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Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents 4.5 stars / 35 reviews Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents follows Marty and Deb Essen on a three-and-a-half-year-long adventure to some of the wildest places on all seven continents. The American couple began crisscrossing the globe with the simple intention of searching for rare and interesting wildlife. When their travels coincided with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the added element made them unwitting ambassadors for peace. Their experiences--from amusing to life threatening--changed their lives forever. This is not your average travelogue. Marty Essen has written a book that entertains, informs, and poignantly reminds us that we all share a small planet. Locations visited include: Belize, Peru (the Amazon Rainforest), Argentina, Australia (Queensland), Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Northwest Territories), Antarctica, Europe (Spain, France, Switzerland, and Andorra), Malaysia (Borneo), and Africa (Zimbabwe). 2012-12-01 455 25745
Best Business: The Agile PMO - Leading the Effective, Value Driven, Project Management Office, a practical guide (Agile Business Leadership Book 1) Best Business: The Agile PMO - Leading the Effective, Value Driven, Project Management Office, a practical guide (Agile Business Leadership Book 1) 4.4 stars / 31 reviews Best business: The Agile PMO - an Amazon Best Seller Remember to claim your free gift for Best business: The Agile PMO – just email me to receive itThe Revealed Secrets of the Shocking Truths about Global PMO Colossal Failures and how to Work around them.** Uncovered Truths How to avoid a tactical PMO - in which MBA graduates fill the role of secretaries - I know you are asking now - how can it be possible that companies pay 100K $ salaries for administrative work, aren't you? - Read the book and know the answer** What are the signs of a process obsessed PMO - in which the project managers are cringing under the whip of the PMO and how to set them free!** Limited Vision When the PMO is in love with the lavish tools - and promotes death by SharePoint - what do you do? ** The Ultimate Program Life Cycle inflicting PMO - do you know how to recognize it and provide REAL VALUE Best business: The Agile PMO provides answers NOW to all these challenging questions. You will learn to recognize and avoid the PMO trapsResearch has proven that most PMOs will be disbanded and flushed away in two years after rollout - make sure yours doesn't** This book provides you with the breakthrough professional knowledge to grow your PMO Immediately. This book is the Surefire method to pioneer the value driven efforts in the organization.**Proven and Tested Advice from a Professional ** Join me in this journey to making your emerging PMO not only endure but also lead project and portfolio growth and be value driven: ** The PMO is a mediating function it enables visibility where there is none, unity where there is disparity, transparency where there is ambiguity, and global breakthrough where there is only local analysis.** Over the years I have seen too many PMOs blunder and fail due to various misconceptions in the roll out and implementation. The main cause is that PMOs do not learn how to create true and substantial value for stakeholders from the portfolio perspective, and hence lose budgeting and are terminated** in this proven guide I will provide practical guidelines with the assistance of a case study on how to create and increase value of a PMO in an ever changing environment. ** Ultimately, after reading this guide you’ll know what to do, in order to successfully and reliably lead your Agile PMO. ******* Best business: The Agile PMO is for a limited time at a discounted - under-priced level - popular demand is increasing Don’t wait, enjoy this price and read now.*********“I have read many books about PMOs and have seen many implementations, most of them failed. I offer my perspective on how to create a long-lasting value driven PMO. The organizations that follow these guidelines benefit from extraordinary results in project completion, in benefits received, and customer satisfaction and in low employee attrition.” M. Nir, PMP, M.Sc. I&E, President, Sapir Consulting**** **** **** ****Exclusive and Genuine Concepts - What is your value from Best business: The Agile PMO* Alignment with Business – ensuring Value over process* Launching a PMO that is Lean and Mean* Simple tools for enabling value quickly* Presented in an easy to follow case study!* Discussed from a multi-perspective view!* Integrated to allow you simple roll out across a portfolio!Praise for PMO Leadership - Avoid Classical Pitfalls How to Create a Value Driven Best business Office:Covering all perspectives of a PMO– This guide promotes a hands-on approach to the installation of a PMO in a company. It illustrates nicely what are the benefits of the different types of PMO and what are their possible responsibilities.Ralf Friedrich, President, Coaching Center Dieburg, GeProS HURRY – to get your copy of Best business: The Agile PMO, Scroll up and Click the buy button now!! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 2014-01-04 136 35282
Fat Loss Made Simple: How to Eliminate Body Fat in 5 Simple Steps (Tips from the Trainer, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness) Fat Loss Made Simple: How to Eliminate Body Fat in 5 Simple Steps (Tips from the Trainer, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness) 4.9 stars / 17 reviews The Ultimate Body Fat Elimination Guide!Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly pricedat $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.You’re about to uncover the secrets behind eliminating body fat for good. Fat Loss Made Simple is a cutting-edge, simple to understand guidebook that describes exactly how to lose fat in the most efficient manner.Hello, my name is Ken Melendez and I am a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. Are you tired of carrying extra weight around? Do you look at yourself in the mirror each morning and sigh? Well, not for much longer. In Fat Loss Made Simple, I lay everything out on the table regarding what it takes to eliminate unwanted body fat. By the time you are done reading this book, you will be fully equipped to take massive action towards a slimmer, happier you! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Developing Good Habits for Long-Term Results How to Create a Metabolic Explosion! The What, When, and How of Nutrition The Importance of Accountability How to Never Give Up on Yourself Bonus: Fitness Myths Exposed! Much, much more!The information provided in this book is easily worth $4.99. Take action and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! You deserve to experience the joy and happiness that results from eliminating body fat for life!Download your copy today!Tags: fat loss, fat, weight loss, lose weight, exercise, health and fitness, health and wellness, wellness, health, fitness, diet, nutrition, workout, work out, gym, health psychology, lean muscle, muscle, health and dieting, health and diet, diet and weight loss, diet books, health books for kindle, weight loss books for kindle, weight loss for women, weight loss for men, weight loss motivation, wellness coaching, wellness books, fat loss books, weight loss books, eating healthy, healthy living, healthy diet, diet books for kindle, diet and weight loss, healthy eating, endurance, motivation, body fat, fat loss books, lose weight fast, lose weight and gain muscle, fat loss motivation, exercise and fitness, fitness and exercise, exercise books, exercise for weight loss, muscle and fitness, fitness and muscle, lose belly fat, fat. 2013-09-22 36 494722
Cloudman, Surviving Stage IV Cancer: A New Beginning Cloudman, Surviving Stage IV Cancer: A New Beginning 4.8 stars / 14 reviews Cloudman is the story of an artist who films clouds for a living. Suddenly told he had 2 months to live, after being diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer, Peyton tells a surprising narrative of survival, illustrated with his aerial photography. The author carries us along on his emotional whirlwind while traveling the globe and raising a son. Although his journey is personal, the lessons are universal and apply to anyone confronting a crisis. 2012-06-13 130 155893
#Betrayal: A nuclear fiction novel of survival #Betrayal: A nuclear fiction novel of survival 4.5 stars / 13 reviews “#Betrayal” starts several years after “ The Nuclear Catastrophe”, (a fiction novel of survival). The United Nations decrees that an independent team will be sent to Japan to evaluate the ongoing situation in Fukushima. The nuclear power plant accident is over two years old and threatens the world. Bryce Anderson's company in southern California is selected. He finds that he is not welcomed with open arms by the country of Japan. In fact, someone seems to be trying to murder him. Sara and her new husband have moved to Northern California since their previous experience with the San Mirado nuclear catastrophe. Sara is ill with a brain tumor and cannot believe that this Japan nuclear disaster has now occurred. She is part of a woman's charity group raising money to send to the Children's Charity in Japan benefiting nuclear victims. Over in Japan, Fuji, a nuclear plant worker, and Mr. Nouchi, a farmer, and their families in Japan have become nuclear refugees, abandoned and ignored. John Taguchi works for the Los Angeles Times and gathers the stories of these forgotten people. The Yakuza, also known as Japanese mafia, have money invested in the now ruined nuclear plants. They are making demands and threats. Mr. Tan Tanaka, Japanese Minister of Public Affairs, is pulled in many directions as he tries to satisfy everyone. Their lives all intertwine in this tale of betrayal. Lies, murder, greed, and power. Whom should you trust?This novel has won an award for 'Best First Chapter' from UP Authors 2014-03-09 289 208887
Consciousness Encounters Quantum Physics: A Scientific Argument for Panpsychism Consciousness Encounters Quantum Physics: A Scientific Argument for Panpsychism 3.3 stars / 9 reviews Consciousness is the most familiar phenomenon. Yet it is the hardest one to explain. Even today, it is still unclear whether and how consciousness emerges from mere matter or whether consciousness is a fundamental property of matter. The crux of the issue is to decide if consciousness has causal efficacies in the physical world, which is not classical but quantum at the deepest level. If consciousness is fundamental as panpsychism holds, then the fundamental consciousness property should take part in the causal chains of the quantum world and should present itself in our investigation of the world. Is consciousness causally efficient in the quantum world then? How to find the quantum physical effects of consciousness if they indeed exist?This book will propose a promising solution to the hard problem of consciousness by investigating the possible quantum effects of consciousness. Admittedly, it has been a hot topic of debate whether there is a subtle connection between quantum physics and consciousness. Different from the existing speculations, the analysis of the book is based on the well-accepted assumption that quantum processes such as quantum measurements are objective physical processes, independent of the consciousness of observers. To our great surprise, however, this banal assumption may have profound implications for the nature of consciousness. For it implies that a conscious being can distinguish definite perceptions and their quantum superpositions under certain conditions, while a measuring system without consciousness cannot distinguish such quantum states. The existence of this distinct physical effect of consciousness further implies that consciousness is not emergent but a fundamental feature of the universe. This provides a convincing scientific argument for panpsychism.The main ideas of this book have been published in professional journals such as Minds and Machines, and will soon be introduced in the prestigious Journal of Consciousness Studies. Although the book places priority on the rigor of the scientific arguments, its contents are basically comprehensible to general readers. This little book will appeal to all those who have been looking for a real understanding of the mysterious universe.Book Excerpt:Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental.— Erwin SchrdingerThe stuff of the world is mind-stuff.— Arthur EddingtonWe do not find obvious evidence of life or mind in so-called inert matter…; but if the scientific point of view is correct, we shall ultimately find them, at least in rudimentary form, all through the universe— J. B. S. HaldaneMind or something of the nature as mind must exist throughout the entire universe. This is, I believe, the truth.— Julian HuxleyThe laws of physics leave a place for mind in the description of every molecule… In other words, mind is already inherent in every electron, and the processes of human consciousness differ only in degree and not in kind.— Freeman DysonThat which we experience as mind… will in a natural way ultimately reach the level of the wavefunction and of the 'dance' of the particles. There is no unbridgeable gap or barrier between any of these levels… It is implied that, in some sense, a rudimentary consciousness is present even at the level of particle physics.— David Bohm 2014-04-18 42 16317
Increase Serotonin Naturally - Powerful drug-free techniques for increasing levels of your feel-good chemicals Increase Serotonin Naturally - Powerful drug-free techniques for increasing levels of your feel-good chemicals 4.0 stars / 4 reviews Do you want to get relaxed, happy and energetic without resorting to drugs? Problems with serotonin are linked to conditions such as - depression, anxiety disorders, OCD and IBS. If you can rebalance serotonin, you can treat these conditions and more. Serotonin is heavily involved in feelings of well-being in the brain which is why it has been dubbed the 'feel-good' chemical. However many of us just don't have enough of this vital neurotransmitter flowing through our brain and body. This leaves us feeling depressed, tired, anxious and unmotivated. In this quick and concise guide, Benjamin Kramer, author of "Brain Renovation", details the most effective non-pharmacological techniques for increasing levels of serotonin in your brain. Kramer has pulled the latest research from scientific studies and medical journals, creating a "digest" version which is easy to read and has methods which are easy to follow. Antidepressant medication is clearly effective for many. However for others, pharmaceuticals such as Zoloft and Prozac are not as effective or come with unacceptable side-effects. This is where techniques, such as those detailed in this guide, come in. Some of the symptoms of low serotonin include - Depressed mood and feelings of sadness Increased anxiety Problems with pain such as headache and stomach ache Insomnia (problems getting to sleep or waking very early in the morning) or poor quality sleep Low self-esteem - feelings of worthlessness Through a bit of good old fashioned hard work and with the latest research at your disposal, you can change your behaviours & thinking, along with smart nutrition and supplementation to increase your levels of serotonin, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life. Grab a copy today and start your journey back to happiness and relaxation 2013-12-26 44 45787
Quantum, Relativity, Consciousness And Beyond: A Scientific Quest for Ultimate Reality Quantum, Relativity, Consciousness And Beyond: A Scientific Quest for Ultimate Reality 3.5 stars / 4 reviews Notwithstanding the great advances in modern science, there are some deep, unexplained mysteries, and our current world view is still fragmented. On the one hand, the two pillars of modern physics, namely relativity and quantum theory, are not only incomplete respectively but also incompatible with each other. Moreover, they are difficult to understand and even incomprehensible. On the other hand, there is a deeper mystery concerning our most familiar phenomenon - consciousness. The relationship between mind and matter presents a longstanding hard problem for both philosophy and science. It is still unclear whether consciousness is an emergent property of complex physical processes or a fundamental feature of the universe. This book aims at explaining these greatest mysteries in modern science, and in the end, providing a unified scientific picture of the ultimate reality. Unlike many popular science books on these topics, this book places priority on the rigor of the scientific arguments. At the same time, most of its contents are accessible to general readers.Book & Thoughts Reviews:If it goes through, this would be an original and significant contribution to the debate over the nature of motion. ---- Reviewer of American Philosophical QuarterlyThe idea of using discontinuous motion as a realist interpretation of quantum mechanics is original. ---- Reviewer of Foundations of PhysicsIts very existence is at any rate, an excellent illustration of the extent to which physical data force us to depart from commonsense ideas when we try to depict reality "as it really is". ---- Bernard d'Espagnat, theoretical physicist, philosopher of science, Templeton Prize 2009 Laureate, author of Conceptual Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and On Physics and Philosophy I agree with you that, if you modify quantum mechanics in such a way that an NSDD becomes possible and if you leave everything else the same, there might be a possibility for superluminal communication. ---- Philippe Eberhard, theoretical physicist, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of CaliforniaAs to the irreducibility of mentality to physical reality I sympathize thoroughly.---- Abner Shimony, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Physics at Boston University, one of the most eminent physicist-philosophers, author of The Search for a Naturalistic World ViewAbout the AuthorShan Gao graduated from the Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Science in 1995. He is a theoretical physicist, whose major interests are in foundations of quantum theory, superluminal communication and quantum consciousness etc. His original ideas, including random discontinuous motion, quantum superluminal communication and quantum panpsychism, have been published in professional journals such as International Journal of Theoretical Physics, Foundations of Physics and Minds and Machines etc. He is the author of Quantum Motion - Unveiling the Mysterious Quantum World, God Does Play Dice with the Universe, Quantum Physics: From Illusion to Reality, and four other Chinese books. His first popular science book Quantum (in Chinese) is very successful, and it has sold more than ten thousands copies in China during the last few years. 2014-02-18 127 44090
Taking Control of Eczema: A Powerful and Simple Method to Remove Eczema Taking Control of Eczema: A Powerful and Simple Method to Remove Eczema 5.0 stars / 2 reviews This is an excellent book that details a very effective method to removes eczema that incorporates diet, mind and lifestyle. The author writes in a no-nonsense and straight to the point style that will have you armed with effective eczema fighting information in no time.By following the information in this book the author went from spending a week in hospital, after first being sent to the emergency ward, suffering whole body chronic eczema to living a wonderfully fulfilling life.If you, any member of your family or close friends suffer from eczema then this is the book for you.Hi, my name is Jacob Kane and I'm the author of this book. I would like to share with you what I experienced by following the information this book provides:- The disappearance of a whole body rash that led to clearer and healthier skin.- The ability to sleep through the night without waking up every one or two hours scratching and bleeding.- The healing of large open and weeping wounds without the need for topical steroids and wet bandages.- The freedom of being able to go outside wearing either short sleeved or long sleeved shirts.- No more awkward and embarrassing moments caused by the eczema on my hands. I wish you the best and hope you take control of your, or a loved ones eczema, as I have done,Jacob Kane BSc(honours) 2013-10-22 29 148815
Aether: The Physicalists' God Aether: The Physicalists' God 4.5 stars / 2 reviews W hether there is an aether or not is finally answered: the Aether is but does not exist until it turns into matter. This isn't a new theory but a new insight on already existing theories. A freshly synthesized interpretation consistent with already known and well accepted scientific facts. A modern perspective in which the aether concept is reintroduced in an attempt to reconcile a centuries old notion of wholeness in space and time with actually established scientific paradigms. In addition to arguing for a common substrate to all matter in a purely dialectical way, without math or complicated formulas, I relate self-awareness and perception to non-living, self-organized systems. Thereby suggesting that Consciousness is not an independent supernatural entity separate from matter, but an intrinsic property of all matter. 2014-01-18 118 209653
Quantum Physics Encounters Consciousness: A Subtle Mechanism for Faster-Than-Light Communication Quantum Physics Encounters Consciousness: A Subtle Mechanism for Faster-Than-Light Communication 4.5 stars / 2 reviews It has been often claimed that our most fundamental physical theories, special relativity and quantum mechanics, prohibit the existence of faster-than-light communication. However, this claim is overstated. One obvious reason is that these theories are incomplete descriptions of the physical world, and in particular, they seem incompatible with each other. Can we communicate faster than the speed of light or even instantaneously? This is a deep question, and the final answer is still hiding in the dark.This book will introduce an intriguing new idea, according to which the combination of quantum physics and consciousness may permit the existence of faster-than-light communication. The idea touches the very foundation of modern physics and the nature of consciousness, and if true, it will have far-reaching implications on relativity, quantum theory, the science of consciousness, psi research, and certainly, the communication technology itself. Book & Thoughts Reviews:What is original is the speculation that a conscious being might be able to make measurements on quantum states that no material device can match and that such measurements would permit FTL (Faster-than-light) signaling between distant observers. ---- Reviewer of Foundations of PhysicsI agree with you that, if you modify quantum mechanics in such a way that an NSDD becomes possible and if you leave everything else the same, there might be a possibility for superluminal communication. ---- Philippe Eberhard, theoretical physicist, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of CaliforniaThis conclusion (i.e. faster-than-light communication is possible using a conscious agent) is based on arguments that cover quantum physics, cosmology, metaphysics, biology, the nature of consciousness... An attempt at a world view of such broad scope is certainly commendable.---- Reviewer of Foundations of Physics 2014-04-29 75 43779
Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally in 4 Weeks Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally in 4 Weeks 4.0 stars / 1 reviews A proven solution to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally in 4 weeks with a 70% success rate. Dr. Davies recently experienced his own surprise diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Fortunately he was introduced to a promising scientific study which reversed type 2 diabetes with 70% of the study participants still free of diabetes 12 weeks after the study was completed. A flexible and simple plan that will help you add back years to your life. Many people also lose weight. Easy to follow, straight to the point, and only 4 weeks to type 2 diabetes free for most people. 2014-04-23 31 820533
Visit the Zoo 12-Book Anthology: Your Guide To the Zoo Over 120 Animals Featured Visit the Zoo 12-Book Anthology: Your Guide To the Zoo Over 120 Animals Featured 0 stars / 0 reviews Now all 12 of the “Visit the Zoo” book series have been combined into this one convenient volume. Over 120 animals have been presented in word and picture. It is like having your own personal docent for your next trip to the zoo with information and identifying photographs in the palm of your hand on your smartphone or tablet. Buying all 12 books in one volume will save 50% off the cover price purchasing the “Visit the Zoo” books individually. This invaluable collection of zoo animals makes the information, background, lives and habits of these fascinating creatures readily accessible. Nature and wildlife have been combined in this book series and now brought together in this one anthology.These books have been endorsed by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Geneva, Switzerland. 2014-05-18 399 84706
Living Through Cancer Living Through Cancer 0 stars / 0 reviews If you are diagnosed of a cancer,learn about it, read about it and fight against it.Remember that,you are not the only one fighting it and that you are not alone.Cancer can be beaten,have been beaten,and you will beat it...! 2012-08-05 33 1857453
Missing Factor: A Personal Experience Of Haemophilia Missing Factor: A Personal Experience Of Haemophilia 0 stars / 0 reviews When Polly Fielding’s son was diagnosed with severe haemophilia, the only thing she could recall about this blood disorder was “One scratch and you’ll bleed to death”. This, mercifully, is a myth. But learning the true facts about the condition was not easy. Many healthcare professionals, including doctors, knew little more than she did and the available literature was mostly technical and not very reassuring. So in the belief that the best way to deal with an enemy is to be armed with knowledge, Polly set about researching all she could on the subject, interviewing sufferers, haematologists and other haemophilia specialists. Bit by bit she learned to cope with her son’s haemophilia until it became a background to family life rather than dominating it. And when her GP told her that she knew more about it than he did and that she ought to write a book on the subject, she wrote the book she would have wanted to read when her son was first diagnosed. Like all books that deal with medical knowledge it eventually became out of date and she rewrote it in the light of advances in the treatment and care of those with the condition as well as of her own, much greater familiarity with it, following the progress of her son through his teenage years and into adult life. This is that updated book, which was enthusiastically welcomed by the British Haemophilia Society. It is a book that will empathise with and reassure those who are facing the unknown territory of haemophilia for the first time, as well as giving those already familiar with it an interesting read that will resonate with them. It will demonstrate that it is perfectly possible for anyone diagnosed with haemophilia to lead a full, active and happy life. The late Claire Rayner, writer, broadcaster and onetime chair of the Patients’ Association, wrote about the paperback edition of this book: “Reading technical books about haemophilia is the easiest thing to do and the hardest way of learning what it is really like to have the disease in the family. This is the book you really need to get a rounded picture of what a very distressing genetic disorder can do to an average family. By all means read the technical books afterwards, but read this one first.” 2012-12-16 107 204822
Gangs from Space: The First 200 Angels on Earth (The Watchers) Gangs from Space: The First 200 Angels on Earth (The Watchers) 0 stars / 0 reviews Imagine we are not alone in the universe. Then imagine we were told this over two thousand years ago. The ancient Book of Enoch portrayed devils from heaven lusting after earth's women. Suppressed for centuries, whom did they love and what were the results? Read this unorthodox account of the very archangels who populate our Bibles and our imaginations. 2013-12-18 471 1278003
Scientific Introduction to Bible - The Design of Life Scientific Introduction to Bible - The Design of Life 0 stars / 0 reviews Provided scientific findings directly related to the origin of humans. 2013-12-23 69 1619689
The Evolution of a Budding Naturalist The Evolution of a Budding Naturalist 0 stars / 0 reviews Photographs and commentary highlighting the development of one small natural science enthusiast, and promoting the creation of a nurturing environment for other young scientists in the making For parents of gifted or scientifically precocious young children, or children who are just interested in animals in the outdoors where danger possibly lurks, giving them the freedom to pursue their dream can be challenging. Look at parenting a young aspiring scientist from perhaps a different perspective with the lighthearted photographs and information found in "The Evolution of a Budding Naturalist!" 2013-08-04 98 1591900
Quantum Computing, Multi-Level Bits and Temperature Control (AzEngineering Book 4) Quantum Computing, Multi-Level Bits and Temperature Control (AzEngineering Book 4) 0 stars / 0 reviews "Quantum Computing, Multi-Level Bits and Temperature Control" presents a futuristic concept for the electronic signals inside digital systems. Some day, computers and other species of equipment that use digital circuits, will use multi-level bits instead of the binary bits used presently. This eBook presents two temperature controllers that use multi-level bits for generation of the map of reference temperatures. Firstly, a small demonstrator shows how a simple feedback control system controls temperature using multi-level bit technology. Secondly, the outline of a larger temperature controller, presented in blocks, shows how to use multi-level bits in a more complex system. A Glossary of Terms is included. The Sections throughout the eBook are: 4.1- ABSTRACT 4.2- BASIS OF MULTI-LEVEL BITS 4.2.1- SEVERAL LOGIC LEVELS 4.2.2- WRITING WITH MULTI-LEVEL BITS 4.3- WORKING WITH MULTI-LEVEL BITS 4.3.1- VOLTAGES INSIDE THE MEMORY CELL 4.3.2- ELECTRONIC VOLTMETER 4.4- THE DEMONSTRATOR TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER 4.4.1- MEMORY CELL RESISTOR LADDER FEEDBACK RESISTOR 4.4.2- COUNTER STARTING THE COUNTER DELAY OSCILLATOR COUNTER SEQUENCE INCREASING ONE LEVEL AT A TIME 4.4.3- TEMPERATURE CONTROL TEMPERATURE SENSING ERROR AMPLIFIER HEATER CONTROL HEATING CYCLE 4.4.4- PARTS LIST FOR THE DEMONSTRATOR CONTROLLER RESISTORS POTENTIOMETERS CAPACITORS SEMICONDUCTORS THERMOCOUPLE 4.5- THE OUTLINE OF A LARGER CONTROLLER 4.5.1- BYTES WITH SEVEN MULTI-LEVEL BITS 4.5.2- THERMAL CYCLE 4.5.3- COUNTERS 4.5.4- THREE-STEP CYCLE 4.5.5- AUTOMATIC SEQUENCE OF TEMPERATURES QUANTUM COMPUTING VOLTAGES FED TO THE ERROR AMPLIFIER 4.5.6- HEATING THE FURNACE CHAMBER 4.5.7- ENERGY CONVERSION 4.6- REFERENCES 4.7- OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THIS AUTHOR TO THE TECHNOLOGY OF FEEDBACK CONTROL SYSTEMS AND OPTICAL SENSING 4.8- GLOSSARY OF TERMS 4.9- eBooks of the AzEngineeringTM Series Enter AzEngineering on the search engine to find more eBooks of the series, including a Catalog that presents brief descriptions and the tables of contents of the eBooks of the AzEngineering Series. 2013-03-16 48 345281
Essays in Psychology, Addiction and Neurobehavioural Sciences: For Nursing and Medical Students Essays in Psychology, Addiction and Neurobehavioural Sciences: For Nursing and Medical Students 0 stars / 0 reviews This book is a compilation of essays on diverse topics pertaining to psychology, addiction and neurobehavioural sciences intended to help nursing and medical students to write essays in this subject. 2014-05-29 216 807113
Patchouli Herb Patchouli Herb 0 stars / 0 reviews Scientific name of Patchouli is Pogostemon patchouli (Syn. Pogostemon cablin). Patchouli belongs to mint family i.e. Labiatae or Lamiaceae. Patchouli is a tropical, perennial aromatic herb which is mainly grown for its aromatic leaves. Patchouli oil, a highly fragrant essential oil, is extracted from its dried herbage. Patchouli is also known as Stink Weed or Pucha Pot (Putcha-Pat). There are several species of patchouli under cultivation such as Pogostemon patchouli, Pogostemon commosum, Pogostemon hortensis, Pogostemon heyneasus and Pogostemon plectranthoides. However, Pogostemon patchouli yields the highest quality patchouli oil and is, therefore, widely cultivated for commercial purposes. 2014-05-04 32

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