEAUHANCE MCWHORTER CUNNINGHAMCAPTAIN JOHN WILLIAM TOBINWILLIAM AUGUSTUS BOWLESCHARLES LITTLETON STANLEY HUBERT DENT, JR 2014-01-05 122 301133
Kings (Brown Jesus) Kings (Brown Jesus) 0 stars / 0 reviews Melchisedech, Moses, David and Solomon. We think of themas the famous kings of Canaan; powerful and mighty. Butwhat if they were just common men, called to a veryuncommon task? And what if they were the same man, doing the same job? Let them speak to you; in their own words, and reveal their amazing untold stories. 2013-12-18 285 976498
La Espada Negra. Libro I de la Leyenda de Jhuno (Spanish Edition) La Espada Negra. Libro I de la Leyenda de Jhuno (Spanish Edition) 0 stars / 0 reviews El encargo del Califa de Crdoba de la mejor espada del Islam, la que se denominara "la espada negra" de acero de Damasco, ser el hilo conductor que llevara a los personajes de la novela por la Hispania rabe y cristiana, las ridas arenas del desierto del Sahara, y los mares Mediterrneo y Norte. Encontraremos los paisajes y gentes de las dos potencias militares de la poca, los rabes al sur, y los vikingos al norte, con los incipientes reinos cristianos en el medio. 2014-01-27 412
From the Ashes of War: The Creation of the Middle East From the Ashes of War: The Creation of the Middle East 0 stars / 0 reviews The different ethnic and religious groups of the Middle East seem to be constantly at war. But how did such artificial states come into existence in the first place? The real story of how the modern Middle East was created has long since been lost in myth and counter-myth. At the heart of the problem is the common misunderstanding that the Sykes-Picot Agreement is the source of today’s troubles. This notorious agreement, made in May 1916 between British expert Sir Mark Sykes and his French counterpart, M. Georges-Picot, carved up the Middle East between the imperial powers and has since become the scapegoat for everything that has gone wrong in the region.But in 1917 Sir Edmund Allenby led the British and Australian troops on a successful military campaign to conquer Jerusalem and Damascus in a victory roll that was one of the most outstanding in recent history. And the campaign rendered most of the Sykes-Picot deal of the previous year redundant. So what really created the Middle East as we know it today? In ‘From the Ashes of War: The Creation of the Middle East’ Christopher Catherwood explores this question, challenging the modern assumption that the 1916 pact is to blame, and instead providing evidence that the military achievements of Western Europe in the First World War were much more crucial to the final reformation of the defeated Ottoman Empire. 'From the Ashes of War: The Creation of the Middle East' is a concise, brilliantly argued historical study that will be essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the modern Middle East. Dr Christopher Catherwood is Emeritus Archives By-Fellow of Churchill College Cambridge, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and has supervised Cambridge undergraduates in British history at Robinson and Homerton Colleges. He has written many books including ‘His Finest Hour - A Brief Life of Winston Churchill’, ‘A Brief History of the Middle East’, ‘The Balkans in WWII’ and ‘Winston Churchill: The Flawed Genius’.Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books. 2014-05-29 62 61452
Gangs from Space: The First 200 Angels on Earth (The Watchers) Gangs from Space: The First 200 Angels on Earth (The Watchers) 0 stars / 0 reviews Imagine we are not alone in the universe. Then imagine we were told this over two thousand years ago. The ancient Book of Enoch portrayed devils from heaven lusting after earth's women. Suppressed for centuries, whom did they love and what were the results? Read this unorthodox account of the very archangels who populate our Bibles and our imaginations. 2013-12-18 471 1278003
Essay über das Leben von Heinrich der Seefahrer (German Edition) Essay über das Leben von Heinrich der Seefahrer (German Edition) 0 stars / 0 reviews Der Prinz Heinrich kann als Symbol fr den Willen und die Anstrengungen der anonyme Seefahrers, Kartographen genommen werden, von Kosmographen der Kaufleute und Abenteurer, die der moderne Mensch in neue Dimensionen, um die weltweit Perspektive aufbauen half. Ein Prinz von bemerkenswerten Qualitten, die zu Gunsten des Knigreichs und der katholischen Religion arbeitete, mit Projekten, Erfolge und Misserfolge unterliegen, eigensinnig in Erfllung ihrer Wnsche, und ein Mann tief beeindruckt von den Bedingungen und Bequemlichkeiten des Lebens seiner Zeit geprgt. Der Autor wurde mit dem Prinzen Henriquino Preis 1960 in der Ortschaft Sagres, Portugal ausgezeichnet. 2013-11-24 34
Esta é a Ditosa Pátria Minha Amada (Portuguese Edition) Esta é a Ditosa Pátria Minha Amada (Portuguese Edition) 0 stars / 0 reviews Neste livro pico deste povo glorioso que so os Lusitanos o autor elaborou poesia em oitava rima ao modo camoniano contando a histria de Portugal desde o Rei D. Sebastio at aos nossos tempos. JOS BRAZ PEREIRA DA CRUZE ACRTICA INTERNACIONALProposta muito interessante contar a histria de Portugal de forma to potica. Foi uma leitura bem excepcional e, ainda assim, rpida e tranquila. Gostei da forma com a qual o autor ressaltou o amor sua ptria e isso evidente em cada um dos poemas. Bem legal e diferente do que estou acostumada. Por ser em portugus de Portugal, at que a leitura no foi to difcil, mas ficou bem confortvel. Vernica C. I., Brasil 2014-03-23 141 1880894
This is the Blessed My Beloved Homeland This is the Blessed My Beloved Homeland 0 stars / 0 reviews The author of this epic work of this glorious people that are the Lusitanian produced poetry in the eighth rhyme telling the History of Portugal since the King Sebastian to our times. 2013-11-09 174
Poor Mrs. Godwin and Other Unfortunates Poor Mrs. Godwin and Other Unfortunates 0 stars / 0 reviews Poor Mrs. Godwin and Other Unfortunates is a compilation of true stories of crime, tragedy, accidents, suicides, natural disasters and the unexplained experienced by 19th Century Americans. These stories are accurately recreated directly from the pages of vintage original newspapers from the author's own vast collection of newspapers ranging from the early 1800's to the turn of the new century. Events unfold as seen by the intrepid reporters of the day in their own words. Poor Mrs. Godwin provides a mirror into the lives of ordinary citizens of the time. This book is perfect for history and crime buffs. Perfect easy reading for that long flight or train ride. 2011-04-28 156 257797
The Portland Transcript (Various Editions 1848-1869) The Portland Transcript (Various Editions 1848-1869) 0 stars / 0 reviews Newspaper abstracts from The Portland Transcript (Maine) containing numerous true accounts of fires, accidents, crimes, historical personages as well as hundreds of marriage and death records for the genealogical followers. Many interesting accounts including the "John Brown Insurrection". Great reading for those who enjoy history and genealogy. 2011-05-21 274 1613820
We Fought at Kennesaw We Fought at Kennesaw 0 stars / 0 reviews While many accounts have been written of the battle of Kennesaw Mountain and the Atlanta Campaign, this book takes a different approach, telling the story of the battle in the words of the men who were actually there and fought. It gives accounts of the events which occurred in May and June, 1864 including New Hope Church, Pickett’s Mill, Dallas, Pine Mountain, Gilgal Church, Lost Mountain, Kolb’s Farm, Kennesaw and Cheatham Hill. The Men Who Fought at Kennesaw Timeline of the Atlanta Campaign Sherman’s Finest Nightmare How the Officers Reported the Battle The View from the Battle Line The Death of General Polk Casualties at Kennesaw The Confederate Cemetery The Marietta National Cemetery Confederate Order of Battle Union Order of Battle The companion CD-ROM available from the publisher includes the full text of this book in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format plus more than 8,500 additional pages of source notes and first hand accounts. 2010-10-07 140 146659

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