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So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion 4.7 stars / 111 reviews Tired of religion?What if almost everything you were taught about Christianity is wrong? Would you give up on faith altogether? Or is it possible to rediscover—with fresh eyes—a richer and more satisfying understanding of God and spirituality?So You Thought You Knew is a refreshing journey written straight from the heart. It's about thinking outside the “institutional walls” of Christianity and asking the hard questions. It boldly says in public what many people are thinking in private. And its hilarious stories and life-changing insights will inspire those who are dissatisfied with fear-driven religion but believe—deep down—there’s a better message out there for the world to hear. 2014-01-30 267 115257
The Second Thanksgiving The Second Thanksgiving 4.6 stars / 108 reviews Has Almighty God intervened in American history? Many great Americans have thought so, including President Abraham Lincoln as he signs the proclamation creating Thanksgiving as a permanent national holiday for the United States of America. “You must know and remember this,” Lincoln puts the matter bluntly. “Our nation began with a miracle.” The amazing facts are little remembered today. After their first Thanksgiving celebration in 1621, the Pilgrim settlers at Plymouth Plantation experienced an unmitigated series of disasters that left almost nothing to celebrate. Their third year in the new land nearly ended in the complete destruction of Plymouth. Ultimately the colony managed to survive only as the result of what the Pilgrims saw as one of the most astounding instances of divine intervention in human history outside the pages of the Bible, an event so awe-inspiring that it turned the fortunes of Plymouth completely and permanently around. This historically accurate novel tells the story of that terrible ordeal and its culminating miracle through the eyes of real people, Francis and Hester Cooke and their children, as they and the other people of Plymouth struggle against discord, danger, despair, hunger, exhaustion and outright terror—along with all the accompanying doubts assailing their strong Christian faith. These various conflicts play out over 1623, one of the most dramatic years in American colonial history. The great Wampanoag chieftain Massasoit Ousamequin, who has kept the peace, falls ill to the point of death. The Pilgrims learn that two hostile braves of the local Massachusett Tribe are attempting to foment a war to exterminate all the white newcomers. Should these troublemakers be stopped, even if by a murderous preemptive strike? What happens afterward, when nature itself seems to turn against all the inhabitants of the land, with the fingers of blame pointed squarely at the people of Plymouth by enraged Native Americans? What happens when the situation becomes so ominous, so deadly, so far beyond human solution, that the Pilgrims have nowhere to turn except to God and the power of prayer? 2012-10-16 438 343242
How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs 4.7 stars / 99 reviews Have you had success manifesting small things using the law of attraction, but been frustrated with an inability to manifest your more important desires?Do you have important dreams and desires you’ve held for a long time, which always seem to remain just out of reach?Do you believe you have the power to influence your material reality, yet have been unable to truly create the life of your dreams?If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you’re a lot like millions of people who understand their immense personal power to influence their lives. Yet, just like the majority of those people, you’ve also noticed that manifesting your most important desires often seems too difficult or unattainable.The problem isn’t you; the problem has been your reliance on old paradigms from old science. Quantum physics, however, has shown us a clear and simple roadmap to not only make you a much more powerful deliberate creator of your material reality, but even allow you to finally manifest those greatly desired outcomes which have eluded you for so long. How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs is your personal coach in book-form, leading you to an amazing awakening of your higher self while also manifesting your greatest desires.Your natural power to create abundance and achieve your dreams is a birthright you shouldn't spend another moment denying yourself. How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs will coach you to simply and easily focus and harness your inherent power to create your material reality. Using everyday language and "street-level" instructions, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs will have you manifesting a vast array of personal dreams and goals much faster and more completely than you previously thought possible. 2013-12-25 130 6967
God Drives a Tow Truck God Drives a Tow Truck 4.6 stars / 92 reviews "Why am I here...and God, are you there?" God Drives a Tow Truck is a compilation of true stories about the author's quest to find God. In her voyage from atheist to believer, she gradually discovers that while God's face may not be clearly seen, the brush of His fingertips is often felt. In a personal treasure hunt for infinite value, the search for God in the everyday occurrences of life is humorously depicted in sometimes eerily strange situations. The stories unfold from seemingly commonplace events to miraculous conclusions. Most of us won't find God in a burning bush, like Moses did, but like the author, we may find Him in a burning house...or perhaps, even driving a tow truck. All of Vicky Kaseorg's books may be found at: 2012-01-22 218 40419
The Scum of All Fears: Squeaky Clean Mysteries, Book 5 The Scum of All Fears: Squeaky Clean Mysteries, Book 5 4.7 stars / 46 reviews “I’ll get out, and I’ll get even.”Gabby St. Claire is back to crime-scene cleaning, at least temporarily. With her business partner on his honeymoon, she needs help after a weekend killing spree fills up her work docket. She quickly realizes she has bigger problems than finding temporary help.A serial killer her fianc, a former prosecutor, put behind bars has escaped. His last words to Riley were: I’ll get out, and I’ll get even. Pictures of Gabby are found in the man’s prison cell, and Riley fears the sadistic madman has Gabby in his sights.Gabby tells herself there’s no way the Scum River Killer will make it across the country from California to Virginia without being caught. But then messages are left for Gabby at crime scenes, and someone keeps slipping in and out of her apartment.When Gabby’s temporary assistant disappears, Gabby must figure out who’s behind these crimes. The search for answers becomes darker when Gabby realizes she’s dealing with a criminal who’s more than evil. He’s truly the scum of the earth, and he’ll do anything to make Gabby and Riley’s lives a living nightmare.Fiction/Mystery/ChristianOther books in the Squeaky Clean series:1--Hazardous Duty2--Suspicious Minds2.5--It Came Upon a Midnight Crime (a novella)3--Organized Grime4--Dirty Deeds5--The Scum of All Fears6--To Love, Honor, and Perish7--Mucky Streak (coming March 2014) 2014-01-05 257 3546
All of Grace All of Grace 4.9 stars / 38 reviews "This classic elucidation of the gospel and call to faith, by one of the most renowned preachers of the 19th century, includes: To You What Are We At? God Justifieth The Ungodly It Is God That Justifieth Just and the Justifier Concerning Deliverance from Sinning By Grace Through Faith and more. Every person of faith will want to read Spurgeon's inspiring words, through which his great and abiding love of Christ shines. British preacher CHARLES HADDON SPURGEON (18341892) frequently delivered sermons to audiences of more than 10,000 people. He also wrote The Treasury of David and Around the Wicket Gate, among many other works. " 1885-11-30 132 375437
THE HOLY SPIRIT - Spiritual Gifts: Amazing Power for Everyday People (Illuminated Bible Study Guides Series) THE HOLY SPIRIT - Spiritual Gifts: Amazing Power for Everyday People (Illuminated Bible Study Guides Series) 4.7 stars / 35 reviews Ready to Venture into Deeper Waters with God? We sit in our pews. We hear about the awesome power of God the Father. We marvel at the miracles of Jesus. Then off we go, never expecting those supernatural spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow through us in the here and now. That's exactly what this author did, until one day she was confronted with a stunning possibility: that miracles of biblical proportions can and do still happen, even in the lives of the humblest among us. Even you. The challenge? It meant getting to know the Holy Spirit , that enigmatic Third Person of the Trinity she'd heard so little about in traditional teaching. It meant braving controversy about spiritual gifts , searching the Scriptures, and venturing into new waters in faith. Let's be honest. Even wading toward the depths of the Holy Spirit and the extraordinary spiritual gifts may seem scary. It may even sound kind of kooky or off-base. You don't want to get in over your head. You fear drowning in error or emotionalism. Still, you may long to deepen your experience with God. You may be asking: What happened to the power Jesus promised to believers? Why has the Holy Spirit become such a taboo subject? Are modern miracles of biblical proportions still happening? How can I access the supernatural power of God? Does the Holy Spirit have spiritual gifts for me? If so, which ones? THE HOLY SPIRIT - Spiritual Gifts : Amazing Power for Everyday People is a step-by-step guide for how to grow in dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit . It explores how even the most ordinary believer can experience the miracle working power of God in everyday life. This scripturally-referenced how to book with workbook-style applications is ideal for individual or group Bible Study , geared at building a highly accessible, scriptural foundation for the Person and supernatural spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit .Tackling tough questions with straight answers, this book tracks an everyday believer's journey into what may be Christianity's best kept secret. It dives deep into the often marginalized mysteries of the Holy Spirit , mingling scriptural examples with numerous contemporary anecdotes of the amazing power of God in the lives of everyday believers. CHAPTERS IN THIS BOOK: Father, Son, and Holy Who? Why I Hadn't Heard This in a Thousand Sermons The Holy Spirit for Newbies Sensing the Spirit without Getting Weird Getting Our Feet Wet in God's Powerful River Going Deeper without Going over the Deep End Passing the Spirit's Torch to You Would God Really Give Power Tools to Children? The Word of Wisdom The Word of Knowledge The Gift of Faith Gifts of Healing Effecting of Miracles Distinguishing of Spirits Various Kinds of Tongues Interpretation of Tongues Prophecy Prophetic Visions Prophetic Dreams Hearing Aids for All God's Sheep If you answer "yes" to any of the questions below, this book is recommended for you. Ever wonder what you're not hearing about the Holy Spirit? Would you like to read inspirational stories of modern miracles? Do you want to experience the supernatural power of God in your life? Would you like to learn about how to discover your spiritual gifts? Do you wonder about charismatic renewal? Do you want to know more about gifts of healing and hearing God's voice? Are you intrigued by prophecy, visions, and dreams? Are you involved in prayer, Bible study, worship, and lay ministry? Click above to order your copy of The Holy Spirit - Spiritual Gifts : Amazing Power for Everyday People today! 2014-04-30 281 12652
The Life and Prayers of Saint Augustine The Life and Prayers of Saint Augustine 4.6 stars / 32 reviews The Church has numerous fathers who have influenced its dogma in substantial ways. Although none of them can be singled out as the most pivotal theologian of Church history, it can certainly be said that Saint Augustine of Hippo has long been a central figure to Christian thought, informing both on the nature of God and the nature of Christian morality. He has been quoted throughout the ages by important Christian writers, such as Saint Thomas Aquinas, and has been listed as a strong influence by Pope Benedict XVI. Through his central place in the history of Christianity, some historians have appointed Saint Augustine particularly great importance in European and World history. They have called him the last man of the Classical Age, and the first medieval man. 2013-08-31 82 74811
Mail Order Rose (Mail Order Brides #1) Mail Order Rose (Mail Order Brides #1) 4.3 stars / 21 reviews *Updated and re-editedThe last thing she wanted was to fall in love with her husband...Heartbroken Rose Greenlee's world was crashing down around her. Betrayed not only by her betrothed, but by her own family, Rose felt as though she was living in a nightmare from which there was no end. Her only chance to escape was to run away to become a mail order bride, though she vowed that after suffering the pain of heartbreak she'd never fall in love again.But David Thompson, her handsome new husband, stirs feelings in her that she wasn't expecting, and the walls around her heart begin to crumble. He helps her to find her faith again and shares the pain of his own past.Just when she thinks she may have found happiness at last, her past comes back to haunt her and she has to decide where her heart truly belongs.**Mail Order Rose is the first book in the Mail Order Brides Series. It is a sweet historical/Christian romance novella that is approximately 55 kindle/85 print pages long. 2013-12-20 78 6149
Following Your Heart (Contemporary Romance) (Love Conquers All Book 1) Following Your Heart (Contemporary Romance) (Love Conquers All Book 1) 4.1 stars / 20 reviews It had been 10 years since Cassie and Seth said their goodbyes. They had both moved on and were leading happy lives, or were they? When Cassie finds herself back in Texas, everything changes. Cassie remembers the love that she once had and surprisingly finds herself longing for it again. Is it too late, or does her heart have other plans?Book #2 Mixing Business With Pleasure Book #3 Love From The Ashes 2013-06-23 324 175953
Christian Women, No-Church Men: Get Saved, Man!: A Kindle Book Tale of an African-American Woman Thriving With Her Husband Christian Women, No-Church Men: Get Saved, Man!: A Kindle Book Tale of an African-American Woman Thriving With Her Husband 3.9 stars / 18 reviews Author Lydia Paul has lived with her husband David for 16 years, and in this compelling book, she shares how she learned to flourish after giving her life to Christ and joining a church in 2000 -- and how she has dealt with the aftermath of life with David, who didn't join the church with his wife. After a lot of nagging, crying and pleading, Lydia merely enjoyed David sitting next to her in the pews a good handful of times. Then she got wise, and learned how to let the Lord move in her husband's life, in his own perfect timing -- not through her meddling. Throughout the experiences of lusting after the so-called perfect church marriages or Christian men noticing the "spiritually single" woman, Lydia watched her mate change and get closer to God when his health was threatened. For Christian women living with their own "church-less" Christian men -- or an unbeliever who doesn't attend church nor want to talk about spiritual things, "Christian Women, No-Church Men: Get Saved, Man!" can help inspire them to never give up praying and fasting -- but not to get stuck in a place of pity or self-defeat. Table of Contents PREFACE: "Seems I'm Not Alone at Being Alone" CHAPTER 1: "If a house is divided against itself..." CHAPTER 2: Marrying and Divorcing Mr. Atheist CHAPTER 3: Getting Married For Real, Giving in to God For Real CHAPTER 4: "Why don't you just go with me!??!!?" CHAPTER 5: The Allure of Other Men, Especially Christian Men CHAPTER 6: Fighting Over Tithes, Fasting, Painting and Praying Him Out of the Bars in Tongues CHAPTER 7: The Cloud Moves - Finding a Cool New Hot Church CHAPTER 8: Holy Anger, Heart Failure, Healing CHAPTER 9: Excuses Be Damned - Moving Forward CHAPTER 10: The Wisdom of Women Who've Waited for Decades EPILOGUE: All the Other Drama Tags: Christian men, Christian women, unequally yoked, unsaved spouse, unsaved husband, unsaved man, saved woman, saved wife, men in church, women in church, church attendance, church members, megachurch, megachurches, married Christians, Christian marriage, believer 2014-01-16 176 105373
Being Without Protection (The Bridge of Consciousness) Being Without Protection (The Bridge of Consciousness) 5.0 stars / 14 reviews When we enter this world we forget that we are spirit, that we are non-physical, that we are one. We forget that we are safe and that we are eternal. Fear is a unique quality of this world and as with all reality it is a mirror of our being. It is through this loss of knowingness that we can come to fear what surrounds us. To fear what we do not know is to enter an experience where we come to protect ourselves, and from that protection a strong sense of identity arises. We become identified with the mechanisms through which we protect ourselves; we become identified with our fears. To face your fear is to put those protections down, understanding that they have served us all beautifully in our exploration of individuality. To put down your protection is to touch your fear. It is to put down the fig leaf. It is to expose your most intimate self. It is powerful. It is powerful because it is freedom. Let Story Waters take you on a journey into the realization of the power of the choice of your focus, how you are a vessel of reality, how reality is a mirror, how to release fear and judgment, how judgment and perception are linked, how perception creates your reality, how to enter the knowing that you are safe, and how to fall in love with your Self, this world, and this life. "Within you is an even wider level of consciousness than your spirit; a level of planetary or collective consciousness. It is within you in every moment; it is within you in this moment. The whole world is within what you are. When you look outwards into the world you are equally looking inwards at what you are. This is the deeper realization of the world being a mirror of Self. It is only judgment of the world that makes you fear the idea of it being a reflection of you; cease to judge the world and you are free to experience it clearly; only when you cease to judge will you see through the illusion of separation and open yourself to the multi-dimensional perspective of All That You Are." – from Being Without Protection by Story Waters. To be without protection is to know you are safe, that you are the creator of your reality, and that you are free. Don’t miss this amazing journey into self-empowerment and freedom consciousness. 2010-11-30 26 54800
Cloudman, Surviving Stage IV Cancer: A New Beginning Cloudman, Surviving Stage IV Cancer: A New Beginning 4.8 stars / 14 reviews Cloudman is the story of an artist who films clouds for a living. Suddenly told he had 2 months to live, after being diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer, Peyton tells a surprising narrative of survival, illustrated with his aerial photography. The author carries us along on his emotional whirlwind while traveling the globe and raising a son. Although his journey is personal, the lessons are universal and apply to anyone confronting a crisis. 2012-06-13 130 155893
Hidden Things: A Christian Romance Novel Where the Past Meets the Present Head On (Photographs and Memories Series) Hidden Things: A Christian Romance Novel Where the Past Meets the Present Head On (Photographs and Memories Series) 4.8 stars / 13 reviews Kylie had her life all planned out--with marriage to Matthew and a "happily-ever-after" in their sleepy Wisconsin hometown. But when she opens a wedding invitation and a decades-old faded photograph falls out, she uncovers a side of her mother Kylie never suspected. As she digs into the past, Kylie uncovers a whole world of hidden surprises, including grandparents she never knew existed. Suddenly, Kylie faces a choice between two worlds. . .and doesn't feel she fits in either. As the past changes, so does her whole foundation of security. Will Kylie learn who she really is and where she fits in God's plan? 2013-10-28 257 14463
Open Your Hymnal . . . Again - Christian Hymns & Spiritual Devotions That Harmonize Scripture with Song: Christian Devotionals for Women and Men (A Christian Devotions Ministries Resource Book 2) Open Your Hymnal . . . Again - Christian Hymns & Spiritual Devotions That Harmonize Scripture with Song: Christian Devotionals for Women and Men (A Christian Devotions Ministries Resource Book 2) 4.8 stars / 12 reviews Do you ever catch yourself singing a song in church without paying attention to the words? Open Your Hymnal, Again is another collection of hymnal devotions that transport the wisdom of classic hymns and gospel songs into the twenty-first century. Giving God glory, honor, and thanks nourishes our souls and invigorates our faith. For centuries hymn writers have exalted God's sovereignty and splendor in their lyrics. With biblical insights and practical applications, the 31 devotions in Open Your Hymnal Again use the worship models of hymns and gospel songs to awaken a fresh wonder for God in your heart. Open Your Hymnal Again and worship with me.Introduce yourself to the rich spiritual heritage that hymnals contain or gain a new perspective on songs you’ve sung since childhood. Whether you sing in the choir loft, the worship team, or the pew, the refreshing biblical insights in this book will enhance your appreciation of the words you sing every time you open a hymnal.If you buy a new print edition of this book (or purchased one in the past), you can buy the Kindle edition for only $0.99 (Save 67%). 2013-10-21 206 151843
Amish Romance 6-Book Boxed Set Bundle Amish Romance 6-Book Boxed Set Bundle 4.4 stars / 12 reviews Amish Romance 6-Book Boxed Set BundleSix great books for One low price!Naomi's Story - Eighteen-year-old Naomi Miller isn’t exactly like all of the other Amish girls. Sure, she wants to get married and start a family just like everyone else, but Naomi also uses her God-given talent to run a successful business, one she doesn’t want to be forced to give up for a family. When tragedy strikes Naomi’s family, she meets a young man who may just be the answer to all of her prayers, but will he fall for Naomi…or for her sister? Miriam's Story - Miriam Fisher is still grieving for her husband, Jacob, killed just weeks before in an accident. She goes through the motions of caring for her three young children, and she tries to rejoice for her sister, Naomi’s, happiness at her upcoming wedding. Miriam is heartbroken, though, and she fears that she will never feel like herself again. As if her own sorrow weren’t enough, she worries for Ezra, her son, trying bravely to hide his sorrow over the loss of his father. If only God would send Miriam something to give her hope and joy. Ruth's Story - Ruth Miller has been blessed, even though her life didn’t exactly turn out the way she’d expected. She has lived through her nieces, Miriam and Naomi, and is content to have them married and having families of their own. Ruth is at peace, except for the shame of having been left by the man she loved twenty-five years before. Never married and resigned to her fate will she struggle through conflict and find the very special path God has in store for her?Becoming Amish: Rain is falling in Paradise, Pennsylvania and it threatens to flood the town, sweeping through the homes and businesses of the citizens there. Michael Goetz is a high school football star who yearns for the sense of home and place that he’s never had. Born to unhappy, abusive parents, Michael plays football to please his father and dreams of finding his true purpose in life. The flood in Paradise gives Michael the chance to work hard with his neighbors to save their town, and he discovers that he has more in common with them than he ever expected. Is it too late for Michael to escape his miserable family?A Neighbor In Need: Salome Yoder lives a blessed life. She has her family and her faith, and the two times her safety has been threatened, Michael Goetz has come to her rescue. Finding herself attracted to the young English man, she wonders if her Amish community will offer him the solace he so desperately craves. Michael Goetz is an outsider. Taken in by an Amish family after his father threw him out, Michael is learning every day about the importance of faith, family, and belonging. He is drawn to Salome and hopes that his desire to convert to the Amish way of life will convince the bishop to allow him to stay with the Yoders. Dark secrets and wicked deeds threaten Michael and Salome’s hopes for the future. Love Thy Neighbor: Michael Goetz stepped in to protect a group of defenseless children when he was just a child, but he never imagined that his action would alter the course of his life. Born into a violent family, Michael Goetz never felt like he belonged until he stepped in to join his neighbors in saving their little town of Paradise, Pennsylvania from rising floodwaters. The Amish neighbors Michael met that day proved to be more generous and loving than anyone he’d ever known. They stood by him when tragedy struck and Michael had to fight for his freedom. But will the Amish accept him as one of their own? Will Michael be able to publicly proclaim his feelings for Salome Yoder, or will he be forced to walk away from everyone he loves? Scroll Up and Click BUY NOW to start reading today! 2013-12-20 481 693
Roses For Holly (Garden of Love Book 4) Roses For Holly (Garden of Love Book 4) 4.8 stars / 11 reviews Roses For Holly: Garden of Love Series, Book Four"Roses For Holly" is a story of a young woman's path to healing. Seventeen-year-old Holly Stevens has been forced to grow up very quickly, entering the world of motherhood much sooner than she planned. Left alone without support from even her own mother, she finds refuge in a loving home, making her first few months as a teen mom better than she ever thought possible.When some extended family invites her to come live with them on a long-term basis, Holly feels grateful for their open hearts, but moving away from the only loving home she’s ever known takes another step of faith. Choosing to trust in God’s constant care and the kindness of others, she watches her life unfold in new ways filled with both challenges and joys.When the love of a stable and caring young man takes her by surprise, she wonders if she’s ready to be involved in a serious, long-term relationship. Do her wounds of abuse and neglect go too deep to let the man she loves get close, or will she choose to trust and allow his love and the love of her God to fully heal her fragile heart?*Roses For Holly is the fourth book in the Garden of Love series but may also be read as a stand-alone novel. This book is recommended for both women and young adults, ages 14 and up.Melanie Wilber is the author of the Seeking Heart series for teen girls, the Heaven in my Heart and True Friendship series for pre and early teens, and the Pure in Heart and Garden of Love series for older teens and college-age readers. She also authors several devotional books and independent novels. 2012-02-24 264 148520
Yoga: How to Master the Art of Yoga (Yoga Books, Yoga Poses) (Tips from the Trainer Book 1) Yoga: How to Master the Art of Yoga (Yoga Books, Yoga Poses) (Tips from the Trainer Book 1) 4.0 stars / 11 reviews Become a Modern Master of an Ancient Art Form New Pictures Added Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in today's society. This book is written for those who would like to start a change in their lifestyle through the wonderful art of yoga. Multiple tips and helpful guidelines will be provided for starters. It will also help in understanding the importance of yoga in our everyday life, and what it can do for the body. This way, yoga will not only become a regular exercise routine, but also an integral part of one’s life. Staying fit will be the primary benefit of practicing yoga. It also aims to help you achieve inner peace and sense of well-being. You will learn all its benefits, as well as some tips to get started through this book. My name is Ken Melendez and I am a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. I am confident that you will gain much needed insight into the world of yoga by learning How to Master the Art of Yoga. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... What Yoga is All About The Many Benefits of Yoga Popular Poses Yoga for Pregnancy Proper Attire for Yoga Equipment and Accessories Needed Tips on Mastering Yoga at Home Much more! Check Out What Others Are Saying "Finally a helpful book on Yoga. I want to start right away!" -Sarrah M. "This book was exactly what I was looking for. There are a lot of great tips in here" -Stuart P. "A great guide especially for beginners. I'm glad I got this." -Grace W. Tags: yoga, yoga books, yoga poses, yoga for beginners, books on yoga, wellness, health and fitness, health, health and wellness, exercise, fitness 2013-12-08 38 93606
African Love Poems and Proverbs with Bookmark (Petites) African Love Poems and Proverbs with Bookmark (Petites) 3.8 stars / 9 reviews This lyrical collection comprises love poems, songs, and proverbs from a multitude of African countries and traditions. Ranging from joyous to elegiac, verses touch on love’s delights and follies with elliptical eloquence. Lovely to read aloud or reflect on silently. Photos of African artwork accompany the text. My heart is single and cannot be divided And it is fastened on a single hope; Oh, you, who might be the moon! --Somali love song 1995-08-31 80 186924
Consciousness Encounters Quantum Physics: A Scientific Argument for Panpsychism Consciousness Encounters Quantum Physics: A Scientific Argument for Panpsychism 3.3 stars / 9 reviews Consciousness is the most familiar phenomenon. Yet it is the hardest one to explain. Even today, it is still unclear whether and how consciousness emerges from mere matter or whether consciousness is a fundamental property of matter. The crux of the issue is to decide if consciousness has causal efficacies in the physical world, which is not classical but quantum at the deepest level. If consciousness is fundamental as panpsychism holds, then the fundamental consciousness property should take part in the causal chains of the quantum world and should present itself in our investigation of the world. Is consciousness causally efficient in the quantum world then? How to find the quantum physical effects of consciousness if they indeed exist?This book will propose a promising solution to the hard problem of consciousness by investigating the possible quantum effects of consciousness. Admittedly, it has been a hot topic of debate whether there is a subtle connection between quantum physics and consciousness. Different from the existing speculations, the analysis of the book is based on the well-accepted assumption that quantum processes such as quantum measurements are objective physical processes, independent of the consciousness of observers. To our great surprise, however, this banal assumption may have profound implications for the nature of consciousness. For it implies that a conscious being can distinguish definite perceptions and their quantum superpositions under certain conditions, while a measuring system without consciousness cannot distinguish such quantum states. The existence of this distinct physical effect of consciousness further implies that consciousness is not emergent but a fundamental feature of the universe. This provides a convincing scientific argument for panpsychism.The main ideas of this book have been published in professional journals such as Minds and Machines, and will soon be introduced in the prestigious Journal of Consciousness Studies. Although the book places priority on the rigor of the scientific arguments, its contents are basically comprehensible to general readers. This little book will appeal to all those who have been looking for a real understanding of the mysterious universe.Book Excerpt:Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental.— Erwin SchrdingerThe stuff of the world is mind-stuff.— Arthur EddingtonWe do not find obvious evidence of life or mind in so-called inert matter…; but if the scientific point of view is correct, we shall ultimately find them, at least in rudimentary form, all through the universe— J. B. S. HaldaneMind or something of the nature as mind must exist throughout the entire universe. This is, I believe, the truth.— Julian HuxleyThe laws of physics leave a place for mind in the description of every molecule… In other words, mind is already inherent in every electron, and the processes of human consciousness differ only in degree and not in kind.— Freeman DysonThat which we experience as mind… will in a natural way ultimately reach the level of the wavefunction and of the 'dance' of the particles. There is no unbridgeable gap or barrier between any of these levels… It is implied that, in some sense, a rudimentary consciousness is present even at the level of particle physics.— David Bohm 2014-04-18 42 16317
From Slut to Saint From Slut to Saint 3.1 stars / 9 reviews Many sex partners. Several abortions. But only One Savior... Forget the slut shaming and multiple bad things that certain Pharisee types in the faith claim can happen to bad girls. Of course, consequences can happen from a wanton lifestyle, but the blood of Jesus can cover any sin. Call on Him and get close to God, and He will provide you with the confidence to make it through life. It's not worth it to kill yourself in the wake of a trial whereby your secret sins are discovered -- or lies are told about you. Just wait it out and pray and watch the Lord deliver the righteous and let the wicked fall into their own traps. The point is that everyone makes mistakes. We all fall short of the glory of God. Don't let anyone look down on you for a bad past. Use it to your advantage and to point people to the cross of Christ. Besides, lots of religious people are hiding closets full of skeletons worse than yours -- and just might rue the day they didn't disclose more about themselves instead to help others in their healing process. That's a whole lot more effective than looking down holy noses and pretending to be holier than they are. Wait patiently for the day their evil will be exposed, and enjoy the Most High's mighty hand lifting you up and keeping us company as we seek Him. 2014-01-19 161 178211
Heartsong: Sisterhood of Shepherds Heartsong: Sisterhood of Shepherds 4.5 stars / 6 reviews Some families have hope. Others have faith. The Shepherds of rural Oregon have Faith, Hope and Charly, three quirky sisters whose lives change forever when they reluctantly answer a personal calling to help other make amends.Thirty-something single parent Charly Shepherd is satisfied with her life raising two children and thousands of plants in her family owned Sweet Shepherd Nursery. Then tragedy strikes. As she and her siblings struggle to keep the nursery going, Charly begins to believe her family’s destiny is greater than raising flowers. When the three sisters reluctantly delve into family secrets to help their ailing father fulfill a promise, their lives change forever as they pursue a new inspirational path of discovery, heartache, humor and redemption. 2014-04-13 280 58899
Insurgent of Grace Insurgent of Grace 5.0 stars / 5 reviews Mysticism, Cowardice, and Healing What would you sacrifice for your faith? Jane Munroe, a former Foreign Service Officer reveals what really happened in the small African nation of Songhai and how the USA was involved. This political novel joins the fortunes of Foreign Service officers, missionaries, American Peace Corps volunteers, a Ghanaian housekeeper, and Songhaise government officials because of one white man working and traveling in northern Songhai. Is he a savior or an agitator? What about him causes people to fear or love this man with such intensity? Paul’s first Foreign Service assignment is the tiny West African nation of Songhai. He enjoys the quiet tour until everyone starts talking about the mysterious man in the north. A mystical healing changes Paul’s life. The President of Songhai came to power in a bloody coup de etat and will do anything to stay in power. He distrusts his government Ministers and even his mistress at times. Now he must remove an agitator in the north to remain the President For Life. Lebanese born Gamal Haddad owns a factory in Songhai. He is determined to grow his business and corner the market on making uniforms by any means including introducing his beautiful daughter to the President For Life and flattering government Ministers. Evelyn Foster, the American nurse, has always had questions that medical school did not answer. Peace Corps volunteers and missionaries are working hard to make Songhai a better place. Can they believe everything they hear? One man draws them all together, but for different purposes. 2013-03-07 295 1578797
Songs From the Heart: Meeting with God in the Psalms - A Bible Study and Devotional Guide Songs From the Heart: Meeting with God in the Psalms - A Bible Study and Devotional Guide 5.0 stars / 5 reviews Meeting with God in Psalms will change your life! Do you need encouragement or hope? Have you longed to know God, study the Bible, and experience God's presence? In Songs from the Heart, Dr. Tim Riordan has provided a rich resource, based upon the Psalms, to encourage your spiritual journey and help the Psalms come to life in your heart. You will enjoy Dr. Riordan’s easy to read style and personal stories as he guides you through a Bible study that will help you find personal application of God’s Word. Songs from the Heart can be viewed as a daily devotional through selected Psalms or as a resource to help you engage in Bible study. It will be a tool to enrich your spiritual life, to strengthen your prayer life, and to challenge you to meet with God in worship. Join Dr. Riordan as he carefully leads you through an overview of this beloved Bible book and then directs you through a more detailed study of thirty different Psalms. 2014-05-02 275 24517
Nondenominational Quantum Spirituality Lay Manual for Hospice Patients and Their Families: how science proves there IS an afterlife Nondenominational Quantum Spirituality Lay Manual for Hospice Patients and Their Families: how science proves there IS an afterlife 4.2 stars / 5 reviews In this manual for hospice patients and their families, Dr. Baumann does what he does best: he transforms complex scientific concepts to understandable terms for the average person. Specifically, he shows how science proves there IS an afterlife. Within these pages, Baumann lists the major scientific concepts that complement one’s own personal religious beliefs—irrespective of any one religious faith. Baumann believes that the God of all religions is the same God, based upon the concepts of quantum physics and science—made understandable now for all non-scientists. Whatever your beliefs, your belief in God is incomplete without the support of this science. 2010-10-31 70 760731
His Flower Girl His Flower Girl 4.2 stars / 5 reviews A sweet, inspirational romance.Haunted by a mistake in her past, Ivy is determined to let God lead her to the right man – the one made for her. But waiting isn’t easy, especially when her job puts her around weddings on a daily basis. Is Ivy destined to always be the florist and never the bride?Axel left his religious beliefs behind long ago. Now a successful attorney, he has everything he ever wanted - everything except love. He can't seem to find the woman who will make all the others insignificant. Is he searching for someone who doesn't exist? 2014-04-29 152 15979
A Chance Beginning: Book One of the Shadow's Fire Trilogy A Chance Beginning: Book One of the Shadow's Fire Trilogy 5.0 stars / 4 reviews Erik Eleodum is a simple man. He doesn’t want to be a hero. He doesn’t need fame or fortune. He is content farming his family’s homestead in northern Hthgolthane and raising a simple family, like his father, for the rest of his life. In fact, adventure is the last thing on his mind. Befel, Erik’s brother, and Bryon, his cousin, can’t think of anything worse than farming for the rest of their lives. They want to be heroes. They want fame and fortune. They want to leave their families and go east, to the country of Golgolithul, where they are sure to find easy wealth and great adventure. But when these three young men leave their farmstead, they quickly discover the world is not so simple, not so easy. Most fortune is laden with treachery, fame must be earned with blood, and adventures are rarely grand. Ideas of grandeur are crushed and the road east is hard. To get there, these men must ultimately sell their swords and become friends with thieves, dwarves, soldiers, and mercenaries well past their prime. They battle a band of ruthless slavers, slip past assassins, and experience the deadly consequences of black magic. Will Erik ever be able to return to the simple life? Will he unwittingly become famous, become rich, become a hero? Or, will he even survive? Often the deeds of those deemed smaller, either in stature or status, go uncounted by chroniclers of history. Yet, it is these deeds that repeatedly change the course of history. For every hero whose feats minstrels sing, there were fifty men following his stead, giving blood and sweat just as he did; and because they were not the first to return from a long voyage away, or perhaps they did not return at all, their glories are never sung. This is a story about those men who would only be known in the local legends, who would have been forgotten by time save for a small bit of chance. Chance, Fate, Destiny, Dumb Luck; all these and more, and then maybe none of these things, are the reasons a young man can go from a farmer’s son, a boy of lowly birth born with dirt on his face, to a great warrior, a kingly knight, a dragon slayer. Three young farmers, tired of plowing endless fields from sunrise to sunset, gave up all they knew to pursue fame, pursue riches. Their crying mothers at their backs and the unknown ahead of them, they worked in pigsties, slept in the alleys of outskirt cities, traveled with strangers and shed blood unwillingly. They trusted men they should not have trusted, and did not trust those they should have. These young men who left their way of life for fame and glory would soon learn, as most young men full of grand ideas and just ideals do, the world is not what they thought it to be. 2014-05-02 336 33789
The Babylonian Queen The Babylonian Queen 3.8 stars / 5 reviews Mariah, the Maiden of Mesopotamia, has an opportunity to tutor the children of the Parthian queen at the palace in Babylon. En route, she gets word that the queen has suddenly died. Now Mariah must not only become the children's tutor, but their full-time guardian as well, by order of the king.Also along the way, Mariah falls in love with her carriage driver. Unfortunately, the widower king falls in love with her, too. Her heart, which was already torn by the son she gave up for adoption, years ago, is now further divided between love and duty. The King wants to make her into his mistress, but Mariah must keep him at arm's length and choose the best path. Adding to the secret sorrow of her lost son, his father unexpectedly shows up and makes trouble that could ruin her reputation, or worse.THE BABYLONIAN QUEEN is the stunning story of a smart, strong woman's life in 5 A.D. Reader fans of Anita Diamant's THE RED TENT will find a new Biblical-era heroine to love in THE BABYLONIAN QUEEN.**Acclaim for the novels of Summer Lee** “Angel Heart ends with some major cliffhangers, leaving the reader with hope for a sequel to this fascinating book. I know I will be looking forward to it!” —Kwips and Kritiques “Congratulations to Summer Lee for a moving conclusion to a wonderful series!” —Wild On Books “Kindred Spirits is a deeply moving and fascinating look at life before the Great Flood. I loved this book!” —J.R. Rain, author of Moon Dance and The Body Departed “Angel Heart is thrilling, adventurous, and deeply romantic!” —Elaine Babich, author of You Never Called Me Princess and Intrusion 2014-01-14 186 98150
The Gold of Mansa Musa (Seeds from Heaven Book 2) The Gold of Mansa Musa (Seeds from Heaven Book 2) 3.8 stars / 4 reviews Mansa Musa plans the hajj from Timbuktu to Mekka which includes and entourage of sixty thousand, and 100 camels loaded with 300 pounds of gold in the year 1534. Two members of the caravan become lost and the camel becomes lame. They decide to leave four chests in the Eye of the Elephant precipice in Libya and draw a map.Modern day: The Lancaster family possess divine “gifts” however have no knowledge that they have been chosen to alter the course of mankind. ☼ God looked upon his creation as the embers withered and died. One remained. The archangel appeared. “There is a darkened wind approaching.” “It is time for the third seed to go forth and discover her path. Let her seek a companion, an innocent who is pure of heart. A warrior prince will safely guide her. Go forth and tend to the garden.” “It shall be done.” The archangel disappeared from heaven. ☼ Ci, the third seed, is the talented and beautiful daughter of Raymond Lancaster, self-made wealthy CEO of present day RL enterprises. Having just graduated from college she searches for her identity in a grown-up world--a world fraught with danger and intrigue. In her first venture from Springfield she embarks with her boyfriend Quentin Crockett and Ramazani a mysterious Bantu business associate for the excursion to Egypt to visit the tourist attractions and to go on a "dig" with Quentin's archeologist father, Professor Crockett who works at Bacchias, a third rate attraction near Cairo. Professor Crockett and his friend the antique dealer Amr stumble upon an ancient African Parchment and become partners in the wealth that it may bring. Amr is tortured and killed by the giant Russian henchman Dr. Ivan Vladmir and sets off to kill Professor Crockett who is holding the Parchment. Detective Ahman El Saadawi, an Egyptian homicide detective from Cairo visits the antique shop and begins the investigation. He soon discovers that a radical cult leader Abrirashid ali Pashas is behind the murder and attempts to thwart the plan to murder the Professor for the African Parchment and the treasure of Mansa Musa. The adventure begins when Ci and Quentin arrive in Cairo where they are swept into a web of intrigue that leads them throughout Egypt as they attempt to make sense of the murder of Quentin's father. They decide to find the whereabouts of the Parchment and then search for the treasure more for the memory of Quentin's father than the wealth. They are taken into confidence with the Secret Service and become a part of a plan to save Egypt from the gathering army on the Libyan border that uses the Pyramid of Ra, God of the Sun as its stronghold. Detective Ahman is drawn into the intrigue and acts as a double agent and body guard as the trio is threatened by the brutal giant Russian henchman. Ci and Quentin discover more about themselves and the path to love as they are confronted with obstacles deceit, and double-crosses. Nobody can be trusted, nothing is ever as it appears and the fanatical Russian and the Brothers of the Falcon dog their steps at every turn. Ci reaches deep within herself to find a courage and resilience that was unknown until she was drawn into this adventure. This gritty international adventure which will make you laugh and weep is a captivating tale of romance like no other. 2011-03-18 432 206312
Turning Your Soul Inside Out: Paths to a Joyful, Drama-Free Life Turning Your Soul Inside Out: Paths to a Joyful, Drama-Free Life 5.0 stars / 3 reviews Get advice on finding your own fulfillment as the author shares pivotal moments in her real-life journey as a lost and struggling twenty-something "trying on" her professional courses in psychotherapy, searching for spiritual understanding, and navigating through an unexpected, life-changing relationship. Perfect for the newly independent or for anyone seeking a "life re-do." 2013-01-31 35 1439505
Exit Darcus Exit Darcus 5.0 stars / 3 reviews Beautiful, yet troubled, runaway, Alice Delaney, trespasses onto the grounds of the ancient estate of Beulah, in an attempt to escape her external circumstances. A safe haven to relieve her inner demons proves harder to find, but is shown to be possible by the disclosures of a sexy young artist who is willing to strip his soul naked before her. With its many twists, turns and layers this book is compelling reading and is powerfully unlocking. 2013-12-16 356 1070342
Dark Secrets Cottage (A Paranormal Mystery) Dark Secrets Cottage (A Paranormal Mystery) 4.0 stars / 3 reviews "A mystery that slowly unfolds, keeping your interest piqued the entire time.” JJ. Top 1000 reviewer. GHOSTLY, terrifying visitors shatter the peace of Simon Turner on his first night in an old country cottage he's inherited through his great-uncle's last will and testament. Suddenly awoken in the pitch dark, he witnesses a violent struggle between the unearthly spectres, curses fly and a strange young woman tells him the cottage holds secrets that he must discover. The encounter leaves him frightened and confused. He is gripped in the cottage's spell, compelled to learn what is driving this occult activity.With the help of a new found friend, Anna Reynolds, a local newspaper reporter, together they begin to unravel a series of grim events that took place in the property. It leads to a shattering revelation for Simon, exposing his family's horrifying past, lurking in the depths of Dark Secrets Cottage. 2012-06-29 131 296840
Hebbros (Companions of Arcrea Book 1) Hebbros (Companions of Arcrea Book 1) 5.0 stars / 2 reviews In a realm that feasts on wickedness, and a city that thirsts for power, the faithfulness of a few will be tested.A MIZGALIAN SEEKS JUSTICE…When members of his faith are exiled from the city of Hebbros, Luke vows to resist the forces that tore his family apart. Armed with a divine gift and the aid of friends, he undertakes to right a world of wrongs. Opposed on all sides by evil men determined to silence the Faithful and outlaw their powerful God, Luke’s small band will be tried and tested as they battle for truth, freedom, and the overthrow of rampant evil in their city.AN ARCREAN SEEKS FULFILLMENT…Three years after Elaina’s world was turned upside-down, the former nobleman’s daughter still tastes the sting of bitterness. When an act of betrayal sends her north into slavery, Elaina finds herself face-to-face with the truth she has long resisted and a choice that will change her forever.THEY WILL DISCOVER A MATCHLESS GRACE…Brought together in a desperate attempt to pluck a remnant from destruction, Luke, Elaina, and a host of unforgettable characters will discover the greatness of the power of God, and the startling truth that some things are not what they seem. 2014-05-20 611 25975
Finding Him Finding Him 2.7 stars / 3 reviews Where Imogen Waters lives mentally, isn't exactly what you would call a fairytale. While she struggles to cope with the tragic death of her parents, Imogen also falls for a struggling writer. At first things are perfect, but soon, Imogen is faced with one of the hardest decisions she'll ever have to make. When you're a young woman in your mid-twenties you're supposed to be fun and exhilarated with life, but Imogen was struggling just to live hers. That was until she found him. 2013-01-15 198 1799919
The Secrets of Psychics & Mystics (The Hustlers Bible) The Secrets of Psychics & Mystics (The Hustlers Bible) 5.0 stars / 1 reviews You can do anything a so called Psychic can do and you don't need any special "powers." Anyone can do psychic tricks with just a little knowledge. Want to learn how they read minds? How they fake telekinesis? How to bend spoons and keys with your "mind." Telepathic Drawing? Ever wanted to tell a fortune, do horoscopes or read Tarot cards? Read minds? Want to learn how to make people think your heart has stopped beating? How to lay on a bed of nails unharmed. We even reveal the secrets of meditation Once you have the information in this book, you will know what to look for when so called psychics and mystics are at work. Fun to read and very informative. Now you can do anything the so called "psychics" can! 2013-08-11 112 596984
BulletProof Love: 25 Powerful Prayers to Heal Your Heart  and Grow Your Faith in God BulletProof Love: 25 Powerful Prayers to Heal Your Heart and Grow Your Faith in God 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Have you ever wondered WHY you should pray? Are you in need of inspirational words that will speak to your heart? Or are you looking for simple prayers that you can say to kick-start your prayer life? If so then this book is for you! It is a short and simple book that will help you get started on your own prayerful journey and healing your heart and growing your faith in God. The book features:-A breakdown of WHY prayer is important-17 original prayers to heal the heart-8 biblical prayers that are life changing and powerful-A simple 28-Day Prayer Challenge designed to rev up your prayer life The book is based on prayers that the author wrote throughout the last year. Some of the prayers were featured on her award winning inspirational blog, which is where she found the inspiration to write a prayer book. The prayers were used to help the author heal her own heart and cope and process real life situations like broken friendships, heartbreak and genuine concern for humanity. This book is a short and easy read that is sure to speak to your heart and inspire you to kick start your own prayer journey and most importantly to enlist the power of God to heal your heart and change your life. This is a wonderful tool to encourage spiritual development through the use of Gods greatest gift to man – prayer. 2014-02-15 30 1147185
Only the flight will remain: Meditations for a new earth Only the flight will remain: Meditations for a new earth 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Ali Barzegar sees beauty and love in the essence of all things, he sees the world of existence as an emanation of the true love. Because of his outlook, he could be seen as a perceptive artist, who contemplates on the mysteries of the heart and love. He is a painter who paints concepts with the color of words and composes melodies of supplication and praise with harmonious notes and tunes of beautiful words.He was born in Tehran, but he considers the valley of the words as his home and habitation. More than anything else, he desires to speak of God, who to him is all things and everything as divine. He states: "God is my occupation and my trade. I buy him, and at the price of a deep smile appearing on your lips, I sell him to you; and that's how I profit from my trade." 2014-03-27 57 1349668
Thrilling Tales Showcase Thrilling Tales Showcase 5.0 stars / 1 reviews The Special World of Reynold Jay A writer must gain the trust of his readers. Readers have learned to be cautious with unknown writers as it can often be a waste of time. There must be a meeting of the minds somewhere along the line. This eBook is offered free as it can be a big time saver for readers. The eBook is fairly short such that a reader can figure out if I have anything to say that would pique YOUR interest. Feel free to skip around and kick it off your e-reader if it comes to that. There are no werewolves and vampires here. No sci-fi either. Large BOLD HEADERS can act as a road map for you as you scroll down. Let’s get too it: 1. “Forty Days to Armageddon”: A fast-paced political thriller torn from tomorrow’s headlines. Watchdogg is the central character, a kind of political James Bond, and dastardly pirates appear in this novel. 1 a. This Best selling book will have Part 2 out October. “Forty Days to Armageddon II: Watchdogg and the Ghost Army” 2. “Somewhere in Heaven Shines a Rainbow” A drama of a special ed. teacher and his pauper students that will touch your heart. Part One of “Seeds from Heaven” trilogy. 3. “The Gold of Mansa Musa” a sweeping romantic Egyptian adventure, part two of the “Seeds from Heaven trilogy.” 4. “Seeds from Heaven” another sweeping thriller epic that encompasses the globe over three generation of the Lancaster’s. All novels in the series are stand-alone stories that can be read in any order. 5. “Born to be Rich” a motivational book. Why do we all love money so much? 6 “Eternal Defilement, A Story of Betrayal, Abuse, and Destruction” Amara and Reynold Jay. This is a non fiction story of Amara’s trials as a little girl dealing with an abusive father. Note that this book is presented in the final pages of this book. If none of the above is promising, you can drop out here and save a lot of time. I’d recommend the first two titles for a first-time reader. If anything piques your interest, plan to read snippets, interviews and comments on the above. There are alternate titles for the first two titles and you can see the reference on the last page. Reynold Jay is experimenting with titles and covers for now. 2012-10-13 146 1654588
Entre la espada y la cruz: Reyes y sacerdotes, romanos y zelotes en la vida y muerte de Jesús el Nazareno (Misterios del primer cristianismo nº 1) (Spanish Edition) Entre la espada y la cruz: Reyes y sacerdotes, romanos y zelotes en la vida y muerte de Jesús el Nazareno (Misterios del primer cristianismo nº 1) (Spanish Edition) 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Ya conoces a Jess, el Salvador. En este libro conocers al Jess hombre que junto con sus contemporneos vivi y sufri dominacin y explotacin de los romanos y las autoridades del Templo de Jerusaln, las intrigas de los herederos de las dinastas que algunas vez gobernaron Judea, y la creciente rebelda de aquellos judos que no aceptaban otro gobierno que el de Dios.*** Cul es la razn por la que Jos y Mara aceptan trasladarse a Beln a pesar del riesgo por su avanzado embarazo?*** Por qu hubo personas dispuestas a seguir a un profeta itinerante abandonando familia y propiedades?*** Por qu se requiri que Judas delatara a un predicador conocido por todos?*** Cmo pudieron sobrevivir los apstoles a la persecucin de autoridades romanas y judas luego de la muerte de Jess?Las investigaciones arquelgicas e histricas de los ltimos 25 aos responden a las mayores interrogantes sobre la vida de Jess. Un pacfico predicador se encuentra en la vorgine de la ambicin y codicia de aspirantes al trono, sacerdotes y ocupantes extranjeros, al tiempo que contiene los afanes violentos de la resistencia juda.Y tendr que elegir partido.Nueva luz sobre Jess el Nazareno arroja el cotejo de los evangelios con la historia de su poca y los descubrimientos de historiadores y estudiosos de los principios del cristianismo. Y as queda claro que es la ruta del dinero la que esclarece la vida y la muerte de Jess.El libro ofrece un anlisis histrico que considera a Jess como un personaje que interacta con el convulsionado entorno de su tiempo. Ello permite desvelar algunos misterios que todava perduran en la historia oficial y obtener conclusiones sorprendentes sobre la vida del fundador de la religin con mayor nmero de seguidores.En el libro se demuestra cmo una casta codiciosa, un grupo de rebeldes mesinicos y unos protectores poderosos e impensados sellaron el destino de Jess. 2014-03-04 268 1026753
Roses: Stories of Faith Roses: Stories of Faith 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Faith triumphs in this collection of stories and introductory poems. Find out how dreams and prayer can lead to a better outcome for all concerned. Struggle with those that are alone and facing mental illness as they seek even the slightest human connection. Learn the lesson of letting go when faced with the loss of a loved one. Ponder the need for repentance and penance with those that would be redeemed. Travel the road with mysterious persons to learn the lesson of salvation and grace. All this and more awaits you in this first collection of stories by Mary K. Hodges. 2012-12-29 65 563989
Mended Hearts Changed Lives: Testimonies from the Upper Room Mended Hearts Changed Lives: Testimonies from the Upper Room 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Two thousand years ago a hundred and twenty devoted followers of Christ gathered in the Upper Room at Pentecost. They were commanded by Christ to wait for the fulfillment of the promise of God to pour out His Holy Spirit on all flesh. These are the testimonies of those devoted men and women. An emotional roller-coaster, this book will both challenge its' readers and many identifying with these saints of old may find a new sense of freedom in its' pages. 2014-01-28 73 350648
Emotional Elicitation of Dreams Emotional Elicitation of Dreams 5.0 stars / 1 reviews This book evaluates the question: Do repressed emotional responses elicit visions that cause what we refer to as dreams? This question is important because dreams have lost their significance in modern psychological therapy. There are a plethora of theories on the functionality of dreams. This book makes an original contribution by integrating different perspectives on dreams. In my theory of dreams, I assert that biological brain function and psychical functions are interdependent. 2014-05-16 89
Bearing Witness: Sharing the Gospel in a Post-Christian Age Bearing Witness: Sharing the Gospel in a Post-Christian Age 4.0 stars / 1 reviews God Has Good News for THIS Generation! How to Make the Gospel Make Sense Today In Bearing Witness: Sharing the Gospel in a Post-Christian Age, Dr. Doug Erlandson provides a practical guide to bringing the Good News to an increasingly secular culture. Noting that those with whom we have contact are less likely than ever to have any understanding of Christianity or share any of its presuppositions, Erlandson shows how we can find common ground and begin challenging the belief systems of those to whom we present the Gospel. Here's a Preview of What's in the Book Knowing your audience Asking the right questions Listening to what others are really telling you Making the Gospel intelligible to a secular world Presenting the truth with gentleness and respect ˃˃˃ The Goal of this Book From the Preface: "The Gospel alone can transform those who are part of today's post-Christian culture, who, like the rest of us, have been created with hearts that find true peace and fulfillment only when they experience the fulness of the work of the Triune God in their lives. My hope is that what I have written in this book will help in bringing this transforming message to others in a way that is both credible and loving." Scroll up and grab a copy today. 2011-11-20 129 150562
Wherever He Leads Wherever He Leads 4.0 stars / 1 reviews Two sisters leave Massachusetts to teach at a Choctaw missionary school in Indian Territory in the 1880's. On their way they meet a marshal for Judge Parker's court and encounter outlaws who threaten their safety. With descriptive imagery that puts the reader right in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma, this story follows the journey of the two sisters from Boston by train to Fort Smith, Arkansas, where they set off on horseback through the Winding Stair Mountains to reach the school where they will work. One of the sisters finds love as well as a reason for coming to this far away territory. 2010-07-16 126 1353558
Past Lives: Finding and Releasing the Past Past Lives: Finding and Releasing the Past 3.0 stars / 1 reviews This is parapsychology at its best: looking for life's lessons and releasing past traumas from death and dying.Understand reincarnation through past life regression using a simplified self-hypnosis technique and several other methods.Includes a personal travelogue of the author's past lives.Also answers the questions: Why look for past lives? How can we understand past experiences and relate them to this life?Learn to do it yourself by trying out some of these methods. 2014-05-28 20 245142
Are You Singing Your Song? Are You Singing Your Song? 1.0 stars / 1 reviews Are You Singing Your Song? contains the words of inspiration from Originals who follow their dreams. A collection of more than 600 quotations from people who have discovered their passion and are realizing their dreams. This includes not only celebrities from the worlds of music, writing, art, sports, and music, but Originals such as bubbleologists, architects, a hot dog vendor, NYC bicycle messenger, shoe salesman, and many others. Are you a lawyer because it’s what your parents expected of you? Would you rather play the cello or ukulele or roam the art museums of Europe? Are you a doctor who followed the directions of a teacher who now confines your “fun” to occasional roles in community theater? Were you guided into a secretarial job as backup, in case your dream didn’t open up? You may find soul sisters and brothers here who recovered their earlier hopes. Arranged in alphabetic order, you can look for your favorite Originals, whether rock stars or dancers, or movie actors. Originals come in all sizes, shapes, and ages. Some of the quotes come from Originals who have passed; some are just beginning their dreams and many more have been living their passions for years. If you have not yet discovered what song you came to sing, you may find yourself uncovering it here. Simply answer the question: are you doing what you craved to do when you were a kid or are you following a plan designed by a parent or teacher or other outside influence? Read Are You Singing Your Song? — a book about fascinating people who found their inner kid and followed the yearnings carried over since childhood. Perhaps your message will be included in ensuing books. 2012-09-23 153
Black in America and the Argument for Reparations: An Inheritance Held Hostage Black in America and the Argument for Reparations: An Inheritance Held Hostage 0 stars / 0 reviews An analysis of the financial impact of slavery in America and it's effect on the decendants from a biblical perspective. 2014-05-12 13 1255577
The Sacrifices of War (The Genesis Series Book 3) The Sacrifices of War (The Genesis Series Book 3) 0 stars / 0 reviews The third installment of the Genesis Series follows Justin Freed into the Celestial and into new revelations regarding the Celestial world. During these divine encounters, Justin is introduced to a new group of angels who not only become his friends, but also take him back in time to the days of Abraham to teach him the true meaning of sacrifice.Puzzled by the mysteries of aliens and UFOs, Justin and his best friend Curtis, dig into the past for clues and find the Aryan gene and the mysticism of DNA manipulation. Through his angelic guides, Justin receives codes that hold the keys to the post-flood Nephilim. On the journey of discovery, Justin uncovers a secret from his past that connects him to the ultimate plan set forth by God. Through the chaos and darkness birthed from Satan, a light of unity that circles time becomes clearly visible to Justin as he begins to decode the Holy Writ from a new level of understanding. The Sacrifices of War will have you asking the question: Can Justin fight his fear and trust God's love through these experiences? 2014-05-30 322 92582
THE ANCIENT ANDEAN TRADITION: THE ROAD TO SUCCESS (Andean science) THE ANCIENT ANDEAN TRADITION: THE ROAD TO SUCCESS (Andean science) 0 stars / 0 reviews The wisdom from the past is alive here and now, and ready to serve to create a different fantastic future. This wonderful philosophy I am exposing, not in the way usually the authors treat it, digging in the past for a folk identity and nationalistic pride, but to serve in the present as our inheritance and a way of life.The ancient Andean wisdom is the heritage the sages of antiquity left us, when mankind was more aware and the wisdom has survived through ages of darkness, confusion, uncertainty and ignorance. The guardian of the sacred knowledge have kept it safe and now comes alive again in what has been globally called "the new era" in these auspicious times, to be recognized by a privileged sector of the population, among which we hope you are. 2014-05-27 39 251813
PECULIAR PEOPLE:  A Movie Screenplay/Film Script PECULIAR PEOPLE: A Movie Screenplay/Film Script 0 stars / 0 reviews (Tyler Perry, Random House and all other super-producers or big publishing houses clamoring for the rights to her books, contact Seneca Calabasas’ agent at“PECULIAR PEOPLE” SCREENPLAY SYNOPSIS:Sol Golden is a 42-year-old married writer who falls heart-first into an adulterous, emotional affair with an equally married, attractive and charming 30-year-old aspiring R&B star, dubbed Johnny “Blondie” O’Neal.When their explosive, intense union is discovered by Sol’s husband, her best friend, and Johnny’s wife – plus the gossipy cast of characters from the mega-church at large that most of them attend – the melee culminates in a shocking murder during a movie premiere. Or does it? Read on by buying it above… ;-) 2013-11-20 113 1010257
Orange Sunshine and the Psychedelic Sunrise: The Hyperlinked Edition Orange Sunshine and the Psychedelic Sunrise: The Hyperlinked Edition 0 stars / 0 reviews This book of poetry covers the continuum of life and death experiences from a personal and existential perspective, with an emphasis on spiritual transcendence. 2014-05-26 77 852850
Does My Life Belong to Me (Think Outside the Box Book 1) Does My Life Belong to Me (Think Outside the Box Book 1) 0 stars / 0 reviews These books contain a form of free verse poetry, essays, short stories, thoughts, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man. Spirituality, interaction with nature and environment, social changes, dwindling resources. Well worn issues now, indeed. But the poetry and other works in these books gives this subject a different perspective. I daresay that here we can find a "higher" vantage point from which to look at ourselves within the cosmos.Who knows but some of the ideas in the books may get you inspired to do that thing you always wanted to do, even if this comes in a very small way, to make your corner of this world a better place to be in. Who knows but you may realize your little corner is a really nice place to be in after all.It's all about life, if at times expressing life "outside the box" as the saying goes. 2013-12-04 85
Love Your Life... Live Your Dream: Find freedom, success, happiness and purpose in your life now Love Your Life... Live Your Dream: Find freedom, success, happiness and purpose in your life now 0 stars / 0 reviews Are you looking for freedom, success, happiness and purpose in your life?Life is too short to and precious to muddle through, achieving less than we are capable of and settling for less than we deserve. This fascinating book will help you to harness natural laws to help you succeed, find your dreams and reach for your highest aspirations. Transform self-imposed limitations into the mastery of achieving personal freedom, love and fulfilment. Learn how to plan for success, to be happy ‘right now’ and find your own unique purpose in life. Written by an experienced, published writer and scientist, Dr Ruth Searle offers advice on how to:Understand how your brain thinksIdentify your goalsFind your true path in lifeChange ingrained belief systems and mind blocksFocus and persist until you realise your dreamsTurn thought into realityFind new prioritiesHarness the power of your subconsciousStay motivated and cope with setbacksLive a fuller and happier lifeThis inspiring yet practical lifestyle guide carries a big message! 2014-02-15 100
Chav Christianity: Exploring what it looks like to be a working-class Christian Chav Christianity: Exploring what it looks like to be a working-class Christian 0 stars / 0 reviews This book offers the opportunity for people to explore and experience Christian spirituality as seen through working-class eyes. Whether you're someone from working-class culture that would like to experience spirituality, or an urban missionary trying to understand your mission field, this book will help you to become part of the growing group of Chav Christians with a mission to reach working-class Britain. 2013-11-18 110 1858166
GABRIEL'S SILENT CARESSES AND THE MELODY OF ANGELIC WHISPERS GABRIEL'S SILENT CARESSES AND THE MELODY OF ANGELIC WHISPERS 0 stars / 0 reviews Through my life, I have always been aware and been around angels. With regret, I have hidden this side from most people, from family to friends. I came to realize that through our lives, everyone hides one thing or another from parents, friends, spouses, children, and society. To deny or hide the whole of you, even if it is just a small little item or detail, you stop living the life you were given. When you do not express or share all of you, you do not help or give to others the true gift from your heart. Nor do you feel fulfilled with your life. I finally found the strength and confronted my fear of showing all of who I am to the world. I hope my story, my tale, my journey will help you be who you are, whatever it may be, the whole you. Mostly I hope it does not take you 47 years to find your voice, your strength, your happiness. Enjoy Gabriel's Silent Caresses, and the melody of angelic whispers, and may your soul shine brighter then the North Star. Copyright 2013 - All Rights Reserved. 2013-03-17 89 1299845
Rebel Against the Eagle (Many Infallible Proofs) Rebel Against the Eagle (Many Infallible Proofs) 0 stars / 0 reviews Roman Legions marching under the hated imperial Eagle Standard collide with Zealot rebels in a life and death struggle for supremacy. Will family life and young love be sacrificed to the extreme demands of Jewish loyalties? A young Jewish man comes of age in first century Palestine, heart torn asunder by concern for family, nation, and his beautiful childhood sweetheart. Jacob's decisions will have eternal consequences as he chooses between his beautiful Ruth, his parents, his Zealot friends, and an unusual Messiah preaching a message of forgiveness, love, and redemption. A much older, wealthy rival desires marriage to the lovely Ruth after loss of his wife. Will Jacob be able to make the decision between love and happiness or hatred and constant warfare before it is too late? Will the Jewish Rabbi, who some claim to be the promised Messiah, be able to influence Jacob in his choices between life and death?Through the eloquently worded story that weaves together history, love, war, and forgiveness, the reader will gain an appreciation for the difficult decisions confronting those living during the time that Jesus of Nazareth walked on this earth. You are invited to come along for the journey as we travel back 2,000 years in time to those tumultuous days. 2012-04-03 225 53017
No Sex Romance: The Last Adam: Christian Fiction, Christian Books for Women Romance Series No Sex Romance: The Last Adam: Christian Fiction, Christian Books for Women Romance Series 0 stars / 0 reviews I'm Olivia Wild, and let me tell you how I met a man named Adam who changed my life…My emotional affair with one perfect man while still married to my abusive husband…A terrorist attack at my workplace that changes the trajectory of all of our lives…"The Last Adam" tells the tale:Chapter One: Meeting AdamHe is positively gorgeous when I first lay eyes on him. Adam is his name, not like “AC” – as my husband has chosen to call himself, since that Adam Christian hates his first name, and therefore chooses to go by initials that distance him even farther from people. My mother told me that back in slavery days, the white slave owners used to instruct their white wives to call them only by their initials, so that the slaves wouldn’t learn the real names of the men who owned them like so much chattel.My artistic photographer husband simply hated the name “Adam” – and seeing as though he’s an atheist, he probably hated the “Christian” part, too – so he adopted the “AC” moniker nickname ever since I can remember, since that fateful day I met him while still in college in Florida as I was getting over the heartbreak of a cheating fianc. Can you say “rebound husband,” anyone? Seriously, Olivia, who but you would jump into an abusive marriage trying to escape a crack-smoking, womanizing fianc? Ah well, such is life, and all the verbal attacks punctuated by actual physical attacks during this dark time are grist for the mill – and words for these pages. Adam – the handsome new coworker placed right in front of my cube, attached, in fact – is taking my mind away from all those haphazard happenings in apartment #2012 on the 20th floor of the building that’s 12 blocks south on Michigan Avenue of the dividing line that separates the north side of Chicago from the south. He can get it, this new guy, this Adam Emmanuel, that is. Although we both work in the financial sector, helping companies manage their 401(k) retirement plans for their employees, Adam has a freshness about him and a jazzy hairstyle and positively piercing blue eyes that feel like they bore straight into my soul sometimes as we stand around in a foursome – that’s including Rod and Joseph, two other Account Managers on this 10th floor of the Chicago Title & Trust building – and shoot the breeze between breaks in work.I love those breaks. Not just being the only female in our tight crew, but the fact that no one else has that special something the four of us have – that “clicking” that’s meant to be. When it’s right, it’s right, and all these other females who come along and try to break my spirit by clucking about my short skirts and low cut dresses can’t stop my flow. Phuck them, as the interwebs might say. Okay, that’s not right Olivia, you don’t really mean that all the way – although plenty of them are scathingly jealous enough to try and shoot daggers at me with their own evil stares. I can tell by the way they hit up Adam’s cube that they want him as well, and my presence has thrown a beautiful monkey wrench in their plans. But cutie-pie that he is, Adam welcomes them all the same, allowing them to chat him up and listening to their problems until work comes a-calling. Or, until I sneak over to another cubicle and call his phone, pretending I’m “Karen Pringle” or “Robert Staff” or another one of our coworkers, in order to rescue him from their endless ramblings.I can’t lie: I’m one of the ones who wants Adam all to myself, too, and it appears he wants me as well. But he’s unlike any guy I’ve ever dealt with. He’s not necessarily too shy and standoffish, like one of those men you have to ferret out whether they’re gay or intimidated by you. I don’t get that vibe from him. But neither is he like those “man whores” who turn on the uber-charm and flex the extra muscles that make their tattoos dances on their deltoids, giving me the smile and the “oops I accidentally rubbed your boob buy I’m not going to say ‘I’m sorry’ out loud because... 2014-01-25 115 1406848
Core Value System: The Essence of Personal Power (Perfect Living) Core Value System: The Essence of Personal Power (Perfect Living) 0 stars / 0 reviews Core Values are the essence of Personal Power, the secret behind perfect living. Perfect living is powerful living. A perfect person is powerful. Their strength comes from the power of their core values. 2014-02-28 28 1768367
Gangs from Space: The First 200 Angels on Earth (The Watchers) Gangs from Space: The First 200 Angels on Earth (The Watchers) 0 stars / 0 reviews Imagine we are not alone in the universe. Then imagine we were told this over two thousand years ago. The ancient Book of Enoch portrayed devils from heaven lusting after earth's women. Suppressed for centuries, whom did they love and what were the results? Read this unorthodox account of the very archangels who populate our Bibles and our imaginations. 2013-12-18 471 1278003
Pranayama Facile (Italian Edition) Pranayama Facile (Italian Edition) 0 stars / 0 reviews Semplice manuale di Pranayama, le tecniche e gli esercizi di respirazione della tradizione Yoga. Utile per sportivi, atleti, subacquei, praticanti di Yoga e di fitness, per migliorare le prestazioni fisiche e per imparare ad usare il respiro per modificare e migliorare gli stati emotivi. 2012-03-15 51 1569584
Five Movements: Winning the Battle for Your Prophetic Gift Five Movements: Winning the Battle for Your Prophetic Gift 0 stars / 0 reviews You were designed to be full of God's Spirit and hear His voice. You were designed for supernatural living!God gives the supernatural gift of prophecy freely but you will develop and keep it only through winning the spiritual battle against your self and the enemy. The Lord's Prayer provides a balanced biblical framework for growing in the prophetic gift. The five spiritual movements hidden in it ensure that you can enter into God's presence, perspective, provision, nature and freedom. Based on over twenty-five years of walking and ministering in the prophetic, Marko looks at different aspects of prophetic hearing and seeing, giving practical examples from everyday life and ministry, including forty prophetic lessons he learnt when God led him to marry his wife.'Five Movements' shows how at the heart of mature prophetic ministry is longing to live in God's presence, how to discern when it is God speaking and when not, how to interpret dreams and visions, and how to overcome the enemy that will seek to snatch away your prophetic gift. 2013-12-10 238 732119
Scientific Introduction to Bible - The Design of Life Scientific Introduction to Bible - The Design of Life 0 stars / 0 reviews Provided scientific findings directly related to the origin of humans. 2013-12-23 69 1619689
Near-Death Experience - Golden Age - Vol 2 Near-Death Experience - Golden Age - Vol 2 0 stars / 0 reviews This book is non-fiction. It is neither scientific. It is a real events that happened in my youth life.It is an event that change the directions of my source in life.It is my spiritual trajectory passing by spiritualism; materialism and philosophy.It is a fearless experienceIt is also a painless transition between worlds: planetary and spiritual.It is simple as I am and so truth as I intended to be.I wish you enjoy the readings as much as I enjoyed the writing.I love you allEdna Munhao 2013-08-26 47 1532227
Power of Purity: Pure Body and Mind for Perfect Living Power of Purity: Pure Body and Mind for Perfect Living 0 stars / 0 reviews 'Power of Purity, Pure Body and Mind for Perfect Living' is a little guide that explains the secret behind purity of body and mind. Purity of body refers to ‘cleanness’ and ‘health’ of body. Purity of body is achieved through a clean, simple and straight living. Purity of mind refers to ‘clarity of mind’ and ‘mental health’. Purity of mind is achieved through managing thoughts and emotions. 2014-03-01 30 1602909
Perfect Living: Understanding the 7 Life Force Centers Perfect Living: Understanding the 7 Life Force Centers 0 stars / 0 reviews 'Perfect Living, Understanding the 7 Life Force Centers' is a little guide for perfect living through purification of life force centers. With all our inherent human weaknesses, it is quite natural that we are unable to keep our life force in its pure form. Hence we need to make life force purification a regular practice in order to live a perfect life. 2014-02-21 30 1256227
Going Bush and Walkabout (But Not in Australia) Going Bush and Walkabout (But Not in Australia) 0 stars / 0 reviews G'day!This ebook is genre-bending, in that it is both a work of fiction and a description of actual personal experiences that is written in my own version of Australian English. Basically, it demonstrates that going walkabout is not a phenomenon that is limited to Australian Aborigines traversing the Outback. People who have been predisposed to mystical experiences in their current lifetime may find this of interest. While considerably briefer than Russian psychiatrist Olga Kharitidi's 1996 book *Entering the Circle* and physician Marlo Morgan's 1994 work *Mutant Message Down Under*, along with discussion of actual experiences in New Mexico during the 1990's it contains insights into the use of spiritual power that are worth pondering. Are you up to the challenge of trying something new and different? 2013-06-28 17
Power of Inner Peace: For Personal Perfection and Perfect Living Power of Inner Peace: For Personal Perfection and Perfect Living 0 stars / 0 reviews Peace is a state of quietness, serenity and tranquility. Peace originates from a calm mind center, from a mind of equilibrium. Peace is an inner state of stillness, a state which is free from worries, fears and anxieties. 2014-03-01 34
Sieben verborgene Schlüssel zur Gunst (German Edition) Sieben verborgene Schlüssel zur Gunst (German Edition) 0 stars / 0 reviews „Auergewhnliche Menschen werden immerzu auergewhnliche Gunst feiern"Weise Menschen Studieren Das Gesetz Der Gunst.Entdecken Sie die 7 verborgenen Schlssel zur Gunst, die Ihr Leben enorm bereichern und positiv verndern werden. 2013-12-01 44
Understanding the 7 Sacred Laws (Perfect Living) Understanding the 7 Sacred Laws (Perfect Living) 0 stars / 0 reviews God is perfect and the perfection of God is manifested in the Universe, in His entire creation including human beings, through the 7 powerful universal principles, the 7 Sacred Laws. In fact, the 7 Sacred Laws is the secret behind personal perfection. 2014-02-27 30 1600280
What is it like to be Crazy (Think Outside the Box Book 3) What is it like to be Crazy (Think Outside the Box Book 3) 0 stars / 0 reviews These books contain a form of free verse poetry, essays, short stories, thoughts, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man. Spirituality, interaction with nature and environment, social changes, dwindling resources. Well worn issues now, indeed. But the poetry and other works in these books gives this subject a different perspective. I daresay that here we can find a "higher" vantage point from which to look at ourselves within the cosmos.Who knows but some of the ideas in the books may get you inspired to do that thing you always wanted to do, even if this comes in a very small way, to make your corner of this world a better place to be in. Who knows but you may realize your little corner is a really nice place to be in after all.It's all about life, if at times expressing life "outside the box" as the saying goes. 2014-01-18 83
The Final Testament: The Second Coming of Christ The Final Testament: The Second Coming of Christ 0 stars / 0 reviews Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ came and changed the world. In a time when hatred and revenge ruled, Jesus shook things up by preaching a message of love and forgiveness. What if Jesus were to return to our world today? What would he have to say about life in the twenty-first century? Would he be proud of the legacy his first disciples left behind with all the churches bearing his name?In The Final Testament: The Second Coming of Christ, author J.M. Lord takes an imaginative and provocative look at how Jesus would act if he were to return to our world today. Through this easy to read and often humorous story, readers follow Jesus' journey through life in the twenty-first century from his initial struggles in gaining credibility and acceptance to his battles with some of the less honorable forces ruling the world."The Final Testament is the ultimate tribute to the legacy of Jesus Christ. Jesus is one of those people who sparked controversy in his time just as much as or perhaps even more than other historical figures. J.M. Lord stays true to that through his irreverent portrayal of Jesus as a young rebellious rascal at heart." - E.W."The Final Testament is an excellent resource for readers who have an interest or adeptness in exploring Jesus and society in our world today." - R.R."Why did Jesus cross the road? To sit down on a bench to read The Final Testament! It was so captivating that I had to sit down and read it all in one sitting. - B.H. 2013-11-24 94 346827
Different, Not Just Better: Salvation in Street Clothes Different, Not Just Better: Salvation in Street Clothes 0 stars / 0 reviews More than a collection of stories, "Different, Not Just Better" is a choreographed dance of joy set to the music of God's saving grace. With his usual clarity, Todd relays solid doctrine wrapped in the heart-warming garments of real life. If you've ever wondered what really goes on when someone is born again, then "Different, Not Just Better" is for you. 2010-10-25 109 1104521
Scott F Neve Anthology # 1 God Only Knows ! (Fiction and Fragments, Studies and Similes, Idols and Ideas, Scripts and Quips) Scott F Neve Anthology # 1 God Only Knows ! (Fiction and Fragments, Studies and Similes, Idols and Ideas, Scripts and Quips) 0 stars / 0 reviews A great collection of short Fiction and Fragments, Studies and Similes, Idols and Ideas, Scripts and Quips. Table of Contents: Am I a god? Hell and Gone Naked in Heaven Paradise Prison The Ethical Will The Twister Problem with Lust Song of Songs ballet A Giving Fable A Rebel in the Church A Second Death A Wartime Christian Christmas Blind Man Danger Prone Danny Death Defying Debby Earthbound Angels Eternity Man Eyelash Lesson First Gold Nugget Flip The Script God is the Glue Greatest Lover of All Time Gully Washer Holloweeners Holy Mirror Jesus Heals Anyone! Just Desserts Last Rights Lord of Hosts Lord Of The Rings vs. the Bible Lyres of Tyre My Best Friend Prophet's Triad Scotty See – Scotty Do Sheltered versus Disciplined Son of the Devil The Altar Call The Millennium Rule The Rolling Stones The Silent Witness Thee List! Two Men & One Treasure Virtues of the Secret Place Why were these Temptations and Tests for Jesus? Wretched Rechabites 2013-09-16 78
THE LORD'S GOOD MEASURE: Uplifting Scripture And Recipes (Recipes And Scripture Book 1) THE LORD'S GOOD MEASURE: Uplifting Scripture And Recipes (Recipes And Scripture Book 1) 0 stars / 0 reviews Here is years of recipes I have perfected. Recipes to make your mouth water and your stomach growl for more.This is my first book of favorite recipes and biblical scriptures. I love food. I love to create with food. I also love those reassuring Bible verses when needing some uplifting comfort, so I thought I'd add a bit of my favorite ones along with my recipes to make a truly unique cookbook no one else has ever done before.Come along with me and you can be inspired to let God fill up your soul as well as your tummy. 2012-10-23 50 1879390
The Bell Maker: A Seeker's Journey The Bell Maker: A Seeker's Journey 0 stars / 0 reviews Wanted and Welcomed. Seekers of all kinds. Come take a little comfort and refuge from the Great Age of Sound. Discover what the ancient bell makers knew. Find what all people once knew. Travel yourself for a few hours and you may find it to be still true today.Sadly, the bell makers, over time, were replaced by noisemakers. They peddled work with little purpose and great distractions to fill what they called the emptiness inside. No one before then knew it was called empty. Folks then, saw it more as the vast endlessness of possibility. But soon, the people were so filled with noise, they could no longer hear themselves. They could no longer hear the voice within. The people became so filled with noise and distraction they had no room left inside for even one more clear, radiant note from a bell. This began The Great Age of Sound. But, before The Great Age of Sound, there were bell makers. And they were magic. This is the story of one such man. 2014-05-27 85 20655
The Future is not Voyeurism (Seeing the World Differently Book 4) The Future is not Voyeurism (Seeing the World Differently Book 4) 0 stars / 0 reviews These books contain a form of free verse poetry, essays, short stories, thoughts, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man. Spirituality, interaction with nature and environment, social changes, dwindling resources. Well worn issues now, indeed. But the poetry and other works in these books gives this subject a different perspective. I daresay that here we can find a "higher" vantage point from which to look at ourselves within the cosmos.Who knows but some of the ideas in the books may get you inspired to do that thing you always wanted to do, even if this comes in a very small way, to make your corner of this world a better place to be in. Who knows but you may realize your little corner is a really nice place to be in after all.It's all about life, if at times expressing life "outside the box" as the saying goes. 2014-03-27 77
An Intimate Journey of Awakening - A True Story An Intimate Journey of Awakening - A True Story 0 stars / 0 reviews This is an inspirational message for Spiritually aware souls or for those seeking Spiritual Awareness. 2013-07-30 53 1546571
The Boy Named Jesus: Easter Holiday Series (Easter Holiday Series Book Two 1) The Boy Named Jesus: Easter Holiday Series (Easter Holiday Series Book Two 1) 0 stars / 0 reviews It is a fictional short story about the life of Jesus as a small boy. How he is mentored by Joseph until the age of twelve and how he responded to the world around him. It is a conjecture about what I think my Lord would have been like as a child. 2014-03-13 27
Underdogs Underdogs 0 stars / 0 reviews The book is truly a great motivational tool that will free the mind of the reader from a negative state of mind and to see themselves from God's perspective. The book is truly an inspiration for those who sense greatness within their lives but struggles to live out their full potential. The author will take you on a journey from living in a box to reaching for your dreams. You will be encourage,motivated,taught and receive clear cut direction to live out your highest potential in life. Chapters includes, Mirror Mirror on the wall, The Ugly duckling, Assassins of Destiny and many more.Order your copy today,you'd be glad you did 2013-12-19 63 2092942
The Art of Self Mastery (Perfect Living) The Art of Self Mastery (Perfect Living) 0 stars / 0 reviews Self mastery is the art of mastering oneself. In self mastery, a person establishes dominion over self by mastering thoughts, emotions, actions and habits. The virtue of self control is the power behind self mastery. 2014-03-01 28 1144905
The Demon Dynasty The Demon Dynasty 0 stars / 0 reviews The Universe is annihilated ... and created anew.The Demigods and Demons battle for control of the Universe. One Demon commander emerges victorious. He and his descendants reign supreme.Enjoy this collection of Hindu mythology, the action-packed Stories of Vishnu from the Srimad Bhagavatam.Experience an ancient culture and its ritual ceremonies of marriage, death, a King's Coronation and the Horse Sacrifice consolidating his rule.Learn the underlying principles of Hinduism and Buddhism. 2013-12-11 130 1600583

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