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Good Enough Parenting: Successful Sleep Solutions for Babies and Toddlers (A Simple Parent Guide for Newborn to Age 3) Good Enough Parenting: Successful Sleep Solutions for Babies and Toddlers (A Simple Parent Guide for Newborn to Age 3) 4.4 stars / 13 reviews New parents often measure their success as parents by how well their babies sleep. Some have it easy and find that their children sleep easily through the night, but for most parents sleep is something they want more of!There are many books, formulas and methods available today that promise unfailing results if parents only follow the prescriptions exactly. Some of the methods described in books are downright scary and harmful to the parent-child relationship, while other methods require parents to be so available at night for their children’s needs that they never get a chance to look after their own needs.In Good Enough Parenting: Successful Sleep Solutions for Babies and Toddlers, Lisl Fair encourages parents to find gentle sleep solutions that work in their homes. She encourages parents to be sensitive to the bond between parents and children when deciding about sleep solutions and suggests practical ways in which to create sleep solutions that work for everyone in the household. Referencing studies from various books and real-life examples, she helps parents to strike a balance between their children's night time needs and their own, resulting in everyone getting a good night’s sleep.Lisl advocates and provides a framework from which parents can make informed decisions about nurturing and gentle sleep solutions that fit their own parenting goals and needs.This guide book is for parents who find prescriptive discipline methods limiting and want to learn more about adopting the best baby and toddler sleep advice based on their own household situation and beliefs.Get a copy of Good Enough Parenting: Successful Sleep Solutions for Babies and Toddlers now. Stop the cycle of exhaustion and start adopting night-time solutions that benefit the whole family today! 2014-02-20 144 228596
Diamonds and Devils Diamonds and Devils 4.3 stars / 11 reviews "Who did you come here to redeem?" ____ Roger Holt is an eight year old boy traveling through 1950's Texas in an old Chevy. He has whooping cough. Everything the family owns is in a one-wheeled trailer behind the car. Their gospel tent is destroyed, but redemption is safely housed in the resilience of a child. ______ Diamonds and Devils is a story of the life of Roger Holt who grew up as a gay boy with an Evangelical pastor father. When the elderly father shows up with Dementia at his grown son’s doorstep, there are shattering revelations. Will they create the final breach in the family, bring ultimate healing, or are some things never resolved? This book is essential for anyone who has had a troubling childhood, is gay or has gay friends or relatives, or is struggling with coming out. It is also a must read for anyone wanting to understand the implications of the Gay experience in America. Told with humor, sensitivity, and candor, it is a most intriguing story of human relationships and forgiveness. This may be the most compelling, heart warming story you will read about coming of age as Gay in America. 2012-05-26 170 1186584
A Life Interrupted (Non-Fiction): The Story Of My Battle With Bullying And Obsessive-compulsive Disorder A Life Interrupted (Non-Fiction): The Story Of My Battle With Bullying And Obsessive-compulsive Disorder 4.7 stars / 7 reviews This is a unique story focusing on long term impact of bullying on the human psyche. The book also demonstrates how to overcome the impact of bullying and obsessive compulsive disorder.This book gives readers an insider’s view of the devastating impact OCD and bullying can have on a person’s life. Many people will be able to relate to this book. By Renae M. Reinardy, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, Founder of Lakeside Center for Behavioral Change (Minnetonka, MN and Fargo, ND)This book would be appropriate for anyone afflicted with OCD or bullying or depression/anxiety/PTSD. Its experiential value and flavor grounds the reader in the milieu of a cruel combination of bullying, anxiety OCD, depression.By Gail Anderson, MA, LP, Professional Psychologist, MNThis book would be of value to school counselors as well as the general public.By Joan Neehall, Ph.D, Registered Psychologist in private practice in Edmonton, Alberta, and a fellow of the American Board of Forensic Examiners. 2014-01-30 185 111103
How To Work With People You Can't Stand: Plays Wells With Others: Learn To Manage Difficult People At Work & Difficult People To Work With How To Work With People You Can't Stand: Plays Wells With Others: Learn To Manage Difficult People At Work & Difficult People To Work With 4.8 stars / 6 reviews For A Limited Time Only, purchase my book "How To Work With People You Can't Stand: Plays Wells With Others" and I'll send you a promotional code so that you can download the audio version of the book on Audible for FREE! Instructions are in the book but act fast because I only have 25 codes and once they're gone, they're gone!Dread Going To Work Each Day? Hate Having To Work With People You Can't Stand? You're Not Alone and This Book Can Help You Work With Difficult People Starting Today.Attention Readers: I've just updated this bestselling book with even more tips and ideas to help you deal with difficult people at work. Hope you'll find this book even more helpful than before!Here's the simple truth about working in an office today: We all will eventually work with someone we can't stand. You need to learn how to work with bullies, how to work with difficult people, and how to work with people you can't stand if you expect to survive in this economy. This eBook will teach you how to manage those relationships so they don't control you! Now available in audiobook format at (and I have 20 free promo codes to get it FREE on Audible -- Tweet me @JChristbooks and I'll send you a code!) In today's work environments, we all work with people we can't stand. They are boorish, difficult people and they make our workplace a dreadful place to be. These people make us feel badly each day we're at work, and we're all looking for solutions. Think about that feeling in the pit of your stomach you feel every time you think about interacting with THAT PERSON that you can't get along with. Want to NOT feel this way anymore? Join the people that have used this exact book to learn how to work with people they can't stand and revolutionize your office work environment.In this eBook you'll learn:1. Why brutal honestly may reap enormous benefits2. What personal factors may be contributing to that poor working relationship3. How to work with that boorish person if you're forced to do so4. How to control your reactions so they don't control you5. How to "let go" and "rise above" without capitulating and giving inNeed another reason to buy this book? Here's a fantastic one: I feel that children's literacy is extremely important, and as such, I donate 5% of the proceeds from the sale of my books to Reading Is Fundamental, the largest and most respected children's literacy non-profit in America.Remember, we all will have to work with people we can't stand. Stop living with that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach. Buy this eBook and learn the ways to cope so that these relationships don't control your life! 2013-11-09 26 79338
Poems from a Broken Child Poems from a Broken Child 4.5 stars / 2 reviews Poems from a Broken Child takes you inside the feelings that an abused child feels. It will let you into a dark world that the child feels! It is a collection of poems that the writer has written to express the world that she experienced. It also includes the writer views of the poems, 2013-06-30 80 1517083
Poo-Bot 3000: a Potty Training Story for Kids Poo-Bot 3000: a Potty Training Story for Kids 5.0 stars / 1 reviews "Poo-Bot 3000" is a potty training story with a twist.When a little boy's parents get him his very own Poo-Bot, the boy must teach THE ROBOT how to use the potty.He then discovers how to construct a Poo-Bot of his own making with common household items.This is a fun story that will encourage boys and girls to use the potty, and have a blast doing it! 2014-05-22 26 420198
Jamaal's Sweaty & Adventerous Dream Jamaal's Sweaty & Adventerous Dream 0 stars / 0 reviews A young boy's nightmare becomes so adventurous and traumatizing that his parents have to become creative in order to get him to go back to sleep. In the process, both parents use this opportunity as a teaching moment for Jamaal. 2014-05-28 4 896823
The Best Newcomer's Resource Guide to Autism The Best Newcomer's Resource Guide to Autism 0 stars / 0 reviews You and your wife finally got answers to your child's problems in life. The final diagnosis was Autism. It came after months to years of waiting for this to happen. The doctor gives you a general direction to help your child in life. However, he or she does not give you any full answers on where to go next or what to expect. Dawn Lucan in this book shares more than 25 useful questions and answers to your common questions in order to help you with your child. Topics include schooling, socialization, recreation, family, and your child's future. 2014-05-29 54 916462
Healing a Broken Child Healing a Broken Child 0 stars / 0 reviews Healing a Broken Child tells the journey of healing within. Abuse can leave the victim feeling broken and alone. It is a choice that one makes to become the survivor! This book is a collection of poems and reflections that tells my story of healing. It tells how I chose to live! 2013-10-30 86 2021311
50 THINGS WE HATE ABOUT CHILDREN 50 THINGS WE HATE ABOUT CHILDREN 0 stars / 0 reviews Don't you just find it irritating, annoying, insensitive and hurtful when children say "why are you always broke?" "I hate you" or "you are not my mother/father" - all because you refuse to grant a request! Then there is the question of dress, swearing, having sex right on your couch and answering back as if we are peers! Talk about the way children party nowadays, abusing drugs and spending - using your credit cards (with or without your approval). They want the latest phone, tablet pc etc then, they go and make total idiots of themselves on the social networks. Some think the sole use of internet is buying and watching pornography! They laugh, shrug or stare blankly when we talk about these things, which frankly, few parents find funny. We love these children very much. They are our children and we cannot and should never give up on them. That is why we have to keep talking to them day in and out, or just give them this booklet to read. 2013-06-06 42
Sept pas vers la liberte: Comment quitter un pervers narcissique (French Edition) Sept pas vers la liberte: Comment quitter un pervers narcissique (French Edition) 0 stars / 0 reviews Chaque adulte cherche voluer en partageant sa vie avec un partenaire dans une relation galitaire et bnfique. Que se passe-t-il lorsque dans un couple, l'un des protagonistes domine l'autre et impose ses vues sur tous les aspects de la vie commune, prive, sociale etc.? La mthode aux sept petits pas prsente une faon de se librer de l'influence d'un partenaire nfaste. L'auteur appuie son rcit sur sa propre exprience dans une relation avec un pervers narcissique, qui dura dix-sept annes. Comment devient-on victime dans une relation destructrice? Comment se trouve-t-on dans l'impossibilit de dire "stop!", de se librer? A ct de cette mthode, qui aidera les victimes reprendre les rnes de leur vie, ce livre explique comment reconnatre ces vampires des temps modernes, et comment viter de se retrouver pris au pige dans leurs filets. Il apporte aussi des lments de rponses ceux qui veulent aider une amie manipule par son compagnon. Ce livre donnera la force aux victimes de se dclarer en tant que telles et d'avancer vers la libert, un pas la fois.Si vous tes affect par un pervers narcissique, de prs ou de loin, ce livre vous aidera comprendre. 2014-05-02 177
Chocolate Choices Chocolate Choices 0 stars / 0 reviews Many people may believe that they possess the knowledge as well as the ability to effectively manage and master life. Ancient Hindu philosophy states, "What is untrue is universally accepted, what is true cannot even be understood." Chocolate Choices is about society gaining the combined intelligence required for solving the world’s most challenging problems. Undeniably, true peace on Earth depends upon humanity achieving that level of knowledge and wisdom. 2004-08-15 170 1910402
HOW TO PLAN A FAMILY BUDGET AND SAVE FOR THE FUTURE HOW TO PLAN A FAMILY BUDGET AND SAVE FOR THE FUTURE 0 stars / 0 reviews Many people live in a circle of debt. This may continue for life except something is done to remedy their situation. The only way to be free from debt and move forward is to plan. The planning in this regard is to budget. Less than 10% of adult budget in their life time. People who are rich budget. They watch their expenses. To join the rich you must do what the rich do. The rich among other things budget more than other thing. In this book I solved the problems of budgeting. Even if you have never done so before. with this guide you will be able to do it. The book is written in such simple language that even a child will be able to understand. I will have brought the experience I had for years as a family finance advisor. I also provided a template you can use to start. You will happy you bought this and like my clients you will send a thank you note 2011-10-19 44 1688852
60 THINGS WE HATE ABOUT MOTHERS 60 THINGS WE HATE ABOUT MOTHERS 0 stars / 0 reviews We love our mothers. Without them, we would not be here and there is nothing we would like more than to get along better. That is why we have to give them honest and useful pointers, which say what we want to, without hurting our mothers' feelings - like this booklet. The worst is the control thing - what is it with mothers? They stifle the life out of us! The way they force us to eat food, wear clothes and hairstyles we hate! Listening to conversations, invading phones, mail, rooms, clothes or bags? Double checking with your mates - whatever you tell them? Or when you do something wrong, comparing you to other siblings or friends' children? Have you noticed how many of our mothers are now having affairs with our friends? Then they feel sorry for themselves - when they are not worrying. Don't you just find it irritating, annoying, insensitive and hurtful when mothers fail to get their way and resort to the "I suffered for you" stories, or "you have betrayed me" expression, or the silence treatment? The negative statements "you will come to nothing!" - this from your very own mother! Mothers should let go gracefully and learn not to ruin lives. 2013-06-06 41
Child Custody Agreement and Autism Child Custody Agreement and Autism 0 stars / 0 reviews Being a single parent is not an easy thing in life. It becomes more difficult if you have a child diagnosed with a special need in life such as Autism. Dawn Lucan will cover five different things you should consider putting into your child custody agreement. Before you write your child custody agreement, I recommend at least consulting an attorney to see if any errors were made while writing it. You need to also realize that the laws for child custody and child support vary from state to state, and I will not be covering it in this book. Dawn Lucan has 18 years of experience working with students with a variety of different abilities in life. 2014-05-29 11
Yoga for Fertility: Heal and Restore Fertility through Simple Yoga Practices Yoga for Fertility: Heal and Restore Fertility through Simple Yoga Practices 0 stars / 0 reviews Are you trying to get pregnant? Struggling with fertility issues?Yoga is a great way to help to with people having issues conceiving.Most people lead a very distressed life today, overflowing with emotional disturbances, confusions, uncertainty, chaos, busy schedules and unhealthy life styles. These practices take the body out of alignment and create imbalances within it, as a result of which many women face troubles conceiving or experience complications during pregnancy. Amidst this chaos, yoga helps re-connect the body and mind, immersing one in peace and bringing the body back in alignment and creating an environment that is best suited for conceiving. Yoga programs, designed for fertility, focus on the specific chakras linked to the reproductive organs and fertility. Focusing on these energy centers, yoga poses are designed to stimulate energy and blood flow to reproductive regions, opening these regions to restore balance and induce harmony, allowing the body to realign and regain its original health. 2014-03-09 36 1084143
The Best Newcomer's Handbook for Down's Syndrome The Best Newcomer's Handbook for Down's Syndrome 0 stars / 0 reviews Your child has been recently diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. You feel lost and wonder about your child's future. You begin to wonder if their life will be different than any other child's life. Dawn Lucan, a preschool teacher and community volunteer, with 18 years of experience shares her non medical knowledge with you to your most common questions regarding your child. Topics include education, friendships, activities, general life, and adulthood. She has also included an assortment of great books and website resources for you in this book. 2014-05-29 49 917810

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