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How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs 4.7 stars / 99 reviews Have you had success manifesting small things using the law of attraction, but been frustrated with an inability to manifest your more important desires?Do you have important dreams and desires you’ve held for a long time, which always seem to remain just out of reach?Do you believe you have the power to influence your material reality, yet have been unable to truly create the life of your dreams?If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you’re a lot like millions of people who understand their immense personal power to influence their lives. Yet, just like the majority of those people, you’ve also noticed that manifesting your most important desires often seems too difficult or unattainable.The problem isn’t you; the problem has been your reliance on old paradigms from old science. Quantum physics, however, has shown us a clear and simple roadmap to not only make you a much more powerful deliberate creator of your material reality, but even allow you to finally manifest those greatly desired outcomes which have eluded you for so long. How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs is your personal coach in book-form, leading you to an amazing awakening of your higher self while also manifesting your greatest desires.Your natural power to create abundance and achieve your dreams is a birthright you shouldn't spend another moment denying yourself. How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs will coach you to simply and easily focus and harness your inherent power to create your material reality. Using everyday language and "street-level" instructions, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs will have you manifesting a vast array of personal dreams and goals much faster and more completely than you previously thought possible. 2013-12-25 130 6967
23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Results in Your Life 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Results in Your Life 4.4 stars / 90 reviews LEARN:: How to Stop Procrastinating and Forever Eliminate Your Lazy HabitsDo you struggle with completing projects or specific tasks? We'd all like to get things done and become more productive. But what often happens is we put off important tasks and let them slip through the cracks. The end result? We get overwhelmed by the amount of things to do. In other words, "procrastination" causes you to feel stressed when you're not completing tasks in a systematic manner. The solution is simple: Develop an "anti-procrastination mindset" where you take action on a daily basis and NEVER get overwhelmed by your to-do list. RIGHT NOW:: Develop "Anti-Procrastination Habits" to Get Immediate ResultsIt’s not that hard to stop procrastinating. Really, all you have to do is form the same habits used by countless successful people and make them part of your routine. While these people often have the same fears and limitations as you, they're able to take consistent action because they’ve trained themselves to do so. In the book "23 Anti-Procrastination Habits" , you will discover a catalog of ideas to help you overcome procrastination on a daily basis. Whereas many books provide a simple list of tips, you’ll learn why a specific strategy works, what limiting belief it eliminates and how it can be immediately applied to your life. In short, you will learn the root causes of your procrastination and how to overcome them. DOWNLOAD:: 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits - How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Results in Your Life" 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits " contains a step-by-step blueprint of how to identify and conquer those lazy feelings. You will learn how to:Single-handle your way to overcoming the overwhelm. (APH #8)Identify what's REALLY important in your life and then happily ignore everthing else. (APH #1)Say "NO" to pointless tasks without angering your boss, friends or loved ones. (APH #11)Start your day by completing your most important projects. (APH #13)Take action on a task -- even when you're not in the mood to do it. (APH #17)Break down VERY challenging projects into an easy-to-follow blueprint. (APH #5)Organize your life so you're not buried in paperwork or your to-do list. (APH #4)Complete daily tasks, quickly and easily with a simple time-management technique. (APH #15)Get motivated when you don't feel like working on a goal. (APH #20)You don't have to be controlled by procrastination. You can overcome it by forming a few habits that spur you into taking action.Would You Like To Know More?Download and stop your procrastinating ways today.Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button. 2014-05-01 114 721
The Healthy College Cookbook The Healthy College Cookbook 4.5 stars / 87 reviews For nearly a decade, The Healthy College Cookbook has offered time-pressed, budget-crunched students a simple way to enjoy home cooking in their own small apartment kitchens or even dorm rooms. Written by students for students, the book offers hundreds of simple, healthful alternatives to dreary cafeteria fare. The first edition was so successful it returned to print 17 times. Now, this best-selling cookbook has been revised, expanded, and enlivened for a new generation of students. One hundred brand-new recipes have been added to the old favorites, including expanded breakfast options, recipes for the ever-popular George Foreman Grill, new smoothie creations, and pizza toppings for storebought crusts, English muffins, and pita bases. Recipes require only a handful of easy-to-find ingredients. The book is packed with vegetarian options, and every recipe is as nutritious as it is delicious. Most can be prepared in less time than it takes to order pizza. Most college students are new to cooking, and The Healthy College Cookbook contains a wealth of information and tips for the novice. It explains cooking terms, describes common spices, and offers basic, sensible advice on stocking a kitchen with equipment and food staples. The book isn't just for novices, however. Even the most discerning young palates will appreciate zesty Garlic Green Beans with Tofu or lively Mandarin-Mint Salad. These recipes are so quick, so inexpensive, and so delicious that they're bound to become dinner party favorites, years past graduation. 2009-01-07 293 152970
Wake Up Successful - How to Increase Your Energy and Achieve Any Goal with a Morning Routine Wake Up Successful - How to Increase Your Energy and Achieve Any Goal with a Morning Routine 4.4 stars / 86 reviews DISCOVER:: Why Successful People Get More Things Done Before 9 A.M.Having trouble achieving your goals? The reason most people aren't successful is they fail to follow a day-by-day strategy. Instead they start each day, "hoping" they will have enough time to take action on their goals. If you closely examine the world's most successful people you'd see they start each day in an energized state, ready to accomplish any goal. What's their secret? The *one thing* they do differently is they prioritize each day so the most important task is completed first. Put simply, successful people have morning routines that help them feel energized and ready to focus on their most important goal. START TODAY:: Live Each Day Like It's Your LastIn " Wake Up Successful " you'll learn how to live every day like it's your last. No longer will you stumble out of bed and waste the first few hours. Instead, you'll learn how to start the day by creating energy and harnessing this power to focus on ONE breakthrough goal that will make a difference in your life. A morning routine is simple and effective. It's easy to tailor to your unique circumstances and goals. And, best of all, it's tested. Inside this book, you'll discover the proven strategies to help you get the most out of those precious first few hours. DOWNLOAD:: Wake Up Successful - How to Increase Your Energy & Achieve Any Goal with a Morning Routine " Wake Up Successful " contains a step-by-step blueprint for creating a powerful morning ritual.Inside this guide you'll learn how to:Create a bedtime routine that sets up an energized morningUse 25 tips to get a full night's restFollow the 8 strategies for boosting energy every morningBuild YOUR morning ritual, using two sample templatesAchieve any goal with an "Hour of Power"Use 15 examples to find your perfect daily goal activityTurn a morning routine into a permanent habitYou can become more successful every day. All you need is a step-by-step strategy for each morning. Would You Like To Know More?Download now and begin each day, ready to attack the world.Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button. 2013-12-30 96 835
Natural Green Home Cleaning For Beginners:Best Innovative Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for Your Home from Kitchen, to Children's Toys, and Even Your Car and Microfiber Cleaning Natural Green Home Cleaning For Beginners:Best Innovative Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for Your Home from Kitchen, to Children's Toys, and Even Your Car and Microfiber Cleaning 4.3 stars / 75 reviews ****Updated and Revised on 11/23/2013, ****Who Wouldn't Want to Know How to Clean Everything in Your House with Simple and Non-Toxic Ingredients?; I Believe Every Person On The Planet Must Use Homemade Eco-Friendly Green Products and Help to Save Our Earth As Well As Thousands of Dollars.Here you learn the top homemade innovative ideas which will change your view of cleaning and how to properly use green products. Green products are essential and naturally Eco-Friendly and they provide the quickest and most powerful cleaning solutions for you home including your kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, bathroom, flooring, polishing, electronic gadgets, windows, eyeglasses, books, woods, cars, and toys. Why You don't Use the Commercial Product? Before using any commercial products, This book provides explanations on commercial cleansers and their harmful ingredients, as well as natural alternatives to these harsh chemicals. This book serves as a guide, implementing proven home cleaning recipes that have been around for centuries but have since been forgotten in favor of commercial products.Need Eco-Friendly Green Home Cleaning? It's Time To "Clean Up Your Home"-"What Inside":• Top Cleaning Products You Must Have In Your Home• Ultimate Surprising Household Cleaners• Top Cleaning Agents to Avoid• Helpful Hints Before Using Any Cleaners• Advises Before Starting To Clean• Ant Killer Recipes• All Kitchen Cleaners• Bathroom Cleaners• Bedroom Cleaners• Jewelry cleaning• Every Floor Cleaners• Carpet Cleaner for Odors• Laundry Cleaners to Treat Certain Stains -Take out berry stains recipe -Take out blood recipe -Chewing Gum remover recipe -Chocolate remover recipe -Coffee/tea remover recipe -Grass stains remover recipe -Grease stain remover recipe -Ink stain remover recipe -Lipstick stain remover -Perspiration stain remover -Paint Remover -Oil stain remover -Red Wine stain remover• Top 10 Wood Cleaning Recipes• Top 5 Recipes for Furniture Polish• Top Adhesive Recipes• Vinegar Eyeglass Cleaner Recipe• Electronic Cleaners-Computer Screen, iPad,Cell Phone etc• Disinfectants And Antibacterial Solutions• Metal Cleaners• Ultimate Window Cleaners• Mold and Mildew Removers• Paint Removers • Homemade Car Wash Recipes• Dog Cleansers,& Shampoos -Effective Natural Shampoo -Flea and Tick Shampoo -All-Around Oatmeal Treatment -Skunk Shampoo -Rosemary Dog Conditioner -Egg Conditioner• Toy Cleaners And Disinfectants• Simple Soap and Water Toy Cleaner• Book Sanitizer• Innovation In World Industry -E-CLOTH -E-AUTO -E-PET -E-BODY -E-PET -Furniture Cloth -Antibacterial Cleaner -Glass Polishing -MAGIC FIBER -The 3M™ Easy Trap Duster -Flushable Personal Cleansing Wipes -Pure Wash -Polish Cloth -The 360 mop swivel -Dusting Wand• Top Eco-Friendly RetailersBonus: Top 10 Homemade Room Fresheners -Baking soda freshener 1: -Baking soda freshener 2: -Vinegar deodorizer recipe 1: -Vinegar deodorizer recipe 2: -Potpourri -Lavender Diffuser: -Gel air fresheners: -Spicy Patchouli Aromatherapy Candle Recipe: -Rose oil spray: -Jasmine Cotton balls: -The fragrance pot: -Toilet roll freshener: This book is Delivered Instantly to Your Kindle or Other Reading Device Just Click "Buy" ;• If you don't have Kindle you can still read this book on Your Web Browser using free Kindle Cloud Reader.• The free Kindle app lets you read this Kindle book on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch- no Kindle required. 2013-12-19 224 55298
How To Make Money With Twitter: A Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing And Monetization (Get More Twitter Followers And Make More Sales Online With Social Media, Sell More, Web Traffic) How To Make Money With Twitter: A Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing And Monetization (Get More Twitter Followers And Make More Sales Online With Social Media, Sell More, Web Traffic) 4.5 stars / 66 reviews How To Get 3000 Targeted Leads A Month From Twitter Learn The 15 Minute Rule For Instant Twitter Marketing Results and Sales Everything you've been taught about Twitter will waste your time! Learn how to: Get Instant Sales Using Twitter By Connecting With The Right People Every day, thousands of people log on to Twitter and tell the world they have a problem. Not just any problem - it's the EXACT problem that your product or service solves. But you have a problem too - you have no idea how to find them (if you did, you wouldn't be reading this book right now). In this book you will learn the Twitter Search System for finding your ideal customers and instantly getting new sales on Twitter today! Automate, Delegate and Systemize Your Twitter Marketing To Save You Time You can always get more money but you can't get more time. If you're spending hours a day on Twitter you're wasting your time! Learn how to NEVER spend more than 15 minutes a day on Twitter - while getting even more sales than you ever thought possible. Complete Tutorial For Beginners If you're brand new to Twitter or don't even have a Twitter account yet, that's okay! Chapter 1 is dedicated to new users like you and gives you step by step instructions on how to use the No Fuss System For Creating A Twitter Account. The Awesome Tweet Writing System For Success If you're not sure what to tweet or followers aren't responding to your tweets and buying your products, you'll learn the four most powerful types of tweets for expanding your reach and attracting new followers and customers. The Truth About Twitter Marketing I'm not going to waste your time explaining theory, statistics or the philosophy of social media marketing in the modern age (BORING!) - I'm just going to show you how to get targeted traffic from Twitter starting TODAY! No fluff. No fuss. No BS. Just a simple step-by-step guide to making money on Twitter. I'm Tom Corson-Knowles and my personal Twitter account has over 43,000 Twitter followers and I have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter for my various businesses. Each of my Twitter accounts regularly sends at least 100 visitors to my websites EVERY SINGLE DAY, providing me with new raving fan customers, steady traffic and consistently increasing sales. Oh, and by the way, I spend less than 15 minutes a day using Twitter. I’m not telling you this to brag – just to show you what’s possible (anyone can do this Twitter stuff!). You don’t need technical expertise or programming skills (I don’t have any). All you need is a laptop and this book! In How To Make Money With Twitter: A Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing And Monetization, you will learn a step-by-step system for marketing yourself or your business on Twitter. Even if you don't have a business (yet), I'll teach you how anyone, anywhere on Earth can start adding more than 3,000 new followers on Twitter every month and monetize that traffic by creating raving fan customers - even if you don't have a product or service to sell! About The Author Tom Corson-Knowles is the bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and Facebook For Business Owners, among others. Tom is an avid entrepreneur and loves helping other authors succeed by marketing effectively directly to readers instead of hoping, wishing and praying for more sales. Learn how to grow your business using Twitter today. Scroll up and grab your copy now. 2012-07-27 49 89873
Relentless (Fallon Sisters Trilogy: Book #1) Relentless (Fallon Sisters Trilogy: Book #1) 4.6 stars / 62 reviews INTRIGUE, ROMANCE, HORSESRELENTLESS supports horse rescues around the world one book at a time. With every purchase a donation will be sent on your behalf to help with their mission of rescue, rehabilitation and education. Let's end HORSE SLAUGHTER once and for all.“A galloping good read. [Relentless] will keep you breathless right to the end.”—Jenny Edwards, Founder and Director, Hope for HorsesOverview:Headstrong horse rescue director Bren Ryan has been a redheaded streak of trouble for more than one man in Clear Spring. She’s grown up needling local “kill buyer” Wes Connelly, and since the sheriff ruled her husband’s sudden death an accident, Bren’s been investigating things herself. She’s certain Tom was murdered, and she’s hell-bent on cornering his killer the only way she knows how—by tempting him to do it again. And she’s the bait.Rafe Langston came to Maryland looking for land and a fresh start. Or so he says. The sexy cowboy isn’t generous with details, but Bren couldn’t care less—until he buys half her farm at auction and moves into her childhood home. Suddenly, the last man she should befriend becomes her only ally in solving her husband’s murder. Soon their cozy stakeouts sizzle with unexpected desire neither one can ignore, threatening his mysterious plans and her promise to never fall in love again—especially with a handsome stranger whose secrets could shatter what family she has left.“RELENTLESS will take readers on a rollercoaster ride and keep you guessing on several fronts. Highly recommended and a fantastic read!” —Monica Solomon, The Romance Readers Connection, 4 Stars“Captivating! Mysterious and visceral, RELENTLESS is a colorful literary fiction that chronicles the vivid life challenges of a dedicated mother and horse rescuer in a world that measures the value of life by the weight on the end of a meat hook.” —Katia Louise, President and Founder, Wild for Life Foundation, Lifetime Equine Refuge, State of California, Director, ProducerSAVING AMERICA’S HORSES – A NATION BETRAYED“This is a fast-moving story of right against might, with engaging characters that quickly pull the reader into an exciting rollercoaster ride of twists and turns guaranteed to leave you breathless and guessing right up to the very end.” —Cheryl Caldwell, Co-Publisher, Honest Horses Magazine 2012-04-14 342 3886
How to Deliver a Great TED Talk:  Presentation Secrets of the World's Best Speakers (How to Give a TED Talk Book 1) How to Deliver a Great TED Talk: Presentation Secrets of the World's Best Speakers (How to Give a TED Talk Book 1) 4.3 stars / 66 reviews YOUR GUIDE TO CREATING AN OUTSTANDING TED TALK - OR ANY OTHER SPEECH OR PRESENTATION"How to Deliver a Great TED talk" is a complete public speaking system for delivering highly effective presentations and speeches.If you’ve watched TED videos before, you’ve no doubt been inspired and electrified by speeches by figures such as Sir Ken Robinson, Jill Bolte Taylor, Simon Sinek and Dan Pink.What makes these TED talks so inspiring?What is the secret formula for creating a successful TED talk?And how can you use this formula to deliver your own powerful TED talk (or any other presentation or speech, for that matter)?OVER 100 SUPER SPECIFIC TIPS TO HELP YOU MASTER THE ART OF PUBLIC SPEAKINGIf you follow the guidelines and tools in this book, I guarantee that your audience will have no choice but to be wrapped up in your speeches and presentations.BASED ON EXTENSIVE ANALYSIS OF THE BEST TED TALKSI studied more than 200 of the most inspiring TED talks, analyzed each one line by line and discovered the common elements that make them successful.This book is the result of my intensive research. In it, you’ll discover tools that will help make you twice the speaker you are today in half the time.This book is also based on the work of bestselling authors Chip and Dan Heath. In their groundbreaking book, Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath revealed six simple principles for creating memorable messages.In this book, I have taken Chip and Dan’s work and applied it to creating powerfully persuasive presentations. I use their SUCCESS framework and draw on examples from TED talks to show how the success principles can be applied to public speaking.More specifically, you will learn how to:•Craft a repeatable power phrase•Utlize the ABC-C speech structure for powerful presentations•Use rhetorical devices to spice up your speech•Create an attention-grabbing opening•Build the body of your presentation/speech•Craft a compelling closing•Use statistics to grab attention•Create a wow-moment•Bring your characters to life•Use analogies, metaphors and similes•Turn your stories into mental movies•Build your credibility with the speech introduction•Add internal credibility to your presentation•Build an emotional connection with your audience•Use compelling visuals•Use PowerPoint the right way•Body language secrets of confident speakers•Arouse your audience's curiosity•Use Sir Ken Robinson and Dan Pink's techniques for adding humor to a speech•Use rhetorical questions to hook your audience into your presentation•Use the five C's of storytelling to create spell-binding stories•Deliver dynamic TED talk (or any other presentation or speech)Whether you are scheduled to deliver a TED talk, a business presentation or a motivational or inspiring speech, this book will teach you the techniques used by some of the world's most powerful public speakers. 206 PAGE GUIDE JAM-PACKED WITH OVER 100 PROVEN TECHNIQUESLearn the art of public speaking and persuasion by studying the speeches of inspiring speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Sir Ken Robinson, Mike Rowe and Dr. Jill Taylor.RAVE REVIEWS"World class speaking tips that you can start using today"Michael Davis, Certified World Class Speaking Coach "Maybe one of the clearest books on presentations I've ever read"Javier, Verified Reviewer "Great, practical tips to help you become an outstanding speaker"Cath Daley, Presentation Skills Coach BECOME TWICE THE SPEAKER IN HALF THE TIMEShorten your learning curve and learn the public speaking secrets most speakers never discover. 2014-06-14 204 970
Ninja Book Marketing Strategies: How To Sell More Books In 8 Days Using 8 Ninja Marketing Tactics Ninja Book Marketing Strategies: How To Sell More Books In 8 Days Using 8 Ninja Marketing Tactics 4.7 stars / 44 reviews How To Sell More Books On Amazon In Just 8 DaysI Believe Every Author Can Become A Book Marketing Ninja With This SystemYou could be just 8 days away from record book sales. Learn how to:Attract Thousands of Readers With These Free Marketing StrategiesWhether you're a brand new author or have been selling books by the thousands, you've never seen these book marketing strategies anywhere else.Learn The Ninja System For KDP Select Marketing SuccessUsing my list of 43 free marketing resources, my friend launched a simple fitness book... and just in 8 days 14,428 people downloaded the book for free and he made over 400 sales. Not only that, but his book became the #1 Weight Loss book in the Paid Kindle Store and #320 overall in the Kindle Store with over 200 sales a day at $4.99!Dominate Your Niche or Genre By BundlingIf you're a serial author then you've probably already written several books and have hundreds of more ideas in your head. Learn the proven system for bundling your books to provide readers easier access to your work and grow your book sales exponentially with very little extra work. This is the secret strategy that every multiple New York Times bestselling author uses!How To Market A Book Like A ProfessionalThe problem is most authors don't know how to market their books properly. They either don't do any marketing or spend all their time, money and energy on marketing strategies that don't even more! Ninjas understand that writing a bestselling book is more about selling than it is about writing! Writing is the prerequisite for success - but marketing is what makes books sell.How To Get Your New Books Featured As An Amazon Hot New ReleaseLearn the system for getting Amazon to promote your new books for you! Only three books make it into the Hot New Release section for each category - and Amazon promotes them heavily. Find out what it takes to get there and you can dramatically improve your new book launches and sales.How To Use Amazon Listmania To Skyrocket Your SalesLearn how to use a simple Listmania list to sell more books on Amazon fast. No more expensive book marketing strategies or ads are needed!About The AuthorTom Corson-Knowles is the bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and The Kindle Formatting Bible, among others. Tom is an avid entrepreneur and loves helping other authors succeed by marketing effectively directly to readers instead of hoping, wishing and praying for more sales.Learn how to market best selling ebooks on Kindle today with these Ninja Book Marketing secrets. You too can make money with kindle ebooks and live the life of your dreams!If you're not sure how to sell books, it's because you don't understand these simple, free strategies for marketing ebooks that allow you to get book sales on autopilot! It's never been easier to learn how to market ebooks.Learn how to sell more books on Amazon today with Ninja Book Marketing Strategies by Tom Corson-Knowles. Scroll up and grab your copy today. 2013-12-16 100 86716
The Tenth Cycle: A Thriller (A Rossler Foundation Mystery Book 1) The Tenth Cycle: A Thriller (A Rossler Foundation Mystery Book 1) 4.7 stars / 44 reviews A CONSPIRACY THRILLERTHE TRUTH ABOUT HUMAN HISTORY IS ABOUT TO BE REVEALEDWILL WE BE ALLOWED TO KNOW THE TRUTH? For thousands of years the truth about human history has intentionally been suppressed and exploited.For decades scholars have been saying that the truth about human history will be found inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, but up till now no one has ever been able to find it. Those who tried have been ridiculed and persecuted. Will Daniel Rossler and Dr. Sarah Clarke be allowed to uncover the real and true message? As they come closer to the truth, skepticism out of the academic community is replaced by evil and malicious adversaries, dumping them into a very hostile world where violence, deceit and duplicity become their daily companions. The mysterious Orion Society with its deranged and psychopathic members, the CIA, the Marines, the Mossad and even the President of the United States become involved. Not all of them have good intentions.AboutTHE TENTH CYCLE is a full-length novel, a provocative techno thriller about human history, conspiracies and an ancient society with power and money that will stop at nothing to reach their sinister goals.This fast-paced thriller adventure is the first book in J C Ryan’s Rossler Foundation Mystery Series.Enter this url into your browser to sign up for special offers and pre-release notifications of upcoming books by J C Ryan. Books In The Rossler Foundation MysteriesThe Tenth Cycle - Cycle Antarctica - Bullets - Coming end of June 2014 2014-06-20 482 1760
Finding a College:  A Homeschooler's Guide to Finding a Perfect Fit (Coffee Break Books Book 8) Finding a College: A Homeschooler's Guide to Finding a Perfect Fit (Coffee Break Books Book 8) 4.8 stars / 36 reviews End Your College Search with Success! How to Find the Perfect Fit Parents homeschooling high school sometimes get the feeling that the light at the end of the tunnel might just be a train heading straight at them! That train is called “college,” and one of the most angst-ridden tasks facing homeschooling families is choosing a college that will be a perfect fit for both the student and the family. >>>But.... Where do you start? How do you find a college to visit? Is it possible to make sense out of all those college statistics? How do you know what to look for during your college visit? And let’s not even talk about those awful college applications! ˃˃˃ Here's Why You Need This Book: In the pages of this ebook, you’ll learn everything you need to find the perfect fit college for your child, one that will love them almost as much as you do! Get ready to move from anxious and freaked out about college to calm and confident. “Finding a College” is the next ebook in the HomeScholar’s Coffee Break Books series. Designed especially for parents who don’t want to spend hours reading a 400-page book on homeschooling high school, this series combines Lee’s practical and friendly approach with detailed, but easy-to-digest information, perfect to read over a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop! Never overwhelming, always accessible and manageable, each book in the series will give parents the tools they need to tackle the tasks of homeschooling high school, one warm sip at a time. ˃˃˃ Who is Lee Binz and Why Should You Listen to Her? Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, understands what it takes to graduate homeschool students who are fully prepared for college and for life. Lee's practical advice and organized presentations have helped thousands of homeschool parents muster the courage to complete their homeschooling journey. She is both reassuring and empowering, and will give you the knowledge you need to successfully graduate your high school student, and have confidence that they are ready to take on the world. A firm believer that homeschooling provides the best possible learning environment, and that parents are capable of providing a superior education for their children, Lee's mission is to encourage and equip parents to homeschool through high school. Scroll up and grab a copy today. 2013-03-19 41 583665
Coconut Oil Cures: The Miracle Handbook on Coconut Oil (Herbal and Holistic Coconut Oil Cures: Healing Coconut Oil for Diet, Skin, Hair and More 1) Coconut Oil Cures: The Miracle Handbook on Coconut Oil (Herbal and Holistic Coconut Oil Cures: Healing Coconut Oil for Diet, Skin, Hair and More 1) 4.3 stars / 39 reviews Learn SECRET Coconut Oil Cures that Heal, Restore, and Renew Get this completely revised and updated Best seller ON SALE today You are about to discover why populations that consume a lot of coconut oil are amongst the healthiest in the world! Coconut Oil is a natural and holistic oil that cures, heals, and repairs your body on many different levels. Coconut Oil is a jack of all trades. In Coconut Oil Cures - The Miracle Handbook on Coconut Oil by best selling author Sampson Sharpe you will learn proven cures, tips, and secrets that will: * Leave your Skin supple and soft * Cure and Protect dry/cracked skin * Heal gut and intestinal problems * Protect Gums and Teeth * Scorch Body fat and leave you lean and health * How Coconut Oil kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi * Suppresses hunger and appetite * Reduces risk of seizures * Lower your risk of Heart disease * MUCH MUCH MORE! Why is Coconut Oil so beneficial? It seems everywhere you look people are raving about the benefits of Coconut oil. Why? Because Coconut oil is an affordable, natural, and safe alternative to big pharmaceutical companies that want to sell you expensive pills. One jar of this miracle oil has literally hundreds of benefits! Coconut oil cures so many things and I use it everyday! My philosophy is all about using natural and safe products that don't have harmful side effects. Coconut Oil meets all those needs and then some. This book will show you exactly why you need to incorporate this magic oil into your life today. Stop spending hundreds of dollars on expensive skin and beauty creams. One jar of Coconut oil is all you need This book will show you exactly how to keep your skin soft and supple. It is filled with real life actionable tips, that are designd to help you feel your best both mentally and physically. More Coconut Oil Benefits * Inexpensive and Organic * Can make homemade beauty products * Great as a sunblock * Helps to Boost metabolism * Will combat athletes foot * Helps to improve insulin levels * Useful as a healthy cooking oil * Make your own toothpaste * Supports healthy thyroid function If you have read up to this point you obviously realize the benefits of using coconut oil. What are you waiting for? Take Action and Start feeling better today! Scroll up and click the buy button to instantly download Coconut Oil Cures - The Miracle Handbook on Coconut Oil You will be glad you did TAGS: coconut oil cures, coconut oil miracle, coconut oil diet, coconut oil skin, coconut oil, coconuts, coconut oil handbook, coconut oil recipes, coconut oil for beginners, Holistic Cures 2014-01-05 48 49094
The Untold Story of Kim The Untold Story of Kim 4.7 stars / 35 reviews Bestselling non-fiction author Ed Robinson brings you a powerful true story of one woman's triumph over pain. It will lead you to hate doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies. By the time you finish, you'll have fallen in love with Kim. This deeply inspiring tale is destined to become the most important book ever written about chronic pain and pain management in today's healthcare environment. They say that love conquers all. This book is the best example in decades. Read how their devotion to one another, and their unorthodox approach, saved her life. 2014-03-18 104 24333
Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents 4.5 stars / 35 reviews Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents follows Marty and Deb Essen on a three-and-a-half-year-long adventure to some of the wildest places on all seven continents. The American couple began crisscrossing the globe with the simple intention of searching for rare and interesting wildlife. When their travels coincided with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the added element made them unwitting ambassadors for peace. Their experiences--from amusing to life threatening--changed their lives forever. This is not your average travelogue. Marty Essen has written a book that entertains, informs, and poignantly reminds us that we all share a small planet. Locations visited include: Belize, Peru (the Amazon Rainforest), Argentina, Australia (Queensland), Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Northwest Territories), Antarctica, Europe (Spain, France, Switzerland, and Andorra), Malaysia (Borneo), and Africa (Zimbabwe). 2012-12-01 455 25745
The Life and Prayers of Saint Augustine The Life and Prayers of Saint Augustine 4.6 stars / 32 reviews The Church has numerous fathers who have influenced its dogma in substantial ways. Although none of them can be singled out as the most pivotal theologian of Church history, it can certainly be said that Saint Augustine of Hippo has long been a central figure to Christian thought, informing both on the nature of God and the nature of Christian morality. He has been quoted throughout the ages by important Christian writers, such as Saint Thomas Aquinas, and has been listed as a strong influence by Pope Benedict XVI. Through his central place in the history of Christianity, some historians have appointed Saint Augustine particularly great importance in European and World history. They have called him the last man of the Classical Age, and the first medieval man. 2013-08-31 82 74811
How to Publish a Book - Amazon Kindle Books Self-Publishing: Write eBooks Using Microsoft Word & Publish Them as Kindle Books - A Step-by-Step Guide with Photos to Help You Make Your Own Kindle Books How to Publish a Book - Amazon Kindle Books Self-Publishing: Write eBooks Using Microsoft Word & Publish Them as Kindle Books - A Step-by-Step Guide with Photos to Help You Make Your Own Kindle Books 4.5 stars / 32 reviews CLICK PHOTOS INSIDE THE BOOK TO ENLARGE THEM - BEST READ ON LARGER VIEWING DEVICES LIKE TABLETS OR LAPTOPS OR PCSDon’t know an HTML or CSS code from Adam’s house cat?Don’t even know what I’m talking about?That’s okay, because you don’t need to know any programming languages or use any confusing third-party conversion tools these days to get your book published in Amazon’s Kindle store.As long as you know how to type words into Microsoft Word and know the basics — a little working knowledge of the word-processing software — you’re good to go.“From Word Document to Kindle Book: A Step-by-Step Guide with Photos Teaching How to Self-Publish Your Own Kindle eBook on Amazon,” walks users through the process of formatting Word documents correctly for publishing on Kindle devices — and includes plenty of instructional photos in the 12 steps from turning that book in your head (or on your laptop) into a reality. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: Real tips from a 5-time Kindle author: Publishing on Kindle might take only 5 minutes, but writing and formatting your book in Microsoft Word takes know-how!Step #1: Find a Kindle Book Title That Sells and Gets Searchers for Free – And Go With Your GutStep #2: Write the Table of Contents (Basically, Your Outline) and Bookmark it as “TOC” for Kindle ReadersStep #3: Stuff You Don’t Need in Your Word Document: No Internal Book Cover Image, No Page Numbers, No Headers and Footers, Forget Too Much Formatting, Ellipses, Drop-Caps, Etc.Step #4: Write the Book in Microsoft Word, Format Chapter Titles and Section Subheads with “Styles” and Insert any PhotosStep #5: Turn the Table of Contents Entries into Active Hyperlinks That Point to Chapters Inside the Word DocumentStep #6: Write Your Copyright, Dedication, and Acknowledgements Pages, If You Want ThemStep #7: Spellcheck, Grammar Check, Link Check and RewriteStep #8: Get Your Kindle Book Cover – Make it free with Amazon’s new Cover Creator, buy it cheap and easy, or get an expensive oneStep #9: Save your Word document and upload to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) the easy wayStep #10: Troubleshooting: If you get errors, try these fixesStep #11: Download your Kindle book, reread, correct mistakes, delete from your Kindle library and upload corrected filesStep #12: Set up your Amazon author page through Amazon Author Central — and use it to promote your best customer reviews in a prominent placeGrab a great book title that acts as free using the three free websites listed in the book to find out the kinds of books customers are seeking to buy....and follow actionable items you can begin using right now to make your own Kindle book.Finally write the book you've been dreaming of and stop stopping yourself......and get in the cutting-edge wave of the folks taking advantage of the Kindle publishing revolution....and be "in the know" about how to check your book for errors, lessening the chance of bad customer reviews....learn how to format the cover text and colors to your liking....find out what's required, and what to leave out of your Microsoft Word document to help your publishing process go faster.Find out how easy Amazon makes it to create your Kindle book cover for free before you publish......and how easy their new module helps you make covers like, from beauty to jogging to editorial to gorgeous backgrounds and beyond.Avoid the mistakes I made as a new Kindle author......and learn how to quickly create a Table of Contents page and link how to bypass eBook conversion tools and publish straight to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing from a Word document file.You don't have to write a long book......and you'll learn the ways authors are creating short essays and stories instead of huge books....but find out how to warn readers about the short length of your essay befo 2014-01-21 344 47351
Best Business: The Agile PMO - Leading the Effective, Value Driven, Project Management Office, a practical guide (Agile Business Leadership Book 1) Best Business: The Agile PMO - Leading the Effective, Value Driven, Project Management Office, a practical guide (Agile Business Leadership Book 1) 4.4 stars / 31 reviews Best business: The Agile PMO - an Amazon Best Seller Remember to claim your free gift for Best business: The Agile PMO – just email me to receive itThe Revealed Secrets of the Shocking Truths about Global PMO Colossal Failures and how to Work around them.** Uncovered Truths How to avoid a tactical PMO - in which MBA graduates fill the role of secretaries - I know you are asking now - how can it be possible that companies pay 100K $ salaries for administrative work, aren't you? - Read the book and know the answer** What are the signs of a process obsessed PMO - in which the project managers are cringing under the whip of the PMO and how to set them free!** Limited Vision When the PMO is in love with the lavish tools - and promotes death by SharePoint - what do you do? ** The Ultimate Program Life Cycle inflicting PMO - do you know how to recognize it and provide REAL VALUE Best business: The Agile PMO provides answers NOW to all these challenging questions. You will learn to recognize and avoid the PMO trapsResearch has proven that most PMOs will be disbanded and flushed away in two years after rollout - make sure yours doesn't** This book provides you with the breakthrough professional knowledge to grow your PMO Immediately. This book is the Surefire method to pioneer the value driven efforts in the organization.**Proven and Tested Advice from a Professional ** Join me in this journey to making your emerging PMO not only endure but also lead project and portfolio growth and be value driven: ** The PMO is a mediating function it enables visibility where there is none, unity where there is disparity, transparency where there is ambiguity, and global breakthrough where there is only local analysis.** Over the years I have seen too many PMOs blunder and fail due to various misconceptions in the roll out and implementation. The main cause is that PMOs do not learn how to create true and substantial value for stakeholders from the portfolio perspective, and hence lose budgeting and are terminated** in this proven guide I will provide practical guidelines with the assistance of a case study on how to create and increase value of a PMO in an ever changing environment. ** Ultimately, after reading this guide you’ll know what to do, in order to successfully and reliably lead your Agile PMO. ******* Best business: The Agile PMO is for a limited time at a discounted - under-priced level - popular demand is increasing Don’t wait, enjoy this price and read now.*********“I have read many books about PMOs and have seen many implementations, most of them failed. I offer my perspective on how to create a long-lasting value driven PMO. The organizations that follow these guidelines benefit from extraordinary results in project completion, in benefits received, and customer satisfaction and in low employee attrition.” M. Nir, PMP, M.Sc. I&E, President, Sapir Consulting**** **** **** ****Exclusive and Genuine Concepts - What is your value from Best business: The Agile PMO* Alignment with Business – ensuring Value over process* Launching a PMO that is Lean and Mean* Simple tools for enabling value quickly* Presented in an easy to follow case study!* Discussed from a multi-perspective view!* Integrated to allow you simple roll out across a portfolio!Praise for PMO Leadership - Avoid Classical Pitfalls How to Create a Value Driven Best business Office:Covering all perspectives of a PMO– This guide promotes a hands-on approach to the installation of a PMO in a company. It illustrates nicely what are the benefits of the different types of PMO and what are their possible responsibilities.Ralf Friedrich, President, Coaching Center Dieburg, GeProS HURRY – to get your copy of Best business: The Agile PMO, Scroll up and Click the buy button now!! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 2014-01-04 136 35282
An American Guide to Britishness An American Guide to Britishness 4.4 stars / 31 reviews An educational and humorous look at life, language and culture in Britain through the eyes of an American who lives in Scotland, sometimes against her will. If you want to read an honest pull-no-punches book about the real experience of living in the United Kingdom, this is the book for you. If you want a fairytale about Britain being the greatest country on earth, try one of Jeremy Clarkson's books instead. 2012-07-15 180 26140
Handcrafting Artisan Shampoo Bars From Your Kitchen Handcrafting Artisan Shampoo Bars From Your Kitchen 4.5 stars / 29 reviews Handcrafting Artisan Solid Shampoo Bars From Your Kitchen Are you ready to dump those commercial shampoos you've been using? Have you tried just about every shampoo and conditioner combination there is, without really liking any of them? Don't you wonder what's in those things anyhow? And they all cost so much too. End all that today with a completely different approach, the all natural solid shampoo bar approach. Meet Alan Bullington. He has been in the natural products business for many years. His latest book Handcrafting Artisan Shampoo Bars From Your Kitchen shows you one way to get rid of commercial shampoo once and for all. That's likely something you want to do right now, once you realize what's in those bottles. No Poo Shampoo? The no shampoo method of hair care is all the rage right now and for good reason. This book, written by author Alan Bullington, presents a plan for switching to a no-shampoo alternative: handmade solid shampoo bars. Once seen as a convenient way to carry shampoo while traveling, artisan bar shampoo is actually an important way to go no-poo and still keep your hair and scalp looking and feeling clean and healthy. Producing these shampoo bars is a lot like making cold process bar soap, with some important differences. Bullington and his family have produced and sold many thousands ofbars of premium soap and luxury shampoo bars, so this information results from much experience. Shampoo Bar Making Instructions It's easy, with the instructions in this book, to learn how to use the very best ingredients to craft your own line of premium shampoo alternatives and get rid of the weird chemicals. The time is right to move to more natural hair treatments for hair care! With the instructions and already-formulated recipes you get in this book, you can learn how to make shampoo bars using these recipes: Lemongrass Bergamot Shampoo Bars Two Bee Shampoo Bar Recipe Lavender Ylang Avocado Solid Shampoo Recipe Tall Sunflower Shampoo Bars Tangerine-Spearmint Luxury Solid Shampoo Herbal Shampoo Bar What's more, you can customize these proven shampoo bar recipes to make products tailored to your own personal likes. Add your own unique scents and oils. It's easy and it's fun! The tools required to learn this craft are mostly simple kitchen tools that you probably already have right now, with the possible exception of an inexpensive scale. Also, the premium shampoo recipes are made with easily obtained oils, combined with other easy-to-order materials. Everything required is simple to get. What are you waiting for? Gain freedom from mainstream shampoo. Craft your own solid shampoo bars! Using these easy to make bars is one way to get yourself a better feeling hair and scalp. Scroll to the top of the page and click on the "Buy" button. 2014-01-18 89 15565
Ride the White Horse:  A Checkered Jockey's Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption Ride the White Horse: A Checkered Jockey's Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption 4.7 stars / 23 reviews “I’ve experienced racing from the hooves up, rage from the inside out and redemption from heaven down,” says author Eddie Donnally, an ordained minister, endorsed chaplain and the only former jockey to win an Eclipse Award for Outstanding Newspaper Writing. An electric jockey with a juice machine, he rode on racing’s undercard, lived inside its underbelly and became a part of its underworld. From constant bulimia, broken bones and betrayal of Boston’s infamous Winter Hill Gang, he depicts an unseen side of Thoroughbred racing. Yet the five tons of his sweat that disappeared down “hot box” drains was nothing compared to his struggles with sibling sexual trauma, same-sex promiscuity and an addiction to crack cocaine that in seven months took him from sports writing and TV show hosting to grooming horses on a track’s backstretch. “I still dream of having a racehorse between my knees and love the people in horse racing.” he says. “But it was time to tell my truth about it. Seconds after a race fixing gangster slugged me, a pro hit man told me that he planned to kill me and put my naked body on Boston’s Suffolk Downs backstretch as a warning to other jockeys.” Starting in 1962, he rode for 19-years in some 10,000 races, winning over 1,000. Arrested for Sports Bribery in 1979 for a fixed race he won in 1974, he was forced to fend off the FBI who pressured him to collaborate their star witness’s testimony, as well as Boston's Winter Hill Gang members who would kill him if he did. Still, in 1980 he became a track publicity director and for seven years wrote horse racing for the Dallas Morning News. But a suicide attempt, a bipolar diagnosis and stays in two psyche wards were brief stops on a journey of self destruction that eventually landed him in jail. After God’s Shekinah Glory lit up his holding cell in 1996, he moved to the Los Angeles Dream Center, the former Queen of Angels Hospital turned city of refugee for the homeless and hopeless. Less than five years after leaving jail, he became a licensed Foursquare Minister and then Development Director for Race Track Chaplaincy of America, which places chaplains at horse tracks. In 2009 he returned to seminary, earned a Doctorate of Ministry and after a 16-month hospital residency works as a chaplain at a hospice and two hospitals near Clearwater, FL where he lives with his wife Sandi. “As a jockey, I used highly illegal, hand-held electrical prods on horses in races. I threw up ten times a day to make weight, sweated off tons and broke 13 bones. I acted out as a bisexual, manic depressive, crack cocaine addicted sportswriter. Even today when I read what I wrote about the literally insane life I lived, the same old shivers ripple up my spine. Only though a series of God’s miracles am I’m still alive to tell it at all." "I rode Revelation’s pale horse from hell and one day I’ll ride across heaven following Jesus on Revelation’s other white horse.” In conjunction with the book, he is writing a blog, "Recovery in Racing," which profiles horse racing's best known members of its recovering community. Check out the book's website, Contact him at Ridethewhitehorse1@gmail. com 2013-12-09 340 36213
Everyone Said I Should Write Another Book: More Travels and Adventures of A Sailor and Explorer (Everyone Said...) Everyone Said I Should Write Another Book: More Travels and Adventures of A Sailor and Explorer (Everyone Said...) 4.6 stars / 22 reviews Following the success and acclaim of his first book, Jon is back with more true life adventures of a well-lived, vivid and sometimes precarious life."Jon's stories are wonderful. I would liken them to Jack Kerouac's, in that his stories make me want to seek adventure, damn the danger!" one reviewer wrote.Venture with him (and his wife) as he runs from angry, wild monkeys on an island off Panama. Get locked up in jail in Iran! Experience the magic of carnival in Brazil and an encounter with Jimmy Buffett in the Caribbean. Defend yourself from a deranged crewman with a knife aboard a sailboat delivery hundreds of miles out in the ocean...These real life adventures and more will keep you captivated and turning the thousands have done with his first book. 2013-05-21 212 346432
10,000 Steps Blueprint - The Daily Walking Habit for Healthy Weight Loss and Lifelong Fitness 10,000 Steps Blueprint - The Daily Walking Habit for Healthy Weight Loss and Lifelong Fitness 4.3 stars / 23 reviews LEARN:: How to Walk 10,000 Steps Daily and Experience Healthy Weight LossAre you tired of fad diets and exercise plans? Many people want a program that fits into a normal lifestyle, but don't know what's right for them. Unfortunately most programs ask you to do one of two things: 1) Follow a restrictive diet that can't be maintained 2) Complete a "bootcamp" course that requires HOURS of your free time. A simpler solution is to create a "10,000 Steps Habit" , which can fit into any busy schedule. Why the 10,000 Steps Habit?Many people wonder about the benefits of walking 10,000 steps a day. What this habit gives you is a routine that improves your health and well-being. Furthermore, you'll do a simple exercise that can improve your social life and romantic relationships. Not only will you do something that's fun, you'll also lose weight in healthy manner. In the book "10,000 Steps Blueprint" you’ll discover a blueprint for developing the walking habit. You'll find that it works best when it becomes part of your lifestyle. It's not a "here today, gone tomorrow" fad. It's not a temporary fix. Done correctly, it's a permanent change that can be a cornerstone of a healthier, fitter and happier existence.DOWNLOAD:: 10,000 Steps Blueprint - The Daily Walking Habit for Healthy Weight Loss and Lifelong Fitness"10,000 Steps Blueprint" contains a step-by-step plan for developing the walking habit.Here is a brief overview of what's covered:The Origin of the 10,000 Steps HabitHow Far Is 10,000 Steps?13 Health Benefits of Step Walking4 Walking Items You'll Need to Get StartedHow to Create a Walking Plan that Actually Works16 Shortcuts to "Pad" Your Daily Step CountHow to Create Warm Up and Cool Down Routines6 Obstacles That can Derail a Walking Habit (and Their Solutions)Power Walking: How to Turn 10,000 Steps into a Dynamic ActivityThe Importance of Injury PreventionYou can create a powerful walking. All you need is a strategy for getting started. Would You Like To Know More?Download now and start walking today.Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button. 2013-12-14 70 1212
Homemade Cookies Recipes for Beginners: Secrets Homemade Cookies Recipes for Beginners: Secrets "55" Cookies for Chocolate Chip, Cake Mix Chocolate, Mexican Wedding, Shortbread, Gingerbread, Lemon, Fortune, ... Vegan, Apple, Red Velvet, Monster Recipes 4.4 stars / 22 reviews **** Chritmas Days Offer--- Only for few days****How Easily Make Your Own Homemade Cookies?, My 14 Year Old Brother Can Cook it Without any Cooking Experience!! ------You Can Too!!! Baking cookies is not just beneficial for the tummy; it is also a great time to bond with your kids and family. So, why don’t you discover the wonderful world of cookies that await you this year? By flipping the pages of this book or by simply scrolling down, you will know the best baking ideas that will make your baking moments fun and unforgettable. Book Inside: Top Delicious Cookies Recipes:•Homemade Cookies Recipes •Best Peanut Butter Cookies Recipes •Oatmeal Raisin Cookies •Easy Homemade Sugar Cookies •Ultimate Cake Mix Cookies •Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies•Mexican Wedding Cookies•Best and Easy Shortbread Cookies •Easy Gingerbread Cookies •Easy Lemon Cookies •Best Fortune Cookies •Vegan Cookies •Delicious Apple Cookies •Red Velvet Cookies •Easy Homemade Healthy Cookies for Kids •Monster Cookies •Easy to Made Banana Cookies •Christmas Cookies Recipes •Cookies Decorating Idea This book is delivered instantly to your Kindle or other Reading Device after you click "Buy"*If you don't have Kindle you can still read this book on Your Web Browser using Amazon free cloud reader .*The free Kindle app lets you read this Kindle book on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch - no Kindle required. 2013-12-22 113 472298
Soups! Weight Loss Miracle in a Bowl: Low Fat, Healthy Soups Recipes for Balanced Weight Loss Diet Plan (Diet Recipe Books - Healthy Cooking for Healthy Living Book 2) Soups! Weight Loss Miracle in a Bowl: Low Fat, Healthy Soups Recipes for Balanced Weight Loss Diet Plan (Diet Recipe Books - Healthy Cooking for Healthy Living Book 2) 4.6 stars / 21 reviews Julia Cussler is pleased to introduce her new book “Soups! Weight Loss Miracle in a Bowl: Low Fat, Healthy Soups Recipes for Balanced Weight Loss Diet Plan” that belongs to the series “Diet Recipe Books – Healthy Cooking for Healthy Living” This is a great collection of healthy soup recipes recommended for balanced weight loss dieting.Soup does have the power to improve your overall health and boost your weight loss efforts, but there are many myths floating around the Internet that will lead you in the wrong direction. If you want to get the most out of soup and learn how to make low fat soups that fit your healthy diet, you need to bust some myths and learn the facts about this nutritious food option. Take a look on what is inside:-Secrets of Fighting Fat with Delicious Soups-What is Behind the “Cabbage Soup Diet”-Tremendous Health Benefits of Soup-How to Create the Healthy Diet Plan-Handy Tips to Make Soup Work for Your Weight Loss Diet-Inspired Collection of Low Fat Soup Recipes for Balanced and Healthy Weight Loss Diet-Healthy Cooking for Healthy LivingSoup, if you use it right, will help you to stay healthy, nourish your body, increase your energy levels, and help your body thrive and heal. Soup is an amazing resource for those who are focused on healthy living! 2014-02-14 87 65183
Fat Loss Made Simple: How to Eliminate Body Fat in 5 Simple Steps (Tips from the Trainer, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness) Fat Loss Made Simple: How to Eliminate Body Fat in 5 Simple Steps (Tips from the Trainer, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness) 4.9 stars / 17 reviews The Ultimate Body Fat Elimination Guide!Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly pricedat $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.You’re about to uncover the secrets behind eliminating body fat for good. Fat Loss Made Simple is a cutting-edge, simple to understand guidebook that describes exactly how to lose fat in the most efficient manner.Hello, my name is Ken Melendez and I am a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. Are you tired of carrying extra weight around? Do you look at yourself in the mirror each morning and sigh? Well, not for much longer. In Fat Loss Made Simple, I lay everything out on the table regarding what it takes to eliminate unwanted body fat. By the time you are done reading this book, you will be fully equipped to take massive action towards a slimmer, happier you! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Developing Good Habits for Long-Term Results How to Create a Metabolic Explosion! The What, When, and How of Nutrition The Importance of Accountability How to Never Give Up on Yourself Bonus: Fitness Myths Exposed! Much, much more!The information provided in this book is easily worth $4.99. Take action and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! You deserve to experience the joy and happiness that results from eliminating body fat for life!Download your copy today!Tags: fat loss, fat, weight loss, lose weight, exercise, health and fitness, health and wellness, wellness, health, fitness, diet, nutrition, workout, work out, gym, health psychology, lean muscle, muscle, health and dieting, health and diet, diet and weight loss, diet books, health books for kindle, weight loss books for kindle, weight loss for women, weight loss for men, weight loss motivation, wellness coaching, wellness books, fat loss books, weight loss books, eating healthy, healthy living, healthy diet, diet books for kindle, diet and weight loss, healthy eating, endurance, motivation, body fat, fat loss books, lose weight fast, lose weight and gain muscle, fat loss motivation, exercise and fitness, fitness and exercise, exercise books, exercise for weight loss, muscle and fitness, fitness and muscle, lose belly fat, fat. 2013-09-22 36 494722
Dragons of China Picture Book: Dragon Pictures and an introduction to Chinese Dragons for children (Chinese culture for kids Book 1) Dragons of China Picture Book: Dragon Pictures and an introduction to Chinese Dragons for children (Chinese culture for kids Book 1) 5.0 stars / 16 reviews Dragons of China Picture Book , a children's book about dragons, is a fascinating window into the world of dragons in Chinese and other Asian cultures with beautiful images and insightful descriptions. Written by Christina Huo, "Dragons of China Picture Book" is the first in her "Chinese Culture for Kids" series for children of all ages.Christina Huo grew up in China and now lives with her husband and daughter in England. What began as a creative way of introducing her daughter to Chinese culture has now become a series of picture books to introduce other children to the many wonders of China. Inside "DRAGONS OF CHINA PICTURE BOOK":What do dragons look like?Dragons and EmperorsDragon Kings and SubjectsDragon ChildrenIs the Dragon only an imaginary creature?Dragons in Chinese Festivals - Dragon Boat FestivalAn excellent start to Christina Huo's Chinese Culture for Kids series, full of incredible dragon pictures.For news of upcoming releases in the series visit 2014-06-26 36 177151
JUICING FOR BEGINNERS: Learn to Juice for Weight Loss, Detox, and Increased Energy (Juicing Recipes, Tips, and Tactics to Revitalize your Life) JUICING FOR BEGINNERS: Learn to Juice for Weight Loss, Detox, and Increased Energy (Juicing Recipes, Tips, and Tactics to Revitalize your Life) 4.7 stars / 17 reviews Your Essential Juicing for Beginners Guide - Are you tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle? - Are processed foods making you overweight and sick? - Do you want to reverse years of abuse your body has taken?If so then YOU NEED THIS BOOK! The benefits it juicing fresh fruits and vegetables are endless. Juicing has literally helped transform and save millions of peoples lives around the world. This book is a great guide for any beginner looking to reap the rewards of starting a healthy juicing routine. You may not know now but as you read on, you will find out exactly how Juicing for Beginners can help completely detox, transform, and improve your health today! * * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! 50% OFF! (Regular $5.99) * * *Dear Reader,Have you always wonder what juicing vegetables and fruits will do to improve your daily life?Do you want to learn how to do it?THE FACT IS: Everyone wants to get healthy, and people are willing to try a number of different techniques in order to try and do so. One popular activity that has caught the attention of a number of people from around the world is juicing.Learning how to juice fruits and vegetables has changed and saved millions of lives around the world! We all want to be healthy, fit and a long life. Naturally, if you are a beginner then you need to learn all the intricacies of juicing. Juicing for Beginners (A Preview)* Why is Juicing a Good Idea? - Juicing is a great idea! We know that you would have never picked up this book unless you thought it was a topic of interest for you. So, we’re going to start off this eBook by telling you how good of a decision it is for you to start juicing, and how much it’s going to help you with all of your health and wellness goals.* Why Has Juicing Become Popular? - Juicing has ended up so prominent that even Starbucks is offering new juices. The juice rage is substantially more than simply a craze. Drinking juice on a regular basis helps to enhance your health in huge ways. * What Do I Need for Juicing? - There are various distinctive things that you require with a specific end goal to make juices. Numerous individuals simply expect that you require a juicer, yet that isn’t really what you should be considering. * Tips on Juicing - So, now that you know the tools of the trade, you’re better prepared when it comes to actually getting down to juicing. There are number of great tips that you can follow to make sure that you get everything that you need from the juices you’re making; let’s take a look at some of the most important ones that you need to remember.* Commonly Used Fruits and Vegetables for Juicing - If you are wondering what types of fruits and vegetables you can use for juicing, the answer is fairly simple: pretty much all of them. * 15 Recipes for Juicing - Here are 15 AMAZING recipes that you can try and get started with. Your Success Story is just a click away…..Simply scroll up and click the BUY button to instantly downloadJuicing for Beginners - Learn to Juice for Weight Loss, Detox, and Increased Energy Tags: juicing, juicing recipes, juicing for weight loss, juicing books, juicing for health, juicing diet, juicing for life, juicing for weight loss, juicing for beginners, beginners, detox, wheat grass, fruit, vegetables 2014-03-27 31 302319
Juicing Recipes: 100+ Delicious And Nutritious Green Juicing Recipes That Trim And Slim Juicing Recipes: 100+ Delicious And Nutritious Green Juicing Recipes That Trim And Slim 4.6 stars / 17 reviews Take Your Journey to Amazing Health to New Heights with this Fantastic Collection of 100 Green Juice Recipes That Trim and Slim! Are you ready to incorporate more healthy vegetables and fruits into your diet, but not quite prepared to chew your way through endless plates of fiber-filled produce? Discover how getting the best nutrition possible can be delicious, simple, and incredibly quick, all with the help of a basic juicer and this fresh batch of 100 mouthwatering, nutrition infused recipes. Start Reaping Healthy Rewards from the Start! In each section of this easy-to-follow book, you’ll find specific recipes broken into ten different categories addressing many daily challenges most of us face on a consistent basis. Dealing with mental fog or feelings of fatigue? Liz Swann has you covered. No matter who you are or what challenges you’re facing, you’ll find easy solutions within these information-packed pages. Here Are Just A Few Of The Amazing Benefits You'll Recieve From Drinking The Juices Inside... Safe and natural weight loss , no gimmicks required. By eliminating processed foods and hidden sugars, and by feeding the body at a cellular level, you eliminate sugar cravings and lose unwanted pounds and inches fast. Detoxification the natural way to ensure your body sheds the pollutants that accumulate in its systems from simple exposure to the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the many unhealthy foods most of us consume. Managing stress by feeding the body proper ly , from the cells outward. Without proper nutrition, the toxic effects of stress and anxiety increase, completely throwing the mind and body out of balance. An entire section of recipes is dedicated to helping you erase stress without dangerous drugs. Improving your mood, even when you are feeling sad, lonely, bored, or depressed. Whether you suffer from insomnia, inability to concentrate, or a general feeling of malaise, you’ll discover the uplifting power balanced green juices have to provide an instant boost. Taking athletic performance to the next level , or just increasing physical and mental stamina with green juices designed to provide lasting energy. Ditch the caffeine if you like – with these green juice recipes, you’ll discover you crave it much less – or perhaps not at all. Improving your looks from the inside out , all with the help of delicious green juices designed to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. And much, much more! Join Liz and reap the benefits of over ten years of juicing experience as she shares the secrets to preparing 100 mouthwatering green juicing recipes. They’re foolproof, packed with nutrition, easy on your budget, and even family friendly. Best of all, they’re super easy to make, even if you’re completely new to juicing. Ready to feel amazing? Then scroll to the top of this page and pick up your copy today! 2013-11-27 112 72066
Michael Jackson: The Truth Behind the King of Pop's Adventurous Life Journey (Famous Biographies) Michael Jackson: The Truth Behind the King of Pop's Adventurous Life Journey (Famous Biographies) 4.4 stars / 17 reviews The King of Pop is Back in Action! Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to discover priceless information about the life of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop! He received that prestigious title because of the incredible artist he was and the success that he achieved during his adventurous life. This book takes you on a breath-taking journey through the life of Michael Jackson and how exactly he became the legend people know him as today. Many do not see Michael in the proper light and therefore have a negative view of him. This book proves that he was indeed a great person who cared about the well-being of the entire world! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Grieving His Death Beginning His Adventurous Journey Coming into His Own Negative Media Attention The King's Legacy Ending His Adventurous Journey Much, much more! The information provided in this book is easily worth $4.99. Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! Download your copy today! Tags: michael, jackson, michael jackson, michael biography, jackson biography, biography, jackson 5, janet jackson, truth, king of pop, musician, dancer, dance, artist, thriller, bad, this is it, dangerous, smooth criminal, music, musician, star. 2013-09-10 21 71503
The Honest Guide to Stock Trading: Make Market-Beating Returns. Achieve Long-Term Wealth. The Honest Guide to Stock Trading: Make Market-Beating Returns. Achieve Long-Term Wealth. 4.8 stars / 15 reviews Are you tired of trading books that are nothing more than a sales pitch? Written by a real trader who publishes his trade ideas live and has nothing further to sell – ”The Honest Guide to Stock Trading” shares the exact trading strategy rules and money management systems that have a proven track-record of making market-beating returns.This book is not about day-trading, it is not the ‘holy grail’ and it’s not going to make you a millionaire overnight. But if you follow the author’s exact rules and trading psychology tips, you’ll learn how to manage your trading account like a true professional. Download your copy today and discover…• How to successfully trade stocks, forex, ETFs, commodities and bonds. • How to calculate your position size for each trade. • When to enter and exit positions. • Where to put your stop-losses and profit targets. • How to cut your losing trades quickly and let your winning trades run. • How to find the most promising markets to trade in less than 20 minutes each evening. • How to combine fundamental and technical analysis to find the strongest stocks from the strongest industries. • How to find penny stocks that could make triple-digit returns, without day-trading or taking unnecessary risks. • How to define bull markets and bear markets using simple tools. • How to use correlation analysis to improve your diversification and profits, while simultaneously reducing your risk. • How to overcome the psychological barriers that prevent the majority of traders from ever making a dime. • And much more.Whether you simply want to make a decent second income while you’re at work or whether you want to ditch the shirt and tie and become a full-time trader, “The Honest Guide to Stock Trading” is a genuine account of what it will take to achieve your goal. Buy Your Copy Today and Receive 100% Free Access to The Accompanying Video Series and Exclusive Downloadable Content. 2014-03-03 210 9513
Being Without Protection (The Bridge of Consciousness) Being Without Protection (The Bridge of Consciousness) 5.0 stars / 14 reviews When we enter this world we forget that we are spirit, that we are non-physical, that we are one. We forget that we are safe and that we are eternal. Fear is a unique quality of this world and as with all reality it is a mirror of our being. It is through this loss of knowingness that we can come to fear what surrounds us. To fear what we do not know is to enter an experience where we come to protect ourselves, and from that protection a strong sense of identity arises. We become identified with the mechanisms through which we protect ourselves; we become identified with our fears. To face your fear is to put those protections down, understanding that they have served us all beautifully in our exploration of individuality. To put down your protection is to touch your fear. It is to put down the fig leaf. It is to expose your most intimate self. It is powerful. It is powerful because it is freedom. Let Story Waters take you on a journey into the realization of the power of the choice of your focus, how you are a vessel of reality, how reality is a mirror, how to release fear and judgment, how judgment and perception are linked, how perception creates your reality, how to enter the knowing that you are safe, and how to fall in love with your Self, this world, and this life. "Within you is an even wider level of consciousness than your spirit; a level of planetary or collective consciousness. It is within you in every moment; it is within you in this moment. The whole world is within what you are. When you look outwards into the world you are equally looking inwards at what you are. This is the deeper realization of the world being a mirror of Self. It is only judgment of the world that makes you fear the idea of it being a reflection of you; cease to judge the world and you are free to experience it clearly; only when you cease to judge will you see through the illusion of separation and open yourself to the multi-dimensional perspective of All That You Are." – from Being Without Protection by Story Waters. To be without protection is to know you are safe, that you are the creator of your reality, and that you are free. Don’t miss this amazing journey into self-empowerment and freedom consciousness. 2010-11-30 26 54800
Legend of Herobrine: The Red Dragon: Myth or Reality? (Herobrine Series Book 1) Legend of Herobrine: The Red Dragon: Myth or Reality? (Herobrine Series Book 1) 4.6 stars / 15 reviews The Secret War of the Red Dragon...The young warrior Steve sets out on a quest, racing against time and the vengeful Herobrine, to collect a set of seven magical Experience Orbs that will grant their wielder Unlimited power . And Steve's quest is to obtain the mystical Orbs before Herobrine does.They go on a journey to find these magical orbs scattered around the various biomes and dimensions... an exciting journey awaits them with traps, dangers lurking in every corner and plenty of hostile mobs...Click to Look Inside! Read about the Ancient Prophecy...Minecraft Books 2014-06-20 37 54933
Cloudman, Surviving Stage IV Cancer: A New Beginning Cloudman, Surviving Stage IV Cancer: A New Beginning 4.8 stars / 14 reviews Cloudman is the story of an artist who films clouds for a living. Suddenly told he had 2 months to live, after being diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer, Peyton tells a surprising narrative of survival, illustrated with his aerial photography. The author carries us along on his emotional whirlwind while traveling the globe and raising a son. Although his journey is personal, the lessons are universal and apply to anyone confronting a crisis. 2012-06-13 130 155893
One Small Sacrifice: A Memoir (Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects) One Small Sacrifice: A Memoir (Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects) 4.8 stars / 14 reviews Award-winning Native American journalist Trace A. DeMeyer has published her updated memoir One Small Sacrifice: A Memoir (Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects), an expos on generations of American Indian children adopted by non-Indian families. Known for her exceptional print interviews with famous Native Americans such as Leonard Peltier, John Trudell and Floyd Red Crow Westerman, DeMeyer started research on adoptees in 2004, which lead to this fact-filled biography that includes congressional testimony, evidence of Indian Adoption Projects and how the Indian Child Welfare Act came to exist. Her long journey to find and meet her father and other relatives offers the reader a glimpse into the struggle of an adoptee and how to never give up hope. 2013-11-25 284 49880
THE GREEN JUICE DETOX DIET. THE GREEN JUICE DETOX DIET. "Detox Your Body Then Diet Your Way to Vitality, Health And Fast Weight loss..." 4.3 stars / 15 reviews Amazon kindles Amazing New Author: Oliver Michael's delivers The Green Juice detox diet. Oliver’s book is a major benefit if you want to vastly improve your health, feel vibrant, gain energy.......and on top of this achieve FAST & HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS! Getting the very best from your new Best Juicer.Oliver shares with you his issues and overcoming various health and digestion conditions since juicing. You discover how the green juice detox diet aids your digestion, alleviates-heals common stomach issues and targets many other digestion discomforts...... Plus so much more.The Author describes the Juice diet as “the most amazing nutritional healthy diet and fast healing plan for your whole body, The Juices heal your body from the inside… ” The Green ‘Juice’ Detox diet. .The juice recipes get live nutrients, vitamins and minerals directly into your liver, then into your blood stream immediately providing an amazing healing and fat melting effect on your whole body.People who have already bought Oliver’s new book ‘THE GREEN 'JUICE' DETOX DIET’ had this to say.. “An amazing enlightenment and extensive education of our amazing bodies and how to care for them. this book provides great juicing for amazing weight loss results …I bought the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Nutri Juicer Plus, 1300 Watt by Sage” SB. UK “I loved the section on refined sugar, just reading this piece alone has improved my diet and my health massively .THANK YOU… I Love the juice detox diet recipes very tasty and easy to make... Worth every penny thank you. I bought the Andrew James Pro Power Juicer Red...” GE. UK ‘THE GREEN 'JUICE' DETOX DIET’ Learn the real benefits and healing advantages of each and every fruit, vegetable and the herbs used in your detox diet, also, Oliver shows you how to modify your detox diet juices to benefit your individual dietary needs and tastes. Learn that the juicing detox diet is NOT about starving your body but in fact the opposite, the juice diet involves an over indulgence of your body’s needs. The juice targets those hard to lose weight areas by improving digestion, metabolism, renewing cells, tissue and melting unwanted fat in those hard to lose areas.If your serious about getting healthy and want an amazing tasty food alternative to traditional diet plans, then introduce yourself,..... NO...!!. TREAT yourself to the new THE GREEN JUICER DETOX DIET for 2013! Now Scroll up and click the Buy Now Button we will then deliver your ebook within seconds. DON’T have a kindle e-reader..? NO Problem.. You can simply download this book onto your COMPUTER, LAPTOP, iPad, TABLET or SMART PHONE, then start reading with one easy click and the free kindle app Oliver Michael's 2013-11-07 96 186219
#Betrayal: A nuclear fiction novel of survival #Betrayal: A nuclear fiction novel of survival 4.5 stars / 13 reviews “#Betrayal” starts several years after “ The Nuclear Catastrophe”, (a fiction novel of survival). The United Nations decrees that an independent team will be sent to Japan to evaluate the ongoing situation in Fukushima. The nuclear power plant accident is over two years old and threatens the world. Bryce Anderson's company in southern California is selected. He finds that he is not welcomed with open arms by the country of Japan. In fact, someone seems to be trying to murder him. Sara and her new husband have moved to Northern California since their previous experience with the San Mirado nuclear catastrophe. Sara is ill with a brain tumor and cannot believe that this Japan nuclear disaster has now occurred. She is part of a woman's charity group raising money to send to the Children's Charity in Japan benefiting nuclear victims. Over in Japan, Fuji, a nuclear plant worker, and Mr. Nouchi, a farmer, and their families in Japan have become nuclear refugees, abandoned and ignored. John Taguchi works for the Los Angeles Times and gathers the stories of these forgotten people. The Yakuza, also known as Japanese mafia, have money invested in the now ruined nuclear plants. They are making demands and threats. Mr. Tan Tanaka, Japanese Minister of Public Affairs, is pulled in many directions as he tries to satisfy everyone. Their lives all intertwine in this tale of betrayal. Lies, murder, greed, and power. Whom should you trust?This novel has won an award for 'Best First Chapter' from UP Authors 2014-03-09 289 208887
Open Your Hymnal . . . Again - Christian Hymns & Spiritual Devotions That Harmonize Scripture with Song: Christian Devotionals for Women and Men (A Christian Devotions Ministries Resource Book 2) Open Your Hymnal . . . Again - Christian Hymns & Spiritual Devotions That Harmonize Scripture with Song: Christian Devotionals for Women and Men (A Christian Devotions Ministries Resource Book 2) 4.8 stars / 12 reviews Do you ever catch yourself singing a song in church without paying attention to the words? Open Your Hymnal, Again is another collection of hymnal devotions that transport the wisdom of classic hymns and gospel songs into the twenty-first century. Giving God glory, honor, and thanks nourishes our souls and invigorates our faith. For centuries hymn writers have exalted God's sovereignty and splendor in their lyrics. With biblical insights and practical applications, the 31 devotions in Open Your Hymnal Again use the worship models of hymns and gospel songs to awaken a fresh wonder for God in your heart. Open Your Hymnal Again and worship with me.Introduce yourself to the rich spiritual heritage that hymnals contain or gain a new perspective on songs you’ve sung since childhood. Whether you sing in the choir loft, the worship team, or the pew, the refreshing biblical insights in this book will enhance your appreciation of the words you sing every time you open a hymnal.If you buy a new print edition of this book (or purchased one in the past), you can buy the Kindle edition for only $0.99 (Save 67%). 2013-10-21 206 151843
Good Enough Parenting: Successful Sleep Solutions for Babies and Toddlers (A Simple Parent Guide for Newborn to Age 3) Good Enough Parenting: Successful Sleep Solutions for Babies and Toddlers (A Simple Parent Guide for Newborn to Age 3) 4.4 stars / 13 reviews New parents often measure their success as parents by how well their babies sleep. Some have it easy and find that their children sleep easily through the night, but for most parents sleep is something they want more of!There are many books, formulas and methods available today that promise unfailing results if parents only follow the prescriptions exactly. Some of the methods described in books are downright scary and harmful to the parent-child relationship, while other methods require parents to be so available at night for their children’s needs that they never get a chance to look after their own needs.In Good Enough Parenting: Successful Sleep Solutions for Babies and Toddlers, Lisl Fair encourages parents to find gentle sleep solutions that work in their homes. She encourages parents to be sensitive to the bond between parents and children when deciding about sleep solutions and suggests practical ways in which to create sleep solutions that work for everyone in the household. Referencing studies from various books and real-life examples, she helps parents to strike a balance between their children's night time needs and their own, resulting in everyone getting a good night’s sleep.Lisl advocates and provides a framework from which parents can make informed decisions about nurturing and gentle sleep solutions that fit their own parenting goals and needs.This guide book is for parents who find prescriptive discipline methods limiting and want to learn more about adopting the best baby and toddler sleep advice based on their own household situation and beliefs.Get a copy of Good Enough Parenting: Successful Sleep Solutions for Babies and Toddlers now. Stop the cycle of exhaustion and start adopting night-time solutions that benefit the whole family today! 2014-02-20 144 228596
101 Juicing Recipes: The Complete Nutrition Rich Green Vegetables and Fruits Juice Recipes for Weight Loss and Healthy Living 101 Juicing Recipes: The Complete Nutrition Rich Green Vegetables and Fruits Juice Recipes for Weight Loss and Healthy Living 4.7 stars / 12 reviews Juicing and Weight Loss: A Natural Way to Transform Your Body!!How to apply Juice Fasting Program to lose 7 lbs in 7 days with these Nutritious Rich Juice Recipes.The juice fasting plan is a fresh fruit and veggie detox that gives the digestive system a much needed break. High vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutritional elements are the key to getting rid of built up toxins and loss of unwanted weight gain.The Modern World Is Filled With Stressors And Pollutants That Can Be Effectively Eliminated With Fresh Juice. A Beloved Childhood Snack, Juice Is An On The Go Option That Advances Skin And Organ Health Through Adulthood.Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Juicing Help You to Transform Your Body For: * Energy enhancement from oxygen rich chlorophyll. * Blood detox heals the body by eliminating impurities. * The immune system is strengthened so that chronic diseases linked to cancer and arterial malfunction are mitigated. * Weight loss is precipitated with juice enzymes. * Hair, skin, and nails sustain growth, extending their appearance, and controlling them from premature aging. * Mental acuity in concentration, memory, and precision are improved with juice. * Increased muscle and joint flexibility. * Deal with Insomnia and other sleeping disorder with Juicing.Also, You will Discover: * How A Cleanse and Detox Program must be Successful: Ultimate Tips? * Role of Juices to fight back with cancer!! * How Your Kidney/Liver Function will be to Improved by Juicing?More than "101" Delicious Vegetables and Fruits Juicing Recipes for: * Weight loss and Fasting * Cleanse and Detox * Immune Boosting * Wrinkle Reducing * Colon Cleanse * Prevent & Fight for Cancer, Diabetes * Increases your Kidney Function * Muscles Soothing and calming * Memory Boosting * Your Kids * Mental Acuity * And MoreWould You Like To Know More?-Download and Boost Your Stamina & Transform Your Body forever ---"Today".-Scroll to the Top of the Page and Select the "Buy" Button. 2014-01-18 153 47863
Weight Loss Nutrition: Improve Your Health by Eating Fats - Lose Weight and Improve Your Health by Eating Fats in Your Diet (Improve Your Health, Weight ... Weight Loss Motivation, Fat Burning Food) Weight Loss Nutrition: Improve Your Health by Eating Fats - Lose Weight and Improve Your Health by Eating Fats in Your Diet (Improve Your Health, Weight ... Weight Loss Motivation, Fat Burning Food) 5.0 stars / 10 reviews Learn How to Improve Your Health and Lose Weight By Eating More Fats in Your Diet!!!Get this Amazon e-book today and start learning how to improve your health by eating FAT. Read on your PC, Mac, Smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.You’re about to discover how to improve your overall health and begin to lose weight by eating more fats in your daily diet. Many people continue to believe that fat causes health problems, weight gain, and diseases. This book will showcase all the numerous benefits that come along with eating fat and how your can use it to your advantage.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...The Basic Facts About Fat Saturated Fats vs Unsaturated Fats The Dangers of a Low Fat Diet The Health Benefits of Fats Eat Fats Lose Weight Guidelines On How To Eat Fats and Lose Weight Why Fats are Important To Overall Health Much, much more!Take Action and Download Your Copy Today!Tags:Improve your health, fat loss, fat loss fast, lose weight, eat fats, healthy fats, fat in your diet, saturated fats, monounsaturated Fats, polyunsaturated fats, omega-3’s, omega-6’s, omega-9’s, trans fats, high fat diet, dangers of low fat diets, facts about fat. 2014-02-03 33 393005
Valor's Measure: Based on the heroic Civil War career of Joshua L. Chamberlain Valor's Measure: Based on the heroic Civil War career of Joshua L. Chamberlain 4.5 stars / 11 reviews This is the story of one of America's truest heroes. From his legendary bayonet charge down the slopes of Little Round Top hill during the Battle of Gettysburg, to the startling calling of Union troops to salute as the defeated Confederate Army surrendered to him at Appomattox, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain redefined the scale of greatness in this country. Wounded six times in battle, twice assumed to be a fatality, the volunteer officer from Maine continued to lead gallantly until the final shot was fired during the Civil War. Valor's Measure tells the death-defying tale of this Medal of Honor hero and captures his spirit as no autobiography can. 2014-02-15 224 101920
Maya & Filippo Look for Whales Maya & Filippo Look for Whales 4.9 stars / 10 reviews This book will encourage children to travel, discover new things, and be adventurous. Rating: 5.0 stars from Readers’ Favorite Reviews.Embark on an exciting adventure with Maya and Filippo as they travel around the globe on board the Fun Princess, a cruise ship full of surprises. Discover their fascinating ports of call, join them in activities at sea and explore the remarkable world they create for themselves through their thoughts and feelings.Maya and Filippo visit Ketchikan in Alaska. They go to the Totem Pole Park and learn about the Salmon Chief. They explore Creek Street and watch salmon run upstream. But all Maya wants is to see a whale. The kids find an unusual way to try to make her dream come true. But will it work?Five Star Reviews From "Readers’ Favorite"Maya and Filippo Look for Whales is another amazing story in the adventures of Maya and Filippo and once again Alinka Rutkowska delivers another incredible book for kids that is both fun to read and very educational. The vivid illustrations will keep kids focused while he/she reads the story and takes in the message at the centre of it all. The writing style is very simple and child-friendly, and the story is very interesting, as are all the previous stories in the Maya and Filippo series. It is an easy and fun way to teach your kid about important values and qualities. Alinka Rutkowska’s incredible writing skills come out in the way the book teaches very important life values and lessons, but in a way that is very easy for the kids relate to and comprehend.Rating: 5.0 stars. Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ FavoriteReaders are told about the myths and stories surrounding totem poles in Alaska, which are informative and educational. The book, on the whole, is an educational trip. These kinds of story books will give children a lot of information about diverse topics. […] The joyful vibe that surrounds the story is good for children. I would recommend the book to be added to personal collections and also be kept in school libraries. Teachers can use it for read-aloud sessions in classrooms as it introduces a lot of new things to children. The fun of travelling and discovering new places is made even more interesting through this story.Rating: 5.0 stars. Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ FavoriteMaya & Filippo Look for Whales is a positive children’s book. It relates the travel experiences of the two main characters, thereby enticing readers to consider travelling to Alaska in the future. I love the colorful illustrations. It is evident that Miss Rutkowska loves to travel as well because everyone in the story is smiling. This attention to detail actually makes the book rather appealing to all readers. The theme is a simple one based on the joys of travel as a family affair. There is a moral embedded in the story. In essence, the pages reveal that if you maintain a positive outlook in life, your dreams may actually come true. According to Miss Rutkowska, Maya had a so-called “aha” moment and copied the actions of the fisherman that she heard about in the totem pole fable. This speaks volumes from a psychological standpoint because in these current harsh economic times, it is imperative to stay focused and maintain a positive outlook in life. I appreciate the fact that this simple children’s book contains this important value system for all readers to adopt in their daily lives. I highly recommend this book to all readers, especially those with small children who enjoy reading or listening to stories.Rating: 5.0 stars. Reviewed by Valerie Rouse for Readers’ Favorite 2014-04-10 211276
Diamonds and Devils Diamonds and Devils 4.3 stars / 11 reviews "Who did you come here to redeem?" ____ Roger Holt is an eight year old boy traveling through 1950's Texas in an old Chevy. He has whooping cough. Everything the family owns is in a one-wheeled trailer behind the car. Their gospel tent is destroyed, but redemption is safely housed in the resilience of a child. ______ Diamonds and Devils is a story of the life of Roger Holt who grew up as a gay boy with an Evangelical pastor father. When the elderly father shows up with Dementia at his grown son’s doorstep, there are shattering revelations. Will they create the final breach in the family, bring ultimate healing, or are some things never resolved? This book is essential for anyone who has had a troubling childhood, is gay or has gay friends or relatives, or is struggling with coming out. It is also a must read for anyone wanting to understand the implications of the Gay experience in America. Told with humor, sensitivity, and candor, it is a most intriguing story of human relationships and forgiveness. This may be the most compelling, heart warming story you will read about coming of age as Gay in America. 2012-05-26 170 1186584
FAITH AND COURAGE:A Novel Of Colonial America (Tapestry of Love Series Book 2) FAITH AND COURAGE:A Novel Of Colonial America (Tapestry of Love Series Book 2) 4.6 stars / 10 reviews After witnessing the execution of King Charles II, George Willson is forced to leave the woman he loves, flee to Virginia on a perilous voyage to live with his sister Mary and her new husband Ambrose Dixon. To avoid starvation, George must make a painful decisions for his survival while Mary tries to make a new life with a man she does not love. Ridden with guilt, George and Mary's life is further complicated when one they love is accused of witchcraft. Tormented by his past, George seeks to find purpose in his life when he, along with his sister Mary's family, becomes involved in the Quaker religion and suffer persecution for their beliefs. Based on actual court records and documents from 17th century Eastern Shore Virginia, previously unknown historical facts about America's founding fathers are revealed in this historical fiction novel. The author takes real people, facts, dates and places and creates a story about life as it might have happened on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Some of the characters based on actual residents of the Eastern Shore include Ambrose and Mary Dixon, Edmund Scarburgh, Stephen Horsey, the Custis family, Col. Norwood, Gov. Berkeley, Argoll Yeardley, Elizabeth Harris,Thomas Cottingham. the Assateague Indians and many other citizens of the Eastern Shore, Virginia. A helpful Appendix is included at the end of this well-researched novel to delineate fact from fiction. "Faith and Courage is written with the reader in mind........getting your attention and keeping it. A REAL page-turner and unpredictable love story." G. Farris"I learned many unknown facts about America's history from this should be required reading." C. Davidson "Beautiful, heart warming and unforgetable book. Knowing that 90% of the historic events are true makes this book even more enjoyable. " J. Shugart"A well structured story with many twists and turns...a gem of a book." J. ReynoldsAbout The AuthorDonna R. Causey, native of Alabama, was a teacher in the public school system for twenty years. After she retired, Donna found time to focus on her lifetime passion for historical writing with her website She has also authored numerous genealogy books. Ribbon of love is the first in her historical fiction series, Tapestry of Love, set in colonial Virginia. Faith and Courage is the second in the series. Type Donna R. Causey in the search box above to see all her books 2013-11-19 356 123762
MINDSET Success: Learn How to Create Unlimited Success and Achieve Your Goals With The Power of Your Mindset - Mindset (Mindset, Mindset Growth, Mindset ... Mindset the New Psychology of Success) MINDSET Success: Learn How to Create Unlimited Success and Achieve Your Goals With The Power of Your Mindset - Mindset (Mindset, Mindset Growth, Mindset ... Mindset the New Psychology of Success) 4.4 stars / 9 reviews Learn How to Create Unlimited Success and Achieve Your Goals With The Power of Your MindsetGet this Amazon ebook today and start learning how to create success with the power of your MINDSET. Read on your PC, Mac, Smart phone, Tablet or Kindle device.Have You Reached Your Full Potential?If you are one of those people who are not yet living the dream life, then this book is for you. This book will show you how you can transform your life simply by altering your mindset. It will show you simple and workable techniques that could bring positive changes into your life. This book will teach you how to change your inner beliefs and expectation. This book will help you remove the inner blocks that are hindering you from realizing full potential. The fact that you are looking at this book is a strong manifestation of your desire and readiness to transform your life. That is a good thing. It means that you are willing to make positive changes in your life.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...How Your Mindset Shaped Your Life The Mindset of Successful Thinkers Your Mindset Makeover The Power of Your Thoughts and Beliefs How to Visualize Your Success Changing Your Belief System Much, much more!Download Your Copy TODAY! 2014-03-19 25 503682
The Scientific Approach to Exercise for Fat Loss : How to Get In Shape and Shed Unwanted Fat. A Review of Healthy and Scientifically Proven Techniques (Central YMCA Health and Fitness Guides Book 1) The Scientific Approach to Exercise for Fat Loss : How to Get In Shape and Shed Unwanted Fat. A Review of Healthy and Scientifically Proven Techniques (Central YMCA Health and Fitness Guides Book 1) 4.9 stars / 8 reviews This eye opening book, from the UK’s leading activity for health charity, Central YMCA, takes a scientific look at the myths and misunderstandings around body fat, healthy lifestyles and exercise, separating fact from fiction and providing you with a proven way to achieve healthy body fat levels safely and effectively. Based on the findings of the latest scientific research and guidelines from the most highly regarded health organisations, author Paul Orridge shows you how to develop an exercise programme to help you achieve a healthy level of body fat in the safest and most effective way. Contrary to the images of people on television who look enviably fit and lean with minimal effort , or to the promises of quick fix diets and summer bikini plans that fill countless magazines, Orridge takes a realistic look at the lifestyle changes and hard work that we need to adopt if we want to lose fat and become healthier. An exercise professional himself, with over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Orridge has trained thousands of exercise professionals, always underpinning his techniques and teachings with the latest scientific research into exercise, health and fitness. Simple, effective and scientifically proven. Forget the crash diets and exercise fads, here’s what you really need to know. 2013-11-27 60 630672
MANUELA MANUELA 4.6 stars / 8 reviews MANUELA is a story of bravery, romance, patriotism, revolution, and intrigue based on the true life of a fascinating and powerful woman who has been compared to Evita Peron. In no other period did the world change so much as in the early 1800's. Not only was Europe engaged in the Napoleonic wars, but the South American people were fighting for independence from Spain. One of the most important statesmen and military heroes history has ever known emerged out of this period. Simn Bolvar, hailed as The Liberator, emancipated the countries now known as Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Per, and Bolivia. While Bolvar was conquering an area almost five times that of Napoleon's conquests, a woman was by his side whom history has nearly forgotten. Manuela Senz was a member of Bolvar's staff, a colonel in his army during a period when women were frowned on for doing anything other than looking pretty. She faced his greatest challenges with him, and even saved his life. Because she was a soul of intense integrity, she accumulated political enemies who made sure she was written out of the annals of the countries she helped to emancipate. In the many accounts of Bolvar's life, Manuela Senz is sometimes mentioned, but only in passing and then often inaccurately. This is the story of a brave woman, born in scandal, who rose to the heights of political power and who learned to love in a world torn apart by war. This is the love story of Simn Bolvar and Manuela Senz. 2000-11-01 184141
THE PAST THE PAST 5.0 stars / 7 reviews In the world today, there are many people suffering from depression. Depression often arises due to an individual’s excessive rumination about the past, during which they relive detailed negative memories over and over again; this habit ends up crippling their mind to the extent that their entire outlook becomes negative, and they become unable to see any possible pathways toward happiness. Sociologist Marwane Caber understands what it’s like to live through this kind of misery, as he did so himself for years, until one day when he was able to let go of his self-defeating thoughts and take hold of his true identity. Throughout “THE PAST,” he will show you how to do the same. Marwane Caber will guide you through the process of letting go of bad memories from your own past that are holding you down, as well as through learning to reframe your life’s history in a positive light, so that you are able to move past it in a contented state. This will involve correcting any ideas that you have inaccurately linked within your mind, as holding inaccurate beliefs can actually cause a great deal of destruction within a person’s life. He will also educate you on how to view the things you encounter within your present and future from a positive perspective, so that you are able to continually evolve. By following Marwane’s advice, and finally finishing this stage of your personal development by summarizing the themes of your past, you will not only feel better mentally, but will also be able to improve your relationships with others. 2014-05-22 82 61659
Get Liked! Promoting Your Business Online with Social Media Marketing Get Liked! Promoting Your Business Online with Social Media Marketing 5.0 stars / 7 reviews Baffled by social media? Don't know when to Like, Tweet or Pin? If your business or product is not yet online you could be missing out - big time! Whether you're promoting a business, a product or yourself and your skills, online marketing should be a major part of your promotional efforts. In this book we cover the basics of social media marketing and offer some great tips for getting started on each of the major platforms. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, get social and get seen! 2012-08-25 42 244819
A Life Interrupted (Non-Fiction): The Story Of My Battle With Bullying And Obsessive-compulsive Disorder A Life Interrupted (Non-Fiction): The Story Of My Battle With Bullying And Obsessive-compulsive Disorder 4.7 stars / 7 reviews This is a unique story focusing on long term impact of bullying on the human psyche. The book also demonstrates how to overcome the impact of bullying and obsessive compulsive disorder.This book gives readers an insider’s view of the devastating impact OCD and bullying can have on a person’s life. Many people will be able to relate to this book. By Renae M. Reinardy, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, Founder of Lakeside Center for Behavioral Change (Minnetonka, MN and Fargo, ND)This book would be appropriate for anyone afflicted with OCD or bullying or depression/anxiety/PTSD. Its experiential value and flavor grounds the reader in the milieu of a cruel combination of bullying, anxiety OCD, depression.By Gail Anderson, MA, LP, Professional Psychologist, MNThis book would be of value to school counselors as well as the general public.By Joan Neehall, Ph.D, Registered Psychologist in private practice in Edmonton, Alberta, and a fellow of the American Board of Forensic Examiners. 2014-01-30 185 111103
Masturbation Myths: Addiction to Chronic Masturbation and How to End the Excessive, Unhealthy Bad Game Masturbation Myths: Addiction to Chronic Masturbation and How to End the Excessive, Unhealthy Bad Game 4.6 stars / 7 reviews Masturbation is one of the hottest topics around, but not a lot of people out there are willing to admit that they do it - other than the guys and dolls on Reddit who taught the author what the word "fapping" means. But in this year, in these modern times, where are we as a culture with the state of masturbation as compared to prior years? Is it wrong or right to masturbate? Is it a simple stress reliever or something more sinister? Is it a healthy alternative to adultery or other types of sex outside of marriage? Where does the Christian church stand on the topic at large? More importantly, what does God think of masturbation? These are the questions that this tome will attempt to answer, and hopefully you'll find a friend within these pages that will help many souls along the journey. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: My History of Masturbation Chapter 2: Public Masturbation Snafus, UTIs, Bats and Other Evil Visions Chapter 3: The Taboo Topic of Masturbation and the Christian Church Chapter 4: Is Masturbation Celibacy? Chapter 5: Orgasms in Sleep vs. Spiritual Orgasms Chapter 6: Masturbation in the Movies, TV and Other Media Chapter 7: Teaching Children a Healthier Path Chapter 8: When Masturbation Turns Deadly Chapter 9: How Do I Stop Masturbating? Ending the Masturbation Addiction... LABELS: adult,masturbation, sex toys,adult videos,adult stories,adult games, adult video,adult comics,adult friend finder,adult movies,adult tube,adult flash games,adult toys,mutual masturbation,public masturbation,male masturbation,homemade sex toys,masturbation stories,adult sex toys,male sex toys,masturbation techniques,female masturbation videos,sex toy,kandi toys,kandi coated, kandi coated nights,voyeur masturbation,hidden masturbation,pocket rocket,sex toys for men,female masturbation video,masturbation encouragement,homemade sex toys for men,amateur masturbation,male masturbation videos,free female masturbation videos,masturbation instruction,female masturbation techniques,advanced masturbation 2014-01-19 110 262213
The Windowsill Gardening Guide: The Fun and Simple Way to Grow Food at Home in Any Climate (Gardening Guidebooks Book 10) The Windowsill Gardening Guide: The Fun and Simple Way to Grow Food at Home in Any Climate (Gardening Guidebooks Book 10) 4.4 stars / 7 reviews How To Grow an Incredible Windowsill Garden at Home I Believe Everyone Can Grow Great Food at Home Using These Simple Windowsill Gardening Techniques You could be just months away from a harvest of delicious, fresh organic food from your indoor garden. In this book, you will learn how to: Grow A Great Food Garden That Will Make Your Family Proud Whether you have one window or many, you can grow delicious, healthy, organic vegetables and foods for you and your family right indoors. Grow Vegetables, Herbs and Fresh Food With Ease You can grow everything from herbs to vegetables, tomatoes and even larger plants using windowsill gardening! And you don't need expensive kits, tools or supplies. All you need is a window and a little light and you can create your own fun and flavorful garden. If you're looking for gardening books on kindle and you're ready to start a windowsill garden, this is the book for you! Ready to start gardening? Let's go! Learn how to grow an extraordinary garden now. Scroll up and click the buy button to get started. 2013-06-12 62 246295
Relationship Advice: How to Attract and Experience Healthy Relationships for Life (Relationship Help) Relationship Advice: How to Attract and Experience Healthy Relationships for Life (Relationship Help) 4.8 stars / 6 reviews Practical Advice for Your Relational LifeToday only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly pricedat $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.You’re about to discover what every person needs to know regarding relationships! Since the beginning of time, people have had difficulty keeping healthy relationships between one another. Fighting, bickering, lying, cheating, abuse, and backstabbing have been the bullies relational harmony.In this book, Relationship Advice: How to Attract and Experience Healthy Relationships for Life, you will discover proven methods to turn those unhealthy relationships into healthy ones. I am confident that the information contained in this book will enlighten you as well as transform your life when applied consistently. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Where Love Starts Letting Go of Baggage How to Say 'No' Selecting Your Partner How to Communicate Openly The Art of Intimacy Much, much more!Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! Healthy relationships are within your grasp!Download your copy today!Tags: relation, relations, relationship, relationships, relationship advice, relationship help, relationship trouble, relationship advice for women, relationship advice for men, relationship rescue, relationships and dating, relationship cure, love, intimacy, relationship issues, relationship problems, relationships and marriage, communication, emotional baggage, emotions, emotional. 2013-10-10 21 117924
How To Work With People You Can't Stand: Plays Wells With Others: Learn To Manage Difficult People At Work & Difficult People To Work With How To Work With People You Can't Stand: Plays Wells With Others: Learn To Manage Difficult People At Work & Difficult People To Work With 4.8 stars / 6 reviews For A Limited Time Only, purchase my book "How To Work With People You Can't Stand: Plays Wells With Others" and I'll send you a promotional code so that you can download the audio version of the book on Audible for FREE! Instructions are in the book but act fast because I only have 25 codes and once they're gone, they're gone!Dread Going To Work Each Day? Hate Having To Work With People You Can't Stand? You're Not Alone and This Book Can Help You Work With Difficult People Starting Today.Attention Readers: I've just updated this bestselling book with even more tips and ideas to help you deal with difficult people at work. Hope you'll find this book even more helpful than before!Here's the simple truth about working in an office today: We all will eventually work with someone we can't stand. You need to learn how to work with bullies, how to work with difficult people, and how to work with people you can't stand if you expect to survive in this economy. This eBook will teach you how to manage those relationships so they don't control you! Now available in audiobook format at (and I have 20 free promo codes to get it FREE on Audible -- Tweet me @JChristbooks and I'll send you a code!) In today's work environments, we all work with people we can't stand. They are boorish, difficult people and they make our workplace a dreadful place to be. These people make us feel badly each day we're at work, and we're all looking for solutions. Think about that feeling in the pit of your stomach you feel every time you think about interacting with THAT PERSON that you can't get along with. Want to NOT feel this way anymore? Join the people that have used this exact book to learn how to work with people they can't stand and revolutionize your office work environment.In this eBook you'll learn:1. Why brutal honestly may reap enormous benefits2. What personal factors may be contributing to that poor working relationship3. How to work with that boorish person if you're forced to do so4. How to control your reactions so they don't control you5. How to "let go" and "rise above" without capitulating and giving inNeed another reason to buy this book? Here's a fantastic one: I feel that children's literacy is extremely important, and as such, I donate 5% of the proceeds from the sale of my books to Reading Is Fundamental, the largest and most respected children's literacy non-profit in America.Remember, we all will have to work with people we can't stand. Stop living with that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach. Buy this eBook and learn the ways to cope so that these relationships don't control your life! 2013-11-09 26 79338
Heartsong: Sisterhood of Shepherds Heartsong: Sisterhood of Shepherds 4.5 stars / 6 reviews Some families have hope. Others have faith. The Shepherds of rural Oregon have Faith, Hope and Charly, three quirky sisters whose lives change forever when they reluctantly answer a personal calling to help other make amends.Thirty-something single parent Charly Shepherd is satisfied with her life raising two children and thousands of plants in her family owned Sweet Shepherd Nursery. Then tragedy strikes. As she and her siblings struggle to keep the nursery going, Charly begins to believe her family’s destiny is greater than raising flowers. When the three sisters reluctantly delve into family secrets to help their ailing father fulfill a promise, their lives change forever as they pursue a new inspirational path of discovery, heartache, humor and redemption. 2014-04-13 280 58899
The Complete Guide to Quora: Including Tips, Uses, and Quora Essentials for Business and Social Media Marketing (Quora Guide Book 1) The Complete Guide to Quora: Including Tips, Uses, and Quora Essentials for Business and Social Media Marketing (Quora Guide Book 1) 4.3 stars / 6 reviews How To Use Quora to Grow Your BusinessAre You Missing Out On The Fastest Growing Social Media Site?If you're not using Quora to market your business, you're missing out! Inside you will learn:Step By Step Instructions To Use Quora for BeginnersIncluded in this complete guide to Quora are step-by-step instructions and tutorials for creating a new account, connecting your Quora account to other social media accounts, creating a Quora blog, asking and answering questions, filling out your profile for maximum marketing results, and much more!How To Use Quora To Grow Your BusinessIn this book, you'll learn 7 ways to grow your business using Quora. You'll learn how to brand yourself as the go-to expert in your field, and attract new clients with ease using Quora's incredible social media expertise system.If you're looking for social media marketing books on Kindle to grow your business, this is the one for you!About The AuthorTom Corson-Knowles is the international best-selling author of The Kindle Writing Bible and The Kindle Publishing Bible , among others. Tom has founded several successful businesses including TCK Publishing, the leader in digital publishing specializing in ebooks and guerrilla book marketing.Tom has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and freelancers like you to create the lifestyle business of their dreams.Learn how to build the business of your dreams using Quora so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams! Scroll up and click the buy button now. 2014-01-14 68 143819
The Lost Art of Customer Support The Lost Art of Customer Support 5.0 stars / 5 reviews Finally e-book for customer support.There are many business books out there from 7 steps to 99 steps of telling you how to do business. Why another book? What is it in it for you? Time is of the essence after all. I read many books, some long, some short, some interesting, and some boring. One of the ways you can improve skillsets is to learn from others. There are many platforms to share the knowledge. Reading books is becoming a lost art. There is an app for everything nowadays. But there is not a good substitute for a well written book that talks about personal experience. This book is about my personal experience on mistakes and good moves I have seen over my career in IT support field. This book is for new MBA graduate but also for an experienced manager. You will learn tips and tricks on how efficiently runs a support department but also learn why support organization is a mirror of your company regardless of what your business is. We will explore the ways you can solve any problem. The book is divided into two sections. First two chapters are for the support staff.The rest of the book is targeted for support managers who want to improve their departments.Let’s dive into the world of support where you need to learn the lost art of customer support. 2014-03-08 20 197126
Graceful Gliding Gulls; A Kids Picture Book With Fun Facts About Seagulls Graceful Gliding Gulls; A Kids Picture Book With Fun Facts About Seagulls 4.8 stars / 5 reviews Written by Faye Elliott and published by NC Beach Photography , "Graceful Gliding Gulls; A Kids picture Book With Fun Facts about Seagulls" This is a book with fun facts and pictures about what Seagulls eat, why they are sometimes called "Master Thieves", how they laugh, open shells, and the games they play. "Graceful Gliding Gulls..." is a nonfiction marvel that's filled with brilliantly colorful closeup photographs that look amazingly good on Kindle Fires, iPads, PC's and many other tablet devices. There are super visual effects in the book and also interesting information about Seagulls and how they live and act. Photography is from the Crystal Coast of North Carolina where Faye and her husband reside. The large closeup and extraordinary vivid pictures within this book are tied in with rather small blocks of text that are very easy to understand. There are unique fun specifics about Seagulls for those who may not be familiar with these sea birds, as well as those who live or visit the coast. Thus.. "Graceful Gliding Gulls... " is an eBook that is a perfect learning tool for children of all ages. Set at a low promotional price, "Graceful Gliding Gulls..." is currently available at the Kindle Store. It can be downloaded by young readers who have already acquired the skill of reading and by parents who read to younger children. Either way, "Graceful Gliding Gulls..." will prove to be a fun and exciting experience for all ages. 2013-07-22 25 1057509
Red Beans And Crock Pots: Classic New Orleans Recipes And New Favorites for the Crock Pot Red Beans And Crock Pots: Classic New Orleans Recipes And New Favorites for the Crock Pot 4.8 stars / 5 reviews "Being from New Orleans & having two grandmothers cooking creole for me since forever, I think I have the experience to say this with credibility…. THIS is some of the BEST jambalaya I have ever had. It reminded me of my childhood." - MG"Super data, great recipes." - KM"Good looking gumbo. One of my favorites to cook and eat." - RH"An absolutely divine recipe! Tastes just like my Ma-Maw’s" - CWIf you love cooking with the crock pot and Creole/Cajun food, you'll enjoy RED BEANS AND CROCK POTS! It's classic New Orleans recipes and new favorites adapted for the crock pot.There are 25 main course recipes: Four different Red Beans & Rices, Creole Gumbo, Seafood Gumbo, Jambalaya, Shrimp Creole, Chicken Creole, Cajun Dirty Rice, Roast Beef Po'boy with debris gravy, Cochon de Lait, Beef "Brisket", Red Gravy, Creole Tomato Soup, Smothered Pork Chops, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Creole Pork Tacos, Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Roast, Italian Chicken, Hot Sausage & Kale Stew and the Yardbird!There's also and additional 11 recipes: Creole Seasoning blend, Creole Mustard, Chicken Stock, Vegetable Stock, Creole White Rice, Remoulade Sauce, Creole Horseradish Sauce, Jambalaya Stuffed Green Peppers, Creole Cole Slaw, Mustard BBQ Sauce and the famous Muffuletta Olive Salad!People in New Orleans talk about what they're having for dinner while eating lunch. With this cookbook, you'll be preparing dinner while eating breakfast! Make any night a BIG EASY night by having these meals slow cooking all day and ready as you walk in the door! 2014-03-17 79 7956
Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes (Delicious Recipes) Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes (Delicious Recipes) 4.6 stars / 5 reviews Chicken is so healthy and versatile; no wonder we're eating more chicken than ever before. Chicken can be easy enough for family and fancy enough for guests. But haven’t we all spent a lot of time looking through cookbooks for that one terrific chicken recipe? It would be great to have a host of wonderful tasty chicken recipes in one easy to use collection. Well: here it is a collection of chicken recipes for any occasion. All in one place and at your finger tips. 2012-07-17 87 782805
The Cruise Ship Capers: An Art Heist on the High Seas The Cruise Ship Capers: An Art Heist on the High Seas 5.0 stars / 4 reviews (MYSTERY/COMEDY) Beni Bayani is a Filipino room steward for Festivus Cruise Lines who becomes unexpectedly entangled in a cunning art heist when a priceless painting vanishes into the briny thin air. Madison Brighton is a beautiful cruise ship showgirl who brings her big dreams and complicated past out to sea, and she isn't willing to settle for just a ship mate. She wants a soul mate. But instead of Prince Charming she finds a crew of filthy pirates below deck. Daniel Fuhrman, a complex thief with unclear motives and a fascinating genius for prescient thinking, is the leader of an eclectic band of burglars who believe it is their destiny to steal one of Europe's most valuable artworks. When the heist goes awry, the thieves are left with the unsettling feeling that they are the ones who have been bamboozled. Gunner Crossman, a quirky and crossword-obsessed sleuth, is called onto the crime scene by Seven Seas Insurance Company, and everyone aboard the seven-day Caribbean cruise is a suspect. This mysterious comedy set on the high seas examines the vastly different shipboard lives of high-class passengers and the underprivileged crew that live a secret life below deck. The story quickly sails out of control as it explores what it takes to pursue true love in a lust obsessed world and uncovers the difficult consequences of fighting for what is right in a life that is filled with self-serving bandits whose only true love is for money, sex, status, and power. Who will walk the plank? Who will command the helm? Batten down the hatches, pull out your brass spotting scopes, and follow Madison, Beni, Daniel, and Gunner deep below the waterline as they unravel a mystery that is much more meaningful than it appears from the surface of the sea. 2013-12-01 266 70875
365 Days of Spanish Training: For Use with How to Become Fluent in Spanish (Not for Beginners, Not Quick and Easy, but Really Effective) 365 Days of Spanish Training: For Use with How to Become Fluent in Spanish (Not for Beginners, Not Quick and Easy, but Really Effective) 4.8 stars / 4 reviews A No-Nonsense Daily Plan for Becoming Fluent In SpanishIf you want to become fluent in Spanish, you need more than immersion and Spanish courses. You need a system that works!If you want to become fluent in Spanish, this book is for you! You will learn:365 Days of Spanish Training to Become FluentThe author recommends you use this book combined with his first book How to Become Fluent in Spanish (Not for Beginners, Not Quick and Easy, but Really Effective) . This companion to the first book provides you with daily exercises and spanish training to achieve mastery and fluency.The Complete Spanish Fluency Self-Training ProgramMost people think you need a great Spanish teacher or immersion to become fluent in Spanish. And while both great teachers and immersion can definitely help improve your Spanish, many students find that typical courses and short-term immersion experiences are not sufficient to become totally fluent. Sorry, but it's just not that easy to attain fluency. It takes dedication and hard work with the right techniques.In this book, the author recommends a self-training system that will allow you to learn Spanish daily and become fluent much faster by training yourself how to learn. Is it hard work? Yes, it is. But it's what it takes to become fluent in Spanish.This little guidebook might just save you a lot of time and frustration on your journey to become a proficient and fluent Spanish speaker.If you're looking for Spanish books on Kindle, this one is for you!About The AuthorJohn Del Gaudio received his B.A. in Spanish from SUNY at Stony Brook, and spent his junior year at the University of Puerto Rico studying Spanish language and literature. He has traveled extensively in Latin America and resided in Mexico for four years and two in Colombia. He holds the Basic and Advanced Diplomas de Espaol como Lengua Extranjera. He is a practicing lawyer in Chicago, Illinois, and has been at translator of Spanish legal documents from time to time.If you would like a little guidebook that will save you a lot of time and frustration on your journey to become fluent in Spanish, this is it! 2014-03-22 844 4598
Easy Home Permaculture - No Money, No Muscle, No Worries Easy Home Permaculture - No Money, No Muscle, No Worries 4.5 stars / 4 reviews Have you ever wanted to grow your own tasty fruit and vegetables but it all seems too hard or costly? The best way to get something done is get someone to do it for you and you can learn how with this easy to read book. It shows you the quick, easy and time effective ways to achieve your dream and overcome any obstacle from poor health to poor soil. Soon you will be eating your own yummy fresh food without the aching back or the empty purse. Buy now to find out how to employ your own army of willing workers and enjoy fresh wholesome homegrown food. 2013-03-12 47 274894
Superfood Gardening Guidebook: The Gardening Book for Healthy Families Who Want To Grow Superfooods From Home (Gardening Guidebooks 9) Superfood Gardening Guidebook: The Gardening Book for Healthy Families Who Want To Grow Superfooods From Home (Gardening Guidebooks 9) 4.5 stars / 4 reviews How to Grow Superfoods at Home For You and Your Family I Believe Every Person On This Planet Can Grow Healthy Food Using These Proven Gardening Techniques You could be just months away from a harvest of delicious, fresh organic superfoods. Learn how to: Grow the Most Nutritious Food for Your Family Whether you have a tiny yard or a lot of space, you can grow some amazing fresh vegetables and fruits easily with these step-by-step instructions. Grow Vegetables And Fresh Food In Your Garden The options are almost endless if you'd like to learn how to grow food for your family. In this book, we'll cover how to grow the most nutritious vegetables and foods to inspire you to eat healthier and live a better lifestyle. Fertilize, Water and Care For Your Plants Easily Included in the book are step-by-step tutorials and instructions for proper fertilizer use, the proven system for proper plant watering and general plant maintenance to make it both easy and fun to care for your new home garden. Gardening doesn't have to be hard! How To Start A Garden For Beginners Whether you're a complete beginner or just want to learn more, this gardening guidebook will teach you everything you need to know to enjoy the fruits of your own special garden. Every section includes action steps, pictures and step by step tutorials so you will know what to do and how to do it to create your perfect garden. Your Beautiful Garden is Just Around the Corner If you're looking for gardening books on kindle and you're ready to start a super-food garden, this is the book for you! Ready to start gardening? Let's go! Learn how to grow an home garden today. Scroll up & click the buy button now. 2013-06-06 57 867465
The 1848 Boston Cultivator The 1848 Boston Cultivator 5.0 stars / 3 reviews The bustling port of Boston had much news of interest, from social occasions to fires, crime and shipping. Rampant were diseases such as consumption, cholera, typhoid fever and rabies. Social issues included equal rights for women, prison reform, education, and drug and alcohol abuse. The vital records of births, deaths and marriages are a wonderful resource for family historians. 2013-01-26 654 2139899
A Muse Your Self Writing®: How to Overcome Writer's Block A Muse Your Self Writing®: How to Overcome Writer's Block 5.0 stars / 3 reviews Whether you’re new to writing or a seasoned professional with writer’s block, this book helps release the inner nag and permit words to flow again. Change “Darn, I have to write…” to “Yippee, I’m writing!” using 8 Principles of Success and 30 exercises to use individually or in a group. Break through blocks and bring some fun back to your writing – no matter what genre you’re interested in.Writing groups will find the exercises useful to loosen up members of all levels, creating read-out-loud hilarious pieces which just might launch a writer on the journey to become a published author. 2013-06-09 42 1004597
Turning Your Soul Inside Out: Paths to a Joyful, Drama-Free Life Turning Your Soul Inside Out: Paths to a Joyful, Drama-Free Life 5.0 stars / 3 reviews Get advice on finding your own fulfillment as the author shares pivotal moments in her real-life journey as a lost and struggling twenty-something "trying on" her professional courses in psychotherapy, searching for spiritual understanding, and navigating through an unexpected, life-changing relationship. Perfect for the newly independent or for anyone seeking a "life re-do." 2013-01-31 35 1439505
Dining Out in Paris: What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light Dining Out in Paris: What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light 5.0 stars / 3 reviews Entering into a restaurant in Paris can be a formidable experience for uninitiated travelers. Not only do they have to contend with trying to make their wishes understood by a waiter who may or may not speak their language, but they must learn quickly how to adapt to local dining customs.Case in point: Americans are accustomed to entering into restaurants to dine as early as 5:00 p.m., whereas in France, most restaurants don’t open until 7:00 p.m. or later.Another case in point: The American diner is accustomed to having his plate whisked away from the table as soon as he has finished the course, whereas in France, most waiters delay until the entire party has finished the course before plates are cleared.In addition to differences in dining customs, the French dine and purchase food in a wide variety of establishments. This can be bewildering for the inexperienced visitor.If you’re confused about the difference between a bistrot and a brasserie or if you feel intimidated by the prospect of going into any French restaurant and ordering a meal, then this book is for you! As a bonus to the reader, Dining Out in Paris contains in-depth reviews of twelve of the author’s favorite restaurants. In this section, the reader will learn about what kind of food is served in these selected restaurants and will get an idea of the price of a really good meal in the city. A photograph of the chef and/or the restaurant owner is included with each review and insight into their motives for entering into the daunting world of preparing fine food to satisfy exigent clients is provided.Dining Out in Paris – What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light will give first- and even second-time travelers the knowledge and confidence that they need to enter into a Parisian restaurant to enjoy a fine meal. Dining Out in Paris helps prepare the traveler for a wonderful French dining experience.Bon apptit! 2014-05-23 108 120252
Injury Prevention and Movement Control: How to Remain Active and Injury Free Volume 2: Warm Up, Flexibility and Resistance Training (Central YMCA Health and Fitness Guides) Injury Prevention and Movement Control: How to Remain Active and Injury Free Volume 2: Warm Up, Flexibility and Resistance Training (Central YMCA Health and Fitness Guides) 4.7 stars / 3 reviews In the second volume of Lincoln Blandford's Injury prevention and movement control range, Lincoln again pursues the desirable goal of remaining injury free through the consideration of movement quality. Injuries, although often perceived as inevitable for the active, each have a root cause. If the influence of these causes can be limited, injury risk is reduced. In this volume Lincoln applies the importance of movement control into a practical setting, in particular its effect on warm-ups, flexibility and resistance training. If you really want to know how to avoid injuries, then unquestionably, this is the book for you. Central YMCA Guides are part of Central YMCA - the UK's leading health and education charity and the world's first YMCA. All profits from the sale of these books will go towards Central YMCA's charitable efforts in helping people lead healthier and happier lives. Central YMCA Guides: Trustworthy advice from those in the know. 2014-02-02 77 355669
Investing with World Class Money Managers (Trend Following Mentor) Investing with World Class Money Managers (Trend Following Mentor) 4.3 stars / 3 reviews I have read many, many books about economics and investments. What most investment advisors overlook is that, “One of the most important issues when investing is that it fits your personality and risk profile.” Andrew Abraham’s book contains many other great investment insights, which will help you improve your investment returns. MF Marc Faber Marc Faber Limited Contents FOREWORD …………………………………… 1 Preface ………………………………………. 3 Chapter 1: Are You Sure You Want to Invest with Warren Buffett? …………………... 25 Chapter 2: Compounding is the Key …………. 37 Chapter 3: Investing with World Class Commodity Trading Advisors …………………. 51 Chapter 4: Inflation ………………………… 91 Chapter 5: Trend Followers Lead the Pack ….. 117 Chapter 6: Why Invest in Managed Futures? .... 123 Chapter 7: World Class Trading Program ….... 141 Chapter 8: Money Manager Blow Ups ……..... 155 Chapter 9: Common Investor Mistakes ……… 163 Chapter 10: Doing the Uncomfortable: Buying the Drawdown ……………………. 183 Chapter 11: Transparency and Liquidity ……... 189 Chapter 12: Buying the Drawdowns of Commodity Trading Advisors ………………. 199 Chapter 13: Due Diligence …………………. 203 Chapter 14: The First Question: Are the Returns REAL? ………………………. 213 Chapter 15: Risk Management …………….. 227 Chapter 16: How to Find the World Class Trend Followers ……………………. 243 Conclusion ……………………………... 251 2014-01-09 260 155383
Mesa Verde Thunder Mesa Verde Thunder 5.0 stars / 2 reviews THE RAVEN CLAN…450 A.D. Animus Valley, Northwestern New Mexico…in a time of starvation The People set out upon a perilous journey to find a mystical mesa where hope can be reborn but also where death and deep snows lay silent in waiting. ECHATA…a bold and desperate Anasazi leader, sees a vision of RAVEN and must take his starving people north knowing that they can never return to a brother that has sworn to kill him. LI-TIA…a fierce Chacoan medicine woman risks everything to save a banished mother and deformed infant from a terrible stoning…but by so doing, is forever branded as an enemy and a…witch. LISA CANNADAY…married to a dreamer and archaeologist who must race to the fabulous new Mesa Verde discovery and unlock its treasures before it is plundered and its secrets are forever lost. But it is she who is destined to ignite the world with her fabulous stories of the Ancient Ones based on one magnificent petroglyph. STORYTELLER …who only wanted to be a prosperous jeweler and trader of silver, gold and turquoise but who is forced to become the one who writes the story of his Ancient People with his blood and tears in stone. From sacred Chaco Canyon to Cliff Palace to a sprawling National Park...from a prehistoric people to the mystics and builders of Mesa Verde and finally to those that would plunder its ancient artifacts for fabulous wealth…comes an epic tale of love, hope, sacrifice and courage told in MESA VERDE THUNDER. Multiple award-winning author, Gary McCarthy has now written perhaps his most unforgettable saga of a never to be forgotten people...the Anasazi. 2011-03-31 296 346210
The Life-Saving Liver Cleanse: The Ultimate Natural Remedy for Natural Weight Loss, Better Circulation and Detoxification (Cleansing Guidebooks Book 2) The Life-Saving Liver Cleanse: The Ultimate Natural Remedy for Natural Weight Loss, Better Circulation and Detoxification (Cleansing Guidebooks Book 2) 5.0 stars / 2 reviews The Ultimate Liver Cleanse for Radiant HealthI Believe Anyone Can Heal Their Liver Using This Powerful, Rejuvenating Liver CleanseYou could be just a cleanse away from a healthier liver! In this book you will learn:How To Cleanse Your Liver to Remove Built-Up ToxinsYour liver is your body's powerful detoxification organ. When you take medications, drugs or drink alcohol, it's your liver that must break down these toxins and convert them into less harmful substances that can be passed out by your body.But when your liver gets overworked, it can oxidize, causing free radical damage that can dramatically reduce your liver's ability to function properly. Cleansing can help remove these excess toxins and heal some of that damage, especially when done early and regularly.How To Cleanse Your Liver to Remove Excess FatYour liver is also responsible for most of your body's metabolism of fats, especially triglycerides. When your liver is damaged, injured or overworked, its ability to metabolize fats is reduced which can cause long-term weight gain. Simply by detoxing your liver, you can restore balance to your body and your weight.The Best Herbs and Supplements for a Healthier LiverIn addition, you'll learn about the best herbs and supplements that can help keep your liver healthy, including turmeric, artichoke, dandelion and much more!About The AuthorJulia Cruise loves food and she's known for her fast-cooking abilities in the kitchen. She’s always entertaining her friends with her lightning-fast, delicious, healthy meals and drink recipes. 2013-09-26 46 377310
Michael Jackson: Innocent 28 February 2005 Michael Jackson: Innocent 28 February 2005 5.0 stars / 2 reviews #1 in Books Biographies & Memoirs ( J ) > Jackson, MichaelAmazon USA 28, 29 May, 23 June + 2, 7 July 2013 (also an International Bestseller on Amazon)Hailed as the criminal trial of the century. Two years of speculation in the media. Wall to wall media coverage from 2003 to 2005, 2000+ accredited journalists, yet the defence case was invisible. The public were bombarded with salacious prosecution focused media commentary. On 13 June 2005 Michael Jackson was acquitted of 10 felony charges and 4 misdemeanours. Those disgruntled in the media, labelled the acquittal celebrity justice. If you want to find out the truth, start reading this book.This is a unique book looking at the trial testimony. It provides an indepth look at the trial from the first day. It offers the reader an insight into the case that was not provided by the media coverage in 2005. This mini series shines a light on the defence case, and the trial testimony.28 February 2005 was the first trial day. Sample of book contents:Volume: 28 February 2005IntroductionPurpose of this BookDisclaimerStructure of this BookPreliminaryNames Mentioned in Opening StatementsThe Verdict – 13 June 2005ChronologiesThe Prosecution’s ChronologyThe Defence’s ChronologyDocumentaries MentionedVenues Mentioned in the Opening StatementsStatements / Press releases6 February 20036 February 200312 February 200318 November 200318 December 200319 August 200413 January 200530 January 2005Department of Children & Family ServicesThe Felony ComplaintImportant Differences between the Felony Complaint and the IndictmentDates of Alleged MolestationHow Many Times?Abduction, False Imprisonment and ExtortionIntoxicationFBI Files Released 2009Files ReleasedWho are the FBI?SummaryMain Day One – 28 February 2005Chapter 1: The IndictmentChapter 2: Judge’s Directions to the JuryChapter 3: The Prosecution’s Opening StatementMother in LA / Children at NeverlandThe Bizarre EventBashir Documentary: DialogueArvizo FamilyGavin’s RecoveryHow Gavin Met Michael JacksonArvizos at NeverlandMichael Jackson Slept on the FloorTiming of the AllegationsPublic and Private LifeNeverland RanchSneddon’s ExplanationTwo-Storey Bedroom SuiteMagazinesFingerprintsAlcohol AllegationsStar ArvizoProsecution Case – Star ArvizoDr Stanley KatzMr FeldmanProsecution Case – Gavin ArvizoTiming RevisitedCount 1Marc SchaffelRonald Konitzer and Dieter WeiznerFrank Cascio / TysonVinnie Amen / BlackBashir DocumentaryMiami, FloridaChartered FlightBack at NeverlandProsecution Case – Janet ArvizoArvizos Leave NeverlandJanet Arvizo Leaves NeverlandRebuttal Video – 19/20 February 2003Department of Children & Family Services Interview – 20 February 2003At the Calabasas Inn, Preparations for the Brazil Trip – 25 February to 2 March 2003Back at Neverland – 2 March 2003Janet Arvizo Leaves Neverland – 10 March 2003The Arvizo Children Leave Neverland – 12 March 2003Chapter 4: Author’s Comments Was This a Joke?ConspiracyImprisonmentExtortionAlleged Co-conspiratorsTimingDepartment of Children & Family Services Interview – 20 February 2003How Many Incidents?What Star SawMissing Allegations or DetailsJanet Arvizo’s AbsencesFailure to Seek HelpFinancial IssueFather FigureWhy Neverland?Toy RoomsThe Size of the Arvizo BoysLayout: Michael Jackson’s Two-Storey Bedroom SuiteEvidence of EmployeesDr KatzThe Mother’s CredibilityWatching the Bashir DocumentarySexually Explicit MagazinesThe Urine Test – 10 February 2003MisinformationTiming of Search and Arrest WarrantsProsecution Case: Unbiased Investigation or Assumption?Chapter 5: Part 1 – The Defence’s Opening StatementInnocenceBehaviourOrganised FormatWho is Michael Jackson?Neverland RanchHow Michael Jackson Met the Arvizo FamilyMichael Jackson’s PersonalityHow Michael Ja 2013-05-05 251 147667
The Big Small Book of Opposites The Big Small Book of Opposites 5.0 stars / 2 reviews "The Big Small Book of Opposites" is a fun and interactive way to develop and enrich your children's language skills.Strengthen the bond with your child by exploring colorful and engaging scenarios together, whilst introducing them to many of the different concepts that we experience in the world around us. 2013-11-05 25 1591061
Taking Control of Eczema: A Powerful and Simple Method to Remove Eczema Taking Control of Eczema: A Powerful and Simple Method to Remove Eczema 5.0 stars / 2 reviews This is an excellent book that details a very effective method to removes eczema that incorporates diet, mind and lifestyle. The author writes in a no-nonsense and straight to the point style that will have you armed with effective eczema fighting information in no time.By following the information in this book the author went from spending a week in hospital, after first being sent to the emergency ward, suffering whole body chronic eczema to living a wonderfully fulfilling life.If you, any member of your family or close friends suffer from eczema then this is the book for you.Hi, my name is Jacob Kane and I'm the author of this book. I would like to share with you what I experienced by following the information this book provides:- The disappearance of a whole body rash that led to clearer and healthier skin.- The ability to sleep through the night without waking up every one or two hours scratching and bleeding.- The healing of large open and weeping wounds without the need for topical steroids and wet bandages.- The freedom of being able to go outside wearing either short sleeved or long sleeved shirts.- No more awkward and embarrassing moments caused by the eczema on my hands. I wish you the best and hope you take control of your, or a loved ones eczema, as I have done,Jacob Kane BSc(honours) 2013-10-22 29 148815
Aether: The Physicalists' God Aether: The Physicalists' God 4.5 stars / 2 reviews W hether there is an aether or not is finally answered: the Aether is but does not exist until it turns into matter. This isn't a new theory but a new insight on already existing theories. A freshly synthesized interpretation consistent with already known and well accepted scientific facts. A modern perspective in which the aether concept is reintroduced in an attempt to reconcile a centuries old notion of wholeness in space and time with actually established scientific paradigms. In addition to arguing for a common substrate to all matter in a purely dialectical way, without math or complicated formulas, I relate self-awareness and perception to non-living, self-organized systems. Thereby suggesting that Consciousness is not an independent supernatural entity separate from matter, but an intrinsic property of all matter. 2014-01-18 118 209653
Quantum Physics Encounters Consciousness: A Subtle Mechanism for Faster-Than-Light Communication Quantum Physics Encounters Consciousness: A Subtle Mechanism for Faster-Than-Light Communication 4.5 stars / 2 reviews It has been often claimed that our most fundamental physical theories, special relativity and quantum mechanics, prohibit the existence of faster-than-light communication. However, this claim is overstated. One obvious reason is that these theories are incomplete descriptions of the physical world, and in particular, they seem incompatible with each other. Can we communicate faster than the speed of light or even instantaneously? This is a deep question, and the final answer is still hiding in the dark.This book will introduce an intriguing new idea, according to which the combination of quantum physics and consciousness may permit the existence of faster-than-light communication. The idea touches the very foundation of modern physics and the nature of consciousness, and if true, it will have far-reaching implications on relativity, quantum theory, the science of consciousness, psi research, and certainly, the communication technology itself. Book & Thoughts Reviews:What is original is the speculation that a conscious being might be able to make measurements on quantum states that no material device can match and that such measurements would permit FTL (Faster-than-light) signaling between distant observers. ---- Reviewer of Foundations of PhysicsI agree with you that, if you modify quantum mechanics in such a way that an NSDD becomes possible and if you leave everything else the same, there might be a possibility for superluminal communication. ---- Philippe Eberhard, theoretical physicist, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of CaliforniaThis conclusion (i.e. faster-than-light communication is possible using a conscious agent) is based on arguments that cover quantum physics, cosmology, metaphysics, biology, the nature of consciousness... An attempt at a world view of such broad scope is certainly commendable.---- Reviewer of Foundations of Physics 2014-04-29 75 43779
Vibrant Health: Comprehensive Guide to Achieve Perfect Health, High Energy, and Strong Immunity Vibrant Health: Comprehensive Guide to Achieve Perfect Health, High Energy, and Strong Immunity 4.5 stars / 2 reviews PHENOMENAL HEALTH GUIDEBOOK WITH OVER 550 SCIENTIFIC STUDIESHealth is priceless. Sages from around the world have taught that nothing is more valuable than health. “Health is the greatest gift,” said Indian spiritual leader Gautama Buddha. Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “Health is the greatest possession.”Dr. Richard Schulze, one of the foremost authorities on natural healing in the world, said, “Your body has a blueprint, a schematic of what perfect health is and is constantly trying to achieve this perfect health for you.”Men and women can achieve perfect health through a healthy diet, health testing, internal body cleansing, supplements, and health devices. Natural remedies boost energy levels and immunity. This book is the most comprehensive book ever written on how to achieve perfect physical health, with over 550 scientific studies referenced. It is a must-read for everyone!*Note: References found in the print version are not available in the ebook version. 2014-01-10 79 1219672
Poems from a Broken Child Poems from a Broken Child 4.5 stars / 2 reviews Poems from a Broken Child takes you inside the feelings that an abused child feels. It will let you into a dark world that the child feels! It is a collection of poems that the writer has written to express the world that she experienced. It also includes the writer views of the poems, 2013-06-30 80 1517083
The 5S System Of Handling Cash: Control Your Expenses and Start Creating Millions The 5S System Of Handling Cash: Control Your Expenses and Start Creating Millions 4.5 stars / 2 reviews Plant now or beg later. Learn on how to put a system in handling your cash. The simple and practical answer is here on this eBook - The 5S System of Handling CashReviews:Financial education is something that isn’t taught in school, but is sorely needed by the majority of people around the world. Some get intimidated by the term “financial education” itself and are clueless on how to start educating themselves on how to handle their money.Ermz Teodocio’s book offers a simple but effective way to put one’s finances in order. It is a good primer on financial education. The 5S system was developed out of the author’s personal experiences with debt and lack of money. The system is practical and realistic. The concepts are well-illustrated. I’m confident that the book will change how people see money. I believe that if people start applying the 5S system, they will be well on their way to financial security.Diane Aldecoa Dela Cruz - Writer, Editor"This is truly something for those who wanted to be financially successful."Paulo Tibig - Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Author, Entrepreneurship Advocate"It will be a good guide to small business owners in handling their cash as well."Maria Teresita Zuniga Dimaculangan - Managing Partner atDimaculangan, Dimaculangan and Co. CPAs, Speaker, Entreprenuership Advocate 2014-01-02 62 338575
Sugar-Free Smoothies For The Fast Diet Sugar-Free Smoothies For The Fast Diet 5.0 stars / 1 reviews ***NEW BOOK***With obesity rising to epidemic proportions in the Western world, it is increasingly evident that one of the principal culprits is the amount of calorie-laden sugar many of us consume on daily basis. And although we may be well aware of the obvious ways we add sugar, how many of us really know just how much ‘hidden’ sugar there is in the food on our table?We cannot afford to let this crisis, which is a major factor in weight gain, diabetes, health disease and cancer, continue.The Fast Diet is a massive step to a slimmer, healthier, longer life but we need to go further and reduce our sugar intake dramatically to optimize our chances of becoming and remaining healthy.Alicia Brent shows you how to avoid the highly addictive ‘sugar trap’ whilst enjoying a sweeter, happier enjoyable lifestyle, with a wide range of delicious smoothie recipes, free from refined sugar, to incorporate into your diet. 2014-03-16 71 960956
Stay Young & Healthy Stay Young & Healthy 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Although ageing is a natural process, science has been looking for ways to slow up or even halt the process, but the fountain of youth still remains out of reach. Yet there is much we can do to knock years off our looks and much of the information it is right in front of us. Understanding the areas where you can make changes is the answer, and many of these changes can be introduced gradually into most people's lifestyles. Imagine feeling full of life and looking and feeling younger. Imagine bumping into friends that you haven't seen for years and the look on their faces when they can't quite work out why you look so young. The key to remaining youthful is a blend of diet, exercise and mindset. In this book you will find 30 tips that will help you to remain young in mind and body 2012-07-06 27 1748574
Foolproof Kindle Bundle: Foolproof Kindle Formatting, Foolproof Kindle Outline & Foolproof Kindle Covers Foolproof Kindle Bundle: Foolproof Kindle Formatting, Foolproof Kindle Outline & Foolproof Kindle Covers 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Just about everything you need to get published on Amazon Kindle is right here, included in this value-packed bundle. >>> Struggling with translating your vague idea into a workable outline? Foolproof Kindle Outline has you covered. >>> Done writing and editing, but can't face the alleged scary formatting step? Spend a little quality time with Foolproof Kindle Formatting, and you will uploading your book before you know it. >>> Don't want to fork out for an expensive designer for a cover that does your masterpiece justice? Have a go yourself - Foolproof Kindle Covers shows you how. Grab Foolproof Kindle Bundle today, and get the three foolproof guides that will get you through the awkward bits from idea to uploaded book in record time: 1. Foolproof Kindle Formatting 2. Foolproof Kindle Outline 3. Foolproof Kindle Covers Priced at $9.97 when each is purchased separately, save and buy the bundle today. Praise for the Foolproof Kindle Series guides: "I love how she punctuates with humor and gives appropriate examples and links for finding all kinds of resources, mostly free ones, to take you through the journey of creating your product.", TopDoc, Foolproof Kindle Outline,, 5-stars "This guide solves all that! not only the ideas are good, the steps and free tools recommended were also very helpful" Samuel Foolproof Kindle Outline, 5-stars "The guide breaks a writing project down into steps from conception to completion" John Foolproof Kindle Outline, 5-stars "Dee Ankary has written a very useful and practical guide to creating e-books covers for those of us without graphic design training. It's well-written, concise, and gives plenty of helpful information. Highly recommended." Traveholic Foolproof Kindle Covers, 5-stars "I actually learned quite a bit and am looking forward to getting a few of her other books as soon as I get to the point in my publishing adventure to be ready for them. Friendly, light hearted style makes it an enjoyable read. And links to tutorials... loved it!" NitaB Foolproof Kindle Covers, 5-stars "Dee goes through step by step on making a great cover. She covers pallets, image selection, image layers, and how to put them all together." Steven Foolproof Kindle Covers, 5-stars "This is an extremely helpful book. After struggling with many other 'how to....' Books at last I found this clear, straight forward guide. Thank you Dee." Anne Foolproof Kindle Formatting, 5-stars "Clueless. That's how I started when I wanted to create my first eBook. I bought a few titles on Amazon, hoping to understand along the way. Indeed, the authors had things to say that helped, but nothing was consolidated, nothing was step-by-step until I picked up this wonderful book by this author. Along the way, I had an issue I didn't understand with the formatting and decided to bite the bullet and e-mail the author. It was incredible when she replied and made efforts to help me through. That was fantastic customer care." Top Doc, Foolproof Kindle Formatting, 5-stars "Ok - 5 minutes into this book I realized this Dee knows her stuff- its logical and easy to follow with lots of links to right stuff and the right time (also liked the point "if you haven't got the free tool yet- get it now- I will be waiting..." - loved it." Paul Easton Foolproof Kindle Formatting, 5-stars 2014-04-23 119 111791
BulletProof Love: 25 Powerful Prayers to Heal Your Heart  and Grow Your Faith in God BulletProof Love: 25 Powerful Prayers to Heal Your Heart and Grow Your Faith in God 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Have you ever wondered WHY you should pray? Are you in need of inspirational words that will speak to your heart? Or are you looking for simple prayers that you can say to kick-start your prayer life? If so then this book is for you! It is a short and simple book that will help you get started on your own prayerful journey and healing your heart and growing your faith in God. The book features:-A breakdown of WHY prayer is important-17 original prayers to heal the heart-8 biblical prayers that are life changing and powerful-A simple 28-Day Prayer Challenge designed to rev up your prayer life The book is based on prayers that the author wrote throughout the last year. Some of the prayers were featured on her award winning inspirational blog, which is where she found the inspiration to write a prayer book. The prayers were used to help the author heal her own heart and cope and process real life situations like broken friendships, heartbreak and genuine concern for humanity. This book is a short and easy read that is sure to speak to your heart and inspire you to kick start your own prayer journey and most importantly to enlist the power of God to heal your heart and change your life. This is a wonderful tool to encourage spiritual development through the use of Gods greatest gift to man – prayer. 2014-02-15 30 1147185
From The Crow's Nest: A Miscellany of Observations (War of Ideas) From The Crow's Nest: A Miscellany of Observations (War of Ideas) 5.0 stars / 1 reviews From the "crow's nest" of my own ship of life – not for me a comfortable billet below decks, snoozing with others in our swaying hammocks – I gain a long-range perspective on what is before me, around and below me, and what is on the horizon. This is the sixth anthology of commentaries and essays collected from Rule of Reason and other weblogs over the years. They focus on current politics, Islam, freedom of speech, various cultural issues, and miscellaneous subjects. The startling and unexpected reelection of Barack Obama in 2012, in spite of all the evidence of all his policy failures, abuses of executive power, and threats and tantrums, for another four years – against all reason – to continue what frankly should be deemed a nihilist campaign to "deconstruct" America, should cause anyone who values his freedom and his life to enter into a state of permanent trepidation. For a while, I had contemplated titling this volume There is only the fight to recover what has been lost…," cadging a line from T.S. Eliot' s1940 poem Four Quartets. The sentiment would have been appropriate, because most of the articles here are about what has been lost or demolished in contemporary politics and culture. But, I too much associated that line with that political harridan, Hillary D. Rodham (Clinton), and her 1969 Wellesley College senior thesis, "There is Only the Fight…: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model." She quoted the line at the end of a long chunk of Eliot's poem, "East Coker," which I have read and was consequently depressed by its intrinsic and gloomy determinism. Her thesis is an encomium of Saul Alinsky, the Chicago theoretician and socialist political strategist and advocate of "community organizing." Unfortunately, Clinton, Alinsky, and Eliot were too intimately linked in my mind to everything I detest in "practical politics," so I chucked the idea of appropriating the line for myself. What has been "lost" has been a great portion of our freedom under the weight of the Progressive welfare and security state. Long Live Lady Liberty! 2014-05-27 186 647803
The ABC's of Kindergarten (Help Me...Help You Series) The ABC's of Kindergarten (Help Me...Help You Series) 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Getting a little one ready to start school for the first time? This eBook can be used by parents or grandparents that are preparing a young one for starting school. Going to school for the very first time can be exciting and frightening all at the same time. Transitions are easier for children when they know what to expect. Use this eBook to introduce new activities, people, supplies and surroundings that they may encounter when starting school. This eBook can also be used by the classroom teacher, school librarian or counselor at the beginning of the year. Reading this eBook to the class will introduce them to the new things they may soon be experiencing in the school setting. Encourage the children to ask questions about things that are new to them or that they don't understand. 2013-08-02 1386379
Pasta Sauce :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes Pasta Sauce :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes 5.0 stars / 1 reviews The Ultimate Pasta Sauce Recipe Guide Pasta sauce is best when made with in-season, fresh ingredients -- but staples like canned tomatoes and dried spices work well enough. Match a sauce with vegetable infused pasta or add ground beef for a filling meal. Add some Italian garlic bread to sop up the extra sauce. The real beauty of sauce is that, with a few simple tweaks, it can go from sweet and sassy to hot or even savory. We have collected the most delicious and best selling recipes from around the world. Enjoy! Enjoy Delicious Pasta Sauce Recipes Today! Scroll Up & Grab Your Copy NOW! 2013-11-07 45 10519
Only the flight will remain: Meditations for a new earth Only the flight will remain: Meditations for a new earth 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Ali Barzegar sees beauty and love in the essence of all things, he sees the world of existence as an emanation of the true love. Because of his outlook, he could be seen as a perceptive artist, who contemplates on the mysteries of the heart and love. He is a painter who paints concepts with the color of words and composes melodies of supplication and praise with harmonious notes and tunes of beautiful words.He was born in Tehran, but he considers the valley of the words as his home and habitation. More than anything else, he desires to speak of God, who to him is all things and everything as divine. He states: "God is my occupation and my trade. I buy him, and at the price of a deep smile appearing on your lips, I sell him to you; and that's how I profit from my trade." 2014-03-27 57 1349668
Poo-Bot 3000: a Potty Training Story for Kids Poo-Bot 3000: a Potty Training Story for Kids 5.0 stars / 1 reviews "Poo-Bot 3000" is a potty training story with a twist.When a little boy's parents get him his very own Poo-Bot, the boy must teach THE ROBOT how to use the potty.He then discovers how to construct a Poo-Bot of his own making with common household items.This is a fun story that will encourage boys and girls to use the potty, and have a blast doing it! 2014-05-22 26 420198
Your First Dog: For First Time Dog Owners Your First Dog: For First Time Dog Owners 5.0 stars / 1 reviews This is a guide for people who are considering getting their first dog. Many are unprepared for the responsibilities and realities of dog ownership which results in thousands of dogs being abandoned or put in shelters every year. The goal of this guide is to paint a picture of what lies ahead and provide a blueprint to build a long lasting and successful relationship with that new dog. By removing the mystery we can eliminate the surprises that many novice dog owners face so they understand what to expect and can now make an informed decision about owning a dog. Beyond that this guide provides advice based on over 40 years of experience about picking the right dog, caring for and providing the basic training for the new addition. By informing the reader what to do and what not to do It provides a blueprint for success. 2014-05-26 55 84598
Grow Your Own Indoor Garden At Ease: A Step By Step Primer To Gorgeous Indoor Gardens Grow Your Own Indoor Garden At Ease: A Step By Step Primer To Gorgeous Indoor Gardens 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Gardening is the most exciting passion anyone can pursue - You are the nurturer, the creator, a scientist and an artist. Indoor gardening is among the most popular hobbies people have pursued and what can be even more exciting when you get proven techniques for indoor gardening. That's right! Equipped with this book, you are just a few days from enjoying your beautiful indoor garden. This book will help you with: 1. Grow your own beautiful indoor garden at a low cost2. Grow flowers indoors whether it is winter or summer.3. Learning from the master - Top indoor plants that you can grow today!4. Growing herbs, fresh food and vegetables in your own indoor garden5. Addressing the top problems related to your indoor garden6. A beginner’s guide to starting your own indoor gardenIf you are a beginner well versed with gardening and you are ready to start your own indoor garden, this book is for you!If you want a more basic knowledge on gardening, do not forget to read my book "The Beginner's Ultimate Guide To Low Cost Gardening. Everything You Need To Know to Kick off NOW!"Ready to start gardening? Let's go! 2013-12-20 75 848501
Squirrels Everywhere Squirrels Everywhere 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Squirrel's Everywhere A Kids Picture Book with Fun Facts What's in the book? Fun Facts. For kids, and adults will enjoy too! Vivid Bright Photos. Each page has a brilliant, crisp close-up photo. Questions kids love - answers too! How important is a squirrel's tail? Where do squirrels live? Who is this book for? For adults that want to read to their children. For children 4-8 A photo book with fun facts is a nice change up from story books with drawings. Photo books combine reality and wonder with cute and sometimes funny real life photos. For children 9-12 A book with words, about 2,000, along with close-up pictures - that's just enough to keep them challenged and interested. For girls and boys . If your child, like most, is curious about the world and nature, then this book they will enjoy! Books like this make for an easy way to share quality time with your child. At the same time both of you can marvel at the wonders of God's Creations. 2013-08-02 32 1299431
A Man who Lives in Turmoil A Man who Lives in Turmoil 5.0 stars / 1 reviews A husband who Lives in turmoil every day. He is a man who is confused. It’s hard to help that person you love when he is in this state of mind of confusion most of the times, the conflicts of conscience, and the turmoil of daily living, and abiding by faith which becomes an anchor to our lives. He loves me with all his heart that I know but he cannot see straight right now due to turmoil of confusion. 2012-07-02 97 2189184
How to Write a GREAT Children's Book (The Easy Way to Write) How to Write a GREAT Children's Book (The Easy Way to Write) 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Bestselling author of 89 published books for children, Robyn Opie Parnell, can show you how you can easily write for children - and make money from your passion!Kids love stories and picture books. And publishers - online and offline - even on Kindle! - are always looking for quality children's books they can sell to young children (and their parents!) all over the world.Would you like to be a bestselling children's author? Or maybe just have a book that you wrote - to read and pass on to your own children and grandchildren?I'm betting you would!But, before you start, you should get good solid and practical advice about writing for children from an established, million selling author, first.Makes sense, right?Robyn Opie Parnell has been writing for children for over 15 years and in that time has had her books published in the US, Australia and the UK - and had them translated into Spanish, Swedish, German, Korean, Mandarin and a host of other foreign languages. At 89 published books, Robyn is one of the most prolific and successful children's authors in the world!Never before has a children's author with so much proven success offered this kind of advice and guidance in one instructional and entertaining book.Let Robyn guide you, step by step, through the charming and wonderful past-time of writing for children. Who knows, you could easily end up writing your own bestseller!Robyn's new book will take you on a journey of discovery. From getting new ideas to inventing exciting and loveable characters. From creating your perfect workspace to how best to go about plotting and developing stories for all the different types of children's books. From baby picture books to easy readers. From education and trade books to young adult (YA) novels. You'll learn everything there is to know from an author who's actually been published - and many times - in just the last few years.How to Write a GREAT Children's Book is the most up-to-date resource currently available on writing for kids. Previously available only in hardback, this special Kindle edition has been lovingly remastered for viewing as an ebook. Take a look inside by scrolling up this screen and clicking on the book cover - you'll get a free peek!The book also gives you a unique opportunity to download extra free resources from Robyn's website and to follow her popular blog. If you've ever felt drawn to writing for children - for pleasure or profit - then Robyn Opie Parnell's How to Write a GREAT Children's Book could be the best investment you ever made! 2013-08-28 142 45648
Wallace Wattles: 365 Inspirational Quotations Wallace Wattles: 365 Inspirational Quotations 5.0 stars / 1 reviews 365 Inspirational Quotations from Wallace Wattles. A quote for each day of the year from one of the most influential writers in the New Thought movement. If you are interested in Wallace or, more generally, in the Law of Attraction you will love this collection of quotations. 2013-04-14 76 985660
Box Bundle Horoscope Books: Horoscope Compatibility For All The Zodiac Signs AND Looking for Love: Sagittarius (Astrological Insights into Personality Compatibility) Box Bundle Horoscope Books: Horoscope Compatibility For All The Zodiac Signs AND Looking for Love: Sagittarius (Astrological Insights into Personality Compatibility) 5.0 stars / 1 reviews **This Sagittarius Box Set is For YOU if You're a Sagittarius Longing for Love; a Sagittarius Who's Fallen in Love; or You're in Love with a Sagittarius.**Read What Those Who Are Longing for Love and People Who Have Fallen in Love Say About the Horoscope Compatibility Series Looking for Love in Your Astrology Star Sign by this Amazon Bestselling AuthorLEO "Informative and Entertaining" Ms K.S. Conabree; VIRGO "Love the insights" Sharon L. Wyeth; GEMINI "Great resource" B Williams'; LIBRA "Hit the nail on the head" Elaine Lockard; SAGITTARIUS "Excellent job" Wanderlust; TAURUS "Unbelievably accurate" R. Tutty; CANCER "Fun, humorous, caring and compassionate" Tiffany M. White; SCORPIO "Wow this book was spot on" Lisa Oliver 2014-01-19 130 77754
Entre la espada y la cruz: Reyes y sacerdotes, romanos y zelotes en la vida y muerte de Jesús el Nazareno (Misterios del primer cristianismo nº 1) (Spanish Edition) Entre la espada y la cruz: Reyes y sacerdotes, romanos y zelotes en la vida y muerte de Jesús el Nazareno (Misterios del primer cristianismo nº 1) (Spanish Edition) 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Ya conoces a Jess, el Salvador. En este libro conocers al Jess hombre que junto con sus contemporneos vivi y sufri dominacin y explotacin de los romanos y las autoridades del Templo de Jerusaln, las intrigas de los herederos de las dinastas que algunas vez gobernaron Judea, y la creciente rebelda de aquellos judos que no aceptaban otro gobierno que el de Dios.*** Cul es la razn por la que Jos y Mara aceptan trasladarse a Beln a pesar del riesgo por su avanzado embarazo?*** Por qu hubo personas dispuestas a seguir a un profeta itinerante abandonando familia y propiedades?*** Por qu se requiri que Judas delatara a un predicador conocido por todos?*** Cmo pudieron sobrevivir los apstoles a la persecucin de autoridades romanas y judas luego de la muerte de Jess?Las investigaciones arquelgicas e histricas de los ltimos 25 aos responden a las mayores interrogantes sobre la vida de Jess. Un pacfico predicador se encuentra en la vorgine de la ambicin y codicia de aspirantes al trono, sacerdotes y ocupantes extranjeros, al tiempo que contiene los afanes violentos de la resistencia juda.Y tendr que elegir partido.Nueva luz sobre Jess el Nazareno arroja el cotejo de los evangelios con la historia de su poca y los descubrimientos de historiadores y estudiosos de los principios del cristianismo. Y as queda claro que es la ruta del dinero la que esclarece la vida y la muerte de Jess.El libro ofrece un anlisis histrico que considera a Jess como un personaje que interacta con el convulsionado entorno de su tiempo. Ello permite desvelar algunos misterios que todava perduran en la historia oficial y obtener conclusiones sorprendentes sobre la vida del fundador de la religin con mayor nmero de seguidores.En el libro se demuestra cmo una casta codiciosa, un grupo de rebeldes mesinicos y unos protectores poderosos e impensados sellaron el destino de Jess. 2014-03-04 268 1026753
Peace and Prosperity In Our Time?: A discussion of the global  financial crisis, risks of hyperinflation, loss of civility, compassion and common sense ... and the potential for peace in the world. Peace and Prosperity In Our Time?: A discussion of the global financial crisis, risks of hyperinflation, loss of civility, compassion and common sense ... and the potential for peace in the world. 5.0 stars / 1 reviews The 21st Century has presented us with numerous challenges both to peace and prosperity. Topics which this book addresses to engage the reader in a dialog about the issues that threaten both our generation and those to come. From the financial crisis of 2008 to the threat of hyperinflation and the danger of population growth and the root causes of war there are few topics more timely and of more concern to thoughtful people. 2014-02-27 46 1087674
A Love to Remember A Love to Remember 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Christine English meets her best friend's brother Paul Davidson. He had been away at a military school. He has already joined the Army. Was it love at first sight? If so, could Christine let him get close to her? Did he want the same things as she did? Could she be with him and him going away to war? This is something that she was going to have to think about. 2013-08-29 325 151257
Raphael: 133 Masterpieces (Annotated Masterpieces Book 35) Raphael: 133 Masterpieces (Annotated Masterpieces Book 35) 5.0 stars / 1 reviews This Art Book with Foreword and annotated reproductions by Maria Tsaneva contains 133 selected drawings and paintings of Raffaello Sanzio.Raffaello Sanzio (or Santi, Raphael ) along with his elder contemporaries Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti characterized the High Renaissance in Italy. Raffaello was admired persona, celebrated, prosperous, and honored, and his influence was broadly extend even during his own life. His after life fame was even superior, for until the later 19th century he was considered by almost all critics as the greatest painter who had ever lived — the artist who expressed the essential dogmas of the Christian Church through figures that have a physical beauty worthy of the antique. He became the ideal of all academies; it was against his authority that the Pre-Raphaelites revolted. He has been a key motivation to great classical painters like Poussin, A. Carracci, and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. 2013-11-19 165 309993

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