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9th Circle: 9 Circles, Infinite Ways to Die (Darc Murder Series Book 1) 9th Circle: 9 Circles, Infinite Ways to Die (Darc Murder Series Book 1) 4.3 stars / 319 reviews **Warning: This book contains graphic/disturbing violence that can give you nightmares. This book is NOT for the faint of heart. Please do not purchase this book unless you are prepared for some sleepless nights! Praise for 9th Circle ... "Five stars for an extraordinary hero who senses his way through clues and is seemingly clueless about ordinary give-and-take relationships. a very satisfying, engrossing novel." Dot Day Amazon Reviewer "Very good book with enough twists and turns to make you attached to the book until the end. Nice characters and a goon and interesting story indeed. A real thriller for enthusiasts." Pedro Amazon Reviewer Overview: A madman terrorizes Seattle, attempting to recreate the nine circles of hell by using the blood and bodies of the innocent. Detective Robi Darcmel, a gifted yet troubled savant, is the only man standing in the path of this pathological killer. As the fate of the Emerald City hangs in the balance, can Darcmel overcome his failings or will Seattle burn to ash? More Praise for 9th Circle ... "I loved this book!!! First book I've ever read by these authors... and I thought it was totally amazing. Well written and def kept me on the edge of my seat! Darc had me completely fascinated. Totally unlike any other detective I've ever seen! Being a fan of detective novels, horror and some gore, I found this book right up my alley!! I bought it on a whim but now I def want to see what else they have written!!!" Andrea Severino Amazon Reviewer "I absolutely loved this series. Ive recommended it to several people. If you visualize what you are reading, the author will walk you through the most unusual and gorey murders. Very unique. I found a new favorite writer!" Alicia Dries Amazon Reviewer If you are a fan of characters such as Alex Cross and Hannibal or movies like "7" and "Saw," 9th Circle is sure to shock and satisfy. ** If you were looking for the entire series, simply search under The Darc Murders Collection Murders **Want even more serial killers? Check out McCray/Hopkin's latest, The Nursery Rhyme Collection starting with Humpty Dumpty , the killer wants us to put him back together again **Searching for an amazing historical crime thriller? Check out McCray/Hopkin's Mayflower Murders **If you were looking for McCray's #1 Hard Boiled/Police Procedural Patterson-style thrillers with dash of Hannibal, search under Harbinger Murder Mystery Collection **Need your RDA allowance of thrills? Check out Got Thrills? 2013-04-03 413 7418
No Game for a Dame (Maggie Sullivan mysteries Book 1) No Game for a Dame (Maggie Sullivan mysteries Book 1) 4.3 stars / 299 reviews A .38, a nip of gin and sensational legs get Depression-era private investigator Maggie Sullivan out of most scrapes – until a stranger threatens to bust her nose, she’s hauled in on suspicion of his murder and she finds herself in the cross-hairs of a crime boss with connections at City Hall.Moving through streets where people line up at soup kitchens, Maggie draws information from sources others overlook: The waitress at the dime store lunch counter where she has breakfast; a ragged newsboy; the other career girls at her rooming house. Her digging gets her chloroformed and left in a ditch behind the wheel of her DeSoto. She makes her way to an upscale bordello and gets tea – and information – from the madam herself.A gunman puts a bullet through Maggie’s hat. Her shutterbug pal on the evening paper warns her off. A new cop whose presence unsettles her thinks she’s crooked. Before she finds all the answers she needs, she faces a half-crazed man with a gun, and a far more lethal point-blank killer.If you like Robert B. Parker's hard boiled Spencer series and strong women sleuths, don't miss this one-of-a-kind Ohio detective from a time in United States history when dames wore hats -- but seldom a Smith & Wesson. 2011-10-28 280 80884
The Scent of Lies, a Cozy Mystery & Romance (Paradise Valley Mysteries Book 1) The Scent of Lies, a Cozy Mystery & Romance (Paradise Valley Mysteries Book 1) 4.3 stars / 216 reviews Praise for The Scent of Lies . . . "The Scent of Lies is a 10 star! I loved every word of the book." ~Patricia Collins "Love this book! One of the best series I have read in a longtime!" ~Leah A Barker "Didn't want to put it down. Lotsof action." ~ Michelle Donohue The Scent of Lies is Book 1 in theaddictive ParadiseValley Mystery series. Emily Parker's world is rippedapart when her dashing private-eye husband is brutally murdered. After a numberof torturous months of grief, shebegins to unravel clues that maybe hewasn't who he claimed to be. With the help of her close circle of girlfriends and the sexy newpolicedetective in town, Emily eventually takes over her late husband'sbusiness andsearches for answers to his murder. When the husband of apowerful businesswoman in town turns up dead, Ms. Parker is hired to solvethescandalous murder mystery, putting Emily's own lifein peril. The Scent of Lies is an engaging murder mystery with a delicious twistofromance, friendships, and intrigue--think "Sex and the City"meets"Nancy Drew". ***The Paradise Valley Mysteries*** The Scent of Lies: Book 1 The Heart of Lies: Book 2 The Edge of Lies: A Bridge Short Story between Books 2 and 3, thestory of Evan & Emily The Chain of Lies: Book 3 The Pursuit of Lies: Book 4 The Color of Lies: a Bridge Short Story between Books 4 and 5, thestory of Colin & Miranda The Betrayal of Lies: Book 5 The Harbor of Lies: Book 6 (*Most enjoyable if these books are read in order.) OTHER BOOKS by Debra Burroughs The Heart of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 2 , Whenthe best friend of sassy small-town private-eye Emily Parker begins dating aman she met online, all hell breaks loose. Emily teams up with a sexy big-citycop to solve a murder mystery and save the town, and her friend, from ruin.(think "Sex and the City" meets "Nancy Drew") The Chain of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 3 , Small-townprivate eye Emily Parker and her sexy police detective boyfriend, along with afew of her friends, fight to save girls from a sex slave ring and solve amurder mystery. (think "Sex and the City" meets "NancyDrew") The Pursuit of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 4, The feisty private-eye, Emily Parker, launches on a new case as the man sheloves is accused of murdering a lovely blonde Assistant DA. Emily must proveher boyfriend innocent before she loses him to Death Row. The Betrayal of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 5 , Private-eyeEmily Parker is finally moving forward in her relationship with the hunkypolice detective--that is, until a friend goes missing. Suspicions are flyingthat one of Emily's closest friends may be involved. The desperate race is onto solve the mystery of who abducted the woman and rescue her before she windsup dead. The Harbor of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 6 ,Sexypolice detective Colin has finally convinced sassy private-eye Emily to marryhim, but days before the wedding, when Emily discovers a dead body outside herhotel room, she and Colin, along with their wedding party, are drawn intoanother murder mystery, once more putting their love and commitment to the testwith a huge twist no one saw coming. The Lake House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 1, Withher life going from bad to worse, reporter Jenessa Jones is drawn back to hersmall hometown by a homicide investigation that ends up pointing the finger atsomeone close to her heart. Can she uncover the truth of this murder before itdestroys her family and any chance she has for a happy life? Three Days in Seattle ,When LA photographerKate McAllister flies to Seattle in search of her missing sister, shefindsirresistible real estate agent Ryan instead. Soon the two are entwined in avengeful murder plot -- and a simmering love affair.... (A light Romantic Suspense in the Emerald City) 2012-06-06 330 1554
Louisiana Bigshot: A Humorous New Orleans Mystery; Talba Wallis #2 Louisiana Bigshot: A Humorous New Orleans Mystery; Talba Wallis #2 4.1 stars / 215 reviews Louisiana Bigshot is the SECOND book in the Talba Wallis mystery series by Edgar Award-winning author Julie Smith.“Talba Wallis has to be one of the most distinctive female detectives in the business. Her personality and her poetry are riveting reasons to read this book.” —The Times-Picayune , New Orleans“Smith has launched Talba Wallis on a welcome series of her own. Wallis is fine fun to get to know… a consistently interesting and likable woman of depth and complexity.” —The Washington Post“ Smith has perfect pitch. It’s great to hear her again … Smith gives us a multilayered mystery and a quirky, believable heroine.” — Booklist“Smith’s new series is a whole other kettle of crayfish: wilder and funnier .” — Chicago TribuneMeet the hottest detective duo in New Orleans--she’s Queen Latifah. He’s Danny DeVito. Or they would be if this were a movie--in print, they’re Talba Wallis and Eddie Valentino. Talba’s got the beauty, the brains, the computer savvy, the poetic soul,the youth, the right demographic, and the sass. Eddie’s got the detective agency. Also a short fuse and yes, wisdom. Not only do they make it work, they’ve got chemistry. And they need every skill and ounce of courage they can summon in this intricate tale of a decades-old conspiracy only now coming home to roost, with the murder of Talba’s friend Babalu Maya. Babalu is actually Clayton Robineau, daughter of the local banker in a small Louisiana town that bears her name, a town buried under the weight of its own malevolent past. Something terrible happened to Clayton as a child, but it was far from the usual “something terrible”. As Talba and Eddie investigate, they find it was an injury—both pscyhic and physical--so bizarre, so shameful and damning that almost anyone in town would kill to cover it up. Or so it seems to the New Orleans duo as they dodge bullets and what passes for the law in this malignant enclave, fetid with the rot of its corruption, yet determined to keep its sordid skeletons buried.Never did Faulkner’s words ring so true as in Clayton, Louisiana: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” *Author’s note: It’s based on a real event. “The quirky pleasure of watching the Baroness strut her stuff is worth the price of admission.” — Houston Chronicle“Louisiana Bigshot is a character-driven tale with plenty of action, suspense, and steamy southern atmosphere … It’s an exhilarating romp that will have you cheering for Talba.” — The Mystery Review“Join Edgar winner Julie Smith for a climax as harrowing as it is cunning .” — The Clarion Ledger , Jackson, MS 2014-01-16 324 5773
Blood of Cain (Sean O'Brien Book 5) Blood of Cain (Sean O'Brien Book 5) 4.7 stars / 186 reviews When Courtney Burke appears at Ponce Marina on a humid summer morning, she leaves Sean O’Brien with a haunting tale. Her story could lead O’Brien down a path that began with a brutal rape forty years earlier and hidden family secrets spawned from the desecration of the innocent. O’Brien learns that Courtney is linked to a series of carnival murders. Police are convinced she’s a serial killer, and all of her victims are men. But like the illusions found in the carnival’s House of Mirrors, nothing is as it appears. Just beyond the looking glass is where evil watches from a one-way mirror. When Courtney faces a conviction for murder, O’Brien remembers something she told him, something so strange he’d originally dismissed it. To alter the future, to save Courtney’s life, O’Brien must penetrate dark deeds that began in a church forty years earlier. 2013-12-10 484 3701
Humpty Dumpty: The killer wants us to put him back together again (Book 1 of the Nursery Rhyme Murders Series) Humpty Dumpty: The killer wants us to put him back together again (Book 1 of the Nursery Rhyme Murders Series) 4.4 stars / 197 reviews Humpty Dumpty: the killer wants us to put him back together again is the first book in the new series, The Nursery Rhyme Murders , by none other than the #1 Police Procedural and Hard Boiled Mystery bestselling authors, Carolyn McCray and Ben Hopkin! Praise for Humpty Dumpty... "Come for the murder, stay for the three-dimensional, realistically fractured characters! ... Long plane rides and rainy Saturday afternoons were made for books like this. If you like your suspense with a side of gruesome and a dash of humor, this is it." Brandon Stanley Amazon Reviewer "Humpty Dumpty is a wonderful start to what I hope will be the first in a fun and thrilling series. I found myself flipping the pages to get to the end and what an ending. The story was well written and the dialogue was sharp, witty and fast-paced. The chemistry between the main characters, Joshua, Had and Cooper was magical... Eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series." Romano Robusto Amazon Reviewer "Another good crime scene series from one of my favorites. Once again McCray has brought together an interesting cast of characters. Each member of the team has flaws, just like real people. The concept of using nursery rhymes as a theme for murder gives the story a creepy edge. The plot twists will keep you guessing." J. Duarte Amazon Reviewer Overview: With a vicious serial killer on the loose, distributing body parts all around the country, the FBI must turn to a disgraced agent and an untested rookie to capture the madman before anyone else is dismembered. Full of the twists and turns you expect from McCray and Hopkin, Humpty Dumpty is a page turning thriller for mystery fans More Praise for Humpty Dumpty... "I am a big fan of this author's novels... So, I have been excited and waiting a long time for this story... I was not disappointed and continued to read every single page all the way to an ending that was unbelievable, made me feel a little sick, and left me just as speechless as Agent Sariah Cooper... I have never read an ending to a book like this ever and it's a vision that will be with me for quite a while." Robin Lee Amazon Reviewer "For me, a book that inspires my imagination so much that I can see the movie playing along as I go is a great read - and this definitely does that. Highly, heartily recommended for fans of murder/mystery novels, fans of James Patterson, and fans of action/mystery movies." Knikki Jacobsmeyer Amazon Reviewer If you enjoy the pace of Patterson, the glorious gore of Harris and the wit of Cornwall, you are going to LOVE Humpty Dumpty . **Want all of the stories from Humpty Dumpty in one place, including 2 short stories? Take a look at The Nursery Rhyme Murders Collection **If you were looking for Hopkin's other #1 Police Procedural/Hard Boiled Mystery series, search under The Darc Murders Collection **If you were looking for Amazon Top 20 bestselling mystery check out, Plain Jane: A Patterson-style mystery with a dash of Hannibal **If you were looking for an amazing crime collection, check out Down & Dirty **If you were looking for an incredible thriller collection, check out Got Thrills? 2014-01-18 462 23073
The Storm Killer The Storm Killer 4.2 stars / 134 reviews ----Time: 1935. Place: New York City. Crime beat reporter Jim Locke gets sucked into a quagmire of death, deceit, and danger when his actress sister is murdered – and he becomes the prime suspect. When he uncovers a pattern of similar murders, he is convinced that a serial killer is on the loose. But the police aren’t buying it, and it’s up to Jim to stop the madman. The hunt takes him from the grimy streets and smoke-filled bars of Manhattan to deceptively laid-back Key West, just as a killer storm bears down on the island. THE STORM KILLER has it all: hard-boiled narrative, gripping suspense, period detail, an unlikely hero battling his inner demons, and a stunning conclusion that you won’t see coming. Highly recommended!--Miriam Auerbach, author of Dirty Harriet Rides Again----Mike Jastrzebski's stunning historical debut takes readers back into the hard-boiled world of Chandler and Hammett -- and brings Ernest Hemingway back to life in a book as big as the man himself. The Storm Killer, a top grade thriller with a heavy dose of noir, hurtles you from New York to Key West at a pace that will leave you breathless.--Christine Kling, author of Surface Tension, Cross Current, Bitter End, and Wrecker's Key----Jastrzebski's hard-boiled thriller storms through New York's gritty streets down to Prohibition-era Key West with Ernest Hemingway providing the tailwind. A crisp, fast-paced detective story, which Humphrey Bogart would have loved to play the lead in.-- Award-winning author Sharon Potts, In Their Blood. 2010-06-26 324 13907
Duval and the Infernal Machine (Napoleon's Police Book 1) Duval and the Infernal Machine (Napoleon's Police Book 1) 4.2 stars / 66 reviews Find the Assassins! Before they try again. Based on the real life attempt to assassinate Napoleon Bonaparte in 1800. Invalided out of the French Army, Alain Duval joins the Ministry of Police in Paris, led by the infamous Joseph Fouch. Newly appointed and off duty, he is strolling through the city when he sees a crowd waiting for Napoleon, the First Consul, not yet Emperor. He is jostled by some men leaving the area in a hurry and shortly afterwards a bomb, the 'Infernal Machine' explodes. Next day, Duval describes the men to a police artist and joins the hunt for the bombers. Horse-shoes and barrel hoops send him searching all over Paris. Eventually he finds the warehouse used by the bombers and his mentor is killed in the subsequent fight. Some of the bombers are captured but others escape, then Napoleon puts an abrupt end to the search, blaming others for the outrage. But the story is not over. Duval falls in love with his mentor's daughter, and together they find another of the bombers, leading to a surprise ending. ˃˃˃ "A well-written and well-researched, historical fictional novel" Author Dolores Ayotte ˃˃˃ "Seamlessly incorporates a true historical event into a work of fiction" Author Eddie Nessuno Plunge into the murky world of Napoleonic Paris, where danger lurks around every corner! 2013-04-29 164 611770
Death Turns A Trick : A Romantic and Humorous San Francisco Cozy (Rebecca Schwartz Mystery Series Book 1) (The Rebecca Schwartz Series) Death Turns A Trick : A Romantic and Humorous San Francisco Cozy (Rebecca Schwartz Mystery Series Book 1) (The Rebecca Schwartz Series) 4.2 stars / 65 reviews The FIRST book in the Rebecca Schwartz mystery series by Edgar Award Winner Julie Smith.“ Funny and witty , with a clever, outspoken heroine.” -Library Journal“Rebecca’s lively first-person narration brands her a new detective to watch .” -Wilson Library Bulletin A ROLLICKING TALE OF MURDER, ROMANCE, AND A BORDELLO…“A lively romp of a novel … Smith shows an Agatha Christie-like capacity for making much ado about clues, concocting straw hypotheses, and surprising us, in the end … Smith’s crisp storytelling … and her likable, unpredictable heroine will make readers look forward to more.” -San Francisco ChronicleRebecca Schwartz, nice Jewish lawyer with a few too many fantasies, is happily playing the piano in a whorehouse when she suddenly finds herself assigned to make sure a near-naked state senator escapes a police raid. That dirty job done, a lovely evening turns even more delightful when she’s picked up by the cops and spends the next two hours at the Hall of Justice. Could this day get any worse? Of Course! Guess who arrives home to find a dead hooker on her living room floor!Handsome Parker Phillips, Rebecca’s new beau and the most attractive man she’s met in ages, is arrested for the murder. (Worse, she suspects he might actually have done it.)On the plus side, another very attractive man is following the case--reporter Rob Burns of the San Francisco Chronicle , a possible ally. And there are other possibilities.Fans of Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Bond, and Elizabeth Peters will get a kick out of this one. Excerpt:Basically, I am the kind of girl that mothers wish their sons would marry. But nobody’s son did, and anyway I couldn’t be bothered. I was too busy living up to my father's ambition for me. Or what I imagined it to be. He always said, “Be a doctor, Rebecca. There’s no money in law,” but anybody could see he was joking. When I was a little girl, he used to take me to watch him in court, and when I was a teenager, he’d discuss his cases with me. What did I know from doctors? I had a lawyer for a role model.Now if you had led this kind of life and someone came along and said, “Listen, how would you like to play the piano in a whorehouse for just one night—you’ll be among friends; nothing can happen,” wouldn’t you do it? Especially if it were a feminist bordello? It wouldn’t have to be a case of getting back at your mom.I should explain about Elena. She is a prostitute, and she’s also very close to being a madam, only she isn’t quite because this is a co-op bordello we’re talking about. It’s co-op because ostensibly everyone has an equal say in decision-making and the money is split among the members, but Elena is actually the brains and the driving force of the thing. She’d be a madam in the old-fashioned sense if she weren’t political.I got to know her when she got busted and Jeannette von Phister asked me to take her case. Despite certain reservations I have about prostitution as a feminist issue (“horizontal hostility,” Jeannette calls it), I was already on the legal staff of HYENA, the “loose women’s organization” Jeannette had founded. As you no doubt know, HYENA is an acronym for “Head Your Ethics toward a New Age,” and its ultimate goal is to get prostitution legalized.Sitting over crab salad and white wine in my gray flannel blazer and Cacharel blouse, I felt pretty naive as Elena spun tales about a world of crystal chandeliers and high-heeled sandals. A world where indulgence of personal vanity was not only not condemned but was actually applauded. I loved getting a peek at it. 2013-12-12 177 1157
Doubleback (Georgia Davis Series 2) Doubleback (Georgia Davis Series 2) 3.8 stars / 69 reviews Little Molly Messenger is kidnapped on a sunny June morning. Three days later she's returned, apparently unharmed. Molly's mother, Chris, is so grateful to have her daughter back that she's willing to overlook the odd circumstances. A few days later, the brakes go out on Chris's car.An accident? Maybe. Except that it turns out that Chris, the IT manager at a large Chicago bank, may have misappropriated three million dollars. Not convinced that his daughter is safe, Molly's father hires PI Georgia Davis to follow the money and investigate Chris's death.Doubleback, the sequel to the acclaimed Easy Innocence, reunites PI Georgia Davis with video producer Ellie Foreman (An Eye For Murder, A Picture Of Guilt, An Image Of Death, A Shot To Die For). The two women track leads from Northern Wisconsin to an Arizona border town, where illegal immigrants, smuggled drugs, and an independent contractor called Delton Security come into play. Georgia and Ellie go to great lengths to find the truth, and Georgia discovers that you can cross a line, but sometimes you have to double back. Doubleback was chosen by the Great Lakes Bookseller Association as their Autumn, 2009 "Great Lakes Great Read." 2013-12-17 300 8784
School of the Assassins School of the Assassins 4.4 stars / 59 reviews Brad Meltzer @bradmeltzer Support first time novelists: School of the Assassins by @wkblais at 06:27 PM - 31 May 13 Winner, Best Mystery/Thriller eBook, 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards, Bronze Medalist. Praise for School of the Assassins "This is a riveting story from start to finish, filled with pathos, courage, evil, and a very satisfying triumph." Judge, Writer's Digest Ebook Awards ."...a page turning and exhilarating thriller. It was captivating from the prologue to the last page and once I started I couldn't put it down."Reviewer, Readers' Favorite. Customer Reviews "Hollywood Blockbuster future." "One of my top favorites of Kindle books read." "One of the most interesting books I have read in a long while." "Straight through from first page to last, School of the Assassins had me in its grip with an original story, convincing characters and non-stop action so that I could not put it down." 2014-01-05 230 274549
The Scum of All Fears: Squeaky Clean Mysteries, Book 5 The Scum of All Fears: Squeaky Clean Mysteries, Book 5 4.7 stars / 46 reviews “I’ll get out, and I’ll get even.”Gabby St. Claire is back to crime-scene cleaning, at least temporarily. With her business partner on his honeymoon, she needs help after a weekend killing spree fills up her work docket. She quickly realizes she has bigger problems than finding temporary help.A serial killer her fianc, a former prosecutor, put behind bars has escaped. His last words to Riley were: I’ll get out, and I’ll get even. Pictures of Gabby are found in the man’s prison cell, and Riley fears the sadistic madman has Gabby in his sights.Gabby tells herself there’s no way the Scum River Killer will make it across the country from California to Virginia without being caught. But then messages are left for Gabby at crime scenes, and someone keeps slipping in and out of her apartment.When Gabby’s temporary assistant disappears, Gabby must figure out who’s behind these crimes. The search for answers becomes darker when Gabby realizes she’s dealing with a criminal who’s more than evil. He’s truly the scum of the earth, and he’ll do anything to make Gabby and Riley’s lives a living nightmare.Fiction/Mystery/ChristianOther books in the Squeaky Clean series:1--Hazardous Duty2--Suspicious Minds2.5--It Came Upon a Midnight Crime (a novella)3--Organized Grime4--Dirty Deeds5--The Scum of All Fears6--To Love, Honor, and Perish7--Mucky Streak (coming March 2014) 2014-01-05 257 3546
The House on the Shore The House on the Shore 4.1 stars / 46 reviews 2009 London Book Festival Honourable Mention. Category - Fiction Heartbroken Anna MacDonald leaves Edinburgh to find peace at the edge of a Scottish loch. Safely ensconced in her late grandmother's cottage, she can finally heal her heart and write the novel that has burned inside her for years. Her peace is short-lived. When debonair artist Luke Tallantyre's yacht gets stranded in the loch, he seeks help at the nearest residence - Anna's croft. She finds him annoying. He instantly dislikes the stunning but cranky hermit. But there's indisputable evidence that a hit man is on the prowl in the village. Is he after Anna? And what is Luke keeping from her that could deepen the danger? Against their wills, they join forces and embark on an adventure neither ever imagined...including a chance at true love. The House on the Shore is written in British English, using standard British spelling and grammar. 2013-01-25 328 3551
DIRTY (Jackie Mercer Book 1) DIRTY (Jackie Mercer Book 1) 4.1 stars / 41 reviews "Some girls just know how to have fun and Jackie Mercer is one of them!" Sandra Brown, New York Times Bestseller"Smart, savvy, sexy and a slammin' great read. I LOVE Jackie Mercer!" Cindy Gerard, New York Times Bestseller DECEPTIONJackie Mercer can’t abide deception. Hey, a woman who single-handedly built the Mercer Detective Agency from the ground up has a right to expect honesty in a relationship. Tell that to the creep who, only this morning, she thought might be Mr. Right. Wrong! DANGERHer day only gets worse from there. An ominous message arrives accompanied by the photo of a man she hasn’t seen in ten years: You were the last one to see him alive. DESIREJackie's own first rule is simple: never mix business with pleasure. Unfortunately the only applicant for the investigator position she badly needs filled is a hunky younger man. Derrick Dawson has pleasure written all over his rock-hard body and soon both her business and her world quickly spin way out of control. Time for chocolate and a shot of Old No. 7—not necessarily in that order. DISASTERShe’s in real trouble when a second message, this one including a dead body, drops into the mix. Jackie does what any smart Texas woman would do: she kicks butt and takes names, while the mystery spiraling around her long lost lover and her attraction to Derrick Dawson plunge her into a tangled web of shocking secrets and deadly deceptions. Jackie has her hands full and her heart on the line—time to play DIRTY. 2013-11-15 236 24063
Who Needs A Hero? Who Needs A Hero? 4.4 stars / 35 reviews A Heroine in Distress....In the span of one afternoon, Maggie Sampson lost everything—her job, her fianc and her inheritance. The thing she’ll miss most though is her mind. What else could explain her vision of the handsome and enigmatic stranger who retrieved her engagement ring when she hurled the rock into the Atlantic Ocean? Normal people just don’t do things like that. Sometimes fantasy is better than reality. A Hero Who Needs Saving....To the rest of the world, Neil Phillips is a decorated war hero, a Navy SEAL who has what it takes to get the job done. In private he is a walking raw wound with two boys, a broken marriage and a nasty case of PTSD. Despite his personal struggles he helped Maggie when she needed it most. Now, Maggie is on a mission and she’s not going anywhere until she returns the favor—with interest. Who Needs A Hero?A warrior with a wounded heart, a woman with nothing to lose—there are no victims here, only courageous souls, both in need of rescue."Who Needs A Hero is a wonderful story of two people who made their share of mistakes during their lifetime but seem to complete each other." ~Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 2011-07-05 315 20560
Tempest in the Tea Room (An Ezra Melamed Mystery) Tempest in the Tea Room (An Ezra Melamed Mystery) 3.8 stars / 38 reviews Jane Austen meets Sherlock Holmes when a crime wave sweeps through 19th-century London's Jewish community and the adventures of wealthy-widower-turned-sleuth Ezra Melamed are recorded for posterity by Miss Rebecca Lyon, a young lady not quite at the marriageable age. When a mysterious and nearly fatal stomach ailment invades the Mayfair home of Lady Marblehead, a young Jewish physician is accused of poisoning his wealthy patient - a suspicion that is further fueled when a priceless pearl bracelet is discovered missing from Lady Marblehead's jewelry box. As more outbreaks occur in the city, an increasingly hysterical Jewish community turns to Mr. Ezra Melamed to investigate the case. But there are too few clues and too little time, especially since the latest victim, a frail orphan boy, is already almost at death's door. 2014-01-11 260 93800
Beach Blanket Barbie (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 6) Beach Blanket Barbie (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 6) 4.6 stars / 26 reviews Zoe suspects that something is up when Levi’s ex-girlfriend Barbie comes to town unexpectedly. When she ends up floating face down in the lake Zoe and the gang shift into full sleuth mode to find a killer. As they delve into Barbie’s life since she left Ashton Falls, they find a complex puzzle that is going to take a group effort to unravel. 2014-03-21 210 3504
The Feathery The Feathery 4.1 stars / 29 reviews The Feathery plot centers around a unique type of golf ball used during a record match at St. Andrews, Scotland in 1849. It starts with a description of that golf match and how a feathery ball was made using 1849 technology.Fast forward to the 21st century where the story is set in San Diego, London, New York, Scotland and Ireland The game of golf blends with mystery and suspence surrounding an obsession so strong by some to own this valuable feathery golf ball that they'll even commit murder to satisfy it.The owner of feathery, Scott Beckman, is a PGA touring professional who inherits the ball from his mentor, Sandy McNair, a decendent of that record setting St. Andrews player, Hugh McNair. Sandy was the club pro who had steared Scott and his friend, Matt Kemp away from trouble when they were teenagers. Sandy takes them under his wing teaches Scott the game of golf and Matt how to be the best caddie. They start out on tour after passing the grueling test of Q-School, but fail to make expenses. Scott reluctantly submits the feathery to a London auction. After he does so he starts winning and earning. He then pulls the feathery out of the auction much to the chagrin of a few scrupulous collectors and who are still determined to possess it by any means to include robbery, murder and kidnapping.Scott leaves the solution of the crimes up to Chief Inspector Trevor Bradshaw of Scotland Yard and Francis X. Riley of the NYPD while he competes at the British open in Turnberry, Scotland against hot competition. He is leading when his best friend and caddie Matt Kemp is abducted and a threatening note is sent to Scott with a piece of Matt's ear lobe. The note tells him to withdraw from the tournament or more mutilation will occur. 2007-11-10 274 389916
The Kidnapping: An Ian Rutledge Original Short Story with Bonus Content The Kidnapping: An Ian Rutledge Original Short Story with Bonus Content 3.6 stars / 28 reviews In an original short story by New York Times bestselling author Charles Todd, Scotland Yard inspector Ian Rutledge must put all his detecting skills to use to solve a baffling case. A man and his young daughter were returning home from a dinner party when three men appeared from out of nowhere and grabbed the girl. Rutledge has to act quickly to find the child and bring the surprising culprits to justice. The Kidnapping also includes excerpts from three other Ian Rutledge mysteries: A Lonely Death , The Red Door , and A Pale Horse . 2010-12-14 57 20844
Separated at Death (The Lakeland Murders Book 1) Separated at Death (The Lakeland Murders Book 1) 3.8 stars / 24 reviews The teenage daughter of a wealthy Kendal family is found strangled in Serpentine Woods. This is only DI Andy Hall's third ever murder case, leads are hard to come by, and his personal life is in crisis. Meanwhile, his Sergeant, ex-Marine Ian Mann is faced with a very puzzling investigation, involving a local bad lad who suddenly seems to be scaling the ladder of criminality. Are the two cases connected? Can Hall and his team crack the murder case, and offer the very coldest of comfort to the bereaved family?Separated at Death is the second book, and the first full-length novel, in the acclaimed Lakeland Murders Police procedural novel series, set in and around England's beautiful Lake District, and introduces the team of DI Hall, former Royal Marine DS Mann and DC Jane Francis, a former research scientist and the newest member of Kendal CID. 'If plot is what piques our interest in a crime novel it's the characters that keep us reading' says J J Salkeld. 'I've worked hard to ensure that Cumbria, and its people and events, are at the very heart of these books.'Reader reviews include:‘I've recently discovered this series and I must admit that I've become hooked. The characters are clearly identifiable which makes excellent story lines all the more enthralling.’‘What a great first mystery in the Lakeland Murder series….If you enjoy reading fast-paced mysteries with interesting characters and no gore, I think you would like this book. I can't wait to begin the second in the series.’‘A well paced detective story with the Lakeland setting used skilfully to add atmosphere. The characters were well drawn, and with the added insight into DI Hall's inner life I felt they were worth caring about….Highly recommended.’‘I've read all five (so far) of the Andy Hall books back to back, and I think he's going places, too. I've been having a really hard time finding new (to me) authors, so I'm happy to say that this one did not disappoint.’'Pacey, believable, atmospheric and very evocative of place. Just the right amount of emotional background to characters to keep you interested. I genuinely couldn't put it down. Roll on number 2.' 2014-01-04 241 8840
The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag: All Washed Up: (Book 3 in the Misadventures of the Laundry Hag series) The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag: All Washed Up: (Book 3 in the Misadventures of the Laundry Hag series) 4.9 stars / 17 reviews Maggie Phillips is fine—just ask her. So what if two psychos tried to do her in and her business is all but dead, she never wanted to be the laundry hag to begin with, so why should she mourn her tattered reputation? With spring comes a fresh start, garage sale season and the birth of her brother’s first child. Life goes on even if cleaning has lost its luster and the sight of her scarred hands brings back horrific memories. Help is on the way, whether she wants it or not. When Maggie’s mother-in-law asks her to assist with renovations to their project house in upstate New York, she smells a rat. Matters become murkier when Laura casually tells the former laundry hag to “see to that pesky ghost,” like the phantom is ring around the bathtub. But both Neil and Sylvia are eager to undertake the zany task and really, what else does she have to do?How about solve a two decade old murder, find a few long lost relatives, fix her mental hang-ups and reconnect with the husband she’s pushed away. And if she has any time to spare, maybe she can even survive a pissed-off apparition and keep it from finishing the job the last two killers started Third time’s the charm…right? 2014-01-08 194 11857
Fire in the Blood (DC Scott Cullen Crime Series Book 3) Fire in the Blood (DC Scott Cullen Crime Series Book 3) 4.6 stars / 16 reviews "Rankin for the Xbox generation"Dunpender Distillery in East Lothian is steeped in the traditions of whisky-making. Approaching the distillery's centenary, a special edition is being readied for blending when something unexpected is found - one of the two barrels contains a male human body, battered and unrecognisable.Detective Constable Scott Cullen, caught up in the maelstrom of managerial positioning surrounding the impending merger of Lothian & Borders into the Scottish Police Service, is sent out east again. Cullen is soon delving into the ancient history of the Crombie family, owners of the distillery, and investigating the disappearances of the owner's son, Iain Crombie, and an employee, Paddy Kavanagh, who both went missing around the time the whisky was distilled. Cullen is soon contending with the skeletons in the closets at the Distillery, DI Bain's desire for a quick collar and too many suspects with plausible motives, and finds himself hunting for a killer with fire in the blood.Book 3 in a series of Edinburgh-based police procedurals starring DC Scott Cullen which have been compared favourably with Ian Rankin, Mark Billingham, Christopher Brookmyre, Ed McBain, Elmore Leonard and Stuart MacBride.** Note - level of swearing in this edition reduced from previous due to customer comments ** 2014-01-15 352 4544
Blind Vision Blind Vision 4.7 stars / 15 reviews The Serial Killer Sitting on the edge of a filthy mattress in a dilapidated house, the killer holds a jar filled with milky liquid — dark orbs bob inside it. The room is silent with the exception of his sing-song voice, “Peek-a-boo I see you.” He bursts into a crazed cackle of laughter then stops. His whisper is barely audible, “But you can’t see me.” The Blind Psychic Peter Cole moves into a boarding house on the wrong side of town. That’s when visions of women being mutilated and murdered start haunting his dreams. The Cop Joe Carson left the FBI for a life as a small town homicide detective. When a serial killer moves into this quiet southern town, Carson is forced to make an unlikely alliance with Peter Cole. Together they must save the killer’s next victim before it’s too late. 2010-12-10 282 177576
JAIDEE ... Out of the Ashes (A Lyons Investigation Mystery) JAIDEE ... Out of the Ashes (A Lyons Investigation Mystery) 4.5 stars / 15 reviews Josh Lyons is doing what he loves -- proving what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. Josh heads a small detective agency that documents the indiscretions of unfaithful spouses for use in divorce and custody proceedings.During a routine job, Josh rescues a young Asian girl from a prostitution ring and turns her over to the police, but when he hears a contract has been put out on the girl and someone in Metro is involved, he steals her from the "safe" house and hides her from the people who want to kill her. Accused of being a kidnapper and child molester, Josh is pursued by the cops, the mob, and the media. Friends who will help him are hard to find and difficult to keep alive.The girl wants to get back to her pimp. His computer guy isn't into violence. And the ex-missionary who speaks the girl's language doesn't approve of Josh's lifestyle.Josh doesn't know who he can trust but he realizes he's going to have to bring down some rich and powerful people if there any hope for them to survive. 2014-01-16 332 116049
Murder at Cold Creek College (Cold Creek #1) Murder at Cold Creek College (Cold Creek #1) 4.4 stars / 15 reviews Sheridan Hendley is a professor and psychologist, not a sleuth. When her colleague at Cold Creek College, Adam Millberg, is murdered, she is charged with helping the Detective assigned to the case. Immediately, her good friend becomes the prime suspect and Sheridan is motivated to help solve the case and prove Kim isn’t guilty. It also becomes apparent that Sheridan is attracted to the handsome Detective. As Sheridan tries to implement the crisis plan on campus and connect all the people in Adam’s life, she finds out that many women have a motive for Adam’s murder. Slashed tires are the first indication that Sheridan’s involvement is obviously making someone nervous. 2014-01-12 340 14286
ALIBI ALIBI 4.6 stars / 14 reviews THE CALL: Boston Lawyer Dutch Francis has moved to the small city of Manchester, New Hampshire, where the only criminal cases he takes are DWIs. That is until - after more than twenty years - his childhood friend Larry Conway calls, pleading for his help.THE CRIME: Out of the goodness of their hearts, the Conways have taken in a troubled young man named Raymond Walker. Now, Walker stands accused of murdering the local college football star, a future All-American.THE COVER-UP: Dutch is up for the challenge. Anything for a friend. But the more Dutch investigates, the more he is convinced of his client's innocence. and the closer he gets to uncovering a shocking conspiracy in which he is nothing but a pawn...WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES? 2014-05-27 353 24482
Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows: Lee and Miranda Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows: Lee and Miranda 5.0 stars / 10 reviews When Bert Grayson was found murdered in a dark alley with his throat slit, the case was quickly closed due to a lack of evidence. A drinker and a fighter, he was considered just another cautionary tale—an unfortunate casualty of hanging around on the wrong side of town.But one woman was convinced there was more to the murder than met the eye. Lillian Grace, a beautiful but narcissistic barmaid trapped in a life of misery, was sure she knew who’d murdered the man she loved, but she couldn’t get anyone to listen. In her letters to Bert’s sister, she warned her not to trust the police, convinced that they were part of a larger cover-up.Now, fifty years later, editor and researcher Lee Perkins is introduced to these letters by retired FBI friend Miranda Witherspoon, and he is instantly compelled by the mysterious Lillian, who claims to be the key to unraveling a mystery half a century old. If his experience has taught him anything, it is to follow where the trail leads him, especially when his suspicions and the evidence seem to collide.But time doesn’t stop for anyone, and it will take plenty of dogged determination to discover the secrets of this long-buried case—secrets that some have taken to their graves and others have spent decades attempting to forget or protect. This fast-paced murder mystery follows the inquisitive Perkins as he works to rewind the clock, searching for ways to separate the truth from the lies, and bring Bert Grayson’s true killer to the justice he deserves. 2014-05-14 346 49972
Past Time Past Time 5.0 stars / 7 reviews Just how many lifetimes can two souls share? Past Time is the first in a trilogy about two souls that are intertwined through many lifetimes switching roles as the Dominant/submissive. One of those souls has discovered a way to revisit past lives pulling the other one along. Lots of twists and turns as the main character and her friends think she is actually returning to a dark past in the BDSM lifestyle. 2013-02-25 267 1139985
Shrouded in Pompei Shrouded in Pompei 4.1 stars / 7 reviews In this intriguing new mystery novel, bestselling author Lisa Fantino weaves the elements of murder and crime with an international flavor across three continents.Can Mickey Malone follow this twisting web of international intrigue from the ancient lands of Pompei to Washington, London and Beijing. Can she make the connections to some of Washington’s power players before the American people lose their identity.This riveting murder and political thriller combines reality and the possibility of what can happen in a world where ethics and morals yield to the greed and avarice of power. It is a story that is more relevant than ever as the nation gears up for its next Presidential election campaign.Author Lisa Fantino takes the standard political potboiler and turns it on its head without apology. Her character, broadcast journalist Mickey Malone, exposes the intricate political dirty tricks and maneuvers lurking power behind the throne.Find out who would protect these secrets at any cost, even murder, to keep the American people in the dark. Join Mickey Malone to discover what lies Shrouded in Pompei. 2014-04-26 362 971647
Murder at Swan Cove Murder at Swan Cove 4.5 stars / 6 reviews Chincoteague is a quiet island town off the coast of Virginia. This all changes one October afternoon when a family on their way to the beach notices one of the wild ponies covered in blood. A few days later, the body of a young woman is found along the marsh badly mutilated. What the coroner finds when he runs her DNA breaks the quiet of the town and brings a nation to it’s knees. 2013-06-20 344 676615
The Cruise Ship Capers: An Art Heist on the High Seas The Cruise Ship Capers: An Art Heist on the High Seas 5.0 stars / 4 reviews (MYSTERY/COMEDY) Beni Bayani is a Filipino room steward for Festivus Cruise Lines who becomes unexpectedly entangled in a cunning art heist when a priceless painting vanishes into the briny thin air. Madison Brighton is a beautiful cruise ship showgirl who brings her big dreams and complicated past out to sea, and she isn't willing to settle for just a ship mate. She wants a soul mate. But instead of Prince Charming she finds a crew of filthy pirates below deck. Daniel Fuhrman, a complex thief with unclear motives and a fascinating genius for prescient thinking, is the leader of an eclectic band of burglars who believe it is their destiny to steal one of Europe's most valuable artworks. When the heist goes awry, the thieves are left with the unsettling feeling that they are the ones who have been bamboozled. Gunner Crossman, a quirky and crossword-obsessed sleuth, is called onto the crime scene by Seven Seas Insurance Company, and everyone aboard the seven-day Caribbean cruise is a suspect. This mysterious comedy set on the high seas examines the vastly different shipboard lives of high-class passengers and the underprivileged crew that live a secret life below deck. The story quickly sails out of control as it explores what it takes to pursue true love in a lust obsessed world and uncovers the difficult consequences of fighting for what is right in a life that is filled with self-serving bandits whose only true love is for money, sex, status, and power. Who will walk the plank? Who will command the helm? Batten down the hatches, pull out your brass spotting scopes, and follow Madison, Beni, Daniel, and Gunner deep below the waterline as they unravel a mystery that is much more meaningful than it appears from the surface of the sea. 2013-12-01 266 70875
SAM: (A Historical Mystery) SAM: (A Historical Mystery) 4.8 stars / 4 reviews "I have a secret that will not die with me. One that I will carry to my grave." Can you guess Sam's secret? Shhh...Don't tell!The story of SAM will make you laugh till you cry and cry when you least expect it. This beautiful heart wrenching story will touch your soul, leaving you longing to know Sam in person. 2013-12-31 184 1396531
DIRTY (A Dave Stewart Mystery) DIRTY (A Dave Stewart Mystery) 4.8 stars / 4 reviews Product DescriptionDIRTY COPS DIRTY LAWYERS DIRTY DEEDSProbationary Constable Dave Stewart knew that William Bailey was guilty of murder. All he had to do to convict him was change one line in his statement.Detective Chief Superintendent John McCauley loves dirt.He collects it in secret files to use against his enemies and since Stewart slept with the beautiful Detective Sergeant Anne Wallace. He is the enemy.Stewart hatches a plan to destroy the evidence against him, but what he finds inside those files, is evidence of a vile paedophile ring operating under McCauley’s nose.Now three people are dead and Dave Stewart is the prime suspect.Set in 1980’s England, ‘Dirty’ is a dark and disturbing murder mystery that pulls no punches. 2013-01-30 458 102679
Deadly Bloodlines (Deadly Series) Deadly Bloodlines (Deadly Series) 3.8 stars / 5 reviews A serial killer determined to repeat a murderous pattern that started twenty years ago. Years after leaving Cayman because of her notorious serial killer mother, Angel Mason returns as an inspector on the police force. On the twentieth anniversary of her mother's capture, someone is murdered in the same manner as her mother's victims. To complicate matters more, Angel's old flame, Bren McDougal, is assigned to help her with capturing the killer, and it's soon undeniably clear that the passion between them is hotter than ever. As the killer repeats her mother's deadly pattern, Angel must face the terrifying truth she's been hiding for twenty years. 2014-02-27 223 38284
Killer Karma Killer Karma 4.2 stars / 4 reviews Inspector Cole Dunavan is a cop without a body. A ghost who can't remember anything except his own murder. No one sees or hears him. He cannot move objects and initially cannot move through closed doors. When he learns that his body has not been found and the circumstances of his disappearance make it appear he betrayed his marriage and was killed by his mistress...who has also disappeared, he vows to put things right. A murdered cop, a ghost and an avenger working to communicate with his former partner, get straight with his wife, and catch his own killer. 2010-09-11 256 195297
Feeding The Beast Feeding The Beast 4.7 stars / 3 reviews In 1951 Denver, Colorado, the investigation into the murders of young teenage girls by Denver Homicide Detective, Dan Morgan brings back suppressed memories of the murder of his identical twin brother thirty-one years ago. He and his partner, Jack Brolin are getting nowhere in their investigation, when the killer calls Detective Morgan at Police Headquarters. As the investigation continues, Dan talks to a psychologist, and slowly discovers why the killer has been calling him. 2014-03-26 423 695875
Venom: A Thriller in  Paradise (The Thriller in Paradise Series) Venom: A Thriller in Paradise (The Thriller in Paradise Series) 4.3 stars / 3 reviews The THIRD book in the Thriller In Paradise Series.“ Lush with the aura of Pacific islands , this exciting account of the hunt for a mysterious killer delves into exotic toxins, ancient religions and deep-sea diving with such energy that readers will view the languid tropics with new eyes… descriptions of man-made, floral and marine venoms, as well as of island lore and magic, are fascinating .” -Publishers Weekly“An offbeat blend of voodoo and science…” -KirkusEVERY COP'S WORST NIGHTMARE...As darkness gathers above the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Kauai, a small ship drifts into harbor, unpowered and in danger of running aground. On board are seven bodies. Lieutenant Cobb Takamura soon traces the death ship's route and the cause of death to an exotic venom. As he navigates the tricky waters of international politics, biologist Chazz Koenig tries to isolate the poison. But they can't stop two more women from being brutally murdered. A killer is loose in the island paradise, and as he assumes various guises he moves closer to the families of the men who pursue him. 2013-08-09 279 15545
The Sliammon Escudo The Sliammon Escudo 4.0 stars / 2 reviews The Sliammon Escudo is a compelling adventure, mystery, and romance set in Victoria, British Columbia, and the West Coast of Canada. The story follows the emotional journey of Dillon, a First Nations young adult, who experiences his first true love and discovers his secret heritage through a diary written by his grandfather. The diary contains revelations known only to his mother and grandmother- until now. The Sliammon Escudo twists and turns as Dillon follows entries in the diary to learn the truth of his family heritage and a mystery long concealed from him as a child. Dillon is ultimately burdened with a decision that could either or harm or help his family and community. 2014-04-25 273
Sunshine and Shadows Sunshine and Shadows 5.0 stars / 1 reviews In SUNSHINE AND SHADOWS, Avery Snow is a detective for the Street Crimes Unit in the Phoenix Police Department. When she isn’t busting people for drugs or rescuing actors from rabid followers, she is the guardian of her adult brother Jamie, who has autism. The vacant house next door to Avery is purchased by the gorgeous self-proclaimed “computer geek” Shawn Boleck, who attempts to get to know his neighbors inside their isolated world. Meanwhile, at work, Avery and her partner (and only friend) Antonio stumble upon a neighborhood where many girls have gone missing. What they uncover is young girls being sexually exploited and sold into sex slavery. In both her professional and personal life her world is turned completely upside down and her attempts to remedy the chaos nearly destroys everything. 2013-06-14 342 1200248
Mental Dessert Mental Dessert 5.0 stars / 1 reviews LIMITED TIME SPECIAL -ONLY $0.99 June 28th - July 5th!! "This book was so good I couldn't put it down and read it in one day." - GoodReads Review========What is a person’s potential?When struggling writer James Cicero learns of a secret school called The Academy Place, he embarks on an incredible journey to discover how and why this organization turns out the most talented people on Earth. Amusing and thought provoking, Mental Dessert is a tale that will leave you wishing you could spend a single day at The Academy Place.GoodReads Editorial Reviews:"This book was so good I couldn't put it down and read it in one day." - GoodReads Reviewer"A fast read and an entertaining story. I found the lectures at the school particularly interesting." - GoodReads Reviewer"Oh! I enjoyed this book. Mr. Rice's writing style was something I had never encountered before, but I LIKED it! He has a concise cadence to his form, and he never left a detail out." - GoodReads Reviewer 2014-05-16 239 363627
Eleven That Went up to Heaven: A DCI Webb Mystery Eleven That Went up to Heaven: A DCI Webb Mystery 0 stars / 0 reviews When Richard Vine, a wealthy businessman and the proprietor of Beckworth Grange, organises a publicity event at which twenty of his guests share his name, he little imagines that a few hours later five of them would be dead. A fatal road accident leaves Detective Chief Inspector David Webb with a bewildering array of 'Richard Vines' to be traced, accounted for and investigated. By the following day what appeared to be an accident has developed more sinister implications…Among the victims was the minibus driver, John Bainbridge, a man apparently revered and loved by all that knew him. Finding it hard to believe that this man could be as saintly as portrayed DCI Webb and Sergeant Jackson start to dig for the truth behind his immaculate image. Meanwhile, an amateur writing school opens at Beckworth Grange, and its army of would-be sleuths and eccentrics all start doing their best to help, or in some cases hinder police inquiries. Could the killer have been after the host Richard Vine? If so, could he still be the target for murder?‘Eleven That Went up to Heaven’ is a gripping crime novel featuring Anthea Fraser's popular detective David Webb. Praise for Anthea Fraser: “A superbly crafted, riveting, page-turner of a read" - Booklist “Ms Fraser is her dependable elegant, guileful self withholding the killer's identity till a dying fall" - Sunday Times 'A well-mannered, well-plotted and well-told story' - Birmingham Post 'Sympathetic, well-executed book, in which full attention is paid to human feelings and failings' - Yorkshire Post ANTHEA FRASER has written all her life but did not begin to take it seriously until after marriage, when she found herself at home with two small daughters and embarked on a correspondence course with the London School of Journalism. She wrote short stories before turning to novels of the supernatural, and then to crime. Her other books include ‘The Ten Commandments’, ‘The Seven Stars’ and ‘One is One and All Alone’. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books. 2014-05-28 211 34258
EIGHT WEEKS IN MADRID (Private Investigators, Dick Burton and Jake Harper, Series) EIGHT WEEKS IN MADRID (Private Investigators, Dick Burton and Jake Harper, Series) 0 stars / 0 reviews After serving military tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, two army buddies form a Private Investigators Firm, hang out their sign in Los Angeles and begin taking on assignments which will fully utilize their skills and, at times, test them to the limit. On vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho, a wealthy California businessman, Sean Atkinson, approaches them and seeks help from the PIs. Sean and his wife, Maria, have one daughter, Chelsea; a loving daughter, a bright first year student at Stanford University; Chelsea telephones her parents following Spring Break and announces that she will not be returning to Stanford for the Fall Quarter. She tells her folks that she has decided to attend a Summer Spanish Session in Madrid, Spain and then decide upon her future education plans.Unaware of what is taking place with Chelsea, the parents contact a detective to learn what he can about the new man, Ruben Alvarez, with whom Chelsea has become involved. An initial search by a detective friend of the family uncovers enough questionable material that they suggest to the Atkinsons that they get the PIs, Dick Burton and Jake Harper to handle the case because of their international expertise.Ruben Alvarez’s background is more tainted than first suspected, and the two PIs spend EIGHT WEEKS IN MADRID to attempt to bring the young girl home safely to her parents. I welcome your comments about Dick Burton and Jake Harper. Your Review is also a welcome gift from you to me to let me know how my future stories can be improved.Follow the two Private Investigators in their second novel, LONE WOLF TERRORISTS, IN COUNTRY, 2014-05-21 434 747272
The Secret World of Christoval Alvarez (The Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez Book 1) The Secret World of Christoval Alvarez (The Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez Book 1) 0 stars / 0 reviews It is the year 1586. England is awash with traitors, plotting to assassinate the Queen and bring about a foreign invasion. The young physician Christoval Alvarez, a refugee from the horrors of the Portuguese Inquisition, is coerced into becoming a code-breaker and agent in Sir Francis Walsingham’s secret service. In the race to thwart the plot, who will triumph – the ruthless conspirators or the equally ruthless State? 2014-03-28 282 357084
The Shadow Centurions: The Gift The Shadow Centurions: The Gift 0 stars / 0 reviews They were just a bunch of old retired cops.People pass them on the street without ever giving them a second look.Society treated them like they were mere shadows.They would use that to their advantage. 2014-05-14 21
Squirrelicide Squirrelicide 0 stars / 0 reviews On campus, a squirrel has been murdered. Gabriel Centaure, a French student, is in charge of the investigation. There is a reason for that crime. One you would never expect!Enjoy my first short thriller in English! 2014-03-14 77 1641623

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