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EMBRYO EMBRYO 4.4 stars / 481 reviews “Maria Moran’s first inkling of trouble was the coppery taste in her mouth. It came suddenly, a rushing whoosh of something that made her gag, and when she reached to wipe her mouth, her hand came away smeared with blood.” So begins this thriller about a young intern, Jill Raney, determined to investigate tragedies and terror at a famous fertility and genetic engineering hospital. When two pregnant women die and a fetus is delivered with severe chromosomal abnormalities, Jill’s superiors - including handsome, smitten-with-her resident David Levine – insist there’s no common link. But her suspicions deepen with the grotesque murder near the hospital of another pregnant woman - her belly drained of amniotic fluid. And when a woman miscarries in the hospital and then disappears, Jill frantically searches for her - following a terrifying path that seems to link all the victims: Is someone playing with life...and the structures of human life itself? An unforgettable tale of suspense with a shocking denouement, Embryo takes you deep into the mind of malignant genius. 2012-05-07 235 2464
Shatter My Rock Shatter My Rock 3.7 stars / 99 reviews From the ashes of a traumatic upbringing, forty-six-year-old Claire Fowler has forged an idyllic life in an affluent Rhode Island enclave with her college-sweetheart husband, Tim, and their ten-year-old daughter, Ally. Even the family dog is convinced he’s arrived at the sweet spot of life.But things are about to change.When a last-minute business trip sends Claire to Cincinnati with her hypersexual subordinate, she is vexed but resigned. And when a vicious migraine sends her to a saggy hotel bed and him to the marketing conference in her place, she is first relieved and then thankful. Weeks later, upon discovering she’s pregnant, Claire has no reason for concern. With the help of genetic counselors and fertility specialists, she and Tim have been striving for a miracle-sibling for Ally.And now they have one: a precious baby boy they name Owen.But all is not well, and soon Claire begins spotting alarming quirks in Owen’s behavior that suggest he is stricken with Dukate Disease, the terminal illness that took her brother in 1979. If Claire is right and Owen is sick, other disturbing things may also be true. Things like: Claire has been raped; Owen is not Tim’s son; and Owen is going to die.As the truth of Owen’s conception emerges, Claire finds herself at the mercy of an unthinkable choice. Her decision—and its harrowing consequences—threaten not only her career and her marriage, but even her freedom. 2014-01-18 253 27431
A Life Transparent (Monochrome Trilogy: Book One) A Life Transparent (Monochrome Trilogy: Book One) 4.3 stars / 50 reviews Who is Donovan Candle? He is the consummate husband. Stable, hard-working, and dedicated to his wife, Donovan is a paragon of the Middle Class. Until now. Strange visions of a monochromatic world. Bizarre sensations of physical transparency. At first, Donovan fears he's losing his grip on reality, but as the week wears on and the odd afflictions intensify, he wonders if he is truly fading from existence. When his wife is abducted, his life goes from weird to terrifying. To get her back, Donovan must play by a stranger's rules. Will he be in time to save her-and himself-from the dangers of A Life Transparent? 2011-01-05 182 155860
Devil's Den Devil's Den 5.0 stars / 29 reviews "Provocative...Engaging!"* It's the early 1920s. Someone is killing old Civil War vets. Whatever for? Troubled young G-Man Seth Armitage is assigned by the Bureau to find the killer. Another mystery--why does the corrupt Harding administration care about these old soldiers, and why would they send a shell-shocked newbie to investigate? Green though he may be, Seth is much sharper than anyone bargained for. As he investigates this strange crime, the very forces that put him on the case seem to be obstructing it, and before he knows it he's running from the KKK, hounded by the ambitious young J. Egar Hoover and entangled with a beautiful blond who may be much less innocent than she appears. A fast-moving and compelling historical thriller featuring meticulously researched real-life characters, Devil's Den brings to life that fascinating and emotionally rich period between WWI and WWII in America. The 20s were roaring, both the Civil War and WWI still haunted living memories, and Prohibition was bootlegging its way in. For fans of historical fiction like Caleb Carr's The Alienist, and such nonfiction works as Erik Larson's Devil in the White City.*Kirkus Reviews 2013-08-01 400 189679
Risking the World Risking the World 4.5 stars / 32 reviews Kidnapped in Morocco to help weaponize a killer TB, American scientist Claire Ashe says flat out 'No,' an answer that triggers a chain of shattering events. For starters it pits her against David Ruskin, an arms dealer, and Varat, the mastermind behind the plot. She doesn't know David's a British intelligence officer sent to unravel Varat's plans or that he's secretly intent on personal vengeance against Varat. When David's forced to flee with Claire, his mission a failure on every count because he intervened in her near rape, things get more than a little complicated. Soon death, betrayal, and career suicide become part of a shared reality that puts their already frayed trust in each other to the test. When the first TB attack strikes a Paris nursery school and all the kids die, their cooperation is as vital as their mounting attraction is dangerous. They reach a boiling point when his goal to end the game at any cost goes against her conviction that the exacting science needed to find an antidote is the only thing that will save the day. Who wins and at what price? Read Risking the World to find out! 2012-02-01 334 753552
FINAL CROSSING FINAL CROSSING 4.8 stars / 28 reviews Rudiger doesn't kill because he wants to. He kills because he needs to.When the sadistic Preacherman stole the last bit of Rudiger's already troubled childhood soul, Rudiger lost himself forever. As an adult, Rudiger has committed atrocities even he cannot explain and he yearns for the End of Days to release him from his pain. God has told him he must crucify The One to bring about the Final Judgment, but Rudiger is left to his own special abilities to figure out who The One is. Thus begins Rudiger's horrifying journey across continents in hopes of bringing an end to the world, one nail at a time.One man remembers what Rudiger is capable of. Jonas Osborne, an Army Ranger and Senatorial Chief of Staff, saw first-hand what Rudiger did during a terrifying firefight in Somalia almost two decades earlier. Now Jonas himself could be a target on Rudiger's quest and he enlists the help of a beautiful psychic criminologist to understand where Rudiger will erect his next cross. And only on the biggest international stage--a summit for Middle East peace talks--will Jonas and Rudiger meet again for one final confrontation. 2013-10-13 297 612
Connected: The Call Connected: The Call 4.2 stars / 30 reviews PLEASE NOTE: THE CALL IS ONLY PART ONE OF TWO BOOKS - ANSWERS WILL BE FOUND IN PART TWO - THE SHIFT OUT NOW ON AMAZONSam loves Ellie, and Ellie loves Sam. They have the perfect marriage. Only, everything that Sam has told Ellie is a lie, and very soon his world breaks into hers in ways she cannot possible imagine.Connected: The Call is a fast-paced, unpredictable spy thriller. With every turn of the page, a new dimension is revealed, as you go further into a world where traditional powers are failing and a new brand of enemy has the edge. Who is lying, who can be trusted, and what can be done to stop those who want to take over? The shifting power-play between desperate governments and terrorist collectives, where double agents, advanced technologies and brutal actions only seek to mask a deeper fight. In the end, it will be down to control, but those who think they have it are just fooling themselves. Control belongs to another. And this is only the beginning. For Ellie Noor, an innocent woman who is at the centre of it all, one unexplained moment starts a chain reaction leading to series of events that will change her life forever.But what isn’t she telling? ... And is it all too late? 2013-12-11 284 322547
Rockfall Rockfall 4.2 stars / 29 reviews Two horrified witnesses watch as a mountainside crumbles, crashing down on a party of hikers. Searchers find no signs of life. Three missing, all presumed dead. Three families begin the difficult process of grieving.But one of the missing is alive. Alone, injured, and terrified, she struggles to survive, hoping against all odds that someone will find her … before time runs out.Emotionally charged and engrossing, Rockfall is a novel that plumbs the depths of tragedy and celebrates the resiliency of the human spirit. "Though I wasn't expecting this to be such a strong emotional read, it really tugged at me. Several times I had to take a deep breath before continuing to read." - MindingSpot book blog 2014-02-15 219 10597
Faces (A FACES Novel Book 1) Faces (A FACES Novel Book 1) 4.3 stars / 20 reviews What if you could no longer recognize faces?Following a head injury from a rock climbing accident, Jessica faces a disturbing future where everyone looks like a stranger. When a team of embezzlers stumbles upon her diagnosis of prosopagnosia – face blindness – they seize the opportunity to entangle her in their scheme. As she discovers the scam and alerts the authorities, she becomes a target in a masquerade far more dangerous than the extreme sports she loves. 2013-05-05 240 27301
Multiples of Six (Trilogy of The Six Book 1) Multiples of Six (Trilogy of The Six Book 1) 4.0 stars / 21 reviews An old woman gunned down in her home in Texas. A hunted man tired of running. A retiree out to right the wrongs of his past. An assassin with a kill list. An FBI agent done playing by the rules. And a young man whose simple life is about to be shattered.With the death of his mother just days prior, James Masterson is only scratching the surface when he discovers the assailant on his back porch is his brother...a twin brother he never knew he had. Now, he must gather all of the pieces to the unraveling puzzle that is his life, discover the truth about his past, and save his brothers. All five of them.Multiples of Six is the first book in a trilogy. Look for the second book in the series, Divisible by Six, soon!70,000 words 2011-07-17 328 449326
The Alpha Choice (The Te'an Trilogy Book 1) The Alpha Choice (The Te'an Trilogy Book 1) 4.4 stars / 16 reviews The Te'an Supreme Council ignores a warning received three millennia ago, and elects to invade Earth. That decision will create an echo to reverberate through every part of the Universe. On Earth, Jon is permitted to glimpse the consequences of converging forces, far beyond the danger posed by the Te'an threat. For now, he has no choice but to act as a pawn in an opening gambit, on a board only just beginning to take shape, and where all the pieces have yet to arrive. 2013-11-23 594 205205
JAIDEE ... Out of the Ashes (A Lyons Investigation Mystery) JAIDEE ... Out of the Ashes (A Lyons Investigation Mystery) 4.5 stars / 15 reviews Josh Lyons is doing what he loves -- proving what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. Josh heads a small detective agency that documents the indiscretions of unfaithful spouses for use in divorce and custody proceedings.During a routine job, Josh rescues a young Asian girl from a prostitution ring and turns her over to the police, but when he hears a contract has been put out on the girl and someone in Metro is involved, he steals her from the "safe" house and hides her from the people who want to kill her. Accused of being a kidnapper and child molester, Josh is pursued by the cops, the mob, and the media. Friends who will help him are hard to find and difficult to keep alive.The girl wants to get back to her pimp. His computer guy isn't into violence. And the ex-missionary who speaks the girl's language doesn't approve of Josh's lifestyle.Josh doesn't know who he can trust but he realizes he's going to have to bring down some rich and powerful people if there any hope for them to survive. 2014-01-16 332 116049
#Betrayal: A nuclear fiction novel of survival #Betrayal: A nuclear fiction novel of survival 4.5 stars / 13 reviews “#Betrayal” starts several years after “ The Nuclear Catastrophe”, (a fiction novel of survival). The United Nations decrees that an independent team will be sent to Japan to evaluate the ongoing situation in Fukushima. The nuclear power plant accident is over two years old and threatens the world. Bryce Anderson's company in southern California is selected. He finds that he is not welcomed with open arms by the country of Japan. In fact, someone seems to be trying to murder him. Sara and her new husband have moved to Northern California since their previous experience with the San Mirado nuclear catastrophe. Sara is ill with a brain tumor and cannot believe that this Japan nuclear disaster has now occurred. She is part of a woman's charity group raising money to send to the Children's Charity in Japan benefiting nuclear victims. Over in Japan, Fuji, a nuclear plant worker, and Mr. Nouchi, a farmer, and their families in Japan have become nuclear refugees, abandoned and ignored. John Taguchi works for the Los Angeles Times and gathers the stories of these forgotten people. The Yakuza, also known as Japanese mafia, have money invested in the now ruined nuclear plants. They are making demands and threats. Mr. Tan Tanaka, Japanese Minister of Public Affairs, is pulled in many directions as he tries to satisfy everyone. Their lives all intertwine in this tale of betrayal. Lies, murder, greed, and power. Whom should you trust?This novel has won an award for 'Best First Chapter' from UP Authors 2014-03-09 289 208887
A Drumbeat Too Near: Cape Cod WW II A Drumbeat Too Near: Cape Cod WW II 4.4 stars / 12 reviews Junie, Iggy and Allie are teenagers in East Bay, on Cape Cod during WWII in 1942. The atmosphere of war hangs over that seaside town like a winter fog. Its men go off to join the fight and the women left behind wait for their return while trying to stay faithful. The three boys do their part by patrolling the beach as volunteers. German U-boats are menacing American ships very near to Cape Cod. One is captained by Karl Heineke who is not enthralled by the Nazi regime and is in love with a French woman.. When Heineke's U-boat launches two spies one of the boys on beach patrol is there to confront them. 2010-09-01 262 373084
The Loch (Inspector Anderson Mysteries) The Loch (Inspector Anderson Mysteries) 4.2 stars / 9 reviews On the hunt for a missing government official, Inspector Anderson arrives at picturesque Loch Morar. All is not as tranquil as it seems. A psychopathic farmer is intent on keeping an outbreak secret .A young American is searching for his missing sister.And there is something lurking in ... THE LOCH.Anderson finds he is battling a monster on land and one in the water, and he hasn't a clue how to deal with either. 2014-01-12 179 99104
Shrouded in Pompei Shrouded in Pompei 4.1 stars / 7 reviews In this intriguing new mystery novel, bestselling author Lisa Fantino weaves the elements of murder and crime with an international flavor across three continents.Can Mickey Malone follow this twisting web of international intrigue from the ancient lands of Pompei to Washington, London and Beijing. Can she make the connections to some of Washington’s power players before the American people lose their identity.This riveting murder and political thriller combines reality and the possibility of what can happen in a world where ethics and morals yield to the greed and avarice of power. It is a story that is more relevant than ever as the nation gears up for its next Presidential election campaign.Author Lisa Fantino takes the standard political potboiler and turns it on its head without apology. Her character, broadcast journalist Mickey Malone, exposes the intricate political dirty tricks and maneuvers lurking power behind the throne.Find out who would protect these secrets at any cost, even murder, to keep the American people in the dark. Join Mickey Malone to discover what lies Shrouded in Pompei. 2014-04-26 362 971647
Duplicity (A FACES Novel Book 2) Duplicity (A FACES Novel Book 2) 5.0 stars / 4 reviews All Curt wants is a simple, quiet life, and he relishes the solitude of his job as caretaker of a backcountry ski hut. His peaceful world is shattered by the reappearance of his identical twin brother, fresh out of prison, desperate and more dangerous than ever. Conrad has a plan and that plan may destroy Curt’s future. Not only is Curt's life at stake, but also the lives of a group of women enjoying a skiing getaway.Jessie and friends from her Colorado Adventure Women group anticipate a fun-filled weekend of skiing and relaxing in a remote mountain hut. They would never guess that a life-and-death situation is simmering just a few hundred yards away in the caretaker’s cabin.Helpless to act, Curt must try to convince his brother to find a different path. But the mistakes of a lifetime cannot be undone in a weekend. 2014-05-19 203 31729
Dark Secrets Cottage (A Paranormal Mystery) Dark Secrets Cottage (A Paranormal Mystery) 4.0 stars / 3 reviews "A mystery that slowly unfolds, keeping your interest piqued the entire time.” JJ. Top 1000 reviewer. GHOSTLY, terrifying visitors shatter the peace of Simon Turner on his first night in an old country cottage he's inherited through his great-uncle's last will and testament. Suddenly awoken in the pitch dark, he witnesses a violent struggle between the unearthly spectres, curses fly and a strange young woman tells him the cottage holds secrets that he must discover. The encounter leaves him frightened and confused. He is gripped in the cottage's spell, compelled to learn what is driving this occult activity.With the help of a new found friend, Anna Reynolds, a local newspaper reporter, together they begin to unravel a series of grim events that took place in the property. It leads to a shattering revelation for Simon, exposing his family's horrifying past, lurking in the depths of Dark Secrets Cottage. 2012-06-29 131 296840
Oatmeal Man: A Story Oatmeal Man: A Story 5.0 stars / 2 reviews Burl is a simple man who lives alone in the forest. Today is supposed to be his day off, but tranquility turns to terror and regret when he's forced to confront a mysterious man lurking in the trees. 2013-02-28 22 1409612
A Pool, A Suitor, A Cellist: Bright Shadows Series: Novelette Trilogies for Busy Folks A Pool, A Suitor, A Cellist: Bright Shadows Series: Novelette Trilogies for Busy Folks 5.0 stars / 2 reviews A lonely and beautiful little girl with a strange friend, a shy, thoughtful young man searching for a purpose in life that will surprise you, and an elderly, sensual woman whose art warns her of the future, these are the spines of the bizarre novelettes featured in this first volume of a series of trilogies: "Bright Shadows—Novelettes for Busy Folks". Due to our time pressures and the increasing stress of modern life, the reader and audiobook listener’s appetite for “binge reading” is increasing dramatically. These novelettes—or short novels of fifteen thousand words each—are about three times as long as the average short story and about one seventh the average full novel’s length, yet provide the subplots, complications, and wealth of rich characters and dramatic punch of full length tomes. Each novelette, also divided into three convenient parts, is a self-contained, satisfying, piquant slice of riveting fiction with fast moving scenes, snappy dialogue, and endings with a twist—much in the style of the "Twilight Zone" TV series. 2014-03-25 201 985165
Redemption A Werewolf's Saga 3 Redemption A Werewolf's Saga 3 4.5 stars / 2 reviews Continue the exciting journey of A Werewolf’s Saga with Redemption, the third book of the series…a story filled with suspense, thrills, action, mystery, and romance…and let it change your view of the world of Werewolves forever.Part 3Redemption With his memories becoming clearer, Jimmy and the young werewolf Sasha head out searching for a Wanderer, a man with special gifts who can help him discover his past, and with it, the man he is becoming, and the pain of a past mistake which continues to haunt his dreams. He must do it and fast. The Walker World of Werewolves and Vampires now knows of his existence, and they will do anything to stop him. The dark black wolf is continuing to hunt them down. The man he hurt more than he would ever remember it is still trying to find him, and now Rachel has a cure. With it, he must now make a choice. Be with the woman he loves, or fight with the animal that now lives inside him. Either way, he must redeem the past before it kills all of them.The SagaWhen the world began, the human race lived as nothing more than cattle. A great group of creatures ruled the world. A small band of humans with great powers emerged from the chaos, and with them, the human race fought for their right to live. When the world was won, the creatures turned to walk the night and the humans won the day. But in the shadows, the darkness lingered. A great evil has lived and with it, the Black Wolf has returned. A powerful being with something no other Werewolf or Vampire had ever possessed...a soul...a soul with memories of the evil that has returned to destroy the world. 2014-01-13 249 459879
Dangerous Obsession: How far can love go? Dangerous Obsession: How far can love go? 3.5 stars / 2 reviews Giulia's life was devastated with tragic events and mysteries when she was too young to understand and to bear with the pain. Years passed and she is still suffering. Her parents had secrets, a past life she wasn't aware of. How will she cope when she finds herself dealing with their mistakes? When she finds herself involved with a man she had never seen before.A man too old for her, too forbidden and wrong, yet a man she can't resist. Is he really who he tells her to be? Is there really a blood connection? The reality could change a lot of things if Giulia ever finds out the truth. Who is the man with the scar and what does he want from her? Can true love go beyond age and morality, Giulia thinks so. It's a fact that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest even when it's dangerous.How far can love go? What will happen when innocence is lost?An R rated story of forbidden love. 2013-11-23 836 544506
Kill Thy Neighbor Kill Thy Neighbor 5.0 stars / 1 reviews A mind-bending thriller and pitch-black comedy."The nightmares are why you keep the gun under your pillow. Everyday you become more accustomed to the lump. You are glad when you survive your sneezes. But one time, a cough destroys the lamp on the nightstand."You are a nobody, just another somebody. So why does an odd stranger approach you one day with a peculiar and ominous message? Is it a misunderstanding? A warning? A dire threat or perverse game? The world seems as normal as ever, so why can't you shake the feeling that you are now locked in a dark countdown to your own horrific doom? 2013-12-05 82 870573
MIEDO: Living Beyond Childhood Fear MIEDO: Living Beyond Childhood Fear 5.0 stars / 1 reviews Miedo is a Biographical Drama and horror/psychological thriller. The story begins a.s a life loving child who is brought up by his grandparents He undergoes traumatic changes in his life. Do these changes eventually drive him to the edge of insanity? Are the paranormal incidents he experiences real or are they part of a mental state? That's up to the reader to decide. 2014-05-25 177 835768
Consequence Consequence 3.0 stars / 1 reviews Consequence is a collection of three dark short stories: R.I.P - Alexander Hemmingway the Third was born to be successful. He was the envy of those around him, his skills could not be rivalled and his future was prosperous, so why is he now sleeping rough on the streets? This short story explains how Alexander's destiny flips so catastrophically after a night of unintentional yet fatal decisions. The aftermath of which destroys not only his future but rips apart three generations of an innocent family leaving this lonely broken man coping with a mind full of regret. When Death Comes Knocking - Arthur Crowther is a man tortured by his past and ever since the death of his wife this disgruntled pensioner occupies his days by persecuting anyone and everyone who crosses his path. He is a hollow, resentful man that is unable to feel compassion or empathy anymore and that is why he sits alone in his front room loathing the world outside his window. Arthur has no dreams or aspirations anymore since all of those ambitions were stolen by his only son, therefore he waits and he festers in the hope that death comes knocking on his door. For nineteen years this simple request has been ignored, until now that is, and when Arthur invites the hooded stranger into his home he at last allows himself to relive a lifetime of wonderful memories but is it too late to repair his past mistakes. When Death Comes Knocking: Part II - Lucy is on the edge, her life is spiralling out of control and her new job leaves a lot to be desired. It is only when tragedy strikes that this young nurse finally realises her true worth but is it too late to rectify past mistakes? 2012-09-13 95 1924943
White Cell White Cell 3.0 stars / 1 reviews All hackers are strange but Jim Kincaid is stranger than most. A Canadian Catholic, he observes Kosher dietary laws, spends beyond his means, and jealously guards his identity as the hacker White Cell. Unknown to him, he even has a connection to Homeland Security in the US. Yet these idiosyncrasies are the least of his problems.Creditors are now calling in loans. Maxed out on credit, Jim is facing bankruptcy. Even worse, he faces the loss of his precious computer equipment. With nowhere else to turn and against the advice of his best friend, he borrows money through an acquaintance. It’s a done deal by the time he discovers the true source of the loan, and he is appalled to find himself indebted to the Mafia.But money is not what the mob wants from him. His hacking skills are far more valuable. Unwittingly drawn into a world of extortion, murder, and terrorism, Jim is trapped. He is now working for organized crime while endangering the lives of his family and friends.Somehow he has to protect those close to him while severing his Mafia ties. His friend suggests calling the RCMP, but the police are distracted by the kidnapping and disfigurement of a senior cabinet minister. Yet Jim has to do something. His initial work for the mob precipitated a murder, physical threats against his mother and the surveillance of his friends. But to enlist the help of the RCMP, he would have to give up his anonymity as White Cell, a decision he is loath to make.Then, for additional leverage, the Mafia kidnaps someone very close to him. Can he save his friend, escape from his predicament, and learn the secret from his past that will explain why he is so incredibly strange?Publisher's note: This edition includes corrections to the original version. 2011-06-17 283 139650
EL LABERINTO DE ARIADNA (Spanish Edition) EL LABERINTO DE ARIADNA (Spanish Edition) 0 stars / 0 reviews De los autores de Suicidio Colectivo, ahora una novela de amores y desamores, de riqueza y de pobreza, con una alta dosis de intriga, que no te dejar indiferente. - Si te has divorciado, este es tu libro. Si no... puede llegar a serlo. - Alguna vez te has planteado matar a tu ex-mujer? o a tu ex-esposo? - A veces la vida, el destino, nos conduce irremediablemente a nuestro laberinto particular, o no? - Roger se enamora de Raquel, hasta que el destino da un giro impredecible. - A partir de aqu, tendr que volver a empezar e inicia un viaje desde Barcelona a Marruecos, encontrndose siempre, con una enigmtica mujer llamada Minerva. - Sexo, ambicin, traiciones, infidelidad... se trata de encontrar la salida del laberinto. - Natalia, Mel, Cristina, Betsab, Ariadna. Cinco mujeres para un hombre desesperado. 2012-11-08 100 1746734
Divisible by Six (Trilogy of The Six Book 2) Divisible by Six (Trilogy of The Six Book 2) 0 stars / 0 reviews A cabin on Lake Michigan. A train in the Arizona desert. A cathedral in New Orleans. A farm in the woods of Canada.DIVISIBLE BY SIXJames Masterson's world is falling apart. His girlfriend kidnapped. His uncle missing. His brothers, like him, running for their lives and scattered across the country. At the center of it all, a madman pulling the strings of a plot that will change the global political landscape. Lured into his trap, James must put his life on the line for those he cares for most in order to save the only family he has left. DIVISIBLE BY SIX is the second book in The Trilogy of the Six series. It is the sequel to MULTIPLES OF SIX.~69,000 words 2013-12-31 278 398797
Il Cuoco Muto: 5 ricette per sopravvivere (Italian Edition) Il Cuoco Muto: 5 ricette per sopravvivere (Italian Edition) 0 stars / 0 reviews La storia di un uomo in cerca del successo e della felicit. Un uomo che come tanti cerca una scorciatoia per ottenere ci che desidera. Uno come tanti, uno come noi. Uno che quando pensava di essere riuscito nel suo intento si ritrova inconsapevole pedina di un gioco molto pi grande di lui, al centro di un incredibile complotto internazionale. Incapace di accontentarsi di quello che ha, rischia tutto per inseguire il suo folle sogno di felicit: la famiglia, l'amore e la libert. Tra errori giudiziari e intrighi politici. Tra alta finanza, affari sporchi e corruzione. Tra essere o apparire. Uno spaccato degli ultimi 30 anni Italiani vissuti da un uomo che prova a scalare le vette della societ. Sar Il silenzio ad accompagnarlo nella ricerca di se stesso, alla radice dei fatti, all'essenza dei perch. Grazie alla sua sapienza in cucina avr fama e prestigio. Conoscer il marcio che alberga nella societ che voleva a tutti i costi conquistare. Sfider la sorte che sembra non dargli scampo e pagher il conto per quanto sia salato. Il Cuoco Muto ci sveler i segreti della sua cucina un piatto alla volta e ci condurr fino alla fine del viaggio per rispondere alla domanda: "ma ne valeva veramente la pena?" 2014-04-25 240 1567308
The Pregnant Pope: Satan never sleeps. If he did, we would all be in heaven. (The Trinity Organization Investigation Book 1) The Pregnant Pope: Satan never sleeps. If he did, we would all be in heaven. (The Trinity Organization Investigation Book 1) 0 stars / 0 reviews In the year of Satan, 2066, the structure of the physical world is cracking, and inexplicable paranormal forces are interfering with humanity. The Trinity Investigation Organization, or TIO—a paranormal detective society—is the last protection against the demons, evil spirits, fanatical criminals, and sadists who are trying to destroy the world.The 92-year-old Pope is pregnant. Although he hasn’t undergone any medical procedures, he carries a human fetus in his abdomen. Is this a case of self-cloning, or is it a mutation? Is this an immaculate conception, or is it Satan’s work?Claire, Travis, and Prescott, the members of the Capuchin Trinity Team of TIO, are tasked with uncovering the truth about this unusual case and resolving the mystery of whether the Pope is carrying the new Messiah or the Antichrist, and who did it. Their job is to go beyond the physical world into the mind and the spiritual realm, discover a thousand-year-old connection, perform an exorcism, and fight the devil Zepar, while evading the villains who keep trying to assassinate them. 2014-01-12 267 32894
Le Sourire du Clair de Lune (French Edition) Le Sourire du Clair de Lune (French Edition) 0 stars / 0 reviews Bien plus qu'une histoire d'amour, ce roman est une vritable ode la vie, une leon d'optimisme. Il retrace l'histoire de Paul Vertune, jeune homme sensible et idaliste lev dans la France occupe. Rejet par son pre, protg par sa mre, l'enfant se rfugie dans un monde imaginaire o ses rves de gosse restent accessibles, o rien n'est dnatur par la ralit qu'il tente de fuir tout prix. Jusqu'au jour o il se retrouve tenu en joue par un officier nazi dans la clairire d'une fort ... Son destin va basculer et nous entraner dans une histoire couper le souffle ... Et si le mal ne se cachait pas forcment l o on croyait? 2014-05-23 235 1381527
Love Stalks: A Novella Love Stalks: A Novella 0 stars / 0 reviews Lester Chang enjoys reading about the love life of the Danish philosopher Sren Kierkegaard and has a fetish for white women, especially Nordic beauties. Despite being born in Canada, he struggles with the English language in the presence of attractive, white women. Sexually frustrated, he turns to a prostitute to act out his masochistic fantasies. Soon after this encounter, darker thoughts arouse him. He then stalks Toronto in the night. When he recognizes a familiar figure, he stops and will soon discover a new kind of love. 2013-05-31 85 2098071
The Pact The Pact 0 stars / 0 reviews The point of the knife presses into soft skin ...Inspector Grace McKenzie investigates the trafficking of women into Ireland and is drawn under cover into that sinister world. She is deeply affected by the suffering of one particular woman and her quest for justice re-awakens an unspeakable trauma in her own life...can she ever escape from its influence? 2013-11-14 345 1115256
Who Is He?: The Black Hoax:  An Identity Crisis (Who--? Series) Who Is He?: The Black Hoax: An Identity Crisis (Who--? Series) 0 stars / 0 reviews Sally and Mindy, both real estate agents, drove around the mall parking lot, looking for Mindy’s car that Mindy had parked there several hours earlier, but it was nowhere to be found. Mindy was getting angry as she realized that the people who stole her car could now find where she lives, through the insurance information left in the car. She also left some real estate files in the car. She worried about what they would do next.The party they were invited to at 877 Maryville was strange. Two women insisted on parking Sally and Mindy’s car, and after the party, the car was nowhere to be found.A couple driving what looked like a cross between a dune buggy and a Jeep with huge tires and a ladder to get in, pick them up. They are on a wild goose chase. Later Mindy discovers who she really is and why she was sent to earth, and what leads to her capture. A great sci-fi story. 2014-05-30 161 170246
Added Time - Some journey's you just can't plan! (Thoughtful Tales Series) Added Time - Some journey's you just can't plan! (Thoughtful Tales Series) 0 stars / 0 reviews A roller-coaster suspense thriller about an average guy who accidentally ends up in an unusual situation. Danny tries to be on time but a hectic lifestyle means he is always overwhelmed by circumstances and try as he might he can never be on time. He has just been promoted to senior analyst, a job with greater responsibility. Danny also has a passion for football to the degree it seriously interrupts his routine life. On this particular day his wife Aysha wants him to come home on time from work as she is attending the clinic for her final IVF treatment. They both desperately want a child and this is really their last shot. He tries to leave work on time but his beloved football team are playing a crucial cup qualifier. In a rush to get to the station to catch his kind and helping nature can’t help but helping several different people on the way which results in him missing his regular train and catching the wrong one that takes him on a frightening and unexpected journey. For every reader who purchases or downloads this book during a free promotion day you will be entitled to a Free Bonus Short story: " What Was That?" -A chilling tale of a couple disturbed at night. Please ensure you leave honest feedback to qualify. Details inside publication. Copyright 2012 Spindleberry Publishing All Rights Reserved The Thoughtful Tales Series.- Quality thought provoking stories, of mystery, intrigue and suspense, which will entertain and keep you thinking beyond the last page. Look out for our other non-fiction and fiction books by Spindleberry Publishing Available now on Amazon ! 1) Instant Karma Joe bets his friends he’ll be the first to take out the new office temp. But has he bitten of more than he can chew? 2) Short Stories (Vol.1) i)- "You Ask Her Out Then!”- A humorous interlude between 2 friends over which one of them has the courage to ask out the prettiest girl on the beach . ii)- "Sitting Ducks" – An intriguing contemporary clash between a middle aged couple and an Arab gentlemen who’s come to feed the ducks. Hidden prejudice, suspicion and confusion entwines mercilessly in this short black comedy. 3) Short Stories (Vol. 2) i)“Tattoo Spring” – Black Comedy- A Burqa clad woman demands 2 military tattoos done on her breasts. ii)“What Was That?” – Mystery- A couple are disturbed at night by undesirable visitors 4) "Added Time" - Some journey's you just can't plan! A tense, suspense filled novella about Danny, who for once wishes he had made it on time. 5)"Holy Deceit" -Adult mystery thriller- (Thoughtful Tales Series) 6)"Scrump's Secret" (Animal Wisdom Series) - Children's Animal Story 7)"Sold For Coconuts" - The Auction & Survival of A Sex Slave (Thoughtful Memoirs) 8) "Beauty In Disguise" - Thoughtful Tales Series Sally's cousin, Gaynor, moves in with her and makes her life unbearable by taunting her about the lack of men in her life and living off her. Fed up with the constant abuse Sally decides to take matters into her own hand and plans a sweet revenge. 9) Short stories (Vol. 3) i)"Remotely Related" - Noel, was one of the last Rag & Bone men in England one day temptation rears its miserable head with lethal consequences. ii)- "Auditions" In their house the writer and director were holding auditions for their forthcoming film, not realizing that they were the ones being auditioned. iii)- "Film Critic" A young couple exit a cinema talking about the film they have just seen together or did they? 10) "Stranger to The End" - A short drama in which everybody is running away from something. 11) "Arty Models" - Tasteful Poses In Natural Surroundings 12)"Wind of Change" The Invasion Of Britain A surreal, satirical drama set in the not too distant future. 13) "Gift From The Sea" - A Victorian Secret drama inspired by real events. Non-fiction titles: i)"Recycling Cash" - Go Green and Make Money (Easy Coach Series) ii)"E-book Publisher" with Free Auto Kindle Creator. (Easy Coach Series) 2012-02-09 48

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