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Self Defense: The Psychology of Attack and Survival (How To Defend Yourself and Survive In Any Dangerous Situation) (Self Defense Psychology) Self Defense: The Psychology of Attack and Survival (How To Defend Yourself and Survive In Any Dangerous Situation) (Self Defense Psychology) 3.7 stars / 39 reviews Self defense isn’t about carrying around a gun or mace or weapons. It’s not about being bigger or stronger than others. It’s not about what you look like, whether you’re a man or a woman or how old you are. At the end of the day, the you will survive because your mind and body are strong and united. We’ve all heard stories of super-human strength – the grandma who lifted up with her bare hands to save her grandson and other such stories abound. But the same thing can happen mentally – at times of great stress, you can acquire super-human mental powers as well as physical. Like the lady who is mugged at gunpoint and says something that spooks the robber. He runs away, dropping her purse, and the woman picks it up and walks off like nothing happened. How do we access our super-human potential when we need it most? How can you fight off four assailants at once? How can you talk your way out of being robbed? How can you protect yourself and your family when something goes wrong? These questions haunted me for years. I would often lay awake at night or daydream about potential fights or conflicts. Some guy at the bar comes at me with a knife so I use a typical Aikido move to disarm him and throw him on the ground using his own force. I get jumped from behind in an alleyway and knocked on the ground... the scenarios played through my head over and over like a moviescreen. Only this wasn’t the movies. It wasn’t real either – it was practice. And that practice payed off – in a big way. I want this book to prepare you for what may lie ahead. No one knows what the future holds. But even if you never have to face an attack or serious bodily harm for the rest of your life, this book will prepare you mentally and physically for when times get tough. Life isn’t about being bigger, stronger, fast or smarter than the competition. Life is about survival. It’s about freedom, confidence and success. This book will give you the tools and the confidence to know that you will survive no matter what happens. Learn how to defend and protect yourself and your family today. Scroll up and grab your copy! 2013-05-12 61 415716
The Feathery The Feathery 4.1 stars / 29 reviews The Feathery plot centers around a unique type of golf ball used during a record match at St. Andrews, Scotland in 1849. It starts with a description of that golf match and how a feathery ball was made using 1849 technology.Fast forward to the 21st century where the story is set in San Diego, London, New York, Scotland and Ireland The game of golf blends with mystery and suspence surrounding an obsession so strong by some to own this valuable feathery golf ball that they'll even commit murder to satisfy it.The owner of feathery, Scott Beckman, is a PGA touring professional who inherits the ball from his mentor, Sandy McNair, a decendent of that record setting St. Andrews player, Hugh McNair. Sandy was the club pro who had steared Scott and his friend, Matt Kemp away from trouble when they were teenagers. Sandy takes them under his wing teaches Scott the game of golf and Matt how to be the best caddie. They start out on tour after passing the grueling test of Q-School, but fail to make expenses. Scott reluctantly submits the feathery to a London auction. After he does so he starts winning and earning. He then pulls the feathery out of the auction much to the chagrin of a few scrupulous collectors and who are still determined to possess it by any means to include robbery, murder and kidnapping.Scott leaves the solution of the crimes up to Chief Inspector Trevor Bradshaw of Scotland Yard and Francis X. Riley of the NYPD while he competes at the British open in Turnberry, Scotland against hot competition. He is leading when his best friend and caddie Matt Kemp is abducted and a threatening note is sent to Scott with a piece of Matt's ear lobe. The note tells him to withdraw from the tournament or more mutilation will occur. 2007-11-10 274 389916
Ride the White Horse:  A Checkered Jockey's Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption Ride the White Horse: A Checkered Jockey's Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption 4.7 stars / 23 reviews “I’ve experienced racing from the hooves up, rage from the inside out and redemption from heaven down,” says author Eddie Donnally, an ordained minister, endorsed chaplain and the only former jockey to win an Eclipse Award for Outstanding Newspaper Writing. An electric jockey with a juice machine, he rode on racing’s undercard, lived inside its underbelly and became a part of its underworld. From constant bulimia, broken bones and betrayal of Boston’s infamous Winter Hill Gang, he depicts an unseen side of Thoroughbred racing. Yet the five tons of his sweat that disappeared down “hot box” drains was nothing compared to his struggles with sibling sexual trauma, same-sex promiscuity and an addiction to crack cocaine that in seven months took him from sports writing and TV show hosting to grooming horses on a track’s backstretch. “I still dream of having a racehorse between my knees and love the people in horse racing.” he says. “But it was time to tell my truth about it. Seconds after a race fixing gangster slugged me, a pro hit man told me that he planned to kill me and put my naked body on Boston’s Suffolk Downs backstretch as a warning to other jockeys.” Starting in 1962, he rode for 19-years in some 10,000 races, winning over 1,000. Arrested for Sports Bribery in 1979 for a fixed race he won in 1974, he was forced to fend off the FBI who pressured him to collaborate their star witness’s testimony, as well as Boston's Winter Hill Gang members who would kill him if he did. Still, in 1980 he became a track publicity director and for seven years wrote horse racing for the Dallas Morning News. But a suicide attempt, a bipolar diagnosis and stays in two psyche wards were brief stops on a journey of self destruction that eventually landed him in jail. After God’s Shekinah Glory lit up his holding cell in 1996, he moved to the Los Angeles Dream Center, the former Queen of Angels Hospital turned city of refugee for the homeless and hopeless. Less than five years after leaving jail, he became a licensed Foursquare Minister and then Development Director for Race Track Chaplaincy of America, which places chaplains at horse tracks. In 2009 he returned to seminary, earned a Doctorate of Ministry and after a 16-month hospital residency works as a chaplain at a hospice and two hospitals near Clearwater, FL where he lives with his wife Sandi. “As a jockey, I used highly illegal, hand-held electrical prods on horses in races. I threw up ten times a day to make weight, sweated off tons and broke 13 bones. I acted out as a bisexual, manic depressive, crack cocaine addicted sportswriter. Even today when I read what I wrote about the literally insane life I lived, the same old shivers ripple up my spine. Only though a series of God’s miracles am I’m still alive to tell it at all." "I rode Revelation’s pale horse from hell and one day I’ll ride across heaven following Jesus on Revelation’s other white horse.” In conjunction with the book, he is writing a blog, "Recovery in Racing," which profiles horse racing's best known members of its recovering community. Check out the book's website, Contact him at Ridethewhitehorse1@gmail. com 2013-12-09 340 36213
Equestrian Sport: Secrets of the Equestrian Sport: Secrets of the "Art" 4.2 stars / 19 reviews All secrets of equine sport in one book. 2012-08-01 172 97840
10 Tabatas - 4-Minute Workouts that Improve Performance 10 Tabatas - 4-Minute Workouts that Improve Performance 3.7 stars / 18 reviews Sick of spending hours on the treadmill without seeing results? Then meet the Tabata , a unique form of interval training that delivers results. Tabata - Interval Workouts Using Just Your Bodyweight The Tabata protocol delivers results in just 4 minutes. By working at high intensity for short periods of time, your body builds both cardiovascular capacity and endurance. In this book you will learn the foundations of training with the Tabata Protocol using your bodyweight. You will ... Learn which exercises to use for Tabata workouts. Have a clear roadmap on how to work up to the intensity of the Tabata workout. Have 10 ready to do Tabata workouts with both verbal descriptions and video demonstrations. Be equipped with a full dynamic warm up routine. Get In Shape Without Endless Hours On the Treadmill After reading this book, you will get results faster than spending endless hours on the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bicycle, or other cardiovascular machine. Just 4 minutes? Yes it is true, Tabata workouts only last 4 minutes. I am constantly asked, "Can 4 minutes really improve my performance?" It is true. Just add a Tabata workout to the end of a strength training program and you have the perfect combination for transforming your health. The Tabata workouts are proven to produce better results in just 4 minutes than running the treadmill for 60 minutes. Get started today. With this book you will have ten workouts that require only a timer and your body - bodyweight workouts. 2012-04-13 59 16168
Exercise Over 50: Low Impact Exercises for a Stronger Core, Better Physique, and Improved Health - Exercise For Seniors (Exercise For Seniors, Exercise ... Exercise, Fitness For Seniors, Senior Care) Exercise Over 50: Low Impact Exercises for a Stronger Core, Better Physique, and Improved Health - Exercise For Seniors (Exercise For Seniors, Exercise ... Exercise, Fitness For Seniors, Senior Care) 4.2 stars / 12 reviews Discover Low Impact Exercises for a Stronger Core, Better Physique, and Improved HealthGet this Amazon ebook today and learn how to improve your overall health through exercising. Read on your PC, Mac, Smart phone, Tablet or Kindle device.Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It can prevent diseases and improve many bodily functions including digestion, circulation, and even cognitive function. It can also build up strength and agility so that, as you age you can remain independent and take care of everyday necessities on your own for a longer period of time.So if you are feeling hesitant or generally lacking motivation to start an exercise routine because it seems difficult or exhausting, this book will help you find creative and fun ways to get active and get the exercise you need to stay healthy. You will also find some tips for improving your diet that can also work to boost your energy levels and help you feel motivated and ready to get active.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Exercise For Seniors Benefits of Exercise For Seniors Low Impact Workout Plans The Importance of Warming Up Stretching Maintaining a Proper Diet Reading Your Own Body 5 Myths About Exercise and Aging Much, much more!Download your copy today!Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only 2014-03-19 39 48988
Build a brilliant bug out vehicle to help you survive Build a brilliant bug out vehicle to help you survive 2.7 stars / 6 reviews The author of the Amazon best seller “Build A Brilliant Bug Out Bag and Beyond” is back. This time with an extension on the bug out theme, how to choose and stock the ultimate vehicle to bug out in. This book is especially for people, who want to go beyond the traditional 72 hour survival backpack and further their options in a bug out situation. The step-by-step approach means that it is easy to follow, meaning everyone can have a quality, well stocked vehicle prepared for when a disaster strikes. It tells you everyone can actually have a bug out bready to go when disaster strikes. When disaster does strike, it is indiscriminate. It will hit everyone. I will be left to you to ensure that you can keep your family alive until help arrives. This book will help you do just that. The book covers essential information such as :•The time to bug out•Where you bug out to•What sort of vehicle to choose•Considerations between the different types available•What to store in the vehicle •What items to pack and what to leave behind•Water•Food•Medical Supplies•Personal Items•Education•How to use technology to help•What spare parts you should store•How to make use of caches to make your survival easier and more comfortable.This is a short one-hour book that gives you all the essential information that you need about bug out vehicles, it isn’t padded out with unnecessary waffle. 2013-10-12 30 510841
Injury Prevention and Movement Control: How to Remain Active and Injury Free Volume 2: Warm Up, Flexibility and Resistance Training (Central YMCA Health and Fitness Guides) Injury Prevention and Movement Control: How to Remain Active and Injury Free Volume 2: Warm Up, Flexibility and Resistance Training (Central YMCA Health and Fitness Guides) 4.7 stars / 3 reviews In the second volume of Lincoln Blandford's Injury prevention and movement control range, Lincoln again pursues the desirable goal of remaining injury free through the consideration of movement quality. Injuries, although often perceived as inevitable for the active, each have a root cause. If the influence of these causes can be limited, injury risk is reduced. In this volume Lincoln applies the importance of movement control into a practical setting, in particular its effect on warm-ups, flexibility and resistance training. If you really want to know how to avoid injuries, then unquestionably, this is the book for you. Central YMCA Guides are part of Central YMCA - the UK's leading health and education charity and the world's first YMCA. All profits from the sale of these books will go towards Central YMCA's charitable efforts in helping people lead healthier and happier lives. Central YMCA Guides: Trustworthy advice from those in the know. 2014-02-02 77 355669
Defensa Personal: La psicología de Attack y Supervivencia (cómo defenderse y sobrevivir en cualquier situación de peligro) (Psicología Defensa Personal Book 1) Defensa Personal: La psicología de Attack y Supervivencia (cómo defenderse y sobrevivir en cualquier situación de peligro) (Psicología Defensa Personal Book 1) 1.0 stars / 1 reviews La defensa propia no se trata de llevar consigo un arma de fuego o maza o armas. No se trata de ser ms grande o ms fuerte que los dems. No se trata de lo que parecen, si usted es un hombre o una mujer o la edad que tengas. Al final del da, el que va a sobrevivir porque su mente y su cuerpo es fuerte y unida. Todos hemos odo historias de super-fuerza humana - la abuela que levant con sus propias manos para salvar a su nieto y abundan otras historias. Pero lo mismo puede suceder mentalmente - en momentos de gran tensin, se puede adquirir poderes sobrehumanos mentales como fsicos. Al igual que la seora que es asaltado a punta de pistola y le dice algo que fantasmas del ladrn. l huye, dejando caer su bolso, y la mujer lo coge y se marcha como si nada. Cmo acceder a nuestro super-humano en potencia cuando ms lo necesitamos? Cmo se puede luchar contra cuatro asaltantes a la vez? Cmo puedes hablar de su manera de salir de ser robado? Cmo puede protegerse y proteger a su familia cuando algo sale mal? Estas preguntas me persigui durante aos. A menudo me despierto por la noche o soar con peleas o conflictos potenciales. Un tipo en el bar viene a m con un cuchillo as que uso un tpico movimiento de Aikido para desarmarlo y tirarlo contra el suelo con su propia fuerza. Me salt desde atrs en un callejn y llam a la tierra ... los escenarios jugado por mi cabeza una y otra vez como un moviescreen. Slo que esto no era el cine. No era real, ya sea - que era prctica. Y esa prctica pagado apagado - en una gran forma. Quiero que este libro para prepararse para lo que puede deparar el futuro. Nadie sabe lo que depara el futuro. Pero incluso si usted nunca tendr que enfrentarse a un ataque o dao corporal serio por el resto de su vida, este libro le prepararse mental y fsicamente para cuando los tiempos se ponen difciles. La vida no se trata de ser ms grande, ms fuerte, rpido o ms inteligente que la competencia. La vida es la supervivencia. Se trata de la libertad, la confianza y el xito. Este libro le dar las herramientas y la confianza para saber que va a sobrevivir sin importar lo que pase. Aprenda a defenderse y protegerse a s mismo ya su familia hoy. Desplcese hacia arriba y apoderarse de su copia! 2013-03-30 63 1030541
The Survival Margin - the Chronicles of Griffin The Survival Margin - the Chronicles of Griffin 0 stars / 0 reviews The Survival Margin is the story of Griffin, a man who hits rock bottom because of poverty and alcohol addiction. As a result, Griffin loses everything and becomes homeless. The question remains: does poverty cause his addiction, or does addiction cause his poverty?Griffin then embarks on a wilderness survival adventure full of danger from the harsh elements of nature. He seeks refuge in the wilderness from the dystopian society around him. Will Griffin be able to survive without employment and shelter, or will he be able to improvise and live off of the land? 2011-08-12 91 664872
How To Catch Catfish - Survival Tips For The Best Catfish Baits, Lures, And Methods How To Catch Catfish - Survival Tips For The Best Catfish Baits, Lures, And Methods 0 stars / 0 reviews Before pond raised catfish were an industry, most catfish came out of rivers and streams. Learning how to catch catfish in those days was a serious affair. Old time river men often depended on fishing for a livelihood. They caught fish or their family did without. In this book are many of the secrets the old time fishermen used to keep food on the table and the wolf away from the door.This is a new book with unique information gleaned from many old time fishermen.You probably know that all the catfish are alike in some ways. There are some differences though that you need to know about.The main types of catfish that are pursued in North America are the following.Channel catfish,Blue catfish,Flathead catfish,Bullhead catfish.If you're after some serious fishing action, then going after these fish is the place to be.Many think that catfish fishing offers as much sport as you can get with any fish, including musky, bass or trout.The channel cat, blue cat and flatheads are all serious game fish, vicious to strike, and prone to run when hooked.On top of that, these sporty fish can grow to monster-size making pursuit of truly giant fish a real possibility!Even though market catfish fishing is not what it once was, what the old guys learned still works today to bring in the fish.The book contains all sorts of tips and methods for catching these worthy fish. Get the book and you get:Tackle tips.How to read the water.Over 50 baits to use to get more fish.A selection of lures to boost your results.Reading the moon signs for better fishing.What times of day work best for fishing results.What it take to catch each of the catfish types.Ways to get a big fish.How to cook the catch.That right, you get proven to work ideas for catching more and better catfish.Have more fun while you catch the kind of fish you want.Then once you get the fish home, learn the best ways to prepare the fish for the table. Get a selection of recipes that will have you ready to catch more as quick as you can.This book is the source for what are mostly secret methods that the old timers used to catch lots of catfish.This is the only place to get it.Get this "how to catch catfish" methods book today and get ready to catch more and bigger fish. You'll have fun doing the catching. You can also quickly fill a freezer with catfish and that could really come in handy in the uncertain times we live in today.Scroll back to the top of the page and buy this book. 2014-01-13 96 173885

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